Ehud Gavron's Photo Gallery

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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

N630GJ @ KHII - Bell longranger at Lake Havasu - post Thanksgiving weekend 2013.
N4204X @ KORL - N4204X after a short flight to see the sights and sites of Orlando Downtown.
N4204X @ KORL
N7021Z @ KORL - N7021Z at KORL
N7021Z @ KORL
N545AM @ KIWA - Air Methods helicopters stopping for crew breakfast and some JetA at KIWA.
C-GEOC @ KTUS - c-geoc getting some tlc at tus after working hard in mx
N4179T @ KTUS - Scottsdale Heli's N4179T hanging out at Southwest Heli in Tucson after taking a pax for a photo flight around the University of Arizona.
N4179T @ KTUS
N4179T @ KTUS - N4179T from Scottsdale Heli visiting Southwest Heli in Tucson to drop off a passenger.
N4179T @ KTUS
N4179T @ KTUS - N4179T dropping off a pax at KTUS Southwest Heli
N4179T @ KTUS
C-GEOC @ KTUS - C-GEOC parked at SW Heli, Tucson AZ