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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
0011976 Beech 200 King AirBB-125211Guatemala
03-3093 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-32228Japan
03-3095 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-33528Japan
06906-G-84 Beech 65-B80 Queen AirLD-4532Argentina
07-GT Air Creation GTE13912France
07-NQ Air Creation Tanarg BioniX07-NQ Not found12Germany
07434-G-431979 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-4602Philippines
10010 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1409213Turkey
10011 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1411213Turkey
10012 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1413213Turkey
100131991 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1414213Turkey
10014 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1415213Turkey
1010021979 Beech Super King Air 200BB-459210Sweden
1010031980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-619210Sweden
1010041981 Beech Super King Air 200BB-932210Sweden
102 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-47928Israel
103 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48028Israel
104 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48128Israel
105 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48428Israel
106 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48528Israel
108 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48728Israel
109 Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48928Israel
11651983 Beech Super King Air 200BB-11652Bangkok, Thailand
128351937 Pietenpol Air CamperCS241
139071929 Travel Air B-4000126213
14-08412005 Beech King Air 350CFM-122United States
14-0841 Raytheon King Air 350FM-12210United States
160843 Beechcraft T-44A-BH King AirLL-526United States
19-4454 Raj Hamsa X-Air9811Australia
1903 Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350isFL-6992Saudi Arabia
1904 Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350isFL-7142Saudi Arabia
22031988 Beech C90A King AirLJ-11712Mexico
2280 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400212Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2281 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400312Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2282 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400412Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2283 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400512Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2284 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400612Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2285 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400712Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2286 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400812Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2287 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-400912Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2289 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401012Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2290 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401112Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
2291 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401212United Arab Emirates
2292 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401312United Arab Emirates
2293 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401412United Arab Emirates
2294 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-401512United Arab Emirates
22962012 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-40171Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
22972012 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-40181Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
22982012 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-40191Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
22992012 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-40201Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
23002012 Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-40211Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
23051 Raytheon King Air LR-2 (B300)FL-1762Japan
23054 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-3072Japan
23055 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-3312Japan
23056 Beechcraft King Air 350 LR-2FL-38228Japan
24-4223 Fantasy Air Allegro 2000Not found 24-422312Australia
24-4277 Fantasy Air Allegro 200005-160812Australia
24-LW Air Creation TanargNot found 24-LW1France
24-NV Air Creation GTENot found 24-NV11France
25-HN Air Creation Racer XPAO4083-407511France
3150 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-5222Venezuela
316771984 Air Tractor Inc AT-301301-057011
3168 Beech 65-B80 Queen AirLD-4442Venezuela
3240 Beech 200C Super King AirBL-192Venezuela
3280 Beech 200C Super King AirBL-182Venezuela
3311975 Beechcraft King Air A100B-2192Santiago, Chile
3A-MON1977 Beech C90 King AirLJ-7102Monaco
3D-ABY Beech Super King Air 200BB-722Swaziland
3D-ACO1977 Beech C90 King AirLJ-7302Swaziland
3D-LKK1983 Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBB-10182Swaziland
41032012 Beech Super King Air 350FL-8042Saudi Arabia
4442005 Beech 350 Super King Air BonanzaFL-444219Rawalpindi, Pakistan
45-SAF-JFGV Urban Air UFM-13 Lambada35/1312France
4O-EAA Air Tractor AT-802F FireBossNot found 4O-EAA11Montenegro
4O-EAB Air Tractor AT-802F FireBossNot found 4O-EAB11Montenegro
4X-DZY Beech 65 Queen AirLD-48728Israel
50022013 Beech Super King Air 350FL-8652Saudi Arabia
501 Beech 200 Zufit 1 King AirBB-13852Israel
504 Beech 200 Zufit 1 King AirBB-13862Israel
5071990 Beech 200 Zufit 1 King AirBB-13872Israel
510 Beech 200 Zufit 1 King AirBB-13882Israel
540 Beech A65-80 Queen AirLC-3252Uruguay
541 Beech A65-80 Queen AirLC-3262Uruguay
57-AQA Air Light Wild ThingNot found 57-AQA12
59-ACW2000 Air Création Twin 582SL XP-12E101512France
59-CBA2000 Air Creation GTE 58214612France
59-CDX2001 Air Creation GTE 582S14512France
59-CMH2004 Air Création GTET0405012France
59-QA1994 Air Creation GTE 582ST9905212France
59-RJ1995 Air Creation Clipper GTE 582S / Wing XP 1510312France
59-WB1996 Air Création GTE11712France
5A-DDT1979 Beech 200C Super King AirBL-12Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
5A-DUA2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1729211Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
5B-CGM1969 Beech King Air 100B-27211Cyprus
5B-CJM1991 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-14062France
5B-CKJ2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1729211Cyprus
5H-TZW1980 Beech B200C King AirBL-172Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-TZX1985 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-11960Tanzania, United Republic of
5N-ALF1978 Beech Super King Air 200BB-3972Nigeria
5N-AMT1980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-6632Nigeria
5N-AMU1981 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-809211Nigeria
5N-AMZ Beech C90 King AirLJ-7952Nigeria
5N-IHS1980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-6632Nigeria
5R-MGK1997 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1545211Madagascar
5R-MKW Beech E90 King AirLW-472Madagascar
5R-MKY1977 Beech B100 King AirBE-2028Madagascar, Madagascar
5U-ABV Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-431211Niger
5V-TTD Beech B90 King AirLJ-45329Togo
5X-SEM1963 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-1022Uganda
5X-SEM1963 Beech Queen Air 80LD-1022Germany
5X-UWT Beech A100 King AirB-197211Uganda
5Y-BIR Beech 200 Super King AirBB-51211Kenya
5Y-CBX1985 Beech Super King Air 300LWFA-392Kenya
5Y-FDE2003 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1805211Kenya
5Y-JMB Beech Super King Air 200BB-722Kenya
5Y-RJA1980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-619210Kenya
5Y-TWC1981 Beech 200C Super King AirBL-372Kenya
652 Beechcraft 200C King AirBL-342South Africa
653 Beech Super King Air 300LWFA-1182South Africa
66-79431966 Beech VC-6A King AirLJ.912Dayton/Ohio, United States
6714 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-22028Japan
6718 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-22928Japan
6802 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-5982Japan
6810 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-9762Japan
6823 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-13352Japan
6826 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-13382Japan
6829 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-15922Japan
68412012 Beech TC-90 King AirLJ-20492Japan
6W-TNB Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1927211Senegal
73-222561975 Beechcraft C-12A (King Air 200)BC-7211United States
73-222641976 Beechcraft C-12A (King Air 200)BC-12211
732 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-247210Peru
734 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-252210Peru
739 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-261210Peru
744 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-267210Peru
746 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-269210Peru
797MA2008 AIR EPIC LT01916
7Q-YMM1979 Beech C90 King AirLJ-88028Malawi
7T-VCV1971 Beech King Air 100B-93211Algeria
7T-VIB1976 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-510211Algeria
7T-VIC1976 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-51129Algeria
7T-VRF1972 Beech A100 King AirB-147211Algeria
7T-VRG1976 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1842Algeria
7T-VRH1976 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1752Algeria
7T-VRZ Beech 200T Super King AirBT-21211Algeria
7T-VSH Beech B90 King AirLJ-42329Algeria
7T-WRG1976 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1842Algeria
7T-WRH1976 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1752Algeria
7T-WRI1976 Beech Super King Air 200BB-1712Algeria
7T-WRO1981 Beech Super King Air 200BB-8072Algeria
7T-WRS1980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-7592Algeria
7T-WRT1980 Beech Super King Air 200BB-7752Algeria
8011995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-1312United Arab Emirates
81-236581960 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-6229Souyth Carolina, United States
82-23659 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-7229Alabama, United States
82-240291965 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-19529United States
82-24054 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-4029United States
825 Beech Super King Air 350FL-1322United Arab Emirates
83-241881961 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLC-7029United States
838 Beech C90-1 King AirLJ-105329United Arab Emirates
84-01491984 Beechcraft King Air C12T (200C)BL-792Washington, United States
85-243701965 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-16529Illinois, United States
85-253491961 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-8429Alabama, United States
891 Air Tractor AT-802F802-00911Croatia
892 Air Tractor AT-802AF Fire Boss802A-025412Croatia
893 Air Tractor AT-802AF Fire Boss802A-025612Croatia
894 Air Tractor AT-802AF Fire Boss802A-025812Croatia
895 Air Tractor AT-802AF Fire Boss802A-029012Croatia
8P-BAR1970 Beech B90 King AirLJ-49929Barbados
9102 Beech UC-90 King AirLJ-10382Japan
9A-BKB2007 Hawker Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-19832Croatia
9A-DKG Air Tractor Inc AT-400400-035311Croatia
9A-DKJ Air Tractor Inc AT-400400-037211Croatia
9H-RBA2007 Hawker Beechcraft B200GT King AirBY-329Malta
9J-AAU1970 Beech B90 King AirLJ-48529Zambia
9J-AAV Beech B90 King AirLJ-48629Zambia
9J-OGT1973 Beech E-90 King AirLW-87210Zambia
9J-STA Beech E90 King AirLW-1162Zambia
9J-TAF1970 Beech B90 King AirLJ-48529Zambia
9J-YVZ1968 Beechcraft King Air B90LJ-3382Zambia
9L-LDA Beech C90 King AirLJ-2812Sierra Leone
9M-JPD Beech 200T Super King AirBT-242Malaysia
9Q-CCE Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-9342South Africa
9Q-CCG Beech E90 King AirLW-110210Congo
9Q-CKZ Beech B90 King AirLJ-49429Congo
9Q-CRF1978 Beech A100 King AirB-33211Congo
9Q-CRO1962 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-13529Congo
9Q-CTG1980 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-6292Congo
9Q-CTQ1973 Beech E90 King AirLW-88210Congo
9Y-TGY1982 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-10482Trinidad and Tobago
A2-ABO Beech 200 Super King AirBB-246213Botswana
A2-AGO1990 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-13532Botswana
A2-AHV1983 Beechcraft F90-1 King AirLA-2122South Africa
A2-AJK1980 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-7042South Africa
A2-JZT Beech B90 King AirLJ-48629Botswana
A2-MCT Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1633211Botswana
A32-3392003 Beech Super King Air 350FL-3392Australia
A32-3432003 Beech Super King Air 350FL-343219Denpasar, Australia
A32-3462003 Beech Super King Air 350FL-3462Australia
A32-348 Beech Super King Air 350FL-348219Australia
A32-3492003 Beech Super King Air 350FL-34926Australia
A32-3502003 Beech Super King Air 350FL-3502Victoria, Australia
A32-3512002 Raytheon King Air 350 (B300)FL-351219Victoria, Australia
A32-372 Raytheon King Air 350 (B300)FL-372219Australia
A32-426 Raytheon King Air 350FL-426219Queensland, Australia
A32-437 Raytheon King Air 350FL-437219Queensland, Australia
A32-4392005 Raytheon King Air 350FL-439219Queensland, Australia
A32-651 Raytheon King Air 350FL-651219Queensland, Australia
A32-6702009 Raytheon King Air 350FL-670219Australia
A32-6712010 Beech King Air 350FL-671219Queensland, Australia
A32-673 Raytheon King Air 350FL-673219Australia
A32-675 Raytheon King Air 350FL-675219Australia
A4O-SL1978 Beech B100 King AirBE-45211Oman
A4O-SR Beech B200 Super King AirBB-1076211Oman
AE-1081972 Beech 65-B80 Queen AirLD-4602Argentina
AN-232 Beech King Air 350FA-752Ecuador
AN-BME1976 Beech E90 King AirLW-195210Nicaragua
ANX-1902014 Beechcraft King Air 350ERFL-9562Mexico
ARV-02011978 Beech E90 King AirLW-2642Venezuela
ARV-0212 Beech Super King Air 200BB-906213Caracas, Venezuela
AS1227 Hawker Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-2018211Malta
B-001012011 Hawker Beechcraft B300 King Air 350FL-767219Taiwan
B-1351991 Beechcraft King Air 350FL-522Taiwan
B-HZN1988 Beech B200C King AirBL-1302Hong Kong
BDF-06 Beech 65-A90 King AirLJ-27029Belize
C - 491928 Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 400037213
C-542005 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1901211Chile
C-622006 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1932211Chile
C-FAAB1984 Pietenpol Air CamperPCH 1011Alberta, Canada
C-FABR1996 Beech 350 Super King Air BonanzaFL-100211Quebec, Canada
C-FADQ2004 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06851Alberta, Canada
C-FAFD1970 Beech King Air 100B-422Alberta, Canada
C-FAQI1970 Pietenpol Air CamperDM2481Ontario, Canada
C-FARG2008 Air Tractor AT-402A402A-12001Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FARH1975 Pietenpol Air CamperPWC 20021Alberta, Canada
C-FARM1986 Air Tractor AT-401401-06621Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FARN1986 Air Tractor AT-301301-06441Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FASN1976 Beech B100 King AirBE-17211Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FAUE2004 Air Command Commander 285ADV-004-00211Quebec, Canada
C-FAUF2005 Lebo-Air LEBO-AIR68651Quebec, Canada
C-FAUK1985 Pietenpol B4A Air CamperBK 112Ontario, Canada
C-FAXD Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1827211Canada
C-FAXE1970 Beech 100 King AirB-41211British Columbia, Canada
C-FAYL2009 Pietenpol Air Camper604-11Manitoba, Canada
C-FBBQ1999 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-05761Manitoba, Canada
C-FBCN1974 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-72Alberta, Canada
C-FBCS1977 Beech E-90 King AirLW-235210Ontario, Canada
C-FBFV1989 Air Command Commander03321Quebec, Canada
C-FBOM1980 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-693211Alberta, Canada
C-FBRR2005 Bouchard BOUCH AIR00011Ontario, Canada
C-FBWX1978 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-3412Ontario, Canada
C-FBZO1988 Bel-Air BEL-AIRB0L1IR1Quebec, Canada
C-FCBJ1968 Beechcraft King Air B90LJ-3382Canada
C-FCGE1966 Beech A90 King AirLJ-1182Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FCGN1968 Beech A90 King AirLJ-3132Quebec, Canada
C-FCSD1971 Beech 100 King AirB-75211Ontario, Canada
C-FDAM1969 Beech 100 King AirB-8211British Columbia, Canada
C-FDEA1972 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperGN-1-0011Ontario, Canada
C-FDFK2005 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-25921Alberta, Canada
C-FDHE2009 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03461British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHK2004 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-01981British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHL2004 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-01991British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHN2004 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-02001British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHO2009 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-035111Canada
C-FDHP2005 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-02261British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHU2007 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-02601British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHX2008 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03111British Columbia, Canada
C-FDHZ2009 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-031911B.C., Canada
C-FDJQ1971 Beech King Air 100B-84211Ontario, Canada
C-FEKO1989 Air Tractor AT-401401 07171Manitoba, Canada
C-FFAS1973 Beech C90 King AirLJ-61729Toronto, Canada
C-FFJB2008 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-263511Manitoba, Canada
C-FFJR1989 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper13071Quebec, Canada
C-FFNR1976 Air Tractor AT-301301-00461Alberta, Canada
C-FFOL1975 Beech E90 King AirLW-13928Alberta, Canada
C-FFPL2001 Air Tractor AT-802802-01101New Brunswick, Canada
C-FFTP1989 Air Command 532 Commander Elite000691Ontario, Canada
C-FGMG Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1841211Canada
C-FGNL1973 Beech A100 King AirB-184211Newfoundland, Canada
C-FGWD1997 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1599211
C-FGWR1997 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1599211Canada
C-FHBW1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-33629Ontario, Canada
C-FHKB1970 Beech 100 King AirB-63211Alberta, Canada
C-FHRA Air Tractor AT-502B502B-26311Manitoba, Canada
C-FHWI1967 Beech A90 King AirLJ-3092Quebec, Canada
C-FHXW1974 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperDB2 P GN12841Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FIDC1977 Beech B100 King AirBE-27211Quebec, Canada
C-FIDN1969 Beech King Air 100B-32British Columbia, Canada
C-FIEC1990 Ron-Air RON-AIR0011Alberta, Canada
C-FJBI1997 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10291Manitoba, Canada
C-FJBY1990 Air Tractor AT-401401-07931Manitoba, Canada
C-FJDQ Beech B100 King AirBE-16211Quebec, Canada
C-FJLJ Beech 100 King AirB-58211British Columbia, Canada
C-FJRX1991 Air Tractor AT-401401-08131Manitoba, Canada
C-FJTB2008 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-26271Manitoba, Canada
C-FJVM1991 Pietenpol Air CamperPA-0011Ontario, Canada
C-FJWU1980 Beech E90 King AirLW-3322Alberta, Canada
C-FKCZ1991 Air Tractor AT-401401-08081Alberta, Canada
C-FKDE1994 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-02711Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FKIJ1970 Beech 100 King AirB-52211Canada
C-FLOR1997 Raytheon C90A King AirLJ-146529Canada
C-FLPC1995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-1272YT, Canada
C-FLPI2007 Pietenpol Air Camper01GBM12Manitoba, Canada
C-FLSI2004 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-01731British Columbia, Canada
C-FLXM Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1577211Canada
C-FMGL1974 Beech E-90 King AirLW-103210British Columbia, Canada
C-FMHD1992 Beech 350 Super King Air BonanzaFL-872Quebec, Canada
C-FMKD Beech B90 King AirLJ-37629British Columbia, Canada
C-FMWM Beech 100 King AirB59211Alberta, Canada
C-FMXY Beech King Air 100B-40211British Columbia, Canada
C-FNCB1978 Beech E90 King AirLW2872Alberta, Canada
C-FNCN Beech B90 King AirLJ-46829Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FNED1976 Beech C90 King AirLJ-68029Alberta, Canada
C-FNWW1993 Air Tractor AT-502502-02161Manitoba, Canada
C-FNYR1992 Air Tractor Inc AT-802A802A-000311
C-FNZO1992 Beech 350 Super King Air BonanzaFL-872Ontario, Canada
C-FPCB1966 Beech A90 King AirLJ-18329Ontario, Canada
C-FPCC1986 Beech Super King Air 300FA-102219Alberta, Canada
C-FPED1966 Beech 90 King AirLJ-84210Canada
C-FPQP1999 AIR WAGON AIR WAGON1011Ontario, Canada
C-FQPI1971 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperA-11Ontario, Canada
C-FQRK1971 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperJB6871811Ontario, Canada
C-FRAZ1937 Pietenpol Air CamperCS241Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FRKB1970 Beech 100 King AirB-72211Alberta, Canada
C-FSKO1982 Beech B200 Super King AirBB-1007211Canada
C-FSPD1989 Air Tractor AT-401401-07251Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FSPZ1994 Air Tractor AT-401401-09541Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FSTV1928 Curtiss-Wright Travel Air 400044713Canada
C-FSUG2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1699211Canada
C-FTIU2008 Beech Super King Air 350FL-584219Ontario, Canada
C-FTJM1995 Pietenpol Air CamperP19541Ontario, Canada
C-FUFB1995 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-02911Manitoba, Canada
C-FUFW1966 Beech 90 King AirLJ-84210Quebec, Canada
C-FUPD1968 Beechcraft King Air A90LJ-2812Canada
C-FVDK1976 Air Tractor AT-300300-00341Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FVUU1968 Pietenpol Air CamperD11Alberta, Canada
C-FWAS1995 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-02961Alberta, Canada
C-FWOL1971 Beech King Air 100B-84211Ontario, Canada
C-FWPG1971 Beech 100 King AirB-672Alberta, Canada
C-FWPN1970 Beech 100 King AirB-512Alberta, Canada
C-FWTX1996 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10071Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FWVO2008 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-26511Alberta, Canada
C-FWWK1989 Beech Super King Air 300FA-182219British Columbia, Canada
C-FWWQ1980 Beech 200 King AirBB-667211Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FWYO Beech 100 King AirB28211Alberta, Canada
C-FXFQ1993 Air Tractor AT-401401-09091Manitoba, Canada
C-FXHT1995 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-09891Manitoba, Canada
C-FXVB1990 Air Tractor AT-401401-07661Manitoba, Canada
C-FXVF1996 Air Tractor AT-802802-00331British Columbia, Canada
C-FXVL1996 Air Tractor AT-802802-00341British Columbia, Canada
C-FYCB1978 Beech E90 King AirLW 2752Quebec, Canada
C-FYFN2009 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-032411British Columbia, Canada
C-FYFY1986 Air Tractor AT-301301-06371Manitoba, Canada
C-FYRD2005 Air Tractor AT-401B401-11581Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FZFC2009 Air Tractor AT-402B402B-12181Manitoba, Canada
C-FZLW1997 Bel-Air BEL-AIR II000011Quebec, Canada
C-FZOO2001 Pierre Lafreniere PI-AIR0011Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FZPV2002 Air Tractor AT-802802-01411New Brunswick, Canada
C-GAAG2004 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-01741British Columbia, Canada
C-GAEW1996 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-15462Alberta, Canada
C-GALQ1994 Air Tractor AT-401401-09481Manitoba, Canada
C-GAMW1998 Stan-Air STAN-AIR SPECIAL00112Ontario, Canada
C-GARO1972 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-22Quebec, Canada
C-GAXT1986 Air Tractor AT-301301 06511Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GAYF1998 Aerocomp Comp Air 69613016Canada
C-GBCE Beech Super King Air 350FL-502219British Columbia, Canada
C-GBCV1976 Pietenpol Air CamperBMV 21Quebec, Canada
C-GBDF1992 Air Tractor AT-401401-08661Manitoba, Canada
C-GBDK1996 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10171Manitoba, Canada
C-GBON2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1730211Canada
C-GBPV2009 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03541British Columbia, Canada
C-GBPY2010 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03561British Columbia, Canada
C-GBTI1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-35229Canada
C-GBTI1974 Beech E90 King AirLW-1112Manitoba, Canada
C-GBTK1988 Air Tractor AT-401401-07051Alberta, Canada
C-GBTV1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-35229Canada
C-GBWA2000 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06171Manitoba, Canada
C-GBWF2008 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03031New Brunswick, Canada
C-GCAT2005 Cuby WAG AIR SUPER CUBY011Ontario, Canada
C-GCEU2008 Beech B300 King Air 350FL-580219Alberta, Canada
C-GCFL1970 Beech B90 King AirLJ-50029Alberta, Canada
C-GCGJ2000 Pietenpol Air CamperPCH 1401Alberta, Canada
C-GCRK2003 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06681Alberta, Canada
C-GCSL Beech 200 Super King AirBB-1182Quebec, Canada
C-GCVG Pietenpol Air Camper1 (C-GCVG)12Ontario, Canada
C-GCWY1996 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10031Manitoba, Canada
C-GCYV1987 Air Tractor AT-301301-06661Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GDBP Beechcraft 200 King AirNot found CGDBP29Canada
C-GDCB1998 Pietenpol Air CamperDB 0011Ontario, Canada
C-GDFZ1976 Beechcraft King Air B100BE-162Vancouver BC, Canada
C-GDIS1999 Bel-Air BEL-AIR II PLUS000021Canada
C-GDNH Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1946211
C-GDOM1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-36829Northwest Territory, Canada
C-GDPC1975 Beech C90 King AirLJ-67129Alberta, Canada
C-GDRF1988 Air Tractor AT-401401-06901Manitoba, Canada
C-GDTN2008 Air Tractor AT-402B402B-12021Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GDVF Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1940211
C-GDYA2008 Air Tractor AT-402B402B-12051Manitoba, Canada
C-GDYC2008 Air Tractor AT-402B402B-12061Manitoba, Canada
C-GEAS1990 Beech 350 Super King Air BonanzaFL17219Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GEDO1999 Air Tractor AT-802802-007311British Columbia, Canada
C-GEDR1999 Air Tractor AT-802802-00751Manitoba, Canada
C-GEDZ1999 Air Tractor AT-802802-00761Manitoba, Canada
C-GENK1993 Air Tractor AT-401401-09271Manitoba, Canada
C-GEQJ1981 Air Tractor AT-301301-03591Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GEUS1985 Air Tractor AT-301301-05901Manitoba, Canada
C-GEVL1990 Air Tractor AT-401401-07811Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GFAB1963 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-7329British Columbia, Canada
C-GFCU1982 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper1981Ontario, Canada
C-GFES1984 Beech 300 Super King AirFA-2219Quebec, Canada
C-GFQY2007 Pietenpol Air CamperJD11Ontario, Canada
C-GFSB1975 Beech 200 King AirBB-842Manitoba, Canada
C-GFSD Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1962211Canada
C-GFSE Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1963211Canada
C-GFSH1981 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-912211Alberta, Canada
C-GGGL1965 Beech 90 King AirLJ-3829Canada
C-GGHS2011 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-27441Quebec, Canada
C-GGLU1981 Pietenpol Air CamperP1814L12Ontario, Canada
C-GGUY1976 Pietenpol Air Camper47705G1Ontario, Canada
C-GHBD2001 Pietenpol Air Camper5551British Columbia, Canada
C-GHVR1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-33729British Columbia, Canada
C-GIGI1975 Pietenpol Air CamperP-112Ontario, Canada
C-GIIX Beech E90 King AirLW-220210Ontario, Canada
C-GIRB2009 BROUS-AIR 0011Quebec, Canada
C-GIRS1986 Air Commander 447 AIR COMMANDER35900801Ontario, Canada
C-GJBC1998 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-05341Manitoba, Canada
C-GJBD1995 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-03201Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GJBH1994 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-02671Manitoba, Canada
C-GJBU2009 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-266911Manitoba, Canada
C-GJDM2005 Philippe Paul Air Chief 200000011Quebec, Canada
C-GJJK2002 Air Tractor AT-802802-01201New Brunswick, Canada
C-GJJW2005 Pietenpol Air CamperJJW005-30031Alberta, Canada
C-GJJX2002 Air Tractor AT-802802-01211New Brunswick, Canada
C-GJON2003 Air Tractor AT-802802-01461Manitoba, Canada
C-GJSU1971 Beech 100 King AirB-88211Ontario, Canada
C-GKBQ1970 Beech 100 King AirB-622Canada
C-GKBZ1971 Beech King Air 100B-852Alberta, Canada
C-GKDE1993 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-01961Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GKHP1989 Air Tractor AT-401401-07281Manitoba, Canada
C-GKKA1989 Air Tractor AT-401401-07401Manitoba, Canada
C-GKMA1987 Air Tractor Inc AT-301301-066611Manitoba, Canada
C-GKWU2011 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-27531Manitoba, Canada
C-GLEB1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-37429Ontario, Canada
C-GLFN Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1738211
C-GLLG1995 Air Tractor AT-802802-00181Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GLLS1998 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1601211Canada
C-GLMA2005 Pietenpol Air CamperWJA 21Ontario, Canada
C-GLMF2000 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06171Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GLPA1985 Pietenpol Air CamperLTPAC0011Ontario, Canada
C-GMBA1999 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-05981Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBB2000 Air Tractor AT-602602-05841Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBE1999 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-05601Alberta, Canada
C-GMBI1997 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10251Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBN1998 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10871Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBT1995 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-09921Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBV1999 Air Tractor AT-602602-05481Manitoba, Canada
C-GMBZ1992 Beech C90B King AirLJ-131929Canada
C-GMDE1992 Air Tractor AT-401401-08531Manitoba, Canada
C-GMMH2002 Pietenpol Air Camper6061Manitoba, Canada
C-GMNP1999 Air Tractor AT-402A402A-10861Quebec, Canada
C-GMNS2009 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-26651Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GMPO1980 Beech 200 King AirBB-667211Ontario, Canada
C-GMQW1995 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-02991Alberta, Canada
C-GNAA1969 Beech 100 King AirB-242Manitoba, Canada
C-GNCV1969 Beech 100 King AirB-23211British Columbia, Canada
C-GNMF2003 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06591Manitoba, Canada
C-GNUV1975 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper4881Ontario, Canada
C-GNVB1972 Beechcraft King Air A100B-1432Vancouver BC, Canada
C-GOJB2003 Air Tractor AT-802802-01651Manitoba, Canada
C-GOJI2008 Air Tractor AT-402B402B-12031Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GONE2002 Spencer Air Car S-12-E00114British Columbia, Canada
C-GPCB Beech 100 King AirB-45211British Columbia, Canada
C-GPDF1996 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-10071Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GPEL1987 Gyro-Air GYRO-AIR 12457201Quebec, Canada
C-GPGI1984 Beech 300 Super King AirFA-2219Alberta, Canada
C-GPIK2005 Lebo-Air LEBO-AIR68651Quebec, Canada
C-GPNB Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1921211Canada
C-GPPC1995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-1272Alberta, Canada
C-GPPK Beech 100 King AirB-35211Alberta, Canada
C-GPRU1977 Beech B100 King AirBE-26211Quebec, Canada
C-GQEL1976 Pietenpol Air CamperEEK 11Ontario, Canada
C-GQKD2001 Air Tractor AT-402A402A-11351Alberta, Canada
C-GQWC1994 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-09601Manitoba, Canada
C-GQWS1978 Pietenpol Air CamperLDP 11Ontario, Canada
C-GQWW1995 Air Tractor AT-401B401B-09771Manitoba, Canada
C-GQZQ1982 Pietenpol Air CamperNG-2-65-021Alberta, Canada
C-GRGE2013 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-289811Manitoba, Canada
C-GROW1997 Air Tractor AT-402A402A-10321Alberta, Canada
C-GRSL1974 Beech C90 King AirLJ-6092British Columbia, Canada
C-GSAE Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1748211
C-GSAH2007 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1972211Canada
C-GSAV Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1790211United Kingdom
C-GSBC2001 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1780211
C-GSFM1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-42229Alberta, Canada
C-GSGO1981 Pietenpol Air Camper2481Alberta, Canada
C-GSJB2003 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-01481British Columbia, Canada
C-GSNM1976 Beech E90 King AirLW-1942Manitoba, Canada
C-GSNS1984 Pietenpol B4A Air CamperNot found C-GSNS12Canada
C-GSVZ1975 Beech E90 King AirLW-1562BC, Canada
C-GSWU Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1590211Canada
C-GSYF762013 Air Tractor Inc AT-802F802A-048811BC, Canada
C-GTDB1990 Beech Super King Air 300LWFA-2152Alberta, Canada
C-GTDF1996 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-15462Alberta, Canada
C-GTGP1988 Beechcraft B200 Super King AirBB129228Canada
C-GTLA1973 Beechcraft King Air A100B-1652Vancouver BC, Canada
C-GTLF1970 Beech 100 King AirB-72211Alberta, Canada
C-GTMA1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-34829Alberta, Canada
C-GTOD2004 Aerocomp Comp Air 7 SL007249L14Alberta, Canada
C-GTTU1986 Air Tractor AT-301301 06531Manitoba, Canada
C-GTUW1996 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-03651Alberta, Canada
C-GUJK1996 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-03481Alberta, Canada
C-GVCC1969 Beech B90 King AirLJ-41429Manitoba, Canada
C-GVIK1976 Beech B100 King AirBE-7211Quebec, Canada
C-GVLP1980 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperV001747812Quebec, Canada
C-GWCJ1990 Air Tractor AT-401401-07851Manitoba, Canada
C-GWCY1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-34529Manitoba, Canada
C-GWGT1968 Beech B90 King AirLJ-37329Alberta, Canada
C-GWNF2006 Air Tractor AT-802802-02501Ontario, Canada
C-GWNL2008 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-02991Ontario, Canada
C-GWNU2010 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-03731Ontario, Canada
C-GWWA1969 Beech King Air 100B-27211Ontario, Canada
C-GWXH1983 Beech B200 King AirBB-11262Canada
C-GXHN1980 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-693211Alberta, Canada
C-GXVX1970 Beech 100 King AirB-18211Alberta, Canada
C-GYBF2011 Air Tractor AT-802802-03931British Columbia, Canada
C-GYBX2011 Air Tractor Inc AT-802F802-041611BC, Canada
C-GYQT1974 Beech A100 King AirB-189211Ontario, Canada
C-GYSC Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1579211Canada
C-GYXP1995 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-00151Manitoba, Canada
C-GZHT2005 Pietenpol Air CamperPP19631Canada
C-GZOB2004 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper30641Quebec, Canada
C-GZOV2003 Air Tractor AT-502B502B-06791Manitoba, Canada
C-GZRH2002 Air Tractor AT-802802-01431New Brunswick, Canada
C-GZRK1985 Air Tractor AT-301301-06011Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GZUE2002 Air Tractor AT-802802-01471New Brunswick, Canada
C-GZWE1985 Air Tractor AT-301301-06311Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IAGS1984 Thor Air THOR 1AT1 A 102511Quebec, Canada
C-IAKG1984 Thor Air THOR 1AT1 A 100511New Brunswick, Canada
C-IAKR1984 Thor Air THOR 1AT1 A 102611Quebec, Canada
C-IALT2006 Fantasy Air Allegro 200005-71812Quebec, Canada
C-IAYI2002 Pietenpol Air CamperRJW-112Canada
C-IBNZ1984 Thor Air T1-1101711Ontario, Canada
C-IBOF1984 Thor Air T1-1A101811Ontario, Canada
C-IBOK1984 Thor Air T1-2102112Ontario, Canada
C-ICBQ2003 RAJ HAMSA X AIR 602 T SP84212Quebec, Canada
C-ICDX1989 Air Creation SX GT 46204896209112Quebec, Canada
C-ICEC2002 Pietenpol Air Camper100312Ontario, Canada
C-ICNN2003 Air Creation Buggy 503ST0309712Quebec, Canada
C-ICVM2003 Air Trikes Eagle3-00311Quebec, Canada
C-ICWN2004 Rand Kar X-Air 602T88912Manitoba, Canada
C-ICXX2004 Rand Kar X-Air 602T85012Manitoba, Canada
C-ICYN1990 Air Creation SXGT 582 Quartz0790 3918312Quebec, Canada
C-IDDP1990 Thor Air T1-2TI-2-102112Ontario, Canada
C-IDET2004 CORS-AIR M25Y# A05011Ontario, Canada
C-IDIT2002 Air Creation Twin 503SLT 0200711Quebec, Canada
C-IDMI2004 Rand Kar X-Air 602T94012Ontario, Canada
C-IDRQ2004 Fantasy Air Allegro 200004-180112Quebec, Canada
C-IDVO2005 Rand Kar X-Air Hanuman 602T AP98212Ontario, Canada
C-IDWN1992 Golden Circle Air T-Bird IIGC519212Ontario, Canada
C-IDXA1992 Gemini VOL-T-AIRVTA-000111Quebec, Canada
C-IEAD2005 Rand Kar X-Air Hanuman Jabiru AP97612Quebec, Canada
C-IECN2005 Air Creation Racer 503SLT 001314511Quebec, Canada
C-IEGE2003 Rand Kar X-Air 602T86812Quebec, Canada
C-IEIN2005 Rand Kar X-Air HKS 604T SP89312Quebec, Canada
C-IEJG1994 Air Creation XP GT 582S019401412Quebec, Canada
C-IEJI1994 Air Creation Mild GT 503S019401112Quebec, Canada
C-IEJK1994 Air Creation XP GT 582S019401312Quebec, Canada
C-IENF1994 Air Creation Fun Racer 447089475811Quebec, Canada
C-IENM1986 Alberta Air ARV-1 GOLDEN HAWK00112Alberta, Canada
C-IEOL1989 Air Creation Safari SX Racer04893909011Quebec, Canada
C-IEOS1983 Thor Air THOR 1AT1 A 101011Ontario, Canada
C-IERH2005 Fantasy Air Allegro 200005-71512Quebec, Canada
C-IEUK1995 Volk VOLK AIR TOO05164212Ontario, Canada
C-IEVZ1995 Air Concept F 40 SPORTTA-AQ11Quebec, Canada
C-IEXE1987 Alberta Air GOLDEN HAWK00312Alberta, Canada
C-IFBC1996 Air Creation GT BIGT 8016812Quebec, Canada
C-IFBE1996 Air Creation Mild Clipper GTE 582S089613012Quebec, Canada
C-IFCF1987 Alberta Air GOLDEN HAWKARV-00412Ontario, Canada
C-IFCJ1984 Thor Air T1-2T1 A 102312Ontario, Canada
C-IFFV1987 Alberta Air GOLDEN HAWK00512Alberta, Canada
C-IFMD1997 Air Creation XP15 GTE 582SIG 20212Ontario, Canada
C-IFNZ1998 Rand Kar X-Air 602T SP18812Quebec, Canada
C-IFPD1998 Rand Kar X-Air 602T32812Quebec, Canada
C-IFPE1998 Rand Kar X-Air 602T36012Quebec, Canada
C-IFSO1998 Air Creation GTEE10112Quebec, Canada
C-IFSP1998 Air Creation GTEE101512Quebec, Canada
C-IFWL1984 Thor Air T1-2T1 2 103012Ontario, Canada
C-IFWQ1998 Air Creation Fun + Buggy 582T98/09311Ontario, Canada
C-IFYX2006 Air Creation GTE Clipper 582 / iXessT0508812Quebec, Canada
C-IGAQ2006 Air Trikes RW-5050-11212Quebec, Canada
C-IGBD1999 Air Creation TwinT 9901212Quebec, Canada
C-IGEC1999 Air Creation Buggy 582 SLT9003512Quebec, Canada
C-IGEP1999 Air Creation Racer 447T9904211Quebec, Canada
C-IGEQ1999 Air Creation Clipper 582ST9904112Quebec, Canada
C-IGIK2006 Air Creation Tanarg 912T0501412Ontario, Canada
C-IGJL2006 Air Creation Tanarg 582T0603012Quebec, Canada
C-IGKA2006 Fantasy Air Allegro 200006-180312Ontario, Canada
C-IGMQ2000 Rand Kar X-Air 602T55012Quebec, Canada
C-IGNG2000 Air Creation Mild GTET0004212Quebec, Canada
C-IGOA2000 Air Creation Kiss Twin503 SLT0006012Quebec, Canada
C-IGOF2000 Air Creation MILD GTE 582T0005212Quebec, Canada
C-IGOY2000 Air Creation Mild GTE 582SA00101010312Quebec, Canada
C-IGOZ2000 Air Creation Buggy 582SA00099010012Quebec, Canada
C-IGPF2006 Rand Kar X-Air Hanuman Jabiru SP103012Manitoba, Canada
C-IGQO2000 Air Creation Mild 16 GTE 582ST0008112Ontario, Canada
C-IGQY2000 Air Creation Mild GTE 582ST0009012Quebec, Canada
C-IGSK2000 Air Creation Kiss GTE 450-582ST0010612Quebec, Canada
C-IGSR2001 Rand Kar X-Air 602T62812Quebec, Canada
C-IGTM2006 Air Creation GTE 582ST0603512Quebec, Canada
C-IGVY2001 Rand Kar X-Air 602T65012Ontario, Canada
C-IGWD2006 Rand Kar X-Air Jabiru AP107912Quebec, Canada
C-IGXM2006 Rand Kar X-Air101712Quebec, Canada
C-IGXT2001 Rand Kar X-Air 602T58612Ontario, Canada
C-IGZP2002 Rand Kar X-Air 602T64712Quebec, Canada
C-IGZQ2002 Rand Kar X-Air 602T72712Ontario, Canada
C-IGZX2005 Pietenpol Air CamperJRWB-0112Ontario, Canada
C-IHAB2001 Air Creation Kiss Twin 582SLT0111512Quebec, Canada
C-IHJE2006 Fantasy Air Allegro 200006-180212Quebec, Canada
C-IHJT2006 Air Creation Tanarg 582T0608512Quebec, Canada
C-IHKC2006 Air Creation Tanarg 582T0608412Quebec, Canada
C-IHQE2007 RAJ HAMSA X AIR 602 T AP108912Quebec, Canada
C-IHTF2007 Air Creation GTEB5821812Quebec, Canada
C-IHTO2002 Rand Kar X-Air 602T75312Manitoba, Canada
C-IHUE2006 Air Creation Clipper 582T0608812New Brunswick, Canada
C-IHVA2006 Air Creation Tanarg 912T0603412Quebec, Canada
C-IHYJ2008 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100080311Quebec, Canada
C-IHZK2008 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100080211Quebec, Canada
C-IIDU2008 Air Trikes RW-5050-12612British Columbia, Canada
C-IIEU2008 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100080411Quebec, Canada
C-IIHH2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP1OOO80611Quebec, Canada
C-IIHL2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100080811Quebec, Canada
C-IIIL2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090211Quebec, Canada
C-IIIN2009 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HKS 604 T SP118212Quebec, Canada
C-IIIT2005 AERO CORS AIR BLACK DEVILC 33511Ontario, Canada
C-IIJC2009 Air Trikes Eagle-M21-0912Quebec, Canada
C-IIJG2004 AIRFER CORS-AIR M25YA02711Quebec, Canada
C-IIKB2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090711Quebec, Canada
C-IIKF2007 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090611Quebec, Canada
C-IIKJ2009 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HANUMAN 912 AP118512Quebec, Canada
C-IIKL2009 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HANUMAN 602 T SP118712New Brunswick, Canada
C-IIKT2009 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HANUMAN 912 AP118312Quebec, Canada
C-IIOG2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090311Quebec, Canada
C-IIOJ2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090511Quebec, Canada
C-IIPY2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100090911Quebec, Canada
C-IIQH2010 Air Trikes RW-5050-22812Quebec, Canada
C-IIXX1984 Thor Air T1-AT1 A 102011New Brunswick, Canada
C-IIYI1984 Thor Air T1-2T1-2-102212New Brunswick, Canada
C-IIYO1984 Thor Air T1-AT1-A-101912New Brunswick, Canada
C-IJAO2010 Air Trikes RW-5050-22612Quebec, Canada
C-IJAQ2001 Air Creation Fun GTE 503SLT0110812Quebec, Canada
C-IJAX2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP1001000211Ontario, Canada
C-IJBD2006 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HANUMAN 602 T SP102812Quebec, Canada
C-IJCD2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100100811Quebec, Canada
C-IJCE2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100100511Quebec, Canada
C-IJCY2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100100911Quebec, Canada
C-IJEA2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100100611Quebec, Canada
C-IJEK2010 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper31012Manitoba, Canada
C-IJEO2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100100711Quebec, Canada
C-IJEP2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100101011Quebec, Canada
C-IJFO Air Creation Buggy 582SLT0007012Quebec, Canada
C-IJFQ2008 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100081111Quebec, Canada
C-IJFR2009 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP100091011Quebec, Canada
C-IJFS2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP10010100111Quebec, Canada
C-IJGA2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP10010100211New Brunswick, Canada
C-IJGL2010 Thor Air THOR 1100041911Quebec, Canada
C-IJHI2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP10010100311Quebec, Canada
C-IJJD2009 CORS-AIR M25YC23411Ontario, Canada
C-IJJQ2010 Paramoteur AIR PRO 100AP10010100411Quebec, Canada
C-IJMA1985 Thor Air JUNOJUNO 103311New Brunswick, Canada
C-IJMD2004 Air Creation Clipper 582ST0406212Quebec, Canada
C-ILAF2005 Fantasy Air Allegro 200005-71712Quebec, Canada
C-ILTC1990 Golden Circle Air T-Bird Tandem TBT0607712British Columbia, Canada
C-IMCW2002 Air Creation Buggie 582T0111212Alberta, Canada
C-IMSC2009 RAJ HAMSA X AIR HANUMAN 912 AP118612Quebec, Canada
C-IMUF2005 Air Creation GTE 582T0504811Quebec, Canada
C-IOPP2000 Pietenpol Air Camper6792762312Ontario, Canada
C-IOVC2005 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air CamperG-129812Ontario, Canada
C-IPIC2006 Air Creation Clipper 582SE-JT0507811Quebec, Canada
C-IPTC2001 Air Creation GTE 582ST0007212Quebec, Canada
C-IPYJ2006 Air Creation GTE Clipper 582T057912Quebec, Canada
C-IROK2005 Air Creation Tanarg 912T-0502612Quebec, Canada
C-ISEB2006 Air Creation GTE Clipper 503 + Fun 450T0508712Quebec, Canada
C-ITBI2006 Golden Circle Air T-BIRD IT-27411Ontario, Canada
C-IVVR2007 Rand Kar X-Air HKS 604T SP101012Ontario, Canada
C-IXXL2007 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLSAXL 5412Ontario, Canada
C-IZSA2002 Air Creation Twin 503 SLT 0211912Quebec, Canada
C6-CAM Beech Super King Air 300Not found C6-CAM219Bahamas
C6-SPL Raytheon C90A King AirLJ-161429Bahamas
C6-ZBB Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-7272Bahamas
C9-ASK1981 Beech C90 King AirLJ-9542Mozambique
CC-AEB1995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-128213Chile
CC-AET2005 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1901211Chile
CC-CFS1964 Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-22029Chile
CC-CVZ1969 Beechcraft King Air B90LJ-4412Chile
CC-PTS2000 Beech C90A King AirLJ-158929Chile
CF-AOG1975 Pietenpol Air CamperJFH 0011British Columbia, Canada
CF-AUN1970 Pietenpol Air CamperPHC-200112Alberta, Canada
CF-BMH1970 Pietenpol Air CamperAP 0011British Columbia, Canada
CF-DJM1967 Pietenpol Air Camper2346251Manitoba, Canada
CF-GED1971 Pietenpol Air CamperDUKES I1Canada
CF-GWN1966 Pietenpol Air Camper10011Ontario, Canada
CF-IAS1972 Pietenpol (Grega) GN-1 Air Camper1 (CF-IAS)1Saskatchewan, Canada
CF-JLW1929 Travel Air 4-D115112Alberta, Canada
CF-NXI1972 Pietenpol Air CamperAS 101New Brunswick, Canada
CF-TFN1973 Pietenpol Air CamperDP-0011Ontario, Canada
CF-TFW1979 Pietenpol Air Camper0021Alberta, Canada
CF-TZU1969 Pietenpol Air CamperWK 0011Manitoba, Canada
CF-UKA1966 Pietenpol Air CamperWJA11Ontario, Canada
CF-VAJ1966 Pietenpol Air Camper67 11Alberta, Canada
CF-YFD Beech B90 King AirLJ-44829Canada
CN-CDE Beech Super King Air 200BB-5672Morocco
CN-CDF1979 Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBB-57726Morocco
CN-CDN1980 Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBB-71326Morocco
CN-TAD2009 Hawker Beechcraft B300 King Air 350FL-638219Morocco
CN-TAX Beech C90 King AirLJ-92228Morocco
CNA-NAA Beech A100 King AirB-180211Morocco
CP-25261999 Raytheon C90A King AirLJ-154329Bolivia
CP-2600 Beechcraft Super King Air 350FL-3042Bolivia
CP-29001994 Beechcraft B300 Super King Air 350FL-1192Bolivia
CP-8441968 Beechcraft King Air 90LJ-3702Bolivia
CR842 Beech 200T Super King AirBB-1185/BT-302Sri Lanka
CS-DIW1997 Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802-004611Portugal
CS-TFA1974 Beech E-90 King AirLW-102210Portugal
CS-UKK Air Creation GT BI XP 15123-931211Portugal
CS-UMB Fantasy Air Allegro 200002-60712Portugal
CX-DYD Beech Queen AirNot found2Uruguay
D-CAAT2011 Hawker Beechcraft B300 King Air 350FL-767219Germany
D-CACB Beech B200T King AirBT-272Germany
D-CADN Beech Super King Air 350FL-1012Germany
D-CAMM1991 Beechcraft King Air 350FL-642France
D-CBBB1994 Beech Super King Air 350FL-1202Germany
D-CDDD1995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-128213Germany
D-CFIA2004 Hawker Beechcraft B300 King Air 350FL-4242Germany
D-CFIS1994 Beech Super King Air 350FL-124219Germany
D-CFMA1993 Beech Super King Air 350FL-762Germany
D-CFMB1993 Beechcraft King Air 350FL-972United States
D-CFMD2006 Beechcraft Super King Air 350FL-4732Lower Saxony, Germany
D-CKWM1994 Beech Super King Air 350FL-124219Germany
D-CLOG2000 Beech Super King Air 350FL-27628Germany
D-COEB1999 Beechcraft Super King Air 350FL-2552Germany
D-CRAO1981 Beech C90 King AirLJ-9772Germany
D-CSKY1996 Beechcraft King Air 350BFL-1302France
D-CUNO2001 Beechcraft King Air 350 (B300)FL-31122Freiburg (EDTF), Germany
D-CWKM Raytheon Beechcraft King Air 350FL-4102Germany
D-EETB2004 Flaming Air Z-126UL Trener Baby0112Germany
D-EKTL Xtreme Air Sbatch 3424511Germany
D-GDAU1959 Beech 95 Travel AirTD-24724Germany
D-GINA Beech 95 Travel AirTD-6024Germany
D-IAKK Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-12652Germany
D-IAMW1978 Beech Super King Air 200BB-3972Germany
D-IAVI Raytheon C90B King AirLJ-158329Germany
D-IAWS1981 Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBB-933211Germany
D-IBAR Beechcraft B200 Super KIng AirBB-1280216Germany
D-IBBP2004 Raytheon C90A King AirLJ-171629Germany
D-IBCI1981 Beech Super King Air 200BB-932210Germany
D-IBFE2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1716211
D-IBFS1989 Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-13492France
D-IBFS2009 Beech C90GTi King AirLJ-194826Germany
D-IBHK Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-3662Germany
D-IBMA1966 Beech A90 King AirLJ-14429Germany
D-IBMP1997 Beech B200 King AirBB-128427Germany
D-IBOL1961 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-1170Germany
D-ICBA1979 Beech F90 King AirLA-132Germany
D-ICIR Beech Super King Air 200BB-1051213Germany
D-IDAK Beech C90 King AirLJ-6472Germany
D-IDCV2001 Raytheon C90B King AirLJ-162227Germany
D-IDKE2008 Hawker Beechcraft Beech 90 King AirLJ-18652Germany
D-IDPL1979 Beech B100 King AirBE29211Germany
D-IDRF1981 Beechcraft 200 Super King AirBB-933211Germany
D-IEDI Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1633211Germany
D-IEFB1981 Beech B200 Super King AirBB-8972Germany
D-IERI1979 Beech B100 King AirBE29211Germany
D-IEVV1973 Beech B90 King AirLJ-34729Germany
D-IFCL Beech C90 King AirLJ-8292Germany
D-IFFB1993 Beech Super King Air 300LWFA-2242France
D-IFHI1981 Beech C90 King AirLJ-9772Germany
D-IFUN1980 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-5752France
D-IGVW1969 Beech 100 King AirB-2211Germany
D-IHAH Beech C90B King AirLJ-137029
D-IHDE1977 Beech C90 King AirLJ-7252Germany
D-IHHE Beech C90B King AirLJ-132727Germany
D-IHMV Beech C90B King AirLJ-132529Germany
D-IHSW Beech C90B King AirLJ-131527Germany
D-IICE1977 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-2692Germany
D-IIHA1972 Beech C90 King AirLJ-56229Germany
D-IILG1985 Beechcraft King Air 300LWFA-6327Germany
D-IJAH2005 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1917211Germany
D-IKAO1965 Beech 90 King AirLJ-68210Germany
D-IKFB1981 Beech Super King Air 200BB-9632Germany
D-IKIM1992 Beech C90B King AirLJ-132429Germany
D-IKOR1966 Beech 90 King AirLJ-84210Germany
D-ILFU1962 Beechcraft A65-80 Queen AirLD-102Germany
D-ILGE Beechcraft Queen Air 80NOT FOUND2Germany
D-ILHA1970 Beech C90 King AirLJ-50928Bremen, Germany
D-ILHB1971 Beech C90 King AirLJ-51028Germany
D-ILHC Beech C90 King AirLJ-544210Germany
D-ILHD1972 Beech C90 King AirLJ-54528Germany
D-ILLA Beechcraft Queen Air 65LC-942
D-ILLF Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1568211Germany
D-ILSA1960 Beechcraft 65 Queen AirLC-482Germany
D-ILTO Beech B90 King AirLJ-45329Germany
D-IMAG Beechcraft King Air C90GTLJ-183328Germany
D-IMDB Beech King Air 100B-10211Germany
D-IMMB1988 Beech Super King Air 300LWFA-1522Germany
D-IMPB Hawker Beechcraft B200 King AirBB-2018211Germany
D-IMVC2000 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1741211Germany
D-INAF Beech C90 King AirLJ-5792Germany
D-INAS Beech C90A King AirLJ-155129Germany
D-INMA2000 Raytheon C90B King AirLJ-156629Germany
D-IOEB1991 Beechcraft King Air 300LWFA-22027France
D-IPBB Beech Craft C90 B King AirLJ-17162Germany
D-IRAR Raytheon B200 Super King AirBB-1957211Germany
D-IRCP Beech C90GTi King AirLJ-19650
D-ISIX Beech C90B King AirLJ-135529Germany
D-ISTB1985 Beech F90-1 King AirLA-227210Germany
D-ITFC2007 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1973211
D-ITOP2000 Raytheon C90A King AirLJ-160629Germany
D-IUDE Beech C90B King AirLJ-132329Germany
D-IVAN Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1662211
D-IWID Beech C90A King AirLJ-145029Germany
D-IWKA Beech B200 Super King AirBB-14062Germany
D-IWSH Beech B200 Super King AirBB-14622
D-IXAA2008 Hawker Beechcraft Corp C90GTi King AirLJ-19082Germany
D-IZAC1979 Beech B100 King AirBE29211Germany
D-MAMD Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1549211Germany
D-MAPD Fantasy Air Allegro 200002-41512Germany
D-MATZ Air Creation BuggyNot found D-MATZ12Germany
D-MCSL Flaming Air FA-04 Peregrine SLNot found D-MCSL12Germany
D-MDGK Urban Air UFM-13 LambadaNot found D-MDGK12Germany
D-MEDE Flaming Air FA-01 SmaragdNot found D-MEDE12Germany
D-MFAK Flaming Air FA-01 SmaragdNot found D-MFAK12Germany
D-MHAU Air Light Wild Thing2001-06-07712Germany
D-MIOS Flaming Air FA-01 SmaragdNot found D-MIOS12Germany
D-MLDE Flaming Air Saphir02/0312Germany
D-MLOK Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLNot found D-MLOK12Germany
D-MPBW Air Light Wild ThingNot found D-MPBW12Germany
D-MPPB Air Light Wild Thing02112Germany
D-MRMF2012 Flaming Air FA-04 Peregrine SL125/1212Germany
D-MSUV Tandem AIR SUNNY SPORTNot found D-MSUV12Germany
D-MTCI Air Light Wild Thing97 02 00912Germany
D-MTTS Air Light Wild ThingNot found D-MTTS12Germany
D-MUGL Fantasy Air Allegro 2000Not found D-MUGL12Germany
D-MWHZ Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLSAXL D8912Germany
D-MWTA Air Light Wild ThingNot found D-MWTA12Germany
D-MYTR Air Light Wild Thing00612Germany
D-MZEB Air Light Wild Thing2001-06-07512Germany
D2-ECL Beech 200 King AirBB-442Angola
D2-EOJ1990 Beech Super King Air 200BB-13712Angola
D2-ESQ1991 Beech B200 Super King AirBB-1407211Angola
D2-EST Beech B200 Super King AirBB-1348211Angola
D2-LLW1962 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-13529Angola
E22-01409-30 Beech C90 King AirLJ-66628Spain
E22-0242-31 Beech C90 King AirLJ-60528Spain
E22-0342-32 Beech C90 King AirLJ-6242Spain
E22-04409-33 Beech C90 King AirLJ-60328Spain
E22-05 Beech C90 King AirLJ-6232Spain
E22-7 Beech C90 King AirLJ-66328Spain
E22-8 Beech C90 King AirLJ-66428Spain
E23-2 Beech A100 King AirB-195211Spain
EC-CHE Beech A100 King AirB-195211Spain
EC-COI Beech C90 King AirLJ-66328Spain
EC-COJ Beech C90 King AirLJ-66428Spain
EC-COL Beech C90 King AirLJ-66628Spain
EC-FLX1987 Beechcraft King Air 300FA-1222France
EC-GMX1997 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-00391Spain
EC-GOS Air Tractor Inc AT-802802004212Spain
EC-GSQ1995 Beech Super King Air 350FL-128213Spain
EC-GVN Air Tractor Inc AT-802802006512Spain
EC-HEL Air Tractor Inc AT-802802-006812Spain
EC-IBK2001 Beech Super King Air 350FL-3282Spain
EC-ILE Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1792211Spain
EC-IQCAT-802AF (SEAT)2003 Air Tractor Inc AT-802A802A-015512Spain
EC-IUX Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1840211Spain
EC-JAT Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802A-017911Spain
EC-JBM2004 AIR TRACTOR, INC. AT 502068711Spain
EC-JIH2005 Air Tractor Inc AT-802A802A-019312Spain
EC-JKB2005 Air Tractor Inc AT 802802-017612Spain
EC-JLC2005 Air Tractor Inc AT-802A802A-021411Spain
EC-JRM2005 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-022411Spain
EC-JUB Air Tractor AT-802A802A-023611Spain
EC-KHR1997 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1564211Spain
EC-KHS2006 Air Tractor AT-401401-117711Valencia, Spain
EC-KIO2005 Air Tractor AT-802A802A-020812Spain
EC-KJQ1999 Raytheon King Air 350 (B300)FL-2552Spain
EC-KND1997 Raytheon B200 King AirBB-1564211Spain
EC-KNT1978 Beech 200 Super King AirBB-3642Spain
EC-KPT Beech B200 Super King AirBB-753211Spain
EC-KTP2009 Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802A-028011Spain
EC-KZQ2009 Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802A-031312Spain
EC-LBJ Air Tractor AT-802802-030711Spain
EC-LCK2009 Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802A-032911Spain
EC-LGY Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss802A-035911Spain
EC-LHJ Air Tractor AT-802802-03631Spain
EC-LHZ Air Tractor AT-802F FireBoss802-036612
EC-LKZ Air Tractor Inc AT-502B502B-067511Spain
EC-LMV Air Tractor AT-802802-04061Spain
EC-LRP2012 Air Tractor AT-802F4270Spain
EC-LRQ2012 Air Tractor AT-802802-043111Spain
EI-AUT Air Coupe F-1A57310Ireland
EI-CNG Air & Space, Manufacturing, Inc 18A GYROPLANE18-750Ireland
EI-CUE Cameron, Balloons Ltd HOT AIR BALLOON46830Ireland
EI-DBO Air Creation KISS 400A03034-30330Ireland
EI-DFX Air Creation KISS 400A04007-40070Ireland
EI-DGA Urban Air UFM-11UK Lambada16/1112Ireland
EI-DGP Urban Air UFM-11 Lambada15/1112Ireland
EI-DGR Urban Air UFM-11UK Lambada17/1112Ireland
EI-DGT Urban Air UFM-11UK Lambada14/1112Ireland
EI-DGY2000 Urban Air UFM-11 Lambada10/1112Ireland
EI-DIB Air Creation KISS 400A04117-41230Ireland
EI-DKE Air Creation Kiss 450-582(1)A04172-418711Ireland
EI-DKU Air Creation Kiss 450-582(1)A05036-504011Ireland
EI-DKY Raj Hamsa X AIR 5827200Ireland
EI-DNV1999 Urban Air UFM-11 Lambada11/1112Ireland
EI-DRL2006 Raj Hamsa X'Air Jabiru (3) 5100512Ireland
EI-DRM2000 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XL3/1012Ireland
EI-DRT2006 Air Creation Tanarg 912A06082607812Ireland
EI-DRX Raj Hamsa X\\\'air 582 (510480Ireland
EI-DXZ2001 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XL20/1012Ireland
EI-DZE Urban Air UFM-10 Samba14/1012Ireland
EI-DZL Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLSAXL 6412Ireland
EI-EHL2006 Air Creation Tanarg 912S(2) / iXess 15BMAA/HB/5041Ireland
EI-EHY Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XLASAXL 3612Ireland
EI-EOA2002 Raj Hamsa X-AirBMAA/HB/15012Ireland
EI-ESB2007 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLSAXL 5312Ireland
EI-EXY2008 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXL86 XXL12Ireland
EI-FET2000 Raj Hamas X'Air 502T52312Ireland
EI-JIM2006 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XLA4312Ireland
EI-MTZ Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XXLSAXL 6812Ireland
EI-XLA Urban Air UFM-10 Samba XLAXLA 3512Ireland
EP-8251990 Beech Super King Air 350FL-212Peru
EV-7001 Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-4412Venezuela
EV-7702 Beech E90 King AirLW-2292Venezuela
EV-79101979 Beechcraft 200 King AirBB-4952Venezuela
F-07MZ Air Creation Mild GT 582ES12France
F-ASFA Beech E90 King AirLW-472France
F-BJUL Beech 95 Travel AirTD-6024France
F-BLEA Atelier Industriel Air STAMPE SV 4C10790France
F-BMMC Beech 65-A80 Queen AirLD-161210France
F-BMSM Beech 65-80 Queen AirLD-282France
F-BOSY Beech A90 King AirLJ-12829France
F-BRNO Beech B90 King AirLJ-48229France
F-BSRP1970 Beech B90 King AirLJ-49329France
F-BTQI1961 Beech 65 Queen AirLC-1170France
F-BUTS Beech E90 King AirLW682France
F-BUYZ Beech E90 King AirLW-912France
F-BVET Beech Super King Air 200BB-212France
F-BVRP Beech Super King Air 200BB-382France
F-BVRS Beech E90 King AirLW-1162France
F-BVTB Beech C90 King AirLJ-5792France
F-BXON Beech E90 King AirLW-1612France
F-BXPK Beech E90 King AirLW-1842France
F-BXPL Beech E90 King AirLW-1012France
F-BXPY Beech C90 King AirLJ-6842France
F-BXSN Beech E90 King AirLW-1752France
F-CAAG Minie Aviation AIR 102240France
F-CABO Ets Roche AIR 10040France
F-CABP Ets Roche AIR 10090France
F-CABQ Minie Aviation AIR 102310France
F-CABR Minie Aviation AIR 102320France
F-CABS Minie Aviation AIR 102300France
F-CABT Minie Aviation AIR 102330France
F-CADC Ets Roche AIR 100120France
F-CAET Ets Roche AIR 1007-100France
F-CAGN Minie Aviation AIR 102230France
F-CAGQ Minie Aviation AIR 102260France
F-CAIZ Minie Aviation AIR 102210France
F-CAMA Minie Aviation AIR 102370France
F-CASB Minie Aviation AIR 102360France
F-CASC Minie Aviation AIR 102380France
F-CATS Minie Aviation AIR 102350France
F-CAYU Minie Aviation AIR 102390France
F-CBHA Ets Roche AIR 10050France
F-CBHB Ets Roche AIR 1003-60France
F-CBHC Ets Roche AIR 100110France
F-CBHD Ets Roche AIR 100130France
F-CBHE Arsenal Air 100020France
F-CBHF Ets Roche AIR 10070France
F-CBHG Minie Aviation AIR 102270France
F-CBHH Minie Aviation AIR 102280France
F-CBHI Minie Aviation AIR 102340France
F-CBHJ Minie Aviation AIR 102290France
F-CBQZ Minie Aviation AIR 102250France
F-CBYI Minie Aviation AIR 102400France
F-CBZF Ets Roche AIR 100140France
F-CCAI Ets Roche AIR 100150France
F-CCAL Ets Roche AIR 100CG140France
F-CCDL VMA AIR 102M4030France
F-CDAG Ets Roche AIR 1005-80France
F-DAEY Call Aircraft Corp CALL AIR A41540France
F-GABV Beech E90 King AirLW-1020France