Sikorsky Production List

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There're 4264 aircraft made by Sikorsky.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
  95-266091995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2126218United States
95-266102004 Sikorsky UH-60L Black HawkNot found 95-26610218Dobbins ARB, GA, United States
  95-266111995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk702128210United States
  95-266221995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2143218United States
95-266340000 Sikorsky UH-60L70-21590
  95-266390000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2164218United States
  95-266420000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-21670
  95-266441995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70.2169215United States
  95-266451995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2170218United States
95-266501995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2175218United States
  95-266521995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2177218
  95-266631995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2188218North Carolina, United States
95-266791995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2211218United States
95-267420000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black HawkNot found 95-26742218United States
95-270122004 Sikorsky UH-60L Black HawkNot found 95-27012218Winder, GA, United States
9521951 Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw55-460112Athens, Greece
  96-266791995 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2211218
96-266841996 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2219218United States
  96-266871996 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2216218United States
  96-266900000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-22220
  96-266921996 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2225218United States
  96011947 Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly51-1814Canada
  9603 RCAF1947 Sikorsky S-51513012PA, United States
  96070000 Sikorsky H-5 Dragonfly51-1660Canada
  9610000 Sikorsky HRS-3 Chickasaw55-1160BC, Canada
  97-267660000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70.2434218United States
  97-267751998 Sikorsky HH-60G Pave Hawk70-2446216United States
9830000 Sikorsky CH-53A Yasur 200065-134241Israel
9851968 Sikorsky CH-53A Yasur65-141241Israel
  99-268371999 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2545218United States
99-268401999 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2553218United States
99-268421999 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2542218United States
99-268441999 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2483218United States
  99-268460000 Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk70-2547218United States
9922007 Sikorsky S-92A920059219Kuwait
9932007 Sikorsky S-92A920072219Kuwait
  9M-AIH2005 Sikorsky S-92A920024219Malaysia
9M-AYF1975 Sikorsky S-61N61751228Malaysia
9M-BED1974 Sikorsky S-61N61739228Malaysia
9M-BEL2007 Sikorsky S-76C760671214Malaysia
  9Y-NCN0000 Sikorsky S-76C760791219Trinidad and Tobago
A10000 Sikorsky S-5151-10214South Africa
A25-1010000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1067216Australia
A25-1140000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1186216Australia
A25-2020000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1299216New South Wales, Australia
A25-2040000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1321216Australia
A25-2100000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1348216Australia
  A25-2120000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1364216Australia
A25-2230000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1432216Australia
A25-2240000 Sikorsky S-70A-9 Black Hawk70-1440216Australia
A7-HAA1963 Sikorsky S-62A62002120Qatar
A7-HAB0000 Sikorsky S-62A62007120Qatar
A7-HAC0000 Sikorsky S-62A620621Qatar
A7-HAD1966 Sikorsky S-62A62105120Qatar
A7-HAE1967 Sikorsky S-62A62107120Qatar
  A7-MBN2006 Sikorsky S-92 Helibus920053219Doha, Qatar
A9C-KOB2008 Sikorsky S-92A920079219Bahrain
AD-16011974 Sikorsky S-61N61739228Lebanon
AD-16021975 Sikorsky S-61N61746228Lebanon
AD-16031979 Sikorsky S-61N61820228Lebanon
AMHA-3020000 Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk70-3592210Mexico
AP-AOB1963 Sikorsky S-61N61216228Pakistan
  B-40000 Sikorsky HSS-1 Seabat (S-58)SA1450Belgium
B-73030000 Sikorsky S-76A760289214China
B-73040000 Sikorsky S-76A760293214China
B-73212006 Sikorsky S-92A920049219China
B-73350000 Sikorsky S-76C760787219China
  B-HJR0000 Sikorsky S-76C+760497212China
B-HZG1991 Sikorsky S-76C760375214Hong Kong
B-HZH1991 Sikorsky S-76C760376214Hong Kong
  B-MHF0000 Sikorsky S-76C+7604742Macau
  B-MHG1997 Sikorsky S-76B760465214China
  B-MHH0000 Sikorsky S-76+7604762China
B100000 Sikorsky S-58C58-3330Belgium
B110000 Sikorsky S-58C58-3560Belgium
B121956 Sikorsky S-58C58-3881Belgium
  B130000 Sikorsky S-58C58-3950Belgium
B141956 Sikorsky S-58C58-3501Belgium
B150000 Sikorsky S-58C58-08360Belgium
  B60000 Sikorsky HSS-1 SeabatSA181118Belgium
B91956 Sikorsky S-58C58-324114Belgium
  C-FABH1985 Sikorsky S-76A7602712Quebec, Canada
C-FAIC1998 Sikorsky S-76C76-04872Ontario, Canada
C-FALH0000 Sikorsky S-58T58-1093218British Columbia, Canada
C-FCHC2003 Sikorsky S-76C760546214British Columbia, Canada
  C-FCLM1969 Sikorsky S-61N61492228Quebec, Canada
C-FCRN1968 Sikorsky S-64E6406125British Columbia, Canada
C-FDCH1977 Sikorsky S-61N617732Quebec, Canada
C-FDOH1972 Sikorsky S-61N61704228Ontario, Canada
C-FDWC0000 Sikorsky S-61N6147216British Columbia, Canada
C-FELO0000 Sikorsky S-62A62070120British Columbia, Canada
C-FFZM1955 Sikorsky S-58E58 202114Alberta, Canada
C-FGDO1977 Sikorsky S-61N617732British Columbia, Canada
  C-FHCH0000 Sikorsky S-61N61761228Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FHHD0000 Sikorsky S-61N61490228British Columbia, Canada
C-FHHM1969 Sikorsky S-61N614682British Columbia, Canada
C-FHHR1961 Sikorsky S-61N610332British Columbia, Canada
C-FIBN1976 Sikorsky S-61N618112Ontario, Canada
C-FIHD1984 Sikorsky S-76A7601872British Columbia, Canada
  C-FIRW1989 Sikorsky S-76B760355214British Columbia, Canada