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Aircraft and aiport photos are sorted separately. Airport photos always shown after aircraft photos.

N16-114 @ YMAV - Final public display before retirement of the Sea Kings.
N16-114 @ YMAV
166675 @ YMAV - US Navy Super Hornet Head-on
166675 @ YMAV
165894 @ YMAV - US Navy Super Hornet at Australian International Airshow 2007
165894 @ YMAV
A79-375 @ YMPC - De Havilland Vampire F Mk 30 painted in high visibilty colours for use as a target tug. RAAF Museum Point Cook
A79-375 @ YMPC
A27-33 @ YMAV - BAe Hawk A27-33
A27-33 @ YMAV
A97-214 @ YMAV - C130 Hercules on static Display, RAAF Museum Point Cook
A97-214 @ YMAV
A81-1 @ YMPC - Bristol Freighter on static display at RAAF Museum Point Cook
A81-1 @ YMPC
A79-616 @ YMPC - De Havilland Vampire in the RAAF Museum Point Cook. Painted in the colours of the Telstars formation team.
A79-616 @ YMPC
A10-604 @ YMPC - RAAF HS-748 taken at Laverton RAAF Base in 1971, Laverton is part of RAAF Williams which comprised two airfields. The Laverton airfield and runways were decommisisioned in the 1990s and sold for housing development. The base buildings continue , housing t
A10-604 @ YMPC