Aircraft Photos Taken at Emporia Municipal Airport (EMP)

Emporia, KS

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  • OO-CEJ @ KEMP - august 31 year 2010 15.00 CET Parked during lunch at Kempen Airport Budel Netherlands - by Dennis de Clerck by Dennis de Clerck @ KEMP
  • N2755K @ EMP - First stop on the way back from NE. - by Jim Doyle - Owner by Jim Doyle - Owner @ EMP
  • N128BS @ KEMP - North American T-28B - by Mark Pasqualino by Mark Pasqualino @ KEMP
  • N4830X @ EMP - I found that little beauty behind a hangar in Emporia. It always hurts when planes are not in use anymore,... - by Bartosz Oziembala by Bartosz Oziembala @ EMP