Aircraft Photos Taken at Georgetown Airport (E36)

Georgetown, CA

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  • N7626Y @ E36 - Ready for departure. - by MCA by MCA @ E36
  • N35TH @ E36 - N35TH - by TEH by TEH @ E36
  • N2426D @ E36 - Camping Georgetown CA. a couple days before the annual Gathering of Taildraggers and Swine Tasting. Hosted by the Friends of the Georgetown Airport.....Made it most every year from '90 to '95.....Loved this event. - by Mellvin B. Echelberger by Mellvin B. Echelberger @ E36
  • N29102 @ E36 - Georgetown Swine Tasting, BBQNC29012 - by Melvin B. Echelberger by Melvin B. Echelberger @ E36
  • N9038H @ E36 - N9038H - by Patty Brandt by Patty Brandt @ E36