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93-0540 @ OSH - With Skyraider and P-51
93-0540 @ OSH
N524CF @ YIP - Skyhawk and TBM Legacy flight
N524CF @ YIP
N49WH @ YIP - A-4 with AD-1 and F4U in Legacy flight
N49WH @ YIP - A-4 Skyhawk with Skyraider and Corsair
N65164 @ YIP - EA-1E Skyraider with A-4 Skyhawk and F4U Corsair Legacy Flight at Thunder Over Michigan
N65164 @ YIP
N179PT @ YIP - Legacy flight Corsair with AD-1 Skyraider and A-4 Skyhawk
N179PT @ YIP
N49WH - A-4 Skyhawk with Skyraider and Corsair Legacy flight