Fairchild Production List

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There're 3147 aircraft made by Fairchild.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
N3032L0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC874B225TX, United States
N303370000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC877B225TX, United States
N3033A0000 Fairchild SA-227CC Metro 23CC827B221TX,
N3033B0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC875B225TX, United States
N3033F0000 Fairchild C-26B Metro 23 (SA-227DC)DC784M225TX,
N3033U0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC876B225TX, United States
N303840000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC895B225TX, United States
N3042E0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC896B225TX, United States
N3051Q1996 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-897B225TX, United States
N3055Q1981 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-481212TX,
N306661999 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-900B225TX, United States
  N306931981 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-490218NY, United States
N306W1939 Fairchild 24R-9R9-40714AL, United States
N3070F0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-901B225TX, United States
  N3084W0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-902B225TX, United States
  N30M1929 Fairchild KR-34C38413DC, United States
N3106D1982 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-499219TX,
N310720000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC504212UT, United States
N310740000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-505212TX,
N3107K0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-500212TX,
N310830000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-519212TX,
N3109H0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-526212TX,
N311011982 Fairchild SA-226AC Metro IIIAT-543B212TX,
N311080000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC546212NJ,
N3110T0000 Fairchild SA227-AT Merlin IVCAT-538B212TX,
N3111D0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC547212NJ,
N3111H1983 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-551212TX,
  N3114G1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-583212AK, United States
N3114H0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC584212MO, United States
N3115H0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC581212IN, United States
N3115K1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-586212Indiana, United States
N3115T1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC587212IN, United States
N3115U1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-589212Washington, United States
N311680000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-599212AL, United States
  N3116N1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-596212SD, United States
N3116Z1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-598212DE, United States
  N311711985 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-605212OR, United States
N311791985 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-606B212
N3117A0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC600212UT, United States
N3117S1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-603212TN, United States
N3117V0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC604212NY,
N3118N1985 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC611B212
N311NA1960 Fairchild F-2772261California, United States
N311RD1960 Fairchild F-2772261FL, United States
  N3142D1954 Fairchild C-123K Provider20029452VA, United States
  N3144W0000 Fairchild C-123J Provider20219452AK, United States
N318000000 Fairchild F-27J52261TN,
  N3184M1943 Fairchild M-62A7403AE12FL, United States
  N31HG1959 Fairchild F-27A69261UT,
N31LG0000 Fairchild F-27F69261Pennsylvania, United States
N320MC1987 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-688219Arkansas, United States
  N32121938 Fairchild 24 G293314AK, United States
N3217P0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-899B225FL, United States
N321Y1940 Fairchild M-62AT4031012OH, United States
N32251959 Fairchild F-2740261VA,
  N323CJ1943 Fairchild M-62AT43-577812VA, United States
N3267U1953 Fairchild C-119F Flying Boxcar10885 (131700)278NE, United States
N327H1929 Fairchild KR-3131413NY, United States
N329H0000 Fairchild KR-34C27813OK,
N331720000 Fairchild 24R-46R46-31914
N331761944 Fairchild M-62A10424-AE12IN, United States
N331V1967 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter200218,A,
  N332AJ0000 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-888B225CO, United States
N333690000 Fairchild SA-227AT Merlin IVCAT-094212,F,
N336E0000 Fairchild 24 G293414NY, United States
  N338701940 Fairchild M-62AT-40-23712DE, United States
N339H0000 Fairchild KR-34C28113RI,
N339LC0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-736212NV, United States
N341AE1981 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC484212MN, United States
N342160000 Fairchild 24 C8E280213OK,
  N344CL1968 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter201918CA, United States
N345TJ0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC744B212TX, United States
N346AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC632212UT,
  N346F1966 Fairchild PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter200118CA, United States
N347AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC612212UT,
N348FH0000 Fairchild PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter200618
N349AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC616212UT,
N35081939 Fairchild 24R-9R9-40914IL, United States
N350AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC617212CA,
N351AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC641212DE,
N352AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC637212DE,
N3532Q1995 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-887B225Massachusetts, United States
N3533Q1999 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-900B225Massachusetts, United States
N353AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC638212UT,
N353F1967 Fairchild PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter200918,O,
N353FH1967 Fairchild PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter200918OK, United States
  N354F1967 Fairchild PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter201018NV, United States
N35580000 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10735252NE,
  N35591953 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10870252DC, United States
N355F1967 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter2013110District of Columbia, United States
N35600000 Fairchild C-119G-3E Flying Boxcar10957252
  N35691929 Fairchild FC-2-W23517WI, United States
N357AE0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-667B212RI, United States
N358F1967 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter2016110District of Columbia, United States
N359AE1987 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-674B212RI, United States
N359F0000 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter201718District of Columbia, United States
N360000 Fairchild 24 C8C260913,D,
N3602R0000 Fairchild PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo Porter200418AK, United States
  N360AE1987 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-675212CA, United States
N360F1967 Fairchild PC-6/C2-H2 Heli-Porter2018110District of Columbia, United States