Bell Production List

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There're 20877 aircraft made by Bell.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
5B-CFA1973 Bell 47G-5A2515513Cyprus
5B-CFB1969 Bell 47G-5790813Cyprus
5B-CJW1989 Bell 206L-3 LongRanger III5130017Cyprus
5B-JSB1973 Bell 206B JetRanger II98215Cyprus
  5D-HY1981 Bell 21232126215Austria
5H-MPV1977 Bell 206B JetRanger227515Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-MWK1983 Bell 206B JetRanger II374515Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-TPA0000 Bell 412EP36222215Tanzania, United Republic of
5N-AJS1974 Bell 21230668215Nigeria
5N-AJU1974 Bell 21230632215Nigeria
5N-AJY1974 Bell 21230631215Nigeria
5N-AJZ1971 Bell 21230512215Nigeria
5N-AOE1972 Bell 21230544215Nigeria
5N-AQC0000 Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III279715Nigeria
5N-AVW1976 Bell 214B-128010116Nigeria
5N-BHM1980 Bell 21232134215Nigeria
5N-MDA2000 Bell 429 GlobalRanger5708428Nigeria
5N-NEM2012 Bell 429 GlobalRanger5708329Nigeria
5N-POL2002 Bell 4275603528Nigeria
  5R-MAY2000 Bell 40753-42716Mauritius
5R-MDM1965 Bell 47G-4336813Madagascar
5X-MIA1973 Bell 206B JetRanger II112115Uganda
5X-UWA1970 Bell 205A-130088112Uganda
5X-UWF1971 Bell 21230522215Uganda
5X-UWH1971 Bell 21230524215Uganda
5Y-BVR0000 Bell 206L-1 LongRanger II4528117Kenya
6-46560000 Bell 214A27009115Iran (Islamic Republic of)
6-47570000 Bell 214A27110115Iran (Islamic Republic of)
6-48730000 Bell 214A27226115Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  60-35531960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois199111Ft. Rucker, AL, United States
  60-35541960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois200111Ft. Rucker, AL, United States
60-35591960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois20516United States
60-35681960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois21416United States
  60-35721960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois218111Cairo, GA, United States
  60-35731960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois21916United States
60-35911960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois23716United States
60-35971960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois24316Norway
  60-36011960 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois24719TX, United States
60-36050000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois251111United States
60-36061960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois25212United States
  60-36141960 Bell UH-1B Iroquois260111San Diego/CA, United States
  60-60301961 Bell YUH-1D Iroquois703114Ft. Rucker, AL, United States
  6030000 Bell 206B JetRanger II444315Croatia
6040000 Bell 206B444415Croatia
60481979 Bell UH-1H Iroquois16048114Khao Phra Ngam, Thailand
6050000 Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III444515Croatia
  60620000 Bell X-1 Replican/a11CA, United States
6070000 Bell 206B JetRanger II445215Croatia
6091993 Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior4411012Taiwan
  61-06860000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois26616United States
61-06900000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois27016United States
61-06981961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois27816United States
61-07181961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois29816United States
61-07381961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois31816United States
61-07501961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois33016United States
61-07631961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois34316United States
61-07740000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois35416United States
  61-07881961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois368111Virginia, United States
61-07971961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois37716United States
61-08021961 Bell UH-1B Iroquois382111
  61-20170000 Bell UH-1H Iroquois18017114Taiwan
6101993 Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior4411112Taiwan
61240000 Bell 206Not found 61241Myanmar
6131993 Bell OH-58D(I) Kiowa Warrior4411412Taiwan
6181975 Bell 21230719215Peru
62-123591962 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4017114Connecticut, United States
62-123601962 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4018115United States
62-123691967 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4027115United States
62-125220000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois67316United States
62-125290000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois68016United States
62-125331962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois68416United States
  62-125501962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois708111CT, United States
  62-18761962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois39616FL, United States
62-18840000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois404111Alabama, United States
62-18931962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois41312United States
62-18941962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois41416United States
62-19081962 Bell UH-1D Iroquois428114United States
  62-19861962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois506111Mobile, AL, United States
62-19961962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois51612United States
  62-20101962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois530111Ft. Campbell, KY, United States
  62-20181962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois53816AL, United States
62-20271962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois54716Texas, United States
62-20781962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois59816United States
  62-20841963 Bell UH-1B Iroquois60416United States
62-20971962 Bell UH-1B-BF Iroquois617115United States
62-21081962 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4003115United States
  62-45671962 Bell UH-1B Iroquois627111United States
62-45761963 Bell UH-1B Iroquois63616United States
  62-45871963 Bell UH-1B Iroquois647111United States
  62-45881963 Bell UH-1B Iroquois648111Oklahoma City, OK, United States
62021975 Bell 205A-130190115Myanmar
6290000 Bell 41233088215Peru
63-087681963 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4060115United States
63-088071963 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4099115United States
63-088160000 Bell UH-1D-BF Iroquois4108114United States
63-088410000 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4133112United States
63-129050000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois96616United States
  63-129230000 Bell UH-1B Iroquois98416United States
  63-129721964 Bell UH-1D Iroquois4168114Ft. Rucker, AL, United States
63-129751963 Bell UH-1H Iroquois4171115Connecicut, United States