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N919EH photo, click to enlarge
1959 Cessna 182C SKYLANE, VERY RARELY SEEN taildragger conversion, Continental O-470-S 230 Hp, taxi
N44727 photo, click to enlarge
1944 North American P-51D MUSTANG 'Man O' War', Packard-Rolls V1650-7 1,490 Hp, Limited class, taxi
N6817T photo, click to enlarge
1960 Cessna 310D 'Songbird III', two Continental IO-470 260 Hp each, remember 'Sky King' on early TV?
N5580M photo, click to enlarge
1943 Boeing Stearman B75N1 as N2S-3, Continental W670 radial, wing 'ding' repair
N1017U photo, click to enlarge
Pat Quinn's 1939 Bucker Jungmann C.A.S.A. 1.131, Lycoming O-360 180 hp
N18900 photo, click to enlarge
1938 Ryan Aeronautical SC-W-145, Continental E-185 225 Hp upgrade of original Warner seven cylinder Super Scarab radial of 145 Hp, only 14 of these Ryan Sport Coupes ever produced.
N9293 photo, click to enlarge
1974 Ries Jodel F-12, Franklin 4B1 130 Hp, characteristic Jodel cranked-dihedral wing, French design Experimental class, at 2006 National Bucker Fly In
N374WT photo, click to enlarge
2003 'Red' Hamilton-WITTMAN TAILWIND W-10, race #37, Steve Wittman's classic homebuilt design. Red has a number of drag-reducing 'tweaks' in this sleek racer. Closeup inspection required to reveal all. Winner-2012 EAA Closed Circuit Races 235 & 236 mph!
N5524N photo, click to enlarge
1943 Howard DGA-15P, P&W R-985 450 Hp, The Orr's 'Mr. Hooligan', takeoff climbout on Runway 22
N25TS photo, click to enlarge
1992 Tracy Saylor LT3 VAN'S RV-6, Lycoming O&VO-360 180 Hp, Tracy was Winning Pilot-1999 Copperstate Dash in Millenium Experimental category at 189.05 knots, second fastest time of all categories in the race-Apple Valley, CA to Coolidge, AZ.
N32135 photo, click to enlarge
1941 Waco UPF-7 Continental W670 220 Hp, Gorgeous finish and detailing with chromed prop and spinner, four ailerons, warmup after refueling
N240R photo, click to enlarge
1980 Bellanca 8KCAB-180 SUPER DECATHLON, Lycoming AEIO-360 180 Hp, Steve Fossett's Final Ride-3 September 2007. Fossett held 116 World records in aviation, automobiles & boats. Mine only photos on Web at Fossett's disappearance used extensively in search