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HK-1776 @ MIA - This aircraft has been determined to be DC-6A HK-1776 (c/n 45499), not DC-6B HK-1700, due to cargo door configuration. Thanks to M. Meyer for his help. HK-1776 was lost 07/1999 in Columbia in a landing accident.
HK-1776 @ MIA
N8805E @ MIA - Seagreen Air Transport CV-880 N8805E engine maintenance at Corrosion Corner.
N8805E @ MIA
N7228U @ KDEN - Shown at Stapleton Airport. Airframe was reported 05/2013 stored near Beijing Airport in CAAC colors.
N7228U @ KDEN
D-ABKB - In service only about a month at this point. Unknown airport.
HB-IBK @ KJFK - Sold to SAS in 1962, later to the French military. Currently on display Musee de l'air in Paris-Le-Bourget (LFPB).
N706PA @ JFK - Originally for TWA as N778TW, delivery slot sold to Pan Am. Owned or leased by Dominicana, Air Florida, Jet Power Inc, Transatlantic Airways, World, MCA Leasing, AeroQuisqueyana. Scrapped MIA 10/1983.
N706PA @ JFK
N9305 @ KJFK - Ret'd from EAL in 1969, to Mackey International in 1972.
N9305 @ KJFK
N40AF - Scan from a slide. Airport is shown as ACQ on slide, however, Waseca, MN, rwy is less than 3,500' long, so this is unlikely. Any help?
N7018U @ LAX - LAX 1969
N7018U @ LAX