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N9781 photo, click to enlarge
The side view of the NEAM Bleriot shows some of its control mechanisms.
N803W photo, click to enlarge
You can see why this aircraft gained the nickname "Jungle Gym." Next to it is a luxury car of the same vintage.
N14614 photo, click to enlarge
I'll let the beautiful lines of this magnificent aircraft speak for themselves.
N901K photo, click to enlarge
This unusual 2-place (side-by-side) aircraft is the 8th of a total 18 built.
N13296 photo, click to enlarge
The Heath Parasol existed before there were any light sport aircraft; this 1928 design came fully equipped with a modified Henderson motorcycle engine for less than $1,000.
N9781 photo, click to enlarge
Original ca. 1911 Bleriot; rebuilt 1973. On display at the New England Air Museum.
N15792 photo, click to enlarge
With an automobile of the same vintage, this Heath Parasol enjoys an outing at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum.
N11Y photo, click to enlarge
This aircraft was the third of Jack Northrop's Alpha design off the line. Northrop's all-aluminum monocoque construction with fully cantilevered wing would gain fame in the legendary DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft.
N12269 photo, click to enlarge
With this aircraft, Lincoln Ellsworth set out to reach the South Pole. He later donated the airplane to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.