Fairchild Production List

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There're 3176 aircraft made by Fairchild.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
HB7241943 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)96214United Kingdom
HB7480000 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)98614United Kingdom
HB7511946 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)98914United Kingdom
HC-ADV1958 Fairchild F-27A12Ecuador
  HC-BGI0000 Fairchild F-27A34215Ecuador
HC-BSV1959 Fairchild F-27F71261Ecuador
HK-11371959 Fairchild F-2740261Colombia
HK-11391960 Fairchild F-2775261Colombia
HK-1391-W1968 Fairchild PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo Porter202818Colombia
HK-14921958 Fairchild F-275261Colombia
HK-14931958 Fairchild F-277261Colombia
HK-3375X1959 Fairchild F-27F68261Colombia
HK-3617X1959 Fairchild F-27F68261Colombia
HK-3637X1959 Fairchild F-27F64261Colombia
HK-3735X1959 Fairchild F-27F68261Colombia
HK-4260000 Fairchild C-82A Packet10199 (45-57829)252Bogota, Colombia
HK-42751987 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-676212Colombia
HL52031960 Fairchild F-2780261Korea, Republic of
HL52051960 Fairchild F-2775261Korea, Republic of
HM1850000 Fairchild UC-61 Argus I (24W-41A)22914United Kingdom
  HR-ALK1954 Fairchild C-123K Provider20123452United States
HR-ATI1962 Fairchild F-27F95261Honduras
HR-IAM0000 Fairchild F-2727261Honduras
HR-IAN1965 Fairchild F-27J1192Honduras
HR-LAP0000 Fairchild F-27J116261Honduras
  HZ-BOF1963 Fairchild F-27F93261Saudi Arabia
HZ-SN81981 Fairchild SA-227AT Merlin IVCAT-434B2Saudi Arabia
I-BSTI1981 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-470212Italy
  I-BSTS1984 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-603212Italy
  I-FRIF1944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)103614Italy
I-ORIS1989 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-739B212Italy
I-SASR1989 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-748B219Italy
I-SIEN0000 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)95514Italy
I-SWAA1988 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-719B212Italy
  I-VICY1993 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-849B225Italy
IK4501953 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar112622New Delhi, India
KK4511944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)106914United Kingdom
KK4771944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)109514United Kingdom
KK4811944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)109914United Kingdom
KK5111944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)112914United Kingdom
KK5300000 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)114814United Kingdom
KK5450000 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)116314United States
KK5471944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)116514United Kingdom
KK5580000 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)117614United Kingdom
  L46-070000 Fairchild C-123B Provider20004264Thailand
  LN-BIF1944 Fairchild PT-19AT43-722812Norway
LN-BIG1943 Fairchild PT-26T43-440412Norway
LN-BIO1943 Fairchild PT-26T43-464612Norway
LN-BSD1959 Fairchild F-2740261Norway
LN-HAM1944 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)95914Norway
LN-HAO1943 Fairchild UC-61K Argus III (24R-46A)93014Norway
LN-HPV1982 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-499219Norway
LV-AZV1959 Fairchild F-27J65261Argentina
LV-BGR1989 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-461B219Argentina
  LV-BYJ1996 Fairchild SA-227DC Metro 23DC-889B225Argentina
  LV-FHZ0000 Fairchild 82D661Argentina
LV-RLB1959 Fairchild F-27J42261Argentina
  LV-VDJ0000 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-729219Argentina
LV-WEE1982 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-516212Argentina
LV-WLW1973 Fairchild SA-226T MetroT-23028Argentina
LX-LGL1986 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-644B212Luxembourg
  LX-LGM1987 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-670B212Luxembourg
  MM260191952 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10949263Italy
MM51-173670000 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10779263Italy
MM51-81211954 Fairchild C-119J Flying Boxcar124263Italy
MM52-58511952 Fairchild C-119J Flying Boxcar11010263Italy
MM52-60111952 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar108692Italy
  MM52-60131952 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10910263Italy
  MM52-60201952 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar10950263Italy
  MM53-32001953 Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar11213263Italy
MM53-80980000 Fairchild C-119J Flying Boxcar201263Italy
MM53-81461953 Fairchild EC-119G2492Italy
MT-2061958 Fairchild F-273261Mexico
MT-2161968 Fairchild FH-227B5782Mexico
N100150000 Fairchild KR-3123613NC, United States
N100541928 Fairchild KR-3123913MD, United States
  N1010W1946 Fairchild 24R-9R46-25314MO, United States
N1015C0000 Fairchild PT-19AT43-723612OK, United States
  N101FG1958 Fairchild F-2716261United States
  N102901930 Fairchild KR-3135813CA, United States
N102FJ1959 Fairchild F-27J42261TX,
  N103JC1943 Fairchild M-62A-3 Cornell IIFC11912TX, United States
N1040E0000 Fairchild C-119L53-7849252
N1049N0000 Fairchild M-62AFC18612WA, United States
N106230000 Fairchild 7164717AK,
N106240000 Fairchild 7164817NY, United States
N106GS1988 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC724212DE, United States
  N106M1929 Fairchild 42414AK, United States
N1070N0000 Fairchild M-62AT42-368912
N107AS1982 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-543B212DE,
  N107M1930 Fairchild KR-21101112CA, United States
N108AS0000 Fairchild F-27F67261IL, United States
  N1094M1943 Fairchild M-62A-3 Cornell IIT43-447012CA, United States
N110GS1988 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC-727212IL, United States
  N1110R1942 Fairchild M-62AT42-387212CA, United States
N111611946 Fairchild M-62AT43-454912OH, United States
N1119K1993 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIDC-830B225TX, United States
N112TA1958 Fairchild F-272261FL, United States
N1132N1942 Fairchild M-62A-3 Cornell IIFC2712TX, United States
N115GS1988 Fairchild SA-227AC Metro IIIAC715212NV, United States