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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

VP-CBA @ SBD - Parked near the hanger
N322MM @ SBD - Parked on the north east side
N322MM @ SBD
N607QS @ SBD - Parked at the north west side
N607QS @ SBD
N130FF @ SBD - Parked at the Fire Retardant loading area
N130FF @ SBD
N130FF @ SBD - 1 of 4 Allison T56-A-15
N130FF @ SBD
B-16112 @ SBD - Masked and waiting to be painted
B-16112 @ SBD
N747A @ SBD - Clipper America resting in the wind
N747A @ SBD
N639VA @ SBD - Working in the baggage area
N639VA @ SBD
N415BN @ SBD - Moved to the north east corner, engines removed
N415BN @ SBD
N727AA @ SBD - Moved to the north east corner, engines removed
N727AA @ SBD
N450AX @ SBD - The external retardant tanks are designed to be filled from standard 3 inch cam-lock couplings. The tanks can be filled quickly, typically 15-20 minutes.
N450AX @ SBD
N450AX @ SBD - Waiting for call out
N450AX @ SBD
N450AX @ SBD - The turbofan-powered aircraft carries up to 12,000 US gallons (45,000 liters) of water or fire retardant in an exterior belly-mounted tank
N450AX @ SBD
N904NV @ SBD - Parked south of the hangers
N904NV @ SBD
VP-CBA @ SBD - Parked south of the hangers
N807NA @ SBD - Parked at San Bernardino Airtanker Base, United States Forest Service, USDA waiting foe call out
N807NA @ SBD
N1013 @ SBD - Parked to the rear of Million Air
N1013 @ SBD
66-4332 @ SBD - Parked by the center fueling station.  The colors of the T-38 reflect what is used on the U-2s. The U-2 pilots use the T-38 as companion trainers
66-4332 @ SBD