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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
2-DOLU1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-14402Guernsey, United Kingdom
5H-KAJ1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-10462Tanzania, United Republic of
5N-CAG Beech 58 BaronTH175626Nigeria
B-HWW1985 Beech 58 BaronTH147726China
C-FCAC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH6802Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FEPL2004 Beech 58 BaronTH-20972Alberta, Canada
C-FGOV1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-105826Quebec, Canada
C-FJBD1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-2602British Columbia, Canada
C-FKCX Beech 58 BaronTH-161126Ontario, Canada
C-FLAW1994 Beech 58 BaronTH17292Ontario, Canada
C-FOJC1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-55126Manitoba, Canada
C-FSSD1991 Beech 58 BaronTH16242Ontario, Canada
C-FYTL1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-322Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GAGY1974 Beech 58 BaronTH 4122Alberta, Canada
C-GDVD1975 Beech 58 BaronTH 6682Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GEMB1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-142426Canada
C-GGER1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-16372Ontario, Canada
C-GGGX1976 Beech 58 BaronTH 7072Alberta, Canada
C-GGPN1979 Beech 58 BaronTH10012Ontario, Canada
C-GJLT1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87826Ontario, Canada
C-GLAC1973 Beech 58 BaronTH 3392British Columbia, Canada
C-GMBL1973 Beech 58 BaronTH 3512Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GMRA2000 Beech 58 BaronTH-19732Canada
C-GNCW1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-131326Alberta, Canada
C-GPIN1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-16362Ontario, Canada
C-GSYC1977 Beech 58 BaronTH 8722Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GVMY1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21226Ontario, Canada
C-GXJW1977 Beech 58 BaronTH 8152Alberta, Canada
C9-AQK1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44926Mozambique
CX-BRIN554OT Beech BE 58TH-157126Uruguay
D2-LMG1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-20726Angola
D2-LPD1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-63426Angola
F-BSEF Beech 58 BaronTH-1170France
F-BSRF Beech 58 BaronTH1540France
F-BSRI1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-16626France
F-BTAJ Beech 58 BaronTH-19926France
F-BUOS Beech 58 BaronTH-40126France
F-BUYR Beech 58 BaronTH4210France
F-BUYT Beech 58 BaronTH4040France
F-BVED Beech 58 BaronTH-4430France
F-BVRT Beech 58 BaronTH-4880France
F-BVUL Beech 58 BaronTH4740France
F-BVUR Beech 58 BaronTH5430France
F-BVVG Beech 58 BaronTH5770France
F-BVVO Beech 58 BaronTH-4840France
F-BXAC Beech 58 BaronTH1950France
F-BXLF Beech 58 BaronTH-6470France
F-BXOP Beech 58 BaronTH6870France
F-BXOR Beech 58 BaronTH-6790France
F-GAMO Beech 58 BaronTH-8180France
F-GBDG Beech 58 BaronTH-94426France
F-GDJY Beech 58 BaronTH-11200France
F-GDPV Beech 58 BaronTH-7790France
F-GEPO Beech 58 BaronTH-1120France
F-GEPV Beech 58 BaronTH-40526France
F-GFAU Beech 58 BaronTH-12810France
F-GFMV Beech 58 BaronTH-7450France
F-GGFD Beech 58 BaronTH-134326France
F-GGMR Beech 58 BaronTH-3170France
F-GGSB Beech 58 BaronTH-11860France
F-GHIU Beech 58 BaronTH-9860France
F-GHKV Beech 58 BaronTH-15370France
F-GIBL Beech 58 BaronTH-4210France
F-GINC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-76326France
F-GINJ Beech 58 BaronTH-5390France
F-GIPP1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-138526France
F-GJEC Beech 58 BaronTH-11360France
F-GKGB Beech 58 BaronTH-15310France
F-GKSS1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-15426France
F-GKZA Beech 58 BaronTH-14010France
F-GKZB Beech 58 BaronTH-16080France
F-GKZC1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-160926France
F-GKZD Beech 58 BaronTH-161326France
F-GKZE Beech 58 BaronTH-14940France
F-GKZF Beech 58 BaronTH-14860France
F-GKZT Beech 58 BaronTH-15570France
F-GKZU Beech 58 BaronTH-14590France
F-GMRD Beech 58 BaronTH-14590France
F-GNSA Beech 58 BaronTH-17010France
F-GNSB Beech 58 BaronTH-17020France
F-GNSC Beech 58 BaronTH-17030France
F-GNSD Beech 58 BaronTH-17040France
F-GNSE Beech 58 BaronTH-17050France
F-GNSF Beech 58 BaronTH-17060France
F-GNSG Beech 58 BaronTH-17342France
F-GNSH Beech 58 BaronTH-17360France
F-GNSI Beech 58 BaronTH-15100France
F-GNSJ Beech 58 BaronTH-15150France
F-GNSK Beech 58 BaronTH-20040France
F-GNSL Beech 58 BaronTH-20060France
F-GNSM Beech 58 BaronTH-20330France
F-GNSN Beech 58 BaronTH-20620France
F-GNSO Beech 58 BaronTH-20800France
F-GOEL1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-163026France
F-GOGA Beech 58 BaronTH-13490France
F-GPCB Beech 58 BaronTH-146726France
F-GPJA Beech 58 BaronTH-15320France
F-GTVM Beech 58 BaronTH-19440France
F-OCTZ Beech 58 BaronTH3600France
F-ODAC1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-18826France
F-ODAZ Beech 58 BaronTH6670France
F-ODBX Beech 58 BaronTH7170France
F-ODCZ Beech 58 BaronTH-7450France
F-ODHR Beech 58 BaronTH9030France
F-ODIX Beech 58 BaronTH-10160France
F-ODIZ Beech 58 BaronTH9590France
F-ODJT Beech 58 BaronTH10530France
F-ODLF Beech 58 BaronTH-3100France
F-ODMJ Beech 58 BaronTH-15326France
F-ODMV1978 Beech 58 BaronTH99326France
F-ODUI1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-120526France
F-OGGT Beech 58 BaronTH-5140France
F-OGUF Beech 58 BaronTH-16420France
G-AYGZ1970 Beech BEECH 58TH-1122United Kingdom
G-AZLG1971 Beech BEECH 58TH-1952United Kingdom
G-BAHN1973 Beech BEECH 58TH-2932United Kingdom
G-BAVF1973 Beech BEECH 58TH-3432United Kingdom
G-BBJF1973 Beech BEECH 58TH-4052United Kingdom
G-BBSD1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-4292United Kingdom
G-BCBC Beech BEECH 58TH-4832United Kingdom
G-BCCS Beech BEECH 58TH-4942United Kingdom
G-BCPR Beech BEECH 58TH-5732United Kingdom
G-BDWK1976 Beech BEECH 58TH-7552United Kingdom
G-BDYI Beech BEECH 58TH-2072United Kingdom
G-BDYK Beech BEECH 58TH-6342United Kingdom
G-BESA1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-40626United Kingdom
G-BEUL1977 Beech BEECH 58TH-8622United Kingdom
G-BFFA Beech BEECH 58TH-482United Kingdom
G-BHFY1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-11112United Kingdom
G-BLKY1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-14402United Kingdom
G-BMGI1981 Beech BEECH 58TH-12682United Kingdom
G-BMLM1973 Beech BEECH 58TH-4052United Kingdom
G-BPJA1988 Beech BEECH 58TH-15322United Kingdom
G-BRTN1984 Beech BEECH 58TH-14002United Kingdom
G-BSDY1989 Beech BEECH 58TH-15572United Kingdom
G-BTFT1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-97926United Kingdom
G-BWRP1994 Beech BEECH 58TH-17372United Kingdom
G-BXNG1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-8742United Kingdom
G-BXPM1993 Beech BEECH 58TH-16772United Kingdom
G-BYDY1998 Raytheon BEECH 58TH-18522United Kingdom
G-CCVP2000 Raytheon BEECH 58TH-19482United Kingdom
G-CDOS1987 Beech BEECH 58TH-15312United Kingdom
G-CGLV1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-15912West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-CIZZ2002 Beech 58 BaronTH-204126United Kingdom
G-DAFY1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-15912United Kingdom
G-FLTZ1980 Beech BEECH 58TH-11542United Kingdom
G-GAMA1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-4292United Kingdom
G-IASI1981 Beech BEECH 58TH-12582United Kingdom
G-IBAC1980 Beech BEECH 58TH-11412United Kingdom
G-IOCO1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-17832United Kingdom
G-JADE1980 Beech BEECH 58TH-11912United Kingdom
G-JMCC1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-10462United Kingdom
G-JOYS1989 Beech BEECH 58TH-15562United Kingdom
G-MEDC1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-130924United Kingdom
G-OLYD1984 Beech BEECH 58TH-14272United Kingdom
G-OMIL1979 Beech BEECH 58TH-10192United Kingdom
G-OSDI1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-11112United Kingdom
G-PSVS1980 Beech BEECH 58TH-11542United Kingdom
G-TSAR1993 Beech BEECH 58TH-16982United Kingdom
G-VCML1982 Beech BEECH 58TH-13462United Kingdom
G-WHIS1999 Raytheon BEECH 58TH-19222United Kingdom
G-WWIZ1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-4292United Kingdom
HB-GGE1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-7762Switzerland
HB-GKG2013 Beech 58 BaronTH-23692Switzerland
I-DEER Beech 58 Baron?2Italy
JA5317 Beech 58 Baron0Japan
JA5327 Beech 58 Baron0Japan
LV-OJE1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-110125Argentina
N100GT1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-12726NC, United States
N100ML1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24926OK, United States
N100QD1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-61926VA, United States
N1015E1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177626MS, United States
N101KH1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-28926KS, United States
N101L Beech 58 BaronTH31826
N1025N Beech 58 BaronTH144626MS,
N102DC1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-86726FL, United States
N102DQ Beech 58 BaronTH10826
N102P Beech 58 BaronTH127926KS,
N103GA1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21326FL, United States
N103LH1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117026MT, United States
N1048W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-31126OH, United States
N104MK Beech 58 BaronTH140126
N104SB Beech 58 BaronTH107126DE,
N1054W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-31226CA, United States
N105HW Beech 58 BaronTH69826
N1061F Beech 58 BaronTH-176126MS, United States
N1062T1995 Beech 58 BaronTH176226KS, United States
N1063G Beech 58 BaronTH176326KS, United States
N1064C Beech 58 BaronTH-176426DE, United States
N1065B Beech 58 BaronTH-176526PA, United States
N1066H Beech 58 BaronTH-176626NY, United States
N106GA1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-43726AR, United States
N1072D Beech 58 BaronTH-177226NC, United States
N1073S1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177326AL, United States
N1074Q1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177426FL, United States
N1075X1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177526AL, United States
N1078S1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177826NY, United States
N1083W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-32326OK, United States
N10VS1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73526FL, United States
N1103W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-32626FL, United States
N111AL Beech 58 BaronTH-4840
N111AL1974 Beech 58 BaronTH48426PA, United States
N111AW1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-84126TN, United States
N111LM Beech 58 BaronTH-40526DE, United States
N111XX1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-138926FL, United States
N112BS1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-62826FL, United States
N112KB1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100726FL, United States
N112PC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-72026TX, United States
N112SF1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103826IL, United States
N112TC Beech 58 BaronTH14926
N1136T1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22326FL, United States
N113LS1987 Beech 58 BaronTH153126CA, United States
N113MC Beech 58 BaronTH64026
N113ZM1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171626LA, United States
N114D Beech 58 BaronTH6926CA,
N114PC1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-66126TX, United States
N1175T1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-60426DE, United States
N118CF1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92426KY, United States
N1191D1986 Beech 58 BaronTH-150626TX, United States
N119AC1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-18826FL, United States
N119TW1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-53326CA, United States
N11EC1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-12826WI, United States
N11HL1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-1826AR, United States
N11HW1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-27126FL, United States
N11YP1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-150926FL, United States
N120PA1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-165826DE, United States
N120TW Beech 58 BaronTH53726KY, United States
N121AF1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125426FL, United States
N122RM1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-141626CT, United States
N123US1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-133526AR, United States
N123WB1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-93726NE, United States
N123ZM1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-176826FL, United States
N124P Beech 58 BaronTH115626
N124RC Beech 58 BaronTH130626FL, United States
N124TJ1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92326TX, United States
N125AV1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-134126DE, United States
N126LF1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44026SC, United States
N127TW1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39726OK, United States
N12AZ1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-5326WI, United States
N12LK1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-8426IN, United States
N12WE1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-61726FL, United States
N130S1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-158826DE, United States
N131BB1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-152026TX, United States
N1349K1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-94026
N134S Beech 58 BaronTH47726
N135FB1977 Beech 58 BaronTH81626KS, United States
N137JP1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-132226NH, United States
N13AK1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67826NJ, United States
N140S Beech 58 BaronTH103926
N140S1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-115526OH, United States
N141DH1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-106526DE, United States
N142DR1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-145826FL, United States
N142S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-69326DE, United States
N148DS1986 Beech 58 BaronTH-143926LA, United States
N14CE1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-156226DE, United States
N14XM1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75826IL, United States
N150TC Beech 58 BaronTH13726
N1511W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21726TX, United States
N1512G1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171026UT, United States
N1515W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21826MI, United States
N1521L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73026PA,
N1525L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73726KS,
N1526M1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171126MN, United States
N1527L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-74026NY,
N1537W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22126AZ, United States
N153LA1998 Beech 58 BaronTH-187926NC, United States
N1545W1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-154526AL, United States
N1547F1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-154726NY, United States
N1548L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-76026FL,
N1556U Beech 58 BaronTH155626KS,
N1557M Beech 58 BaronTH155726
N1557W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22926MN, United States
N1559Y Beech 58 BaronTH154826
N1560Y1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171726WA, United States
N1560Y Beech 58 BaronTH155026
N1563B Beech 58 BaronTH156326
N1563F Beech 58 BaronTH156026
N1563M Beech 58 BaronTH156126
N1564L1976 Beech 58 BaronTK-626DE, United States
N1566K1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-154926CA, United States
N1566W1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171326OK, United States
N1567N1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-156726DE, United States
N156881988 Beech 58 BaronTH-154226MS, United States
N156891988 Beech 58 BaronTH-154326MD, United States
N156901988 Beech 58 BaronTH-154426DE, United States
N1569G1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-155826NC, United States
N1570N1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171526DE, United States
N1575L Beech 58 BaronTH72826
N157JR1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-163926OH, United States
N1586W Beech 58 BaronTH23826
N158BA1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-9226IL, United States
N158BB1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-59226FL, United States
N158BF1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-154626AZ, United States
N158BH1988 Beech 58 BaronTH-154026AL, United States
N158BJ1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-32426DE, United States
N158K1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117826GA, United States
N158MM1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-166926DE, United States
N158PA1978 Beech 58 BaronTJ-14126MT, United States
N158PT Beech 58 BaronTH132026
N158RF1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-94126TX, United States
N158RM1988 Beech 58 BaronTH-154326MD, United States
N158TB1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-82626MI, United States
N158WB1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39626AZ, United States
N159TH1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-15926FL, United States
N15BB1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-46526FL, United States
N15MD1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44126GA, United States
N15RP1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87226OH,
N1604W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24226TX, United States
N160RL1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-6026WA, United States
N1629W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24526VI, Virgin Islands (U.S.)
N1643W Beech 58 BaronTH-25326GA,
N1648W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-25126OR, United States
N164JP1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-18926DE, United States
N1653W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-25226OH, United States
N166LC Beech 58 BaronTH99026
N1673W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-25826GA, United States
N1678W Beech 58 BaronTH26426TX,
N168CC1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-160626NY, United States
N168CG1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-147326ME, United States
N169RR1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-99926MS, United States
N169V1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-19726TN, United States
N16BE1978 Beech 58 BaronTH94626IL, United States
N1744W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-27226AL, United States
N174PG1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-147126TX, United States
N174U1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-7326AZ, United States
N175181976 Beech 58 BaronTH-79426PA, United States
N175291977 Beech 58 BaronTH-79626FL, United States
N175741977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80026NY,
N17609 Beech 58 BaronTH81726
N176221977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80226CA, United States
N176481977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80826NC, United States
N176601977 Beech 58 BaronTH-81026MO, United States
N176MC Beech 58 BaronTH81226
N177081977 Beech 58 BaronTH-81326OH, United States
N177HC1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-4426MN,
N178331977 Beech 58 BaronTH-82726MS, United States
N179151970 Beech 58 BaronTH-7826TN, United States
N179791977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83226KS, United States
N179801977 Beech 58 BaronTH-84026IL, United States
N179971977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83926KY, United States
N179RP Beech 58 BaronTH84526NV,
N17BR1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-137226GA, United States
N17ES1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-175426FL, United States
N1800U1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125726FL, United States
N1804Z Beech 58 BaronTH126026
N1807N1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-126326MD, United States
N1807W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-28626MO, United States
N1808L1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-126426MS, United States
N18101 Beech 58 BaronTH127826
N1810F Beech 58 BaronTH126526FL, United States
N1810X Beech 58 BaronTH126626CA,
N18141 Beech 58 BaronTH126926
N181421981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127026CA, United States
N1814W1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-28726OH, United States
N18160 Beech 58 BaronTH180626KS, United States
N181781981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127226FL, United States
N1817S1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127126FL, United States
N1819W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-28826FL, United States
N1820N1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127426TX, United States
N1821T1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-120526FL, United States
N1824L Beech 58 BaronTH74326
N1825W1978 Beech 58 BarronTH-9522United States
N1826S Beech 58 BaronTH-128026OK, United States
N1827L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-74126TX, United States
N182961977 Beech 58 BaronTH-84426KS, United States
N1829D Beech 58 BaronTH128126
N1829E1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-128226MS, United States
N183101981 Beech 58 BaronTH-128726FL, United States
N1831B Beech 58 BaronTH128426
N183201977 Beech 58 BaronTH-84926TX, United States
N1832L1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-79226TN, United States
N183511977 Beech 58 BaronTH-85526WY, United States
N183581977 Beech 58 BaronTH-81426NC, United States
N183611981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129026VT, United States
N183641977 Beech 58 BaronTH-85426OK, United States
N183861977 Beech 58 BaronTH-85626NC, United States
N183991977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87826DE, United States
N1839A1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-128826FL,
N1839Y1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129426FL,
N18405 Beech 58 BaronTH85926KS,
N184141977 Beech 58 BaronTH-86126CA, United States
N18424 Beech 58 BaronTH133026
N184471977 Beech 58 BaronTH-88326FL, United States
N1844W Beech 58 BaronTH133926
N184521978 Beech 58 BaronTH-88126LA, United States
N184751977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87926NE, United States
N1847F1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129126OH, United States
N1847L Beech 58 BaronTH74726
N18490 Beech 58 BaronTH131026
N184971977 Beech 58 BaronTH-89226VA, United States
N184VB Beech 58 BaronTH-107626AZ, United States
N1851X Beech 58 BaronTH129526
N18521 Beech 58 BaronTH129726
N1852W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-32926DE, United States
N1853Z Beech 58 BaronTH129326
N1854R1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-134526AL, United States
N1856S1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-130026MD, United States
N1859D Beech 58 BaronTH130126OK,
N1859K1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129926OH, United States
N185A1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-33226MN, United States
N1860L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-74926OK, United States
N1867L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-74826MO, United States
N186VB1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119326AZ,
N186VB1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-123926KY, United States
N187471977 Beech 58 BaronTH87426DE, United States
N187481977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87526IL, United States
N187521977 Beech 58 BaronTH-87726AR, United States
N1888W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34026FL, United States
N1889L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75226IL, United States
N1889W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34126TX, United States
N188WW Beech 58 Baron00000United States
N1895L1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-89426LA, United States
N1895W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34226AR, United States
N1896W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34526FL, United States
N18HM1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-65126MD, United States
N18RG1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-49426FL, United States
N18VR1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177126DE, United States
N1901L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75426TN, United States
N190RS1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80426AR, United States
N191LR1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172026FL, United States
N191PW1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-178926GA, United States
N1936S Beech 58 BaronTH86026
N1952S1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-42026FL, United States
N19KK Beech 58 BaronTH8026NV,
N19WM1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39326MO, United States
N1MQ1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73126GA, United States
N1RV1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-157826AR, United States
N1Y1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-17832Texas, United States
N200DL Beech 58 BaronTK3426MS, United States
N2014P Beech 58 BaronTH96126CA,
N201671978 Beech 58 BaronTH-94826DE, United States
N2016G1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-94526GA,
N2018T1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95426OK, United States
N2019V Beech 58 BaronTH95626NM,
N2021U1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95726FL, United States
N2022T1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95026DE, United States
N2023C1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-101226MS, United States
N2023N1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95526NV, United States
N2023V1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-96826MI, United States
N2026W1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-97626VA, United States
N2027D1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-97426KS, United States
N2027U1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-96426GA, United States
N2027V1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-96526OH, United States
N202921978 Beech 58 BaronTH-96626DE, United States
N20331 Beech 58 BaronTH96926
N2034K Beech 58 BaronTH97026AR,
N2036W1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-97926TX,
N2043A1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-98326FL, United States
N2046E Beech 58 BaronTH98626OH,
N2047L Beech 58 BaronTH98926
N2053K1978 Beech 58 BaronTH99326NJ,
N2055K1978 Beech 58 BaronTH99626NC,
N2058X1978 Beech 58 BaronTH97326WI,
N2059X1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-99426AL, United States
N205AC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75126TX, United States
N205AG1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-51626OH, United States
N2063G1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100226TN, United States
N2064V1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100426OH, United States
N2067E1979 Beech 58 BaronTH100026FL,
N2068C1978 Beech 58 BaronTH97226FL,
N206MS1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-111726Brazil
N206SB Beech 58 BaronTH81926
N2070L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75326CA, United States
N207131979 Beech 58 BaronTH-102026FL,
N20750 Beech 58 BaronTH142026FL,
N207ZM Beech 58 BaronTH167726MO, United States
N208P1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-162626FL, United States
N20SB Beech 58 BaronTH100526FL,
N210CH1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-106726VA, United States
N2110L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-76126LA, United States
N2119L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75926TX, United States
N212CH1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-116526NC, United States
N212EW1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83126DE, United States
N2146L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-77826NC, United States
N214CH1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-116026NC, United States
N2150L1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-78126FL, United States
N2158L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-77326FL, United States
N216DF Beech 58 BaronTH166426KS,
N216HA1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73326AL, United States
N2178L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-76726FL, United States
N218DM1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92526DE, United States
N219GM1988 Beech 58 BaronTH-153626WV, United States
N21BW1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-3626CO, United States
N21DA1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-98026VA, United States
N21ES1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-112326OH, United States
N21LP1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-84826DE, United States
N220RA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-62426DE, United States
N221PC1974 Beech 58 BaronTH54526TX,
N222RB1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-159226IA, United States
N222RG1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-169826FL, United States
N222RZ1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-85726MA, United States
N222T1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-122426CA, United States
N223KM1974 Beech 58 BaronTH44726KS, United States
N225TA1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-6426FL, United States
N2263L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-79326MS, United States
N2264L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-77126NC, United States
N2280B1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-134426CT, United States
N2280L1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-77526CA, United States
N2282L Beech 58 BaronTH77726
N2289R Beech 58 BaronTH134626DE, United States
N2289T1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103626TN, United States
N228CR1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22326FL, United States
N228V Beech 58 BaronTH164426FL, United States
N229AB1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-167626GA, United States
N229TA1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-88726CO, United States
N22GF1998 Beech 58 BaronTH 185826KS, United States
N22SS1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-19826GA, United States
N22ST Beech 58 BaronTH49326DE,
N231LC1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-69626IL,
N232LK Beech 58 BaronTH57626
N233CT1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-143326NC, United States
N23527 Beech 58 BaronTH88626
N235641978 Beech 58 BaronTH-88826NC, United States
N235891977 Beech 58 BaronTH-88926AL, United States
N235SM1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92626MO, United States
N236591977 Beech 58 BaronTH-89326United Kingdom
N236891978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90226NC, United States
N237041978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90026OK, United States
N23739 Beech 58 BaronTH90426CA,
N237421978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90626SC, United States
N23806 Beech 58 BaronTH90826NC, United States
N23821 Beech 58 BaronTH91226DE, United States
N238551976 Beech 58 BaronTH-77226
N238FB1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90926AL, United States
N23AM1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-149726MI, United States
N23LB Beech 58 BaronTH83726CA,
N23PA1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-50326TX, United States
N23PV1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151326MA, United States
N23WL1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80626Uruguay
N241431978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92026KS,
N241MS1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83526VA, United States
N242RC1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24826FL, United States
N249BB Beech 58 BaronTH135926
N24DB1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68626DE, United States
N24GT Beech 58 BaronTH41526FL,
N24NT1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22826OH, United States
N251W Beech 58 BaronTH134826
N252X1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-49626FL, United States
N256271973 Beech 58 BaronTH-29526AR, United States
N256471973 Beech 58 BaronTH-30126CA, United States
N25654 Beech 58 BaronTH30226
N256831973 Beech 58 BaronTH-37726GA,
N256AD1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-42426PA, United States
N257071973 Beech 58 BaronTH-40626United States
N257341973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39026DE, United States
N25750 Beech 58 BaronTH-3032United States
N257MD1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-128626NC, United States
N258B Beech 58 BaronTH114126OH, United States
N258BF Beech 58 BaronTH165426AZ,
N258CH Beech 58 BaronTH54126ND, United States
N258MA1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-138826FL, United States
N258MT1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24426NV, United States
N258RP1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-173726DE, United States
N258SJ Beech 58 BaronTH-125826FL, United States
N258TJ1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-98826DE, United States
N258TM1988 Beech 58 BaronTH-153926FL, United States
N262LF1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-140026UT, United States
N263AC1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-38226KS, United States
N265SW1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103326DE, United States
N2663M Beech 58 BaronTH150726
N269RA1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-99826AR, United States
N26CC1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-13626OH, United States
N26WL1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-40626KY, United States
N272MC Beech 58 BaronTH62926
N275V1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-37626SC, United States
N275ZA Beech 58 BaronTH40226FL,
N277CC1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100126NV, United States
N277JV1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67426DE, United States
N278M1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-110526OK, United States
N27ML1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-56926DE, United States
N27MT1980 Beech 58 BaronTH112026OH, United States
N27MW1978 Beech 58 BaronTH99526DE, United States
N27PK1993 Beech 58 BaronTH-168726TX, United States
N27WL1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-48526FL, United States
N281AR1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-99126IL, United States
N283MA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-66926DE, United States
N2844D1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172626MI, United States
N2852W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34926AR, United States
N285HA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH62326AL, United States
N285R1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-55626MO, United States
N2871W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-46226NY, United States
N2884W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-35926MO, United States
N288P1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-111326FL, United States
N2892W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH38926OH, United States
N28DW1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68826
N28MR1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-132826PA, United States
N297AT1982 Beech 58 BaronTH134926OH, United States
N299GM1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-152726DE, United States
N29CP1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-3326FL, United States
N29DA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-64526VA, United States
N2YC1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-48726OH, United States
N3007W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-36526MN, United States
N300CD Beech 58 BaronTH11526
N300MW1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-106426FL, United States
N300TH1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-26626HI, United States
N3010W Beech 58 BaronTH36326TN, United States
N3012W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-36426AL, United States
N301CT1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-116626GA, United States
N301P1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-89026TN, United States
N302P1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95226TX, United States
N3037W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39526VA, United States
N303RA1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-50626DE, United States
N3041L1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-158326NC, United States
N3044W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-34426IL, United States
N3054W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-39826FL, United States
N3055K Beech 58 BaronTH150826KS,
N305WP1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-142626FL, United States
N3066B1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151426TN, United States
N3068B1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171926WI, United States
N3075D1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151226DE, United States
N3076B Beech 58 BaronTH151526IL,
N307711987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151826NC, United States
N3077Z1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151626MI, United States
N307871987 Beech 58 BaronTH-152126CA, United States
N3078V Beech 58 BaronTH37926
N3079Q Beech 58 BaronTH152226OK,
N3080W Beech 58 BaronTH39926
N3081N1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-152626IL, United States
N3086H Beech 58 BaronTH153026DE,
N3088W Beech 58 BaronTH151126OH,
N3093W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-40326FL, United States
N30LB1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-20226
N30TB1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-7426TX, United States
N3102A Beech 58 BaronTH153226
N3106W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-40826MS, United States
N310761972 Beech 58 BaronTH-27326GA,
N310EC1988 Beech 58 BaronTH-153426TN, United States
N311351988 Beech 58 BaronTH-153826KS, United States
N3118H Beech 58 BaronTH-171826OK, United States
N3121W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41026CA, United States
N3122R1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172226NC, United States
N3124W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41126MN, United States
N312CW1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-120426OH, United States
N313SB1991 Beech 58 BaronTH 162426DE, United States
N31425 Beech 58 BaronTH153726
N3142W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41226VA, United States
N3145X Beech 58 BaronTH152926
N3149P1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-147026AZ, United States
N3162W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41926GA, United States
N3174B1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172426NY, United States
N3178A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-326MA,
N3178P Beech 58 BaronTH151026IL,
N3178W1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-42326MI, United States
N3187W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-42826KS, United States
N3194X1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172326AR, United States
N31BW1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-49026FL, United States
N31CE1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-22026FL, United States
N31T1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-12126FL, United States
N3209D1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-173526KS, United States
N320WD1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-42626VA, United States
N3214H1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-173126PA, United States
N3216W Beech 58 BaronTH173326NC, United States
N3219M Beech 58 BaronTH174426KS, United States
N321WM1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-57126DE, United States
N3225Q1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-175526NC, United States
N322SA1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-148826DE, United States
N323LM1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-166726OK, United States
N3240R1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-174026OH, United States
N3243N Beech 58 BaronTH175926KS, United States
N3246B1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-174626CA, United States
N3248L1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-174826OK, United States
N3256L Beech 58 BaronTH175626KS, United States
N3257N Beech 58 BaronTH175726KS, United States
N325DC1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129226FL, United States
N3260F1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-176026DE,
N3267N Beech 58 BaronTH-176726PA, United States
N3270J1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177026KS, United States
N3281K1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100626MO, United States
N328MG1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-152326AL, United States
N329H1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21926FL, United States
N32LH Beech 58 BaronTC-144226MT, United States
N32MW1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-20826OK, United States
N3300G1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-86926DE, United States
N331CF Beech 58 BaronTH149626
N332EZ1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-24726MN, United States
N332HA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68326IL, United States
N3330M1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103126ME, United States
N333KS Beech 58 BaronTH-30026WA, United States
N333MR Beech 58 BaronTH120226
N333MV Beech 58 BaronTH121326
N333T1996 Beech 58 BaronTH-177926CA, United States
N333TQ1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-50726TN, United States
N333ZX1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-173926MD, United States
N335T Beech 58 BaronTH14626
N33DK1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-37226OH, United States
N33NS1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-134026FL, United States
N33PT Beech 58 BaronTH27426TX,
N33SF1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-19026TN, United States
N33TK1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-174226DE, United States
N33WC1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-17026OH, United States
N342P1993 Beech 58 BaronTH-169126DE, United States
N344RC1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-141226AR, United States
N344S1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-21026TX, United States
N348U1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67726TX, United States
N34SC1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-94326GA, United States
N3509W Beech 58 BaronTH-35026AR, United States
N358CB1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-98526AL, United States
N358CC1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-151926SC, United States
N358CM1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-154626AZ, United States
N358K Beech 58 BaronTH-6526OR, United States
N358Y1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-155126DE, United States
N359P1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-122926FL, United States
N3622T1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-47926DE, United States
N365C Beech 58 BaronTH34626NM, United States
N3664N1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-113926WI, United States
N366731980 Beech 58 BaronTH-114326OH, United States
N3673R1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-115026DE, United States
N3673U1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-114926MI, United States
N3674G1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-115126AL, United States
N367S1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-139326FL, United States
N36817 Beech 58 BaronTH116426KS,
N3681G1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-115726CA, United States
N3682Z1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-115926AK, United States
N36866 Beech 58 BaronTH116826
N3688Z Beech 58 BaronTH117126CA,
N368JE1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-114526TX, United States
N369011980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117326OH, United States
N3692G1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117226TX, United States
N369301980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117526OK, United States
N3694K1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117726OK, United States
N3694L1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117626ME, United States
N3695N1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119226DE, United States
N3695V1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-118326OH, United States
N369691980 Beech 58 BaronTH-118426UT, United States
N36CT1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-157926MS, United States
N36RK1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-38626DE, United States
N3701D1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-118726NC, United States
N3702D1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-11852,M,
N3702K Beech 58 BaronTH118826
N3703Q1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-118926OH, United States
N3707T1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-11026CA, United States
N3711Y1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-82826LA, United States
N3713N1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119626TN, United States
N3715B1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-120026AR, United States
N37185 Beech 58 BaronTH-120726,K,
N3718U Beech 58 BaronTH-119726,K,
N3722P Beech 58 BaronTH122226,F,
N3723U1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-12312,F,
N3735U Beech 58 BaronTH120126
N3739B1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119826MI, United States
N3740W Beech 58 BaronTH120326
N375D1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-105726DE, United States
N377DC Beech 58 BaronTH87126
N37SF1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-62726MI, United States
N380201980 Beech 58 BaronTH-120826MS, United States
N380231980 Beech 58 BaronTH-120926DE, United States
N38043 Beech 58 BaronTH121026FL,
N3804A1983 Beech 58 BaronTH-138126GA, United States
N38050 Beech 58 BaronTH121126
N38069 Beech 58 BaronTH121426
N3806X1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-121526KY, United States
N38077 Beech 58 BaronTH121726
N380891980 Beech 58 BaronTH-121826OK, United States
N3809K1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-121926GA, United States
N3814X Beech 58 BaronTH122326FL,
N3821D Beech 58 BaronTH122726
N3821Y1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-122826SD, United States
N3825X1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-123026OH, United States
N38292 Beech 58 BaronTH123426,K,
N382ST1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-69726FL, United States
N38329 Beech 58 BaronTH125326,F,
N3837M Beech 58 BaronTH127626,F,
N3840X1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-123326MS, United States
N3842V Beech 58 BaronTH123526
N3852E Beech 58 BaronTH124126
N3858U1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-124826GA, United States
N3858W1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-142226DE, United States
N3860N1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-124426AL, United States
N3861M Beech 58 BaronTH124526
N38624 Beech 58 BaronTH-124726FL, United States
N3862Y Beech 58 BaronTH124626
N3866V1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125026FL, United States
N3867G1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125126SC, United States
N3869L Beech 58 BaronTH125226
N3873B1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125526TX, United States
N387401981 Beech 58 BaronTH-126726NC, United States
N3874Y1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-125626WV, United States
N388SQ1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-11426FL, United States
N38CE1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-11626LA, United States
N38CL1977 Beech 58 BaronTH82926WI, United States
N38DZ1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-157726MS, United States
N38TL1991 Beech 58 BaronTH164226OK, United States
N391MC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-75626KY, United States
N3971A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-626NV, United States
N39HL1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-150026MN, United States
N3AD1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-66326MA, United States
N3DB Beech 58 BaronTH124226FL,
N3PE1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-82026DE, United States
N400RP1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-31926OH, United States
N400SA1987 Beech 58 BaronTH-145426DE, United States
N4014S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-64826AZ, United States
N4016A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-926MN, United States
N401BC1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-166826PA, United States
N401DR1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-113826VA, United States
N401RC Beech 58 BaronTH41326
N401SB1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-64126LA, United States
N403PA1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-118226SC,
N405RW1973 Beech 58 BaronTH32526AL, United States
N406PA1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-133826OH, United States
N407RS1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-59326NV, United States
N4095A Beech 58 BaronTH1526NC, United States
N4097A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-1626GA,
N4097S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-60126IL, United States
N4098S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-60026OH, United States
N40CG1979 Beech BEECH 58TH-10192United States
N40JB1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-33826MS, United States
N40XL1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-40026MS, United States
N4108G1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-16626MA, United States
N4108S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-60526WI, United States
N4115S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-64426MI, United States
N412D1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-46426TX, United States
N4130S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-61226PA, United States
N4142S Beech 58 BaronTH61326
N4144W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-55426MO, United States
N414SW1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-79726GA, United States
N4158S Beech 58 BaronTH-5970,W,
N415LW1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-141726AL, United States
N415PC1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-96226MA, United States
N416D1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-50026MI, United States
N416JS1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41626DE, United States
N4174S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-62126FL, United States
N4178S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-65226NH, United States
N417CP1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-41726MI, United States
N4183A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-2126FL, United States
N4188S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-62026NC, United States
N418RW1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91726VA, United States
N4193S1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73826GA, United States
N4199S1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73626IN, United States
N41EC1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-47126NC, United States
N41SC1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-167026CA, United States
N4203A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-2226CA, United States
N422RN1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-86626NY, United States
N423CL1983 Beech 58 BaronTH139426DE, United States
N423MC1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-71926OK, United States
N4246A Beech 58 BaronTH-2426CA,
N424Q1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-158226CA, United States
N426DD1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-9326CA, United States
N42CV1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127726LA, United States
N42FQ1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-140626LA, United States
N42TE1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-131126FL, United States
N4304W Beech 58 BaronTH-4380,P,
N4307W Beech 58 BaronTH-4300,C,
N431BR Beech 58 BaronTH43526
N4320W Beech 58 BaronTH46826TX,
N432DL1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-56126VA, United States
N4331W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-43626AR, United States
N4363W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-4702KS,
N436AT1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-95326TN, United States
N4375W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-48926SC, United States
N4380W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44826NC, United States
N4381W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44526TX, United States
N4393W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-49226KS,
N4394W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-46026OH, United States
N4397W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44926KS,
N4399W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45426
N43HP1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-88526FL, United States
N4403Q1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80926FL, United States
N440BL1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-80126NC, United States
N4423A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-2826FL, United States
N4424W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-4552PA,
N4430A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-2926IA,
N4449W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45126MI, United States
N444AJ1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-2526TX, United States
N444KG1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-63326AR, United States
N444SB Beech 58 BaronTH-70726TX, United States
N4452S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-63726GA, United States
N445HV1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-159526NC, United States
N4461S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-63626NC,
N4469S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-63926SC,
N4472W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45926AR, United States
N4474W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-43126DE, United States
N4491W Beech 58 BaronTH59826
N4492J1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119926MS, United States
N4492M Beech 58 BaronTH121626FL,
N4494A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-3026MS, United States
N4496W1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-4662KS,
N44GC1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45326TX, United States
N44GP Beech 58 BaronTH-130926NC, United States
N44MH Beech 58 BaronTH61526
N450JR1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67026DE, United States
N450TH1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-129826GA, United States
N451DW1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-65726FL, United States
N451SB1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-89726OH, United States
N4520S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-66026TX, United States
N4530M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91326OK, United States
N4545M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91426TN, United States
N4547M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91526GA, United States
N4557S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-66826NY,
N4558S Beech 58 BaronTH-68026FL, United States
N4564M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91626CA, United States
N456WW1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-44426OH, United States
N4571S Beech 58 BaronTH78826
N4574Q1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-37426WI, United States
N4575S Beech 58 BaronTH69526OH, United States
N4576S1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-78926TX,
N4577S Beech 58 BaronTH-7790DC,
N4579S Beech 58 BaronTH67326
N457BB1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-171226TX, United States
N457DF1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-135426CA, United States
N458DG1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-29626MN, United States
N458GL Beech 58 BaronTH-137626WY, United States
N458K1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45226SC, United States
N458P1970 Beech 58 BaronTH11926FL, United States
N458PL Beech 58 BaronTH-146726CT, United States
N458WD Beech 58 BaronTH-171426DE, United States
N4590S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67626TX, United States
N4591S1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-72326CA, United States
N459JR1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-67026United States
N45EE1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-18526MA, United States
N45FM1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-73926CT, United States
N45PT1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-72726CO, United States
N4607M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-93826MA, United States
N4613S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68226TN, United States
N4614S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68426NC, United States
N4615S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68526MD, United States
N4619M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91826MS, United States
N461BC1992 Beech 58 BaronTH-166126TX, United States
N4621M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-91926TN, United States
N4626A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-3926FL, United States
N463KB1972 Beech 58 BaronTH-27826MN, United States
N4657A1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-4126GA, United States
N4675S1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-68926FL, United States
N4683M Beech 58 BaronTH93926
N46DM1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-104826PA, United States
N46US1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-29426UT, United States
N472TL Beech 58 BaronTH111226MO, United States
N4733M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-92726MN, United States
N477W Beech 58 BaronTH12926
N4781M Beech 58 BaronTH92826
N47GA1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-54726OK, United States
N47HE1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-130326AR, United States
N4837M Beech 58 BaronTH92926KS, United States
N4840M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-9362FL,
N484WW1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90926FL, United States
N4857M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-98726IL,
N4859M Beech 58 BaronTH94726KS,
N48CC1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-127726LA, United States
N48J Beech 58 BaronTH-40926CT, United States
N48PA Beech 58 BaronTH70826
N48TX1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-149326TX, United States
N493BB1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-11112Florida, United States
N4963M Beech 58 BaronTH93326IL, United States
N498CP Beech 58 BaronTH-70326PR,
N49D1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-54226CA, United States
N4AW1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-45026OH, United States
N4HE1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-78726FL, United States
N4JD1971 Beech 58 BaronTH-14526FL, United States
N4TG1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-33526CA, United States
N4UT1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-47326NC, United States
N4VG Beech 58 BaronTH86526NY,
N4WZ1970 Beech 58 BaronTH11726GA, United States
N500DF1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-526GA, United States
N500LD1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-100826MO, United States
N501ML1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-7226WI, United States
N501WR1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-123226KS, United States
N5026M1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-93426MA, United States
N502DK1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-89126DE, United States
N503BA Beech 58 BaronTH-86226FL, United States
N508SK1990 Beech 58 BaronTH-159626UT, United States
N50NH1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103026DE, United States
N50TT1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-59126TN, United States
N511CF1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83326ME, United States
N511DF1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-117526OK, United States
N511MP1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-76226NV, United States
N513MB Beech 58 BaronTH138326
N515CG1974 Beech 58 BaronTH-51126DE, United States
N518SW Beech 58 BaronTH26026
N51FD1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-107526NY, United States
N51MT1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-148526FL, United States
N524CB1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-163026OK, United States
N524RT1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-12326NC, United States
N525AF1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-83826KS, United States
N525GW1975 Beech 58 BaronTH-55726OH, United States
N526KM1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172926NY, United States
N527BH1980 Beech 58 BaronTH-119026TX, United States
N527R1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-103426NY, United States
N527TA1973 Beech 58 BaronTH-29026FL, United States
N52BA Beech 58 BaronTH-5226NE, United States
N52MS1985 Beech 58 BaronTH-147126MS, United States
N52XP1994 Beech 58 BaronTH-172926
N532EB1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-122526FL, United States
N532TM Beech 58 BaronTH-176926FL, United States
N537SW1991 Beech 58 BaronTH-161926AZ, United States
N53JG1984 Beech 58 BaronTH-144426DE, United States
N547G1979 Beech 58 BaronTH-101826AR, United States
N549PT1976 Beech 58 BaronTH-71126DE, United States
N54KW1981 Beech 58 BaronTH-123726OK, United States
N5540T Beech 58 BaronTH157126AZ,
N555AC1970 Beech 58 BaronTH-1226MO, United States
N555ND1995 Beech 58 BaronTH-175026DE, United States
N5565D1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-155226MA, United States
N5574S Beech 58 BaronTH156426NC,
N5574T1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-157026UT, United States
N557CE1977 Beech 58 BaronTH-86426KY, United States
N558WH1982 Beech 58 BaronTH-135626CA, United States
N5591A1989 Beech 58 BaronTH-156626MI, United States
N559BA Beech 58 BaronTH-205926UT, United States
N55DF1976 Beech 58 BaronTH76526FL, United States
N55TM1978 Beech 58 BaronTH-90126TX, United States
N5634C Beech 58 BaronTH157226FL,