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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
19-53071998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C970801991Australia
28-5011 Denney Kitfox Model 3N1830Australia
33-751994 Nitra Aero Pro Kitfox003/199412Békés, Hungary
35-281994 Nitra Aero Pro Kitfox003/199412Hungary
58-HM Denney Kitfoxunknow0France
C- FINB1992 Denney Kitfox Model 37361
C-FAEC1993 Denney Kitfox Model 264812Alberta, Canada
C-FAJW1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C970801991Quebec, Canada
C-FASJ2000 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9902-02371Quebec, Canada
C-FBGC1988 Denney Kitfox Model 171British Columbia, Canada
C-FBYV2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterC9709-020512Alberta, Canada
C-FCGZ2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C-0302-02881Ontario, Canada
C-FCOX1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200190812British Columbia, Canada
C-FCRS1988 Denney Kitfox Model 1971Alberta, Canada
C-FCVM1988 Denney Kitfox Model 12081Alberta, Canada
C-FDGL1988 Denney Kitfox Model 12421British Columbia, Canada
C-FDTG1992 Denney Kitfox Model 396312Alberta, Canada
C-FDUG1993 Denney Kitfox IV17171Ontario, Canada
C-FDVB1988 Denney Kitfox Model 10071Ontario, Canada
C-FFTD1997 Denney Kitfox Model 11401British Columbia, Canada
C-FFYY1989 Denney Kitfox Model 23211Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FGNK2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200HCU0731Alberta, Canada
C-FGPP2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C040202941British Columbia, Canada
C-FINB1992 Denney Kitfox Model 37361Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FIOW1990 Denney Kitfox Model 25111Ontario, Canada
C-FJKD2009 Skystar Kitfox Model 4GBS 03212Ontario, Canada
C-FJWQ1991 Denney Kitfox Model 249812Ontario, Canada
C-FJWT1992 Denney Kitfox Model 26791Ontario, Canada
C-FKOW1991 Denney Kitfox Model 242912Quebec, Canada
C-FKVZ1991 Denney Kitfox Model 23481Ontario, Canada
C-FLDY1992 Denney Kitfox IV97412British Columbia, Canada
C-FLTQ1995 Denney Kitfox Model 2A4281Ontario, Canada
C-FLXS1991 Denney Kitfox Model 396812Nova Scotia, Canada
C-FMJC2008 Skystar Kitfox 5S960901901Alberta, Canada
C-FMLC1991 Denney KITFOX II5751Alberta, Canada
C-FMRZ1991 Denney Kitfox Model 310381British Columbia, Canada
C-FMWH1992 Denney Kitfox Model 39841Quebec, Canada
C-FNLO1992 Denney Kitfox IV14021Ontario, Canada
C-FNZE1993 Denney Kitfox 4-120017921Ontario, Canada
C-FNZG1992 Denney Kitfox IV140412Ontario, Canada
C-FOMC1992 Denney Kitfox IV15271Alberta, Canada
C-FOXF2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S970801221Quebec, Canada
C-FOXH1993 Denney Kitfox 4-120014271Washington, United States
C-FOXK1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9409-001612British Columbia, Canada
C-FOXM1991 Denney Kitfox Model 310321British Columbia, Canada
C-FOXW2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9809-01671Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FOXX1994 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterHBS 05212Alberta, Canada
C-FOYF1995 Denney Kitfox Model 22411British Columbia, Canada
C-FOYT1993 Denney Kitfox IV14921Nova Scotia, Canada
C-FPBU1995 Denney Kitfox 4-120018691Ontario, Canada
C-FPIX1992 Denney Kitfox 4-120018091Ontario, Canada
C-FPIZ1990 Denney Kitfox Model 310371Quebec, Canada
C-FPOA2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S950201061Alberta, Canada
C-FPTY1993 Denney Kitfox IV16321British Columbia, Canada
C-FPVV1993 Denney Kitfox IV157612Ontario, Canada
C-FPWN1993 Denney Kitfox IV168312British Columbia, Canada
C-FPXX1993 Denney Kitfox IV16561British Columbia, Canada
C-FPYI1997 Denney Kitfox IV186812Alberta, Canada
C-FPZN1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 4147312Yukon, Canada
C-FQHK1993 Denney Kitfox Model 310561Quebec, Canada
C-FQJN1990 Denney Kitfox Model 38511Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FQPH1993 Denney KITFOX IV16481Ontario, Canada
C-FRGQ1994 Skystar Kitfox IV 1200ECU 04812Ontario, Canada
C-FSHM1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 3104612Alberta, Canada
C-FSIG1994 Denney KITFOX IV16371Alberta, Canada
C-FSQG1996 Denney KITFOX IV16591Quebec, Canada
C-FSYZ1994 Denney Kitfox Model 11981Alberta, Canada
C-FTJN1995 Denney Kitfox Model 38691Ontario, Canada
C-FTXD1995 Denney Kitfox 4-120019071Ontario, Canada
C-FTZO1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 4KCU-12312Manitoba, Canada
C-FUDV1996 Denney KITFOX IV18201Ontario, Canada
C-FUME1992 Denney KITFOX IV16661Quebec, Canada
C-FUOO1979 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9409006512Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FVDP1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4FBSO1412Quebec, Canada
C-FVPH1995 Denney KITFOX IV173112Manitoba, Canada
C-FVUL1995 Denney Kitfox Model 262511Ontario, Canada
C-FWOG1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4ICU10312Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FXCU1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 390012British Columbia, Canada
C-FYMF1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4161312Ontario, Canada
C-FYSL1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 4154612British Columbia, Canada
C-FYSM1996 Denney Kitfox 4-120018361British Columbia, Canada
C-GATW1992 Denney KITFOX IV177912Alberta, Canada
C-GBFI1992 Denney Kitfox Model 25511British Columbia, Canada
C-GBGE2005 Skystar Kitfox Series 5C9905019312Ontario, Canada
C-GCMM1995 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterDCU0261British Columbia, Canada
C-GCSU1998 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterC9404-00221Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GDWD1995 Denney Kitfox Model 11011Yukon, Canada
C-GDXU2010 Denney Kitfox Model 39411British Columbia, Canada
C-GERT1995 Denney KITFOX IV16001Ontario, Canada
C-GFDX2010 Kitfox Aircraft Kitfox Series 6560301-05212Alberta, Canada
C-GFFX1993 Denney KITFOX IV15261Alberta, Canada
C-GFLP1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S970801231Ontario, Canada
C-GFOJ1999 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200 (Classic IV)188612Ontario, Canada
C-GHIG1990 Denney Kitfox Model 25861Manitoba, Canada
C-GHKC2002 Denney Kitfox Model 24991Alberta, Canada
C-GHYA2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C970201881Alberta, Canada
C-GIBK1984 Denney Kitfox Model 10041Ontario, Canada
C-GIKV2003 Skystar Kitfox IV Classic187312Manitoba, Canada
C-GITO1990 Denney Kitfox Model 230412Manitoba, Canada
C-GMFA1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4161612Quebec, Canada
C-GOOT1993 Denney Kitfox IV17181Ontario, Canada
C-GPIF2006 Skystar Kitfox IVC0402029512Alberta, Canada
C-GRNB1995 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterKCU-1181British Columbia, Canada
C-GRPP1994 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster18491Manitoba, Canada
C-GTJM1992 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster17941British Columbia, Canada
C-GUFA1997 Denney Kitfox 4-120017421British Columbia, Canada
C-GWWH1992 Denney KITFOX IV14161Quebec, Canada
C-GYEF1996 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster18291Yukon, Canada
C-GZGD1988 Denney Kitfox Model 11291British Columbia, Canada
C-GZNQ2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9908-02061Ontario, Canada
C-IADB2002 Skystar Kitfox Model 4060101612Nunavut, Canada
C-IBVH2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4187812Quebec, Canada
C-ICJQ1990 Denney Kitfox Model 258512Manitoba, Canada
C-IDAI2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 4155212Ontario, Canada
C-IEOT1979 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9409006512British Columbia, Canada
C-IFFW1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3111112Ontario, Canada
C-IFGV1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9407-004412Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-IFXK1995 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster181012Ontario, Canada
C-IGFB1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 4166812Ontario, Canada
C-IGVL2001 Denney KITFOX IV143412Quebec, Canada
C-IGVW2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 42LS0012-00812Ontario, Canada
C-IGZU1989 Denney Kitfox Model 238312Nova Scotia, Canada
C-IHIE1997 Denney Kitfox Model 3102312Alberta, Canada
C-IHLM2007 Denney Kitfox Model 3110412Ontario, Canada
C-IHXX1991 Denney Kitfox Model 229612New Brunswick, Canada
C-IHXX1991 Denney Kitfox 229612Nova scotia, Canada
C-IIAV2008 Skystar Kitfox Model 4168212Ontario, Canada
C-IIFV2008 Skystar Kitfox Model 4FBS02012Quebec, Canada
C-IIPN1994 Denney Kitfox Model 238112Alberta, Canada
C-IJKW1989 Denney Kitfox Model 255012British Columbia, Canada
C-IJNH1990 Denney Kitfox Model 225512Saskatchewan, Canada
C-IJPN1992 Denney Kitfox Model 268512Ontario, Canada
C-ILOB2002 Skystar Kitfox IV (on full Lotus 1260 floats)2L010801912Ontario, Canada
C-ILPT2002 Denney Kitfox Rebuilt17912Alberta, Canada
C-IREP2003 Denney Kitfox IV140612British Columbia, Canada
C-IRSE1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4DCU-02712Ontario, Canada
D-EAXI Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9909-02510Germany
D-EJKF Denney Kitfox164112Germany
D-ENTI Denney KitfoxKCS14212Germany
D-EPPN1994 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterKBS-08112Germany
D-ETSB Denney Kitfox Model 381012Germany
D-EWAK Denney Kitfox Model 31687/174412Germany
D-EXTC Denney Kitfox Model 100312Germany
D-MLWP Denney KitfoxNot found D-MLWP12Germany
EI-FLO1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4170212Ireland
EI-MRB1991 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-1175212Ireland
F-JSWI66-OI Denney KitfoxAT97170France
F-PLFD Denney Kitfox Model 3109512France
F-PSDX Denney Kitfox Classic IVACS-09312France
F-PSKJ1996 Denney Kitfox Series 5 Vixen 912KVC-02412France
F-WSKJ1996 Denney Kitfox Series 5 Vixen 912KVC-02412France
G-BNYX1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-112851United Kingdom
G-BONY1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-113511United Kingdom
G-BPII1989 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-114961United Kingdom
G-BPKK1989 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-114111United Kingdom
G-BRCT2000 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-115211United Kingdom
G-BRDA1989 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-113531United Kingdom
G-BSAZ1991 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-116641United Kingdom
G-BSCG1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-116201United Kingdom
G-BSCH1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-116211United Kingdom
G-BSCM1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117451United Kingdom
G-BSDD1995 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117971United Kingdom
G-BSES1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-115871United Kingdom
G-BSFX1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117231United Kingdom
G-BSFY1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-116321United Kingdom
G-BSGG1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-116661United Kingdom
G-BSHK1991 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-1175212United Kingdom
G-BSIF1993 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-118891United Kingdom
G-BSIK1986 Denney Kitfox Model 1511United Kingdom
G-BSLJ1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-115891United Kingdom
G-BSMO1991 Denney Kitfox Model 2PFA 172-1177312United Kingdom
G-BSNO1991 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-118131United Kingdom
G-BSRT1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118731United Kingdom
G-BSSF1997 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-117961United Kingdom
G-BSUZ1990 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1187512United Kingdom
G-BSVK1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117311United Kingdom
G-BTAT1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118321United Kingdom
G-BTBG2001 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-1184512United Kingdom
G-BTBN1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118591United Kingdom
G-BTDC2002 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-1148312United Kingdom
G-BTDN1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118261United Kingdom
G-BTFA1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-115201United Kingdom
G-BTIF1991 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-118621United Kingdom
G-BTIP Denney Kitfox8501United Kingdom
G-BTIR1992 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-1195212United Kingdom
G-BTKD1991 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172-119411United Kingdom
G-BTMT1987 Denney Kitfox Mk1661United Kingdom
G-BTMX1993 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-120791United Kingdom
G-BTNR1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1203512United Kingdom
G-BTOL1993 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1205212United Kingdom
G-BTRA1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-119211United Kingdom
G-BTSV1991 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-119201United Kingdom
G-BTTM2003 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-122781United Kingdom
G-BTTY1991 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-118231United Kingdom
G-BTVC1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117841United Kingdom
G-BTWB2003 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-122781United Kingdom
G-BUDR1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1210712United Kingdom
G-BUIC1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118021United Kingdom
G-BUIP1994 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118741United Kingdom
G-BUIT Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-119241United Kingdom
G-BUKF1994 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-1224712United Kingdom
G-BUKP1992 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-123011United Kingdom
G-BULZ1994 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-115461United Kingdom
G-BUNM1993 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-121111United Kingdom
G-BUOL1994 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-121421United Kingdom
G-BUPW1993 Denney Kitfox MK3PFA 172-122811United Kingdom
G-BURB1993 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-121441United Kingdom
G-BUWS1993 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118311United Kingdom
G-BUYK1994 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-122141United Kingdom
G-BUZA1998 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-125471United Kingdom
G-BVAH1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1203112United Kingdom
G-BVCT1993 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172A-124561United Kingdom
G-BVEY1994 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172A-1252712United Kingdom
G-BVGO1996 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172A-123621United Kingdom
G-BWAR1995 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-124321United Kingdom
G-BWHV1997 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118571United Kingdom
G-BWSJ1996 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-122041United Kingdom
G-BWSN1996 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-121411United Kingdom
G-BWWZ1999 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-130541United Kingdom
G-BWYI1997 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1214312United Kingdom
G-BXBP2001 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-121491United Kingdom
G-BXCW2005 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-126191United Kingdom
G-BXWH2000 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172A-1234312United Kingdom
G-BZAR1996 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172B-125291United Kingdom
G-BZIB2002 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172-118981United Kingdom
G-BZLO2001 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-136301United Kingdom
G-CBDI2002 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118881United Kingdom
G-CBTX2002 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-117211United Kingdom
G-CDXY2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 7PFA 172D-1411212United Kingdom
G-CIKY1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4170212United Kingdom
G-CJUD1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1193912United Kingdom
G-CKTK2017 Denney Kitfox 4-1200PFA 172A-144041Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom
G-CRES1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-115741United Kingdom
G-CTOY1992 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-121501United Kingdom
G-DEEZ1990 Denney Kitfox Mk393112United Kingdom
G-DJNH1991 Denney Kitfox Mk.3PFA 172-1189612United Kingdom
G-EJAS2014 Skystar Kitfox Series 7PFA 172D-141211West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-ELIZ1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118351United Kingdom
G-EYAS1993 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118581United Kingdom
G-FBCY2015 Skystar Kitfox 7PFA 172D-146960United Kingdom
G-FOXC1991 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1190012United Kingdom
G-FOXD1996 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-116181United Kingdom
G-FOXE1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-119941United Kingdom
G-FOXF2000 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-123991United Kingdom
G-FOXG1992 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-118861United Kingdom
G-FOXI1989 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-115081United Kingdom
G-FOXS1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-115711United Kingdom
G-FOXX2004 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-115091United Kingdom
G-FOXZ2004 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-1183412United Kingdom
G-FSHA2000 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-119061United Kingdom
G-HOBO1994 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-121401United Kingdom
G-HUTT1995 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-116341United Kingdom
G-JFOX1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-1182512United Kingdom
G-KAWA1994 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-118221United Kingdom
G-KFOX1990 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-114471United Kingdom
G-KITF1989 Denney Kitfox Model 11561United Kingdom
G-KITY1998 Denney Kitfox Mk.2PFA 172-115651United Kingdom
G-KTTY1994 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1200112United Kingdom
G-LACR1998 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-119451United Kingdom
G-LANG1990 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-1182512United Kingdom
G-LEED1992 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-115771United Kingdom
G-LESJ1994 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-1200112United Kingdom
G-LESZ2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5PFA 172C-1282212United Kingdom
G-LEZJ1996 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172B-125291United Kingdom
G-LOST1995 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-120551United Kingdom
G-OFOX1989 Denney KitfoxPFA 172-115231United Kingdom
G-OPDS1994 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-122591United Kingdom
G-PHYL1999 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-121891United Kingdom
G-PPPP1991 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-118301United Kingdom
G-RAYA2007 Denney Kitfox Mk4PFA 172A-124031United Kingdom
G-RFOX2005 Denney Kitfox Mk3PFA 172-120291United Kingdom
G-RMGW1993 Denney Kitfox MK3PFA 172-119181United Kingdom
G-ROXY2004 SkyStar Kitfox Series 7PFA 172D-1402412United Kingdom
G-RSSF1992 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-1212512United Kingdom
G-RWSS1991 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-120081United Kingdom
G-TFOX1992 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-1181712United Kingdom
G-TOMZ2001 Denney Kitfox Mk2PFA 172-1197712United Kingdom
G-TWTW2006 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-117301United Kingdom
G-UMST1994 Denney Kitfox 4-1200 SpeedsterPFA 172B-123921United Kingdom
G-ZFOX2012 Denney Kitfox MK2PFA 172-1155212
HA-YNBV Denney Kitfox 2/464112Kaposújlak / LHKV, Hungary
HA-YROP1994 Nitra Aero Pro Kitfox003/199412Kecskéd Airport / LH, Hungary
HB-YER1992 Denney Kitfox Model 240812Switzerland
HB-YFN2001 Denney Kitfox Model 3107812Switzerland
HB-YGE Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9411006112Switzerland
HB-YGM2001 Skystar KitfoxC9504010712Switzerland
HB-YGT1996 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200189312Switzerland
HB-YGX1998 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200KCS14012Switzerland
HB-YIR1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9409001712Switzerland
HB-YJT2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200GSC12112Switzerland
HB-YLN2011 Kitfox Aircraft Model 4MSN158712Switzerland
I-4798 Denney KitfoxNot found I-479812Italy
I-C549 Denney Kitfox Model 36420graterpoland, Poland
LN-YYY Denney Kitfox Model 385812Norway
N1003Z1997 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9506013612WI, United States
N1008B Denney Kitfox Model 3100812WA, United States
N100EF2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9801-013212MN, United States
N100MB Denney Kitfox Model 227112OK, United States
N100VX2008 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenECV00112HI, United States
N100ZA Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ACS 10012OK, United States
N1014P2001 Skystar Kitfox LiteL0109-11011AZ, United States
N101GP Denney Kitfox Model 3109212TN, United States
N101PF2012 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA0801511812AZ, United States
N101XL1997 Skystar Kitfox XLGCX-01012FL, United States
N102242003 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC0010-026312ME, United States
N102DG1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4173512WI, United States
N102JH1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4147112MI, United States
N102KF Denney Kitfox Model 3110412UT, United States
N102KM1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4170212CA,
N102LG1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200174512CO, United States
N102TS1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9508012312MN, United States
N102WW1989 Denney Kitfox Model 16312WY, United States
N102YB2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S6010105112ID, United States
N1030P2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S60111-06912ID, United States
N103GE2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 760111-06612DE, United States
N103GM1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4182412MT, United States
N103JP Denney Kitfox Model 392912KS, United States
N104DG1995 Denney KitfoxLCS14612NY, United States
N1057E Denney Kitfox (Rebuilt)17912OK, United States
N105DT Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9606016612WV, United States
N105KF1997 Denney Kitfox Model 110512IA, United States
N1060U Denney Kitfox Model 3106012CO, United States
N106DJ Denney Kitfox Model 110612IL, United States
N106JW Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9708020112NC, United States
N106WM1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4140512CO, United States
N1078P2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S60111-06812ID, United States
N1079G2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 200112WI, United States
N107BD Skystar Kitfox Model 3C2069453BD12CA, United States
N107CT Foxair Kitfox Light SportKA1013016712NM, United States
N107PG2005 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9507011812IL, United States
N108H1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4155512FL, United States
N108KX1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200190812OR, United States
N108NB1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterCCS10812CA, United States
N108TT2001 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9511013012MI, United States
N1095S Skystar Kitfox Model 3108412CA, United States
N109BB1994 Denney Kitfox Model 4171912NC, United States
N10EF1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200JCU11712CA, United States
N10KB Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterJCS13312NC, United States
N10KF1987 Denney Kitfox Model 13112IN, United States
N10NH2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9909 021412SD, United States
N10PG1996 Denney KitfoxGRAICHEN-000212OH, United States
N10ZZ1989 Denney Kitfox Model 17812OR, United States
N110TB Denney Kitfox Model 16012NC, United States
N11181988 Denney Kitfox Model 121212PA, United States
N111YT2007 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9707019612CA, United States
N112AZ Denney KitfoxCH20190R051312TX,
N112JS Denney Kitfox79612MN,
N113GB Skystar Kitfox Series 7S70203-00912WI, United States
N113RW1987 Denney Kitfox Model 111312GA, United States
N11451996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9604-017112WA, United States
N1148K1995 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200191112DE, United States
N114WT Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9812 022712WI, United States
N1158S Skystar Kitfox Series 559407-003912OK, United States
N115CH Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9806-015912CA, United States
N117DC1997 Denney Kitfox Model 4145312WA, United States
N117KM2008 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA010700512OR, United States
N117LL Denney Kitfox Model 13312TX,
N117RJ2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7030803512ME, United States
N117S1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200177412FL, United States
N1181L Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9412007912OK, United States
N1182X1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5ICS13112WA, United States
N1183D Denney Kitfox Model 4169012AZ, United States
N11897 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9911-022412UT, United States
N1195F Denney Kitfox Model 4165312WI, United States
N119DC Skystar Kitfox LiteL0001-06811CA, United States
N119FS2005 Skystar Kitfox Series 559505-011912PA, United States
N11LG Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9403000912FL, United States
N11TY1994 Denney Kitfox Model 3001 TY12OK, United States
N1200H Denney Kitfox Model 4156512MN, United States
N120DD Denney Kitfox Model 112012WI, United States
N1210L1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)HCU 09012TX, United States
N121AW2001 Skystar Kitfox IVBDU15412CO, United States
N121BM2000 Skystar Kitfox 5 TaildraggerS9701-020412SC, United States
N121DC Denney KitfoxDAC-199512FL, United States
N121RK1985 Denney Kitfox1212CA, United States
N121SJ1996 Deney Kitfox 3102612WI, United States
N12293 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA0831211512
N122DC1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterABS-08912AR, United States
N122DP1994 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterFBS02412KS, United States
N122DR1992 Denney Kitfox Model 389312OK, United States
N122EB1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 Speedster002212TN, United States
N1231T1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3860-0112AK, United States
N123CY1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200JCU10512KY, United States
N123DJ1992 Denney Kitfox Model 376512NH, United States
N123GD1998 Denney Kitfox Model 265212MI, United States
N123KF1999 Denney Kitfox Model 4170112CA, United States
N124KF Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterHCS12412OK, United States
N124RB Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Speedster59506013112
N124RT2008 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200179312VA, United States
N125KF1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterHCS-12512CO, United States
N125TY2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200HCU08912CA, United States
N125WS1990 Denney Kitfox Model 112512TN, United States
N126CF1999 Skystar Kitfox Classic IV186512ID, United States
N126RS2003 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9903-024212AZ, United States
N127EE Hogan Kelly Kitfox SpeedsterFCS11912OR, United States
N127KF1992 Denney Kitfox Model 112712VT, United States
N127RF Denney Kitfox Model 4146712WI, United States
N127TT2011 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA1015916812OK, United States
N128DD2008 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7041006712MN, United States
N128WD Denney Kitfox Model 120312IL,
N129DE1993 Denney Kitfox42012ID, United States
N12DB1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3100712PA, United States
N12GM2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 3103412NY, United States
N12KA2010 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA070600312ID, United States
N12SH Denney Kitfox Model 4175512OK, United States
N130JL1996 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9411-007712MI, United States
N130T1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4160812NE, United States
N130TV Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200KCU 13012KY, United States
N130VM1997 Denney Kitfox Model 213012IL, United States
N1313M Denney Kitfox Model 4153212AZ, United States
N131RS Denney Kitfox Model 4141812TN, United States
N1334 Denney Kitfox Model 3712
N133AP Denney Kitfox Model 113312WI, United States
N133DM Denney Kitfox Model 3112MN, United States
N133DP1999 Denney Kitfox Model 252612WI, United States
N133KF2000 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9609018912AK, United States
N134DM1998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9502002712TN, United States
N134U1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200172712WA, United States
N1359V1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterIBS-06312MT, United States
N137DT1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterJCS-13812CO, United States
N137SH Denney Kitfox Model 15312IA, United States
N137TB1995 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SafariS9503-010912IL, United States
N138H1991 Denney Kitfox13812NM, United States
N138KF Denney Kitfox Model 1213912DE, United States
N139BR1987 Denney Kitfox Model 113912IL, United States
N139CD2005 Skystar Kitfox Series 77040204812AZ, United States
N139KF1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterKCS13912CO, United States
N139SP1998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9501-008912ID, United States
N13CT1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3115012WA, United States
N13SE1997 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9508004212AK, United States
N13TH1988 Denney Kitfox Model 116412UT, United States
N13ZG Skystar Kitfox Series 5-1400S9404-001112MT, United States
N140AL1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3893-A12SC, United States
N140BC Denney Kitfox Model 256112CA, United States
N1419W Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)C9709020812NC, United States
N141DS1988 Denney Kitfox Model 114112ID, United States
N141HS Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Vixen9710-008412CO, United States
N142CW Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterS9403-000512ID, United States
N142DF Denney Kitfox50012CA, United States
N143LM1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3157912KY, United States
N143NR1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ADU 14312ID, United States
N1441Z1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4144112FL, United States
N1447W1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4161812CA, United States
N144BJ2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 7A00112CA, United States
N144CW1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4171612KS, United States
N144DB1995 Denney Kitfox Model 4152812CA, United States
N1450W1995 Denney Kitfox Model 4145012UT, United States
N1456K Denney Kitfox Model 4145612MA, United States
N145KF Denney Kitfox Model 114512OR, United States
N147LS1988 Denney Kitfox Model 114712MO, United States
N148DM2000 Skystar Kitfox Series 5DM00212MI, United States
N148JS Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200LCS14812AK, United States
N149BT1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4149912WA, United States
N14GX2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SafariS9801-014312CO, United States
N14ND Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9510-014912WA, United States
N14TE1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4153412IN, United States
N14UP1990 Denney Kitfox Model 120912WY, United States
N150SR1995 Denney Kitfox Model 115012OK, United States
N151RF2000 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S69912-00612OR, United States
N151RW1990 Denney Kitfox Model 11612NY, United States
N1530T1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200BDU15312NY, United States
N153JK2002 Skystar Kitfox Model 4180612IA, United States
N153PR1995 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenECV00512NM, United States
N154JL Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9905-024712CT, United States
N154K1995 Denney Kitfox Model 4156912MD, United States
N1553D1989 Denney Kitfox Model 2TFE-26212MI, United States
N156BH Denney Kitfox Model 115612
N156MS1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterADS-15612TX, United States
N1578S2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9611 020112CA, United States
N157D Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterEBS00712OK, United States
N157D2005 Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterSGD00712OK, United States
N157KS Kitfox Aircraft S7 SpeedsterKA1607832712United States
N1585F Denney Kitfox Model 4158512VT, United States
N1588A1996 Denney Kitfox Model 4158812LA, United States
N158BL SkyStar Kitfox Series 7S70202-00412MS, United States
N159PR1997 Denney Kitfox Model 379712MN, United States
N15EN1996 Denney Kitfox Model 380112MN, United States
N15KL2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 401512MI, United States
N15TY1997 Denney Kitfox Model 3109912CA, United States
N160KM1990 Denney Kitfox Model 116012OK, United States
N161CP2008 Denney Kitfox Model 4145112ID, United States
N161JB1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4190212FL, United States
N1640R1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4146812DE, United States
N1641E1992 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200185412WA, United States
N164JR2000 Denney Kitfox Model 226812CA, United States
N165AT2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9911-022212AZ, United States
N1664K1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4166412MN, United States
N166N1993 Denney Kitfox Model 3116812AK, United States
N1670B1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4167012KS, United States
N167SF2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9812-018012AZ, United States
N169U1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4118612ID, United States
N16AF1998 Denney Kitfox Model 28912NY, United States
N16EL1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200173312NJ, United States
N16GE Denney Kitfox Model 3110512IL, United States
N16JC Denney Kitfox40012ID, United States
N16KC Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterLCS15112CO, United States
N16KL Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9812-017612AK, United States
N16KR1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 SpeedsterLBS08412AL, United States
N1700K Denney Kitfox Model 4170012
N1701S Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9509-015012IL, United States
N1704F1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 4170412AK, United States
N1707J1996 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9403 001212OH, United States
N170CK1988 Denney Kitfox17012MI, United States
N170NH2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200176912NC, United States
N174PH Denney Kitfox Model 117412AL,
N175KF1994 Skystar Kitfox1 (N175KF)12IL, United States
N177CA Denney Kitfox IV177712VA, United States
N17FF1987 Denney KitfoxN 10312KS, United States
N17KF1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4175012RI, United States
N17RK SkyStar Kitfox LiteL0101-09811MA, United States
N17SD1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3108912CA, United States
N17VX1993 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenECV-00212OH, United States
N17ZF2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 271912SD, United States
N1803F2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200180312OR, United States
N180BR1997 Skystar Kitfox IV180012ID, United States
N180CJ1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4GCU06412AZ, United States
N180MC2001 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9908-024812TX, United States
N180ST2006 Denney Kitfox Model 118012FL, United States
N181JP Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenICU01812FL, United States
N1826R Denney Kitfox Model 4182612PA, United States
N1835N1993 Denney Kitfox IV183512MI, United States
N18361991 Denney Kitfox Model 273012GA, United States
N183SM Skystar Kitfox SERIES 5S9712-012612WA, United States
N1852N2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S60111-07411ID, United States
N185SL Denney Kitfox Model 118512
N186KF1995 Sktstar Kitfox Model 4-1200186312OR, United States
N187JM Denney Kitfox Model 16712AZ, United States
N18892008 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200188912TX, United States
N188DJ1994 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterACS09012CA, United States
N188KF1994 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVADS-16112TX, United States
N188LW1990 Denney Kitfox5541212NE, United States
N189CT1989 Denney Kitfox Model 18912IL, United States
N189FC1990 Denney Kitfox Model 243212MT, United States
N189MA Denney Kitfox40612CO, United States
N18FL Skystar Kitfox Series 55986015712TN, United States
N18KM1988 Denney KitfoxKV1987M12TX, United States
N190DD Denney Kitfox Model 254212ID, United States
N191GW Denney Kitfox Model 385512AR, United States
N191HS1990 Denney Kitfox66112AZ, United States
N191KF1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 Speedster1BS06512KY, United States
N191WM1991 Denney Kitfox84612SD, United States
N192KF1992 Denney Kitfox Model 380512TX, United States
N192MB1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3110212WI, United States
N192MW1993 Denney Kitfox IV170312CA, United States
N193CW Skystar Kitfox IV157212MI, United States
N193DF2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200GUC 06212NV, United States
N193GW1993 Denney Kitfox Model 248912MI, United States
N193JK1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200188812VA, United States
N193TC1989 Denney Kitfox Model 119312CA, United States
N193TF1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200156612OK, United States
N1942J Denney Kitfox IV164912WA, United States
N1944F1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9412-002212MN, United States
N194C Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ECU 04212OK, United States
N194KF1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200KCU12412OR, United States
N194KS1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ACS-10112CO, United States
N194SD Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9401-000P12ID, United States
N1952N2007 Skystar Kitfox Classic IV156012KY, United States
N1954N Skystar Kitfox LiteL9906-03511IL, United States
N195CL2001 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9706019512PA, United States
N195EC1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200BDU-15212WI, United States
N195KF1996 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9411008512UT, United States
N1966Q2002 Denney Kitfox Model 1MK20212MS, United States
N196CB1996 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9601-013812NY, United States
N196LB Denney Kitfox Model 21996-112PA, United States
N197BR Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9602-017312MI, United States
N198KM2000 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9603-013912MN, United States
N1994F1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4ICU09212VA, United States
N199CL2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9904-019012NY, United States
N199DG Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9503003012ID, United States
N199KF Denney Kitfox Model 119912NC, United States
N199W Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9901-023212TX, United States
N19BN1993 Denney Kitfox Model 229012VA, United States
N19DN Denney Kitfox11912KY, United States
N19KB1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ICU09512MS, United States
N19KF1991 Denney Kitfox Model 395311IN, United States
N19MS Denney Kitfox Model 233912VT, United States
N19TH Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9606017912FL, United States
N19VX Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenJVC01912NJ, United States
N200KF2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9907-020012CA, United States
N200VS Skystar Kitfox Series 5002012MI, United States
N2046E Skystar Kitfox171812GA, United States
N204ST2001 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterS-9412008212IA, United States
N20577 Skystar Kitfox Model 4415239412NH, United States
N205AK2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9602-014412MO, United States
N205KF1989 Denney Kitfox20512TN, United States
N2061X2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 7F60111-07112ID, United States
N2070A2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60009-03712ID, United States
N20736 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9411-008112MI, United States
N2087X2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 3108412CA, United States
N208CC Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60010-03812OK, United States
N208ND2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200LCU13412FL, United States
N2091J2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 3194212VT, United States
N2094J1990 Denney Kitfox36512OR, United States
N2099N Denney Kitfox Model 4152312FL, United States
N20BD1993 Denney Kitfox Model 228512TX, United States
N20KF Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 SpeedsterKBS08012
N20KR1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200HCU-07512TN, United States
N20TZ1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SafariS9608018812AK, United States
N210F2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9708-012112FL, United States
N2112J1996 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9409 005812CO, United States
N2115Z1995 Denney Kitfox Model 3110712NJ, United States
N211BT1999 Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterIBS05712WA, United States
N211DJ1997 Skystar Kitfox III/IV101112CA, United States
N211ES1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 Speedster02112PA, United States
N211KF1993 Denney Kitfox IV149612LA, United States
N211MD1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200175412OR, United States
N211TE2001 Skystar Kitfox Lite²2L050-101012ID, United States
N212LH Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200FCU05012AZ, United States
N212PR2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)C9403001112PR,
N2136F1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 238512WA, United States
N2138Q2014 Denney Kitfox Model 113112OR, United States
N213Y1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200166312MD, United States
N214MP Denney Kitfox Model 218412MI, United States
N2152N1995 Denney Kitfox IV143112MT, United States
N215L1998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenECV00712AZ, United States
N215TB1989 Denney Kitfox Mk221512KS, United States
N216JS1990 Denney Kitfox21612MT, United States
N218SM Skystar Kitfox SportSSP030100912WA, United States
N21RD1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3105912CA, United States
N21TS1988 Denney Kitfox17812ID, United States
N2220D Denney Kitfox6412CT, United States
N222JN2003 Skystar Kitfox Lite²C0212028712OK, United States
N222KF Denney Kitfox5412AR, United States
N223DL1996 Denney Kitfox Model 3116912MN, United States
N22430 Skystar Kitfox Special195712
N224JP Denney Kitfox Model 244312TX, United States
N224Q1993 Denney Kitfox60412WI, United States
N225112000 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9603015012MD, United States
N2260L1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200DCU03612MI, United States
N226WR Denney Kitfox22612VA, United States
N227JG Denney Kitfox Model 3109012CA, United States
N227JS Denney Kitfox00612IA, United States
N227RC2000 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9910-022712NC, United States
N2280J1994 Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterGCS12212FL, United States
N228MA1990 Denney Kitfox22812CA, United States
N2295V1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 SpeedsterHBS 04512OH, United States
N229KF Denney Kitfox Model 122912PA, United States
N22DL1991 Denney Kitfox Model 237712TX, United States
N22LH1989 Denney Kitfox35212OR, United States
N22NT1988 Denney Kitfox Model 14312CA, United States
N2326L1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackSS9901-018512OR, United States
N232WB2005 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S-9905-019312CA, United States
N234EE1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200180512NY, United States
N234PB2002 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ICU09612AZ, United States
N235DK Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9612 005212IL, United States
N235MK2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 59904-018312UT, United States
N235TJ2012 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9501009012Ca, United States
N236DD1988 Denney Kitfox23612MI, United States
N237AE Skystar Kitfox Series 7S70204-01112CO, United States
N238DT1993 Denney Kitfox Model 265312MI, United States
N239DA2004 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)C9610-017712PA, United States
N239DK2000 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9407003712OR, United States
N23AW2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 6412TX, United States
N23PK1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200BDU-15612IA, United States
N23TF Denney Kitfox Model 269612WI, United States
N23YM Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterFBS-02312MI, United States
N2401U2005 Skystar Kitfox Model 389412FL, United States
N240BW Denney Kitfox Model 124012VA, United States
N241642003 Skystar Kitfox IV140612WA, United States
N241SF1996 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9411-007512CA, United States
N244TM Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200EBZ-00212MD, United States
N246DR1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3118512GA, United States
N246R1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterFBS 01712PA, United States
N247Q1992 Denney Kitfox Model 389512WI, United States
N2485F2007 Skystar Kitfox Model 4CCU 00912WI, United States
N248DR1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 SpeedsterACS11212MS, United States
N2494F1985 Denney Kitfox Model 1002812ND, United States
N24B Denney Kitfox Model 5112OK,
N24HE1993 Denney Kitfox Model 273112NC, United States
N24KF Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9406003412WA, United States
N24V2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9405-001012WI, United States
N24ZM Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9507-14012CA, United States
N250CE1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterJCS13412WV, United States
N2522005 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60005-02612AR, United States
N252BJ Denney Kitfox Classic IV141012CA, United States
N252WW Skystar Kitfox Model 4185012AZ, United States
N255TV2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 394812CO, United States
N258Y1993 Kitfox Aircraft Kitfox III116212United States
N25JE1988 Denney Kitfox2512AZ, United States
N260PH2005 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9702-020812LA, United States
N261GT1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9705006012FL, United States
N261KF Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterACS-09112CA, United States
N2626X1997 Skystar Kitfox Model 4JCU-11012TX, United States
N262DE1990 Denney Kitfox Model 252312KS,
N262DM1989 Denney Kitfox Model 226212MI, United States
N262SC2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60011-04312MI, United States
N2644 Skystar Kitfox Series 595-00712FL, United States
N265251997 Denney Kitfox Model 3113112NY, United States
N266J1995 Denney Kitfox Model 263212MI, United States
N267KF1997 Denney Kitfox Model 226712FL, United States
N269KF2000 Denney Kitfox Model 226912TN, United States
N26CG1991 Denney Kitfox Model 241812FL, United States
N26LD2010 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA0818413612MN, United States
N26LG2001 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9408-004512IN, United States
N272KF1994 Denney Kitfox Model 227212OH, United States
N2779X2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9412008612OR, United States
N277JL1991 Denney Kitfox Model 112212CA, United States
N27DN1993 Denney Kitfox Model 3116212IL, United States
N27GC1990 Denney Kitfox Model 398912LA, United States
N27KR Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ADU14712CA, United States
N27PR1995 Skystar Kitfox57012NV, United States
N27RF1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ADU-14412FL, United States
N2803R2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 5GVC01012LA, United States
N280PG Denney Kitfox Model 118712MI, United States
N282TT Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC0008-026212FL, United States
N283KF Skystar Kitfox IVC9406002912MO, United States
N286S Denney Kitfox4512CA, United States
N287WA1989 Denney Kitfox7912PA, United States
N289AK Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9702020612ID, United States
N28KF1995 Denney Kitfox Model 41654JS12WI, United States
N28MX2010 Kitfox Aircraft Super Sport00112DE, United States
N2908A1990 Denney Kitfox Model 120112WA, United States
N290TS Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200CCS-11012ID, United States
N291HJ1991 Denney Kitfox Model 261012CO, United States
N291KF Denney Kitfox29112
N293SC1993 Denney Kitfox SpeedsterIBS05912KS, United States
N295ST1991 Denney Kitfox Model 245812MI, United States
N296H1996 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV-9506003112TX, United States
N296WM Denney Kitfox Model 229612ME, United States
N297KF1990 Denney Kitfox29712CA, United States
N2995T Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200181512CA, United States
N299JK1987 Denney Kitfox15112WI, United States
N29BT1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200173612IL, United States
N29KF Denney KitfoxBC00112FL, United States
N29WF2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5V9908-007412LA, United States
N2BH1997 Skystar Kitfox IVGBZ03012MD,
N2KW1993 Skystar Kitfox Model 3HCU07712NE, United States
N3005R Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenVG410001912
N300KF2006 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9904-030012OR, United States
N301NK2001 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200CCU-00512ME, United States
N301PR1991 Denney Kitfox Model 245512PR,
N302DM Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7040706412ID, United States
N302RS Denney Kitfox Model 230212FL,
N304V Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9606004712OH, United States
N305TS1991 Denney Kitfox Model 230512WA, United States
N3064R Denney Kitfox2212CA, United States
N3076U2005 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9708-019812TX, United States
N3079H2003 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60005-02512UT, United States
N307CC2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4177112FL, United States
N307KF1994 Denney Kitfox Model 3104012CA, United States
N3081Z1992 Denney Kitfox Model 393812CA, United States
N30845 Denney Kitfox Model 3106812KS, United States
N308KF2003 Denney Kitfox Model 230812MT, United States
N3091C1993 Denney Kitfox Model 3102212CO, United States
N3092E1998 Denney Kitfox Model 386312NY, United States
N309LM1998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9404-001612CA, United States
N311CL2008 Denney Kitfox Model 380312SC, United States
N313CM1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4152912AL, United States
N313MC1990 Denney Kitfox31312AL, United States
N313SA Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9503011112ID, United States
N3143E Denney Kitfox85712CA, United States
N314CH Skystar Kitfox LiteL9812-01411
N314DW Skystar Kitfox Lite²L20009-00112AZ, United States
N314PG1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ADU14812FL, United States
N3156J1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3108312AZ, United States
N3156S Denney Kitfox Model 396012NC, United States
N315GB1993 Denney Kitfox Model 266212WI, United States
N315PS2007 Skystar Kitfox Model 4143812CA, United States
N3163K2006 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 Speedster141412NJ, United States
N316CB1990 Denney Kitfox22512TX, United States
N316R1993 Denney Kitfox IV156112ID, United States
N317AL1998 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9708019912FL, United States
N317DY2000 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200183412KS, United States
N317RS1993 Denney Kitfox Model 231712FL, United States
N3184J1992 Denney Kitfox Model 381712MN, United States
N3186H1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3104512ME, United States
N318BB Skystar Kitfox LiteL0009-09112NV, United States
N318BJ1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200185912CA, United States
N318JJ1997 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9601-16612TN, United States
N318VK1992 Denney Kitfox IV162612SC, United States
N319AH1992 Denney Kitfox Model 381812TN, United States
N319BB Skystar Kitfox Lite²2L0009-00112NV, United States
N31CP1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200174312AR, United States
N31LP Skystar Kitfox XLHCX01212CA, United States
N31MJ Denney Kitfox Model 4185512SC, United States
N31PH Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200FCU05211Burkina Faso
N31RK1993 Denney Kitfox IV140812AK, United States
N3203N1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3114512OR, United States
N3204M1991 Denney Kitfox Model 2100312OK, United States
N3206N1992 Denney Kitfox Model 3109112TX, United States
N320FL1996 Skystar KitfoxLBS-08812FL, United States
N320JR2000 Skystar Kitfox Classic IV156712AR, United States
N320RJ Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7050708412CO, United States
N321222003 Skystar Kitfox Lite²C0206-028112CA, United States
N321521994 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200979J12AZ, United States
N321HF Skystar Kitfox LiteL9909-04511CA, United States
N321KF1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4173812NV, United States
N322EE Denney Kitfox Model 232212IL, United States
N32308 Denney Kitfox Model 382012NV, United States
N323BC2002 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1050170612CA, United States
N323DG1994 Denney Kitfox Model 4160612AK, United States
N323MM Skystar Kitfox Model 375412WI, United States
N324951994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200LCU12812VA, United States
N324KH1994 Denney Kitfox IV151112OK, United States
N3270Q Skystar Kitfox Model 4DCU03512OH, United States
N327DJ1998 Denney Kitfox32712ID, United States
N3285 Skystar Kitfox Lite²2L0011-00612NJ, United States
N328ML2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200DCU03312WA, United States
N3296R1998 Skystar Kitfox Classic IV151612WI, United States
N329CP Denney Kitfox Model 232912CA,
N329TF Denney Kitfox Model 232912Switzerland
N32BJ Skystar Kitfox312CA, United States
N32FT Skystar Kitfox Lite00111MD, United States
N32HC1991 Denney Kitfox20012CO, United States
N32WL1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 TDS9603016912ID, United States
N333KF1992 Denney Kitfox36012PA, United States
N333SK1995 Skystar KitfoxHCU08412CA, United States
N337WP1993 Denney Kitfox Model 262012NY, United States
N338RM Denney Kitfox Model 233812AK, United States
N341RS Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7041006812TX, United States
N3454 Denney Kitfox Model 228912OK, United States
N345AF1991 Denney Kitfox Model 4158012IN, United States
N345DY2002 Skystar Kitfox Model 2KF34512ID, United States
N345JZ Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9811-017912ID, United States
N345PB1996 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9503-011412AK, United States
N345RH1998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Vixen9507-003412CA, United States
N345WM1994 Denney Kitfox Model 390612OH, United States
N3469F1993 Skystar Kitfox 4-1200GCV06812MN, United States
N346B1996 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 SpeedsterEB500412CO, United States
N3470S Denney Kitfox Model 384212FL, United States
N347EX2000 Denney Kitfox Model 234712MI, United States
N34EW Denney Kitfox612
N34SV1991 Denney Kitfox Model 270712SD, United States
N34VC1989 Denney Kitfox39112MI, United States
N350732007 Skystar Kitfox LiteKF2AW11OH, United States
N351DR Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9503-010512MD, United States
N356RL Skystar KitfoxDCU02912MI, United States
N357AR2006 Skystar Kitfox Lite²C0203-027912AL, United States
N359A Skystar Kitfox Series 7S 7030904012NE, United States
N35JS1994 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9402-000612FL, United States
N35KF2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 757031104612WA, United States
N35KM Denney Kitfox03512KS, United States
N35RG1991 Denney Kitfox Model 246112AK, United States
N360ST2001 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9904-023912MN, United States
N3611 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7050207912NV, United States
N363KF2007 Skystar Kitfox Model 236312GA, United States
N364S2000 Skystar Kitfox LiteL0006-08611WA, United States
N3654F1995 Skystar Kitfox IVJCU11612AZ, United States
N366HH Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9605-017712ND, United States
N3695J2006 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60109-06112ID, United States
N369KF1996 Denney Kitfox IV172012MI, United States
N369LM Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ADU15012MI, United States
N369PL1996 Skystar Kitfox IV159412NC, United States
N36BE1989 Denney Kitfox Model 220412VA, United States
N36JA1991 Denney Kitfox30412PA, United States
N371DT Denney Kitfox3712
N373KF1993 Denney Kitfox37312IN, United States
N375KF Denney Kitfox Model 1880WA, United States
N375KL1990 Denney Kitfox37512NY, United States
N376GC Denney Kitfox37612VT, United States
N377KJ2008 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S7030803612NV, United States
N378TP Denney Kitfox Model 237812AL,
N37CD Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9610-004912CA, United States
N37EM1996 Denney Kitfox Model 115912ME, United States
N37SK Denney Kitfox Model 19412OH, United States
N37TL1993 Denney Kitfox IV161412TN, United States
N37XL1997 Skystar Kitfox XLBCX00212CA, United States
N380BB Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9707019712AK, United States
N38161 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV961105412MI, United States
N383BH Denney Kitfox Model 238312IL,
N384EA Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C0212028612MI, United States
N384F1992 Denney Kitfox37212MN, United States
N389HW Denney Kitfox Model 238912GA, United States
N38DK1993 Denney Kitfox Classic 4153712OR, United States
N38HM1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200188212CA, United States
N38JK1996 Denney Kitfox Model 375112OR, United States
N390SH1996 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200177212TX, United States
N392DH1989 Denney Kitfox45312CT, United States
N392JJ1994 Denney Kitfox Model 3114612AZ, United States
N392KF1991 Denney Kitfox39212IN, United States
N393AU Skystar Kitfox SERIES 5S9702020512DE, United States
N393C1990 Denney Kitfox69512OK, United States
N394DN1990 Denney Kitfox39412WA, United States
N394GL1997 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9404-002112ID, United States
N395EC1995 Denney Kitfox Model 374912MI, United States
N3961X2003 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4-1200175112WA, United States
N396BK2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4C940007012MN, United States
N398BG Skystar Kitfox Series 5 OutbackS9903-018912OK, United States
N398DM1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200ECU04712OH, United States
N39CG1995 Skystar KitfoxV9403000712CA, United States
N39FM1989 Denney Kitfox7612CO, United States
N39KF Denney Kitfox3912TX, United States
N39PT1993 Denney Kitfox Model 3119512Canada
N39RT Denney Kitfox Model 4149412CO, United States
N39RW Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9403-000112FL, United States
N3DS1989 Denney Kitfox5612WI, United States
N3LB1989 Denney Kitfox23612FL, United States
N4008H2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 6S60001-01312CO, United States
N400KF2007 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 Vixen00712WA, United States
N400ND1992 Denney Kitfox Model 378312AL, United States
N401201999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9909-021512TX, United States
N401KF Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterICS12912
N4030B Denney Kitfox Model 3102412CO, United States
N4038T Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200189112NY, United States
N4038T Skystar Kitfox Series 7S70201-00312CO, United States
N403RD2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9703-020912OR, United States
N404781995 Denney Kitfox Model 376412OR, United States
N404921994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200186712MO, United States
N406GF Skystar Kitfox Model 4187912WI, United States
N408201995 Denney Kitfox IV153012WA, United States
N4084K1995 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200190112NY, United States
N408CY Skystar Kitfox Series 59702-020712Australia
N4096R Denney Kitfox Model 3103012AZ, United States
N409T1998 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9506011712NY, United States
N40AA2002 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S-9512-016412CA, United States
N40CD1989 Denney Kitfox16812OK, United States
N40KF Skystar Kitfox Model 4156312WA, United States
N40SF1986 Denney Kitfox3612OK, United States
N40TB Denney Kitfox2812TX, United States
N4100T1990 Denney Kitfox72012WV, United States
N4101U Denney Kitfox Model 237412MI, United States
N41091 Skystar Kitfox IVICU-09912WV, United States
N410CW2012 Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterADS15712MD, United States
N410JB1991 Denney Kitfox Model 3101312CA, United States
N410TM1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterJCS13712NC, United States
N411871994 Skystar KitfoxJCU 11212WY, United States
N411GE2004 Skystar Kitfox Series 7S60111-06712ID, United States
N414BE1993 Denney Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)172912WI, United States
N414CG2005 Denney Kitfox32312UT, United States
N415DB1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200KCS-14112MN, United States
N415EP1998 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterC9404-001612WI, United States
N415KD2016 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA1117120012FL, United States
N415KF1998 Denney Kitfox Model 241512KY, United States
N4176H Denney Kitfox IV162912NY, United States
N417B1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9404-001712WA, United States
N417CD Skystar KitfoxV9704 005812NC, United States
N417SL Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenV9502-002612CO, United States
N4186F Denney Kitfox Model 387212MD, United States
N419BM Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C0110-27012AZ, United States
N419KB Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)188312CA, United States
N41KW Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9411-007012WA, United States
N41MR1990 Denney Kitfox4112ME, United States
N41PF1991 Denney Kitfox Model 243112FL, United States
N42001 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200LCU13512FL, United States
N42135 Denney Kitfox Model 114012OK, United States
N4217G1993 Denney Kitfox812CO, United States
N421KF1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4142112WI, United States
N421TH Skystar Kitfox Model 4ACS09512IL, United States
N421UH Skystar Kitfox Model 4C9505-011312MI, United States
N422NL2006 Skystar Kitfox Series 59406003212WA, United States
N4253R1991 Denney Kitfox Model 383512PA, United States
N4261P1986 Denney Kitfox9912CA, United States
N4268Y1991 Denney Kitfox14212IN, United States
N4273A1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200GCU06112GA, United States
N4276M1995 Denney Kitfox Model 3116512MT, United States
N4278X1993 Denney Kitfox Model 262712TX, United States
N427ET1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200 (Classic 4)C942000712AZ, United States
N427WG1994 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9407004612PA, United States
N4282N Skystar Kitfox IV159612CA, United States
N4283V Denney Kitfox Model 377012NC, United States
N4285J Denney Kitfox Model 255312MI, United States
N4287Y1994 Skystar Kitfox IV1661T112AL, United States
N428YT Denney Kitfox Model 114912PA, United States
N4291R1997 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S9404-001512NV, United States
N4291V Denney Kitfox Model 3102712WA, United States
N429KF1987 Denney Kitfox2612AK, United States
N429NC2011 Kitfox Aircraft Super SportKA1012316612CO, United States
N42JH1995 Skystar Kitfox XLJCX01412CA, United States
N42KF1998 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9702018712AZ, United States
N42RA1994 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterGBS03612CA, United States
N4306K1992 Denney Kitfox84312WA, United States
N430DC1999 Skystar Kitfox Model 4173912OH, United States
N431621998 Skystar Kitfox Series 5S 9510-015112MN, United States
N43197 Denney Kitfox Model 3111012AK, United States
N4328F1996 Denney Kitfox Model 247312GA, United States
N432991992 Denney Kitfox Model 4143512TX, United States
N432EM Denney Kitfox Model 4143212FL, United States
N432LS1990 Denney Kitfox Model 233012NM, United States
N432SE1999 Skystar Kitfox Series 5 VixenHCV-01212ND, United States
N4336M Denney Kitfox Model 390011WV,
N433R2008 Skystar Kitfox Model 4-1200176312MD, United States
N43492 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC0412029812VT, United States
N4353R1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4146912MI, United States
N4357Q1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4152412AZ, United States
N43642 Denney Kitfox Model 3104612AK,
N436752007 Denney Kitfox Model 4154712DE, United States
N4367Y Denney Kitfox IV153212AZ, United States
N4374K Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C9502-009912OR, United States
N43761991 Denney Kitfox Model 272112AZ, United States
N437L2008 Skystar Kitfox Series 7DR00112CA, United States
N4381M Denney Kitfox Model 237412WI, United States
N438AB Denney Kitfox Model 376612FL, United States
N438BH2003 Skystar Kitfox Model 4CCU00612VA, United States
N438SS Skystar Kitfox Model 30913102712LA, United States
N438TT Skystar Kitfox Model 2KF176412GA, United States
N43KA1995 Skystar Kitfox SpeedsterACS 09612VT, United States
N43KF1998 Skystar Kitfox Classic IVC9702018712AZ, United States
N43PL1994 Skystar KitfoxECU 04312DE, United States
N43RN1992 Skystar Kitfox Model 4 SpeedsterEBS01112MN, United States
N43WC1992 Denney Kitfox Model 246-268712WA, United States
N4400M1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4160212AK, United States
N4401R1992 Denney Kitfox Model 4162012IN, United States
N4406W1992 Denney Kitfox Model 235512WI, United States
N440742006 Denney Kitfox Model 3101912WA, United States
N440JW Skystar Kitfox Model 3194312FL, United States
N440RS Denney Kitfox IV144012NE, United States
N440TN Denney Kitfox Model 400111NV, United States
N4412P1992 Denney Kitfox Model 259112MO, United States
N4414A2006 Skystar Kitfox Classic 4C0202-027612TX, United States
N442891999 Denney Kitfox Model 1J-98-0112TX, United States