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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

J-3035 @ LSMP - for some reason this airframe was not often seen and photographed.
J-3035 @ LSMP
J-3067 @ LSMJ - FlSt 8 badge on the nose during WK03 at Turtmann.
J-3067 @ LSMJ
J-3067 @ LSMJ - evening mission during the 1999 Wiederholungskurs.
J-3067 @ LSMJ
J-3098 @ LSMF - One of the last years of fighter operations out of Mollis. If I remeber well the last jet exercise was held in 1999.
J-3098 @ LSMF
J-3055 @ LSMJ - This picture shows how narrow the Rhone valley actually is.
J-3055 @ LSMJ
J-3058 @ LSMJ - Fortunately the traffic lights are red...
J-3058 @ LSMJ
J-3077 @ LSMM - Nice snowy conditions during the WK of 2007.
J-3077 @ LSMM
J-3068 @ LSMJ - Last Turtmann Wiederholungskurs in 2003
J-3068 @ LSMJ
J-3067 @ LSMJ - Wiederholungskurs 1997
J-3067 @ LSMJ
J-3039 @ LSME - Early Tiger picture with still the black nose fitted
J-3039 @ LSME
J-3027 @ LSMJ - During the 1997 Wiederholungskurs some missions were flown with live weapons.
J-3027 @ LSMJ
J-3072 @ AXAL - Heading for the wall that he managed to avoid.
J-3072 @ AXAL
J-3070 @ LSMD - One of the great many aircraft flying during the AMEF89
J-3070 @ LSMD
J-3054 @ LSMD - Still with the old black nose.
J-3054 @ LSMD
J-3202 @ LSMF - Wiederholungskurs 1998
J-3202 @ LSMF
J-3201 @ LSMF - Wiederholungskurs 1998
J-3201 @ LSMF
J-3001 @ LSME - For many years J-3001 was the trials aircraft of the Swiss AF. With the withdrawl eminent this low hour airframe has been transferred to active squadron service.
J-3001 @ LSME
J-3002 @ LSMJ - A common scene during the Wiederholungskurs at Turtmann: while the Tigers cross the main street of the Turtmann village the paintwork in the background goes on as normal.
J-3002 @ LSMJ
J-3016 @ LSMD - My first visit to an Swiss airbase produced lots of freshly delivered Tigers.
J-3016 @ LSMD
J-3007 @ LSMF - Flightline full of action during a launch of a couple of Tigers. Seen at the Wiederholungskurs 1998 at Mollis.
J-3007 @ LSMF
J-3029 @ LSMJ - Picture taken from the football pitch that was positioned at the airfield. North the runway, west the taxiway. What better place could one wish?
J-3029 @ LSMJ
J-3022 @ LSME - FlSt 19 badge
J-3022 @ LSME
J-3004 @ LSMJ - Taxiing to the runway at Turtmann
J-3004 @ LSMJ
J-3062 @ LSMJ - Evening mission during the 1999 Wiederholungskurs.
J-3062 @ LSMJ
J-3034 @ LSMJ - The entire day it was cloudy. When we had arrived back in the hotel the sun appeared and the military started for an evening mission. Our trip back to the base proved a right decision.
J-3034 @ LSMJ
J-3212 @ LSMP - late afternoon arrival at Payerne. Note the Tiger nose art.
J-3212 @ LSMP
J-3068 @ AXALP - Live firing at the Axalp-Ebenfluh range
J-3068 @ AXALP
J-3077 @ LSMJ - This is the strangest picture I've ever taken: a Tiger rolls through the village of Turtmann while the traffic on the main street is halted by traffic lights and soldiers.
J-3077 @ LSMJ
J-3093 @ LSMJ - A typical take off from an Alpine airfield: full AB low through the valley with the main gear retracting instantly
J-3093 @ LSMJ
J-3095 @ LSMJ - The last Wiederholungskurs ever to be held at Turtmann
J-3095 @ LSMJ
J-3212 @ LSMP - After this picture we had to seek shelter because of the rain.
J-3212 @ LSMP
J-3016 @ LSMJ - Turtmann used to be an airfield without any fences. During the last WK however there was a rope to prevent us from entering the taxiway.
J-3016 @ LSMJ
J-3093 @ LSMM - With the sun sinking into Lake Brienz the late afternoon sun lights up the whole Meiringen valley.
J-3093 @ LSMM
J-3037 @ LSMM - In the first years in servive the Tigers still had the original black nose. In the nineties these were replaced by the current grey ones.
J-3037 @ LSMM
J-3062 @ LSMM - this snow in March was quite unexpected.
J-3062 @ LSMM
J-3068 @ LSMM - this snow in March was quite unexpected.
J-3068 @ LSMM
J-3027 @ LSMM - high speed taxi back to the Meiringen flightline.
J-3027 @ LSMM
J-3026 @ LSME - arriving after yet another Alpine mission.
J-3026 @ LSME
J-3062 @ LSMM - departure from a very wet runway.
J-3062 @ LSMM
J-3044 @ AXALP - axalp demo
J-3044 @ AXALP
J-3037 @ LSMJ - Take off during the last WK at Turtmann.
J-3037 @ LSMJ
J-3043 @ LSMJ - The last Wiederholungskurs at Turtmann showed quite a lot F-5's wearing the ground personnel FPlAbt 3 badge.
J-3043 @ LSMJ
J-3014 @ LSMJ - Take off during the last WK at Turtmann.
J-3014 @ LSMJ
J-3015 @ LSMM - Take off during the 2006 WK
J-3015 @ LSMM
J-3002 @ LSMJ - Seen during the last Wiederholungskurs at Turtmann.
J-3002 @ LSMJ
J-3001 @ LSME - The Swiss test unit Gruppe für Rüstungsdienste used J-3001 for various tests. The aircraft was abandoned a couple of years ago and was transferred to normal squadron serviceNow it is flying with the US Navy.
J-3001 @ LSME
J-3062 @ LSMJ - Landing in the narrow Rhone Valley was one of the challenges when flying in and out Turtmann.
J-3062 @ LSMJ
J-3053 @ LSMJ - This Tiger was active during the 1999 Wiederholungskurs at Turtmann.
J-3053 @ LSMJ
J-3062 @ LSMP - It seems quite recent, but it is over twenty years ago: Tiger take off from Payerne.
J-3062 @ LSMP
J-3068 @ AXALP - High speed run of the armament range at the Axalp.
J-3068 @ AXALP
J-3008 @ LSMD - My first trip to Switzerland revealed some pristine aircraft. Many visits to the Alps were to follow...
J-3008 @ LSMD
J-3087 @ LSMU - Since 1994 J-3087 flies with the Patrouille Suisse. In the years before it was just camouflaged like the other Tigers. Anyone on the badge it has on the nose?
J-3087 @ LSMU
J-3098 @ LSMF - Being the last F-5E delivered to the Swiss AF J-3098 has Peace Alps II nose art applied.
J-3098 @ LSMF
J-3093 @ LSMJ - The first time I a saw the FlSt 6 badge was on this Tiger in 1994. A zap was applied just behind the cockpit.
J-3093 @ LSMJ
J-3089 @ LSMM - Patrouille Suisse aircraft with target tow pod.
J-3089 @ LSMM
J-3094 @ LSMP - payerne resident
J-3094 @ LSMP
J-3210 @ LSMD - AMEF89 flightline
J-3210 @ LSMD
J-3026 @ LSMD - Now sold to the US Navy as 761551.
J-3026 @ LSMD
J-3015 @ LSMP - touch down
J-3015 @ LSMP
J-3070 @ LSMP - FlSt 6 badge
J-3070 @ LSMP
J-3210 @ LSMP - ecm aircraft
J-3210 @ LSMP
J-3211 @ LSMP - Tiger trainer on the taxiway
J-3211 @ LSMP
J-3093 @ LSMM - Meiringen taxiway
J-3093 @ LSMM
J-3022 @ LSMD - My first trip to Switzerland produced lots of new Tigers.
J-3022 @ LSMD
J-3070 @ LSMS - We were lucky to see Tigers operating out of Sion this year. There was probably a trainings course or refresher cours going on.
J-3070 @ LSMS
J-3093 @ LSMJ - Rare first sighting of a Esc Av 6 badge. Nowadays these are more common.
J-3093 @ LSMJ
J-3054 @ LSMJ - The ground personnel units FlPl Abt 3 and Fl Kp 8 painted a combined badge on the Tigers during the very last refresher course that was held at Turtmann. Turtmann was closed a few hours after this picture was taken.
J-3054 @ LSMJ
J-3067 @ LSMM - still with FlSt 13 badge.
J-3067 @ LSMM
J-3063 @ LSMM - The FlSt 19 badge dates back to the early days of Tiger operation. It is still in place though.
J-3063 @ LSMM
J-3077 @ LSMM - Taxiway from the Kaverne to the runway.
J-3077 @ LSMM
J-3063 @ LSME - still in the Hunter era
J-3063 @ LSME
J-3038 @ LSMM - The great surroundings of Meiringen
J-3038 @ LSMM
J-3074 @ LSMM - Although the Hornet is in service for over ten years now there are still Tiger flying with the badge of FlSt 13. Talking about quality!
J-3074 @ LSMM
J-3038 @ LSMM - Meiringen taxiway
J-3038 @ LSMM
J-3057 @ LSME - newly arrival after lease to Austria
J-3057 @ LSME
J-3056 @ LSMP - former Austrian lease F-5.
J-3056 @ LSMP
J-3041 @ LSMP - former Austrian lease F-5.
J-3041 @ LSMP
J-3212 @ LSMP - Being the last F-5F delivered to the Swiss AF J-3212 has some nose art applied.
J-3212 @ LSMP
J-3074 @ LSMM - Because of the snow in the valley the sun light was also from underneath of the aircraft offering great pictures.
J-3074 @ LSMM
J-3210 @ LSMP - The F-5E is used as an ECM platform nowadays. The equip[ment can be seen underneath the wing and at the left wing tip. Bonus is the badge of EFlSt 24, that I had not seen on a Tiger before.
J-3210 @ LSMP
J-3073 @ LSMM - The Swiss runway crossings are unique: the traffic waits at the barrier until all aircraft have landed.
J-3073 @ LSMM
J-3093 @ LSMM - The snow was already melting, but fortunately there was still enought for these winterly pctures.
J-3093 @ LSMM
J-3038 @ LSMM - Freshly painted fin and gun compartment: the Austrian leased Tigers are back in Swiss service.
J-3038 @ LSMM
J-3079 @ LSMM - J-3079 wears special marking for the last pilots that were trained on the F-5. Nowadays the PC-21 has taken over this task.
J-3079 @ LSMM
J-3093 @ LSMM - The mountains are not that far away at the Meiringen rwy 10 approach.
J-3093 @ LSMM
J-3077 @ LSMM - Just one soldier between the aircraft and the public road.
J-3077 @ LSMM
J-3014 @ LSMJ - Take off in the narrow Rhone valley. Pitty Turtmann is closed now.
J-3014 @ LSMJ
J-3058 @ LSMJ - My first trip to a Swiss refresher course produced lots of Hunters and Tigers. With no fences surrounding the airfield it was a photograhers paradise!
J-3058 @ LSMJ
J-3069 @ LSMM - The snow in March did offer great backgrounds for the pictures we were able to take.
J-3069 @ LSMM
J-3065 @ LSMD - During AMEF89 a line of Tiger was waiting for the next mission.
J-3065 @ LSMD
J-3063 @ AXALP - 1/250 F5 gives a great effect!
J-3063 @ AXALP
J-3057 @ LSMJ - After return from a mission this Tiger is about to cross the public road towards the Kaverne.
J-3057 @ LSMJ
J-3074 @ AXALP - Rushing through the Axalp valley.
J-3074 @ AXALP
J-3074 @ LSMM - This Tiger has the badge of Flugplatzkommando 13 on the nose. Talking about toned down...
J-3074 @ LSMM
J-3202 @ LSMF - Mollis offered a nice photospot with both a taxiway and a shelter. On top of the shelter was even a public resting place.
J-3202 @ LSMF
J-3052 @ LSMF - During the annual refresher course these Tigers are waiting for yet another mission. In the background the usual net barrier. It was not until the arrival of the Hornet that Switzerland introduced arrester cables.
J-3052 @ LSMF
J-3049 @ LSMJ - Turtmann used to be a fine airbase to take pictures. Nice backgrounds, great aircraft  and good access to the photo spots.
J-3049 @ LSMJ
J-3024 @ LSMI - Ready for take off. The barrier in the back is used to close a public road during flight operation.
J-3024 @ LSMI
J-3006 @ LSMF - Mollis used to be one of the fighter bases used for exercises only. It was quite compact and easily accessible for taking pictures. Nowadays it is only used by helicopters for three weeks a year.
J-3006 @ LSMF
J-3006 @ LSMJ - Turtmann was an airfield with a strange lay out with a public road between the runway and the taxiway. Note there is no fence between the aircraft and the truck. The runway can be seen in the background. Unfortunately Turtmann was closed in 2003.
J-3006 @ LSMJ
J-3068 @ AXALP - You can clearly see the blast deflectors of the guns are opened during the strafing run on the targets.
J-3068 @ AXALP
J-3063 @ AXALP - High speed run over the Axalp targets.
J-3063 @ AXALP
J-3068 @ AXALP - Another spectacular vapor effect during the Axalp demo.
J-3068 @ AXALP
J-3094 @ LSMP - This Tiger wears the badge of FPlAbt 3. These markings were applied in 2003 during the last refresher course at Turtmann.
J-3094 @ LSMP
J-3089 @ LSMP - The aircraft of the Patrouille Suise do fly operational missions as well. This one just returns from one.
J-3089 @ LSMP
J-3062 @ LSMP - seen on its home base Payerne
J-3062 @ LSMP
J-3082 @ AXALP - During the Axalp demo the Patrouille Suise made this low pass in front of the public.
J-3082 @ AXALP
J-3068 @ LSMP - The sun is nicely low in the later months of the year giving this lovely warm light.
J-3068 @ LSMP
J-3063 @ LSMP - arriving back at Payerne.
J-3063 @ LSMP
J-3097 @ LSMP - returning from a training flight.
J-3097 @ LSMP
J-3082 @ AXALP - After their rehearsal show the Patrouille Suise made a final pass over the Brienzer See. Unfortunately the actual show on the 8th and 9th of October was canceled due to fog and clouds.
J-3082 @ AXALP
J-3077 @ LSMJ - Directly after take off these Tigers make a right turn out of the Rhone valley.
J-3077 @ LSMJ
J-3089 @ LSMJ - Road traffic is stopped to enable the Tigers to cross the Kantonalstrasse. Unfortunately this sight is over since Turtmann was closed in 2003. J-3089 now flies with Patrouille Suise.
J-3089 @ LSMJ
J-3058 @ LSMJ - After take off the F-5 stays well low when it passes the village of Turtmann. What about jet noise..?
J-3058 @ LSMJ
J-3077 @ LSMM - The Meiringen Open House gave some new opportunities to make pictures. The snow made the exclusive background.
J-3077 @ LSMM
J-3076 @ LSMM - These Tigers are rolling after landing. The chutes are to be dropped any moment.
J-3076 @ LSMM
J-3075 @ LSMM - For some reason this is a rarely seen Tiger: over the last 25 years I photographed it just once.
J-3075 @ LSMM
J-3016 @ LSMD - This Tiger was photographed on its home base. Note the black oval shaped radome, that was changed for a flat grey one in the mid and late eighties.
J-3016 @ LSMD
J-3093 @ LSMM - Seen during take off at Meiringen AB in the haert of Switserland.
J-3093 @ LSMM
J-3015 @ AXALP - Low level throug the Alp valleys is the best way to take aircraft pictures.
J-3015 @ AXALP
J-3068 @ AXALP - High speed low lever through the Alps.
J-3068 @ AXALP
J-3004 @ LSMJ - Seen taxying towards the Turtmann runway. The backdrop in the Rhone valley is impressive!
J-3004 @ LSMJ
J-3044 @ LSMM - One of the missions flown by the FlSt 8 trainingscourse was with sistership J-3072. Seen in take off from Meiringen.
J-3044 @ LSMM
J-3207 @ LSME - This Tiger taxies back to the apron after a local training flight. It carries the FlSt 1 badge on the nose.
J-3207 @ LSME
J-3081 @ AXALP - After their demonstration four Patrouille Tigers made one final pass along the Axalphorn. Although photographed from the mountain peak the cloud cover in the Haslital makes this a virtual air to air picture.
J-3081 @ AXALP
J-3074 @ AXALP - How about real live firing? Fast and low over the Axalp firing range during the anual air display.
J-3074 @ AXALP
J-3004 @ LSMD - taxiing back after landing
J-3004 @ LSMD
J-3002 @ LSMJ - This Tiger was sold to the US NAvy and now it flies as 761527 in the agressor role.
J-3002 @ LSMJ
J-3062 @ MEIRINGEN - Taken during take off with 1/60 of a second. The mountain slope in the background fades away...
J-3015 @ LSMM - Landing in the winter wonderland at Meiringen AB.
J-3015 @ LSMM