Cessna w/ Candards

Copyright 2007, John Little, posted on 2007-05-21


This is a modification of the common Cessna 182 airframe and encompasses several different modifications to the original airframe. Todd Peterson has acquired the rights to the original Wren modifications and currently markets them under his name.

The original Wren modifications involved flap and aileron modifications, canards (forward wings), and a rather bizarre looking series of stall fences on the upper surface of the main wing.

The current Peterson modifications include installation of a 260 hp engine in place of the stock 230 hp engine and canard.

Because of the canard, the modified Cessna can climb at lesser angles of attack than traditional STOL planes and the manufacturer claims this is an added safety feature over traditional STOL planes. Some of these planes feature reversible pitch propellers for shorter landing rolls. Both Wren and Peterson have claimed some impressive STOL abilities over the stock Cessna 182.

Take off distances of 300 feet are claimed with cruise speeds of 153 knots.

Got most of this information from another site, but the author seemed to have some negative comments about this equipment addition !

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