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42-107451 photo, click to enlarge
This was the first purpose-built presidential transport, used by FDR and Truman.
N105CA photo, click to enlarge
This wonderful bird is now on display at the Champaign Aviation Museum, where patrons are allowed to walk through the aircraft.
N19903 photo, click to enlarge
This has to be one of the most elegant airliners ever built.
N50NS photo, click to enlarge
I haven't seen one of these in 20 years. These little boxy turboprops may not win a beauty contest, but they certainly do not lack for character.
N137JR photo, click to enlarge
The Twin Otter is one of my perennial favorite aircraft and I am always happy to spot one. This handsome example is used by J R S Sky Inc. at Stroudsburg-Pocono Airport for skydiving.
C-GKBR photo, click to enlarge
This Twin Otter has since exchanged her wheels for floats and flies for Seaborne Airlines in the Caribbean.
N151CA photo, click to enlarge
A "new" turboprop sits alongside two of its much older piston-engine Beech 18s.
N447AM photo, click to enlarge
An American Eagle ATR-72 taxies at SJU, next in line for take-off.
N907VL photo, click to enlarge
A 1973-vintage Britten-Norman Islander takes on passengers and fuel for the short hop to the scenic island of Vieques, on of two isles off the eastern coast of the main island of Puerto Rico.