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There're 1380 aircraft made by Let.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  S5-BAE1990 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet902503221Slovenia
  S5-BAF1991 Let L-410UVP-E8C Turbolet912540215Slovenia
  S5-BAG1975 Let L-410AB Turbolet7504092Slovenia
S9-TAV1988 Let L-410UVP-E9A Turbolet882040219Sao Tome and Principe
  SE-LAG1965 Let L-200D Morava17140424Sweden
SP-FGH1991 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet9125282Poland
SP-FTH1991 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet9125282Poland
  SP-FTN0000 Let L-410MU Turbolet7811022Poland
  SP-FTV1988 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet8820382Poland
  SP-FTX1989 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet8923012Poland
  SP-KPY0000 Let L-410 UVP-E Turbolet9024392Poland
SP-KTA0000 Let L-410A Turbolet8922150Poland
SP-KTB1990 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet902504221Poland
  SP-KTL0000 Let L-410 UVP-E16A Turbolet9024142Poland
  SP-LXC0000 Let Aer 45S super Areo0300224Poland
  SP-LXH0000 Let Ae-145 Super Aero 14517201124Poland
  SP-NXA1965 Let L-200D Morava17140925Poland
  SP-NXH1962 Let L-200D Morava17130425Hungary
  SP-NXN0000 Let L-2000 Morava1713122Czech Republic
SP-NXX0000 Let L-200D1712060Poland
  SP-TAB1989 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet8923012Poland
  SP-TAC1989 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet8923172Poland
SP-THB1965 Let L-200D Morava17140424Poland
  SP-TPA1989 Let L-410UVP-E15 Turbolet8923182Poland
SP-TPB1989 Let L-410UVP-E15 Turbolet8923292Poland
  SP-TXB1990 Let 410UVP-E16A902414220Poland
ST-DND1991 Let L-410UVP-E10 Turbolet9125282Sudan
T9-AAJ1987 Let L-410UVP Turbolet871828221Bosnia and Herzegowina
  T9-AAK1989 Let L-410UVP-E13 Turbolet8923212Bosnia and Herzegowina
  TG-AGW1983 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8311372Guatemala
TG-AGZ1979 Let L-410UVP Turbolet7902122Guatemala
TG-ARE0000 Let L-1409024240Costa Rica
TG-TAJ1980 Let L-410UVP Turbolet800527221Guatemala
TG-TJB1983 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8311372Guatemala
  TL-ACK0000 Let L-410UVP-3 Turbolet8922252Central African Republic
  TS-OTE1994 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet942707220Tunisia
TU-TBG1985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851423221Cote D'Ivoire
TU-TBS1981 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8107242Cote D'Ivoire
UN-675121985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851416221Kazakhstan
UN-675661986 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet861606221Kazakhstan
UP-L41041986 Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet861606221Kazakhstan
UR-670101981 Let L-410UVP Turbolet810611221Ukraine
UR-670871981 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8107242Ukraine
UR-671001984 Let L-410UVP Turbolet841326221Ukraine
UR-671021984 Let L-410UVP Turbolet841328221Ukraine
UR-671591980 Let L-410UVP Turbolet800425221Ukraine
UR-671761979 Let L-410UVP Turbolet7902122Ukraine
  UR-671991979 Let L-410UVP Turbolet790305221Ukraine
UR-673401982 Let L-410UVP Turbolet820840221Ukraine
UR-673661983 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8309222Ukraine
  UR-674191983 Let L-410UVP Turbolet8311102Ukraine
UR-674391984 Let L-410UVP Turbolet841204221Ukraine
  UR-674771984 Let L-410UVP Turbolet841302221United Kingdom
UR-674921984 Let L-410UVP Turbolet841317221Ukraine
UR-675041985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851408221Ukraine
UR-675191985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851423221Ukraine
UR-675510000 Let L-410A Turbolet8922150Ukraine
UR-676481990 Let L-410UVP Turbolet9025012Ukraine
  UR-KMA1985 LET L-410UVP-3 Turbolet851420221Suceava, Romania
UR-LAA1985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851425221Ukraine
  UR-SKD0000 Let L-410UVP8107212United Kingdom
  UR-TVA1985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851438221Ukraine
UR-UAE1985 Let L-410UVP Turbolet851425221Ukraine
  UR-VTV1981 Let L-410UVP Turbolet810705221Ukraine
V-090000 Let L-23 Super Blanik89751302Chile
V-502001 Let L-23 Super Blanik01880902Argentina
  VH-DUH1960 Let Aero Ae-4520-00124Australia
  VH-EMV1960 Let L-200A Morava17041125Australia
VH-GAP1971 Let BLANIK L-131749200WA, Australia
VH-GAQ1971 Let BLANIK L-131749130VIC, Australia
VH-GAR1971 Let BLANIK L-131749190Australia
VH-GBJ1974 Let BLANIK L-130261390Australia
VH-GBR1974 Let BLANIK L-130261040Australia
VH-GBY1974 Let BLANIK L-130261400Australia
VH-GCG1973 Let BLANIK L-130254240NSW, Australia
VH-GCH1973 Let BLANIK L-130254250Australia
VH-GEU1973 Let BLANIK L-130257100Australia
VH-GFD1976 Let BLANIK L-130265220Australia
VH-GFI1976 Let BLANIK L-130265580Australia
VH-GFS1960 Let BLANIK L-13A11712100WA, Australia
VH-GGD1973 Let BLANIK L-130255290Australia
VH-GGE1973 Let BLANIK L-130255300Australia
VH-GGG1973 Let BLANIK L-130256060Australia
VH-GGI1973 Let BLANIK L-130256140WA, Australia
VH-GIG1973 Let BLANIK L-130257200Australia
VH-GIH1973 Let BLANIK L-130257210Australia
VH-GIJ1973 Let BLANIK L-130258020Australia
VH-GIM1974 Let BLANIK L-130259070Australia
VH-GIO1974 Let BLANIK L-130259080Australia
VH-GIS1974 Let BLANIK L-130259090Australia
VH-GIU1974 Let BLANIK L-130259100Australia
VH-GIV1974 Let BLANIK L-130260270Australia
VH-GIW1971 Let BLANIK L-130260280SA, Australia
VH-GIX1974 Let BLANIK L-130260390Australia
  VH-GIY1974 Let BLANIK L-130260400QLD, Australia
VH-GJX1973 Let BLANIK L-130256260Australia
VH-GOL1974 Let BLANIK L-130260510Australia
VH-GOY1974 Let BLANIK L-130261210Australia
VH-GOZ1974 Let BLANIK L-130261220VIC, Australia
VH-GPS1966 Let BLANIK L-131733560Australia