Aircraft Photos Taken at La Porte Municipal Airport (PPO)

La Porte, IN

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  • N89364 @ PPO - 364 at the fuel island (half island) in LaPorte,In. with Chief 68E.I was flying 364 on this flight and had sold 68E to Mike seen attending  68E.While both had C85s,364 was over 10 mph faster and did not like speed needed to stay with 68E.Did a lot of 360s - by S B J by S B J @ PPO
  • N84306 @ KPPO - In front of the old hangar in La Porte, IN. - by Rich Dugger by Rich Dugger @ KPPO
  • N94372 @ PPO - what a plane, i will never get rid of it - by randal by randal @ PPO
  • N65RT @ KPPO - / - by Nick Dean by Nick Dean @ KPPO
  • N2751B @ KPPO - / - by Nick Dean by Nick Dean @ KPPO