Eurocopter Production List

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There're 4563 aircraft made by Eurocopter.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
LX-HCR1999 Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri10731Luxembourg
  LX-HEC0000 Eurocopter EC-155B66002Luxembourg
  LX-HGC0000 Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri135815Luxembourg
  LX-HRU0000 Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 266480
LY-HCE2006 Eurocopter EC-135T-2+051826Lithuania
  M-ABDQ0000 Eurocopter EC135P29892
  M-ACRO2009 Eurocopter AS-350B-3 Ecureuil479816
M-ALFA2013 Eurocopter BK-117C-29570211Isle of Man
M-GLBL1999 Eurocopter EC-135T-101152Isle of Man
  M-GOLD2004 Eurocopter EC-120B Colibri138015Isle of Man, Isle of Man
  M-HELI0000 Eurocopter EC-155B-168980United Kingdom
  M-LNDN2008 Eurocopter EC-155B-16834212Isle of Man
  M-LVIA0000 Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 26815212
M-NACO2013 Eurocopter EC 155 B1696826Monaco
  M-PACF2010 Eurocopter EC-135P-2+089527
M-WHAT2006 Eurocopter EC-135T-2+05112Camberley, United Kingdom
  M-XHEC0000 Eurocopter EC-155B66002United Kingdom
  M-YCHT2007 Eurocopter EC-135T-206302United Kingdom
M502-20000 Eurocopter AS-555SN Fennec57112Malaysia
  M502-30000 Eurocopter AS-555SN Fennec57142Malaysia
M502-40000 Eurocopter AS-555SN Fennec57162Malaysia
M55-012012 Eurocopter EC-72528172Malaysia
  M70-010000 Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 267232Malaysia
M70-022006 Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 267372Malaysia
M70-032006 Eurocopter AS-365N-3 Dauphin 267412Malaysia
  N1012K2006 Eurocopter AS-350B-2 Ecureuil418816GA, United States
  N101HN2000 Eurocopter EC-135P-1016227WV, United States
  N101LN1997 Eurocopter AS-350B-2303816CO, United States
  N102FX1989 Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil218016IL, United States
N102HN2000 Eurocopter EC-135P-1015927WV, United States
  N102LN1997 Eurocopter AS-350B-2306516CO, United States
  N102RF1987 Eurocopter AS-350B-2204316WA, United States
  N103LN1998 Eurocopter AS-350B-3312816CO, United States
  N104LN2006 Eurocopter AS-350B-3409416CO, United States
  N104VU2008 Eurocopter EC-135T-2+0704212NC, United States
  N104WE2006 Eurocopter EC-120B144516NC, United States
N105HN1994 Eurocopter AS-350B-2281716CO, United States
  N105LN1999 Eurocopter AS-350B-3324916CO, United States
N105TV1989 Eurocopter AS-350B-2227916WA, United States
N105VU0000 Eurocopter EC-135T-2072427Utah, United States
N105VU0000 Eurocopter EC-135T-2+0724212UT, United States
N106140000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)381516DE, United States
N106HN1994 Eurocopter AS-350B-2281816CO, United States
  N106LN1999 Eurocopter AS-350B-3325116CT, United States
  N106VU2007 Eurocopter EC-135T-2+0627212United States
N106VU0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)727516TX, United States
N107BB2001 Eurocopter AS-350B-2346016OH, United States
  N108HP2002 Eurocopter AS-350B-3363516CA, United States
N108LN0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-3395916MN, United States
N108TA1998 Eurocopter AS-350B-2308016LA, United States
  N109BC1999 Eurocopter EC-135T-10139212FL, United States
  N109BC1993 Eurocopter AS-350B-2275316NJ, United States
  N109HP1999 Eurocopter AS-350B-3324516CA, United States
  N109LN2005 Eurocopter AS-350B-3399516CO, United States
N109RR0000 Eurocopter EC-225LP Super Puma Mk2+2777223LA, United States
N109TA1998 Eurocopter AS-350B-2310316CT, United States
  N10BC1996 Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil289716Pennsylvania, United States
N10DF2008 Eurocopter AS-350B-3440016TX, United States
  N10NT2002 Eurocopter AS-350B-2359016CA, United States
  N110E0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-3332216OH, United States
  N110LN1994 Eurocopter AS-350B-2 Ecureuil282816CO, United States
N111AK1998 Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil309216WY, United States
  N111FN1987 Eurocopter AS-350B-2206016CA, United States
N111NK2006 Eurocopter AS-350B-3410116TX, United States
N112AK1999 Eurocopter AS-350B-2325416WY, United States
  N112TV2003 Eurocopter AS-350B-2372616IL, United States
N114MX1984 Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil174716CA, United States
  N114MX1984 Eurocopter AS-350B174716CA, United States
N115LN2006 Eurocopter AS-350B-2415516MN, United States
  N115SH1998 Eurocopter AS-350B-2314116NV, United States
N116KG2000 Eurocopter EC-120B115216TX, United States
  N116LN0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-2366016AL, United States
  N117HD2012 Eurocopter AS-350B-2 Ecureuil746416NORTH CAROLINA, United States
  N117LN2003 Eurocopter AS-350B-2 Ecureuil370016AL, United States
N117MB0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-3308316UT, United States
N117PM2006 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)420316OR, United States
N117VA0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-2498117OK, United States
N118LN2007 Eurocopter AS-350B-3421416KS, United States
  N118MB2002 Eurocopter AS-350B-3353516DE, United States
N118TA1998 Eurocopter AS-350B-2311016CT, United States
N118VA0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-3704417TX, United States
N119631993 Eurocopter AS-350BA Ecureuil271116TX, United States
  N119VA0000 Eurocopter AS-350B-2720817TX, United States
N11QC2001 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)335816NV, United States
  N11QD2001 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)336317CA, United States
N11QE2001 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)338117NV, United States
  N11QF2002 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)348216NV, United States
N11QG0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)353416HI, United States
  N11QH2002 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)356116NV, United States
N11QK2002 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)363916NV, United States
N11QL2003 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)373816NV, United States
N11QM2003 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)375116NV, United States
N11QN2003 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)375816NV, United States
N11QP0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)471516NV, United States
N11QU0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)475816NV, United States
N11QV0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)490916NV, United States
  N11QW0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)492916NV, United States
N11QX0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)719816NV, United States
N11QY0000 Eurocopter EC-130B-4 (AS-350B-4)722916NV, United States
N120AJ0000 Eurocopter EC-120B164212UT, United States