ATR Production List

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There're 3956 aircraft made by ATR.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
2-ASIA1999 ATR 72-212A5852United Kingdom
2-CAPE1995 ATR 42-3203972Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CSLA2000 ATR 72-212A6382United Kingdom
  2-DCBU2007 ATR 72-500 (72-212A)7552United Kingdom
  2-GJSA1998 ATR 42-500574250Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-GJSB1998 ATR 42-5005762Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-LFEA2003 ATR 42-5006212Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-LNOA1997 ATR 42-500532244Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-RTKC2000 ATR 42-5006092Brazil
2-RTKD1999 ATR 42-5006042Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-TPAJ2007 ATR 72-212A7492Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-XAJQ2000 ATR 72-212A6342Guernsey, United Kingdom
3B-NAH1986 ATR 42-3000312Mauritius
  3B-NAP1990 ATR 42-3002082Mauritius
3B-NBA1997 ATR 42-5005342Mauritius
3B-NBB1997 ATR 42-5005542Mauritius
3B-NBC1998 ATR 42-500581244Mauritius
  3B-NBG2002 ATR 72-212A6902Mauritius
  3B-NBK1999 ATR 72-212A5952Mauritius
  3C-LLG1992 ATR 42-3203352Equatorial Guinea
3C-LLH2007 ATR 42-5006712Equatorial Guinea
3C-LLI2008 ATR 72-212A7902Equatorial Guinea
3C-LLM2008 ATR 72-212A8102Equatorial Guinea
4K-AZ522007 ATR 42-5006672Azerbaijan
4K-AZ532008 ATR 42-5006892Azerbaijan
4K-AZ642007 ATR 72-212A7612Azerbaijan
4K-AZ652008 ATR 72-212A789278Azerbaijan
4K-AZ662008 ATR 72-212A7992Azerbaijan
4K-AZ672008 ATR 72-212A818278Azerbaijan
  4K-AZ8082008 ATR 42-5006732Azerbaijan
  4X-ATH2011 ATR 72-212A931272Israel
4X-ATK1987 ATR 42-320073250Israel
4X-ATL1988 ATR 42-320089250Israel
4X-ATM1987 ATR 42-320069250Israel
  4X-ATN1987 ATR 42-3000532Israel
  4X-ATO1987 ATR 42-3200642Israel
  4X-AVT2009 ATR 72-212A8842Israel
4X-AVU1999 ATR 72-212A5872Israel
  4X-AVW1999 ATR 72-212A5832Israel
  4X-AVX2001 ATR 72-212A6562Israel
  4X-AVZ1998 ATR 72-212A5772Israel
5A-LAF2008 ATR 42-5006912Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  5A-LAG2009 ATR 42-5008022Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
5H-AMI1989 ATR 42-300151250Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-ATR1992 ATR 42-320308272Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAA1992 ATR 42-320308272Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAG1994 ATR 42-3203842Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAK1990 ATR 42-3202032Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAM1995 ATR 72-2024552Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAP1993 ATR 42-3203632Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAQ1993 ATR 72-2123792Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAR1996 ATR 72-212460276Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAU1993 ATR 72-212385276Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWA2008 ATR 72-212A7802Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWB2008 ATR 72-212A8342Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWC2009 ATR 72-212A8662Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWD2009 ATR 72-212A8802Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWE2010 ATR 42-5008152Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PWG2010 ATR 72-212A9232Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWH2012 ATR 42-60010012Tanzania, United Republic of
5N-BBI1987 ATR 42-320069250Nigeria
  5N-BCR1986 ATR 42-3000312Nigeria
  5N-BCS1986 ATR 42-3000252Nigeria
5N-BPE1992 ATR 72-2023962Nigeria
  5N-BRQ1993 ATR 42-3203512Nigeria
  5R-MJC1989 ATR 42-3201322Madagascar
5R-MJD1989 ATR 42-3201552Madagascar
  5R-MJE2005 ATR 72-212A6942Madagascar
  5R-MJF2002 ATR 72-212A698278Madagascar
  5R-MJG2006 ATR 42-5006492Madagascar
5R-MJT1990 ATR 42-3202212Madagascar
5R-MVK1989 ATR 42-3201322Madagascar
5R-MVK1989 ATR 42-3201552Madagascar
5R-MVT1987 ATR 42-3000442Madagascar
5R-MVU1986 ATR 42-3000312Madagascar
5Y-BRB1991 ATR 42-3202402Kenya
5Y-BUN1990 ATR 42-320205250Kenya
5Y-BUT1991 ATR 42-3202402Kenya
  5Y-BVD1988 ATR 42-320115246Kenya
5Y-INT1987 ATR 42-3000412Kenya
5Y-JNT1991 ATR 42-3202402Kenya
5Y-LNT1990 ATR 42-320205250Kenya
603132009 ATR 72-212A8722Thailand
603142009 ATR 72-212A8812Thailand
603152009 ATR 72-212A8872Thailand
  603162009 ATR 72-212A8932Thailand
  6V-AFW1988 ATR 42-3001172Senegal
7Q-YKQ1991 ATR 42-3002362Malawi
  7T-VPE2014 ATR 72-60012002Algeria
7T-VUI2000 ATR 72-212A6442Algeria
  7T-VUJ2000 ATR 72-212A6482Algeria
7T-VUK2000 ATR 72-212A6522Algeria
  7T-VUL2001 ATR 72-212A6722Algeria
  7T-VUM2001 ATR 72-212A6772Algeria
  7T-VUN2002 ATR 72-212A6842Algeria
  7T-VUQ2010 ATR 72-212A909266Algeria
  7T-VUS2010 ATR 72-212A913266Algeria
  7T-VVQ2001 ATR 72-212A6762Algeria
7T-VVR2002 ATR 72-212A6832Algeria
8Q-ATM1990 ATR 42-320194250Maldives