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N715AE @ KCLE - N715AE seen at KCLE awaiting maintenance at Constant Aviation. Stored at CLE 19-11-2012. See more photos at
N22427 @ KBKL - N22427 seen at Burke Lakefront Airport. See more photos at
N22427 @ KBKL
G-ADUY - G-ADUY Capella an Empire C Class flying boat seen in front of The Sofitel Winter Palace Luxor, Egypt. Built in 1935, and written off four years later, on March 12th, 1939, after crashing into an uncharted obstacle.
N58S @ CLE - N58S parked on the tarmac at Atlantic Aviation
N58S @ CLE
N130NB @ CLE - N130NB seen at KCLE for a full scale, mass causality disaster exercise on September 8, 2012, in order to test the Hopkins Airport Emergency Plan in accordance with FAA Part 139 Certification requirements.
N130NB @ CLE
N972AX @ CHS - N972AX at Charleston International/Charleston AFB (CHS/KCHS). See more photos at
N972AX @ CHS
N6573K @ BUF - N6573K of AirNet Systems. See more photos at
N6573K @ BUF
N430FE @ BUF - N430FE of Fedex Express at BUF. See more photos at
N430FE @ BUF
N5319X @ BUF - N5319X of Prior Aviation Services seen on their ramp. See more photos at
N5319X @ BUF