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N510Q @ O38 - This aircraft is wasting away. It has been here at the Gundy's (Owasso, OK) for a few years
N510Q @ O38
N304BU - Panel update from the previous owner
N304BU @ H71 - This is my first flight in this glider
N304BU @ H71
N116X - This was my last flight in X6 before I sold it. My dad was on the ridge taking pictures as I flying by. What a nice sailplane. I was very sorry to have to sell it.
N116X - I landed out in the hills north of Harrisburg, PA
N116X @ 14N - Cockpit View
N116X @ 14N
N116X @ 14N - This picture was taken at the Beltzville Airport. What a great area for Ridge Soaring!
N116X @ 14N
N116X @ M50 - This was taken just after I had purchased it in Eagleville, TN
N116X @ M50
N2060T @ H71 - Tom Harris getting ready for his solo flight
N2060T @ H71