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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
011940 Kellner Bechereau E-600111France
264381995 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk95-26599214United Kingdom
42-136101942 Kellett XO-6011812Washington, DC, United States
44-69729T Square 541944 Boeing B-29-60-BW Superfortress10561411Seattle, WA, United States
44-84076Lucky Lady1944 Boeing TB-29-60-BA SuperfortressNot found 44-84076411Ashland, NE, United States
53-25361953 Northrop F-89J-60-NO Scorpion466122WI, United States
55-00941957 Boeing B-52D-60-BO Stratofortress1721086Kansas, United States
5A-UAE Learjet 6060-385211Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
5N-ALR1971 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA740210Nigeria
5Y-BIZ Mitsubishi MU-2B-601528-SA210Kenya
604 British Aerospace Hawk T.6031225512Zimbabwe
65-103241965 Northrop T-38A-60-NON.574322Fort Worth, Texas, United States
65-103311965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.575022United States
65-103611965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.578022Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-103691965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.578322United States
65-104031965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.582222United States
65-104071965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.582622United States
65-10418 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.583722United States
65-104191965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.583822Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-104291965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.584822United States
65-104351965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.585422United States
65-104411965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586022Dayton, OH, United States
65-104421965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586122Whiteman AFB, MO, United States
65-104451965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.586422United States
65-104551965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.587422United States
65-104591965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.587822United States
65-104611965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.588022United States
65-104681965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.588722United States
65-104691965 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.588822United States
65-104701965 Northrop T-38A-60 TalonN.588922United States
66-43431966 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.592022United States
66-43861966 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonT.601722United States
66-83941966 Northrop T-38A-60-NO TalonN.596422United States
74-06561974 Mcdonnell Douglas F-4E-60-MC000022United States
82-23685 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk70.50824United States
86-245581986 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk70-1079215United States
87-245941987 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk70-11052California, United States
91-11451943 Curtiss C-46A-60-CK3992Japan
94-26570 Sikorsky UH-6070.2090011United States
95-265991995 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk95-26599214Dobbins ARB, GA, United States
9H-AEE1999 Learjet 6060-1702Malta
9H-AFB2007 Learjet 6060-3272Malta
9H-AFJ1994 Learjet 6060-030211Malta
9M-CAL Learjet 6060-0340Malaysia
9M-FCL1995 Learjet 6060-0722Malaysia
A6-EJA2000 Learjet 6060-2002United Arab Emirates
A6-IAS1998 Learjet 6060-122211United Arab Emirates
A6-MAJ2003 Learjet 6060-270211United Arab Emirates
A9C-BXK2008 Learjet 6060-338211Bahrain
AMT-203 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-342Mexico
AMT-204 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-1442Mexico
C-FAOY1981 Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar62P-0868-81650072Alberta, Canada
C-FBDR Learjet 6060-010211Canada
C-FBLJ1996 Learjet 60092211Canada
C-FBLU Learjet 6060-2532Canada
C-FBQC1969 Beech 60P-902Ontario, Canada
C-FCLM1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Marquise783SA2British Columbia, Canada
C-FCMG1998 Learjet 6060-1332Quebec, Canada
C-FCNR2000 Learjet 6060-17927Quebec, Canada
C-FCTK2001 Learjet 6060-2102Quebec, Canada
C-FEDG2007 Learjet 603432Quebec, Canada
C-FEDU2007 Learjet 603432Quebec, Canada
C-FFIF1979 Piper PA-60-600 Aerostar60-0702-796121826Alberta, Canada
C-FFSS1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 Marquise783SA2Ontario, Canada
C-FGJC2001 Learjet 6060-2102Quebec, Canada
C-FHMA1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601523 S.A.210Alberta, Canada
C-FJGG1994 Learjet 600382Ontario, Canada
C-FLYT1979 Piper PA-60-601P61P-0690-79633272Alberta, Canada
C-FQYW1982 Piper PA-60-602P60-826502026Alberta, Canada
C-FRGY1995 Learjet 600612Manitoba, Canada
C-FRWK Mitsubishi MU-2B-601521SA210Ontario, Canada
C-FUJV1940 Piper J3F-6044191YT, Canada
C-FWBJ1969 Beech 60P-232British Columbia, Canada
C-FXYA1997 Spitfire 60% SPITFIREJOH-31Ontario, Canada
C-FZIB1940 Piper J3F-6043071Quebec, Canada
C-GAMC1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60785SA2Ontario, Canada
C-GGDC Mitsubishi MU-2B-60796SA210Ontario, Canada
C-GGET1940 Piper J3F-6044051Manitoba, Canada
C-GJDR2013 Learjet 604262Quebec, Canada
C-GJLN2008 Learjet 603492Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GLAJ1984 Short SD3-60 SHERPASH.3425239Canada
C-GLVG1979 Piper PA-60-60060 0695 79612172British Columbia, Canada
C-GMGZ1979 Piper PA-60-60060-0708-79612202British Columbia, Canada
C-GMRM Beech 60P-27926Canada
C-GOSX1981 Piper PA-60-60060-0863-81612462British Columbia, Canada
C-GRBZ2001 Learjet 602182Quebec, Canada
C-GRIK1979 Piper PA-60-60060-0563-79611832British Columbia, Canada
C-GRRS1982 Piper PA-60-602P60-826502626Quebec, Canada
C-GRSQ1981 Piper PA-60-60060 0896 81612542British Columbia, Canada
C-GTTD1981 Piper PA-60-602P60-826500126British Columbia, Canada
C-GUHK1980 Piper PA-60-60060-0761-80612302British Columbia, Canada
C-GUSZ1981 Piper PA-60-60060-0894-81612532British Columbia, Canada
C-GUTV1979 Piper PA-60-60060-0722-80612242British Columbia, Canada
C-GVMO1981 Piper PA-60-602P62P-904-81650332British Columbia, Canada
C-GZJR1980 Piper PA-60-60060-0764-80612312Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GZNS1982 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601550SA2Ontario, Canada
CA-84 Caudron C.602412Finland
CC-CTC North American Sabre 60306-1122Chile
CF-AEN1927 De Havilland DH-60 Moth23412Canada
CF-ANR Sioux COUPE 6021112Alberta, Canada
CF-AQT1970 Piel CP 60 Diamant3-66-1-701Ontario, Canada
CF-BLT1969 North American NA265-60 Sabreliner306-23212Canada
CF-UJV1940 Piper J3F-6044191Yukon, Canada
CN-CAE2001 Kubicek BB-601680Morocco
CS-EAE2008 Learjet 6060-338211Portugal
CX-RHSN6901X1984 Piper PA-60-602P60-836500928Uruguay
D-CCGG Gates Learjet 6060-2562Germany
D-CDNX2006 Learjet 6060-231211Germany
D-CDNX Gates LJ-6060-2312Germany
D-CDNZ1999 Learjet 6060-1612Germany
D-CDSM Bombardier Lear 6060-2762Germany
D-CEJA Gates Learjet 601732Germany
D-CETD2012 Learjet 6060-4212Germany
D-CETV1999 Learjet 6060-148211Germany
D-CFDX1987 Short SD3-60SH3725239Germany
D-CFFB Learjet 6060-1070Germany
D-CFLG2005 Learjet 6060-2902Germany
D-CGEO1999 Learjet 6060-1602Germany
D-CGTF2004 Learjet 6060-2812
D-CHER1995 Learjet 6060-051211Germany
D-CHER1999 Learjet 6060-148211Germany
D-CHLE2001 Bombardier Learjet 6060-21128Hannover, Germany
D-CIII2000 Learjet 6060-17927Germany
D-CIMM2001 Learjet 6060-2140Germany
D-CITA1995 Bombardier Learjet 6060-06927Cologne, Germany
D-CJAF2008 Learjet 6060-3512Germany
D-CKKK1998 Learjet 6060-1442Germany
D-CLUB Learjet 6060-2492Germany
D-CNUE Learjet 6060-1702Germany
D-COMO2008 Bombardier Learjet 6060-35027Germany
D-CPMU1994 Learjet 6060-0322Germany
D-CPMU Learjet Lear 600322Germany
D-CRAN1993 Learjet 6060-019211
D-CROB2003 Learjet 6060-261211Germany
D-CSIM Learjet 6060-2742Germany
D-CSIX1997 Learjet 60120211Germany
D-CSLT2000 Learjet 6060-2002Germany
D-CWHS2002 Bombardier Learjet 6060-24627Germany
D-CWHS2001 Learjet Inc 60246211Germany
D-IAAA1981 Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar62P0924816504826Germany
D-IBBB Mitsubishi MU-2B-601528-SA210Germany
D-IBSF Beech 60 DukeP-5362Germany
D-ICDG1982 Mitsubishi MU.2B-60 Marquise1562SA27Germany
D-IDEE Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar60836501226Germany
D-IFIA1976 Beech B-60P-38226Germany
D-IFTG1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60779SA210Germany
D-IKHS1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-571-79632482Germany
D-ILMS Beech B-60P47826Germany
D-IMHH Piper PA-60-602P60836501026Germany
D-IMMO1983 Piper PA-60-700P60-842300226Germany
D-INBK Beech B-60P47826Germany
D-INEW Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0167-0062Germany
D-INGU1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0613-796327626Germany
D-IXKJ Piper PA-60-601 Aerostar61P-0607-796327226Germany
D2-EPC2005 Learjet Inc 60294211
EC-JVB2001 Learjet 6060-24328Spain
EC-JVM Bombardier Learjet 6060-161210Spain
EC-JYQ Gates Learjet Learjet 6060-1072Spain
EI-DXW2005 Learjet 6060-3002Ireland
EI-IAU Gates Learjet 601900Ireland
EI-IAW2001 Learjet Inc 60218211Ireland
EI-REX1999 Learjet 6060-149211Ireland
EI-VIV2006 Learjet 6060-305211Ireland
ER-LGB Learjet 6060-25528Moldova, Republic of
ES-III2006 Learjet 6060-3032Estonia
ES-LVA2009 Learjet 6060-3722Estonia
ES-LVC2004 Learjet 6060-2812Estonia
ES-PVC1995 Learjet 6060-051211Estonia
ES-PVI2003 Learjet 6060-2752Estonia
ES-PVP Learjet 6060-3022Estonia
ES-PVS Learjet 6060-1902Estonia
F-AGAG Caudron C.605526/2112France
F-AINX Caudron C.606184/4912France
F-AZBT Potez 60 Sauterelle1R12France
F-AZSK Potez 60 Sauterelle419012France
F-BALU Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR23320France
F-BALV Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR2043210France
F-BALX Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR2078-0140France
F-BALZ Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR164440France
F-BAMA Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR164450France
F-BAMK Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR22390France
F-BAML Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR20920France
F-BAMM Lockheed C-60 LODESTAR21630France
F-BFDV Boisavia B-60 Mercurey010France
F-BFKT Brochet MB-60 Barbrastelle0112France
F-BFLL Boisavia B-60 Mercurey20France
F-BFLP Boisavia B-60 Mercurey30France
F-BPXN Socata ST-60010France
F-BRAX1968 Beech 60P1726France
F-BRSC Beech 60P660France
F-BTYR Beech 60P11426France
F-BXUI Raven RAVEN S 60 A1090France
F-CADE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet135 K0France
F-CAMC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet10France
F-CAMD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet20France
F-CAME Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet30France
F-CAMF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet40France
F-CCGO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet34-K0France
F-CCLA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet50France
F-CCLB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet60France
F-CCLC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet70France
F-CCLD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet80France
F-CCLE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet90France
F-CCLF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet100France
F-CCLG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet110France
F-CCLH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet120France
F-CCLI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet130France
F-CCLJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet140France
F-CCLK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet150France
F-CCLL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet160France
F-CCPK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet170France
F-CCPL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet180France
F-CCPM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet190France
F-CCPN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet200France
F-CCPO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet21K0France
F-CCPP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet220France
F-CCQA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet230France
F-CCQB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet240France
F-CCQC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet250France
F-CCQD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet260France
F-CCQE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet270France
F-CCQF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet28K0France
F-CCQG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet29-K0France
F-CCQH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet300France
F-CCQI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet31K0France
F-CCQJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet320France
F-CCQK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet33K0France
F-CCQL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet34-K0France
F-CCQM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet350France
F-CCQN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet36K0France
F-CCQO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet370France
F-CCQP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet380France
F-CCQQ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet390France
F-CCQR Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet40K0France
F-CCQS Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet410France
F-CCQT Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet42K0France
F-CCQU Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet430France
F-CCQV Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet440France
F-CCQX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet450France
F-CCQY Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet460France
F-CCQZ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet47K0France
F-CCVA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet48K0France
F-CCVB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet49K0France
F-CCVC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet50-K0France
F-CCVD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet51-K0France
F-CCVE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet52-K0France
F-CCVF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet53K0France
F-CCVG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet54K0France
F-CCVH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet55-K0France
F-CCVI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet560France
F-CCVJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet57-K0France
F-CCVK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet580France
F-CCVL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet59K0France
F-CCVM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet60K0France
F-CCVN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet61-K0France
F-CCVO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet620France
F-CCVP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet63K0France
F-CCVQ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet640France
F-CCVR Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet65K0France
F-CCVS Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet66K0France
F-CCVT Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet670France
F-CCVU Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet680France
F-CCVV Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet690France
F-CCVX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet700France
F-CCVY Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet710France
F-CCVZ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet720France
F-CDBA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet730France
F-CDBB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet74K0France
F-CDBC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet75K0France
F-CDBD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet76-K0France
F-CDBE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet77-K0France
F-CDBF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet78K0France
F-CDBG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet79K0France
F-CDBH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet80K0France
F-CDBI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet81K0France
F-CDBJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet82K0France
F-CDBK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet83K0France
F-CDBL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet84-K0France
F-CDBM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet85K0France
F-CDBN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet86-K0France
F-CDBO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet87K0France
F-CDBP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet88K0France
F-CDBQ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet89-K0France
F-CDBR Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet90K0France
F-CDBS Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet91-K0France
F-CDBT Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet920France
F-CDBU Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet930France
F-CDBV Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet940France
F-CDBX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet950France
F-CDBY Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet960France
F-CDBZ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet970France
F-CDFA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet980France
F-CDFB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet990France
F-CDFC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1000France
F-CDFD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1010France
F-CDFE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet102K0France
F-CDFF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet103K0France
F-CDFG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet104K0France
F-CDFH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet105K0France
F-CDFI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet106-K0France
F-CDFJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet107-K0France
F-CDFK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet108K0France
F-CDFL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet109K0France
F-CDFM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet110K0France
F-CDFN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet111K0France
F-CDFO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet112-K0France
F-CDFP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet113K0France
F-CDFQ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1140France
F-CDFR Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet115K0France
F-CDFS Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1160France
F-CDFT Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1170France
F-CDFU Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1180France
F-CDFV Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1190France
F-CDFX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1200France
F-CDFY Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1210France
F-CDFZ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1220France
F-CDGM Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet1101France
F-CDGN Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet12K01France
F-CDGO Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet1301France
F-CDGP Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet1401France
F-CDGQ Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet1501France
F-CDLA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet123K0France
F-CDLB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1240France
F-CDLC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet125K0France
F-CDLD Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1260France
F-CDLE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet127-K0France
F-CDLF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1280France
F-CDLG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet129K0France
F-CDLH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1300France
F-CDLI Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet131K0France
F-CDLJ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet132K0France
F-CDLK Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet133K0France
F-CDLL Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet134K0France
F-CDLM Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet135K0France
F-CDLN Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet136K0France
F-CDLO Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet137K0France
F-CDLP Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1380France
F-CDLQ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1390France
F-CDLR Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1400France
F-CDLS Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1410France
F-CDLT Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1420France
F-CDLU Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet143K0France
F-CDLV Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1440France
F-CDLX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1450France
F-CDLY Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1460France
F-CDLZ Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet147K0France
F-CDNA Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1480France
F-CDNB Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1490France
F-CDNC Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet150K0France
F-CDND Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet151K0France
F-CDNE Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet152K0France
F-CDNF Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1530France
F-CDNG Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet1540France
F-CDNH Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet155K0France
F-CDNP Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 FauconnetK-0101France
F-CDNQ Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0201France
F-CDNR Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet03K01France
F-CDNS Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0401France
F-CDNT Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0501France
F-CDNU Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 FauconnetK 0601France
F-CDNV Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0701France
F-CDNX Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0801France
F-CDNY Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet0901France
F-CDNZ Scheibe (Avialsa) A-60 Fauconnet10K01France
F-COQX Scheibe Avialsa 60 Fauconnet450France
F-GBBZ Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-04891990France
F-GCXJ Raven RAVEN S 60 A1770France
F-GDAR Mitsubishi MU-2B-601513SA0France
F-GDHS Mitsubishi MU-2B-601532SA0France
F-GDHV1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60779SA210France
F-GEQM Mitsubishi MU-2B-60790-SA0France
F-GEYO Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0200France
F-GEYU Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE 0230France
F-GEYV Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE 0270France
F-GEZG Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0550France
F-GEZH Raven RAVEN S 60 AE-0570France
F-GEZK Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0680France
F-GFZM Mitsubishi MU-2B-601562 SA0France
F-GGLD Mitsubishi MU-2B-60792 SA0France
F-GHDA Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P02180250France
F-GKCL Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar79632470France
F-GKFD Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1850France
F-GKFE Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1770France
F-GKFS Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2320France
F-GKPV Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P050520926France
F-GKSL Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0670France
F-GLCG Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2620France
F-GLCI Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2660France
F-GLCS Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2960France
F-GLCT Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2950France
F-GLCV Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3000France
F-GMAC Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON CONCEPT 6030580France
F-GMFA Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1100France
F-GMFN Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1390France
F-GMFS Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1630France
F-GMGT Raven RAVEN S 60 A32210France
F-GMJK Mitsubishi MU-2B-601528-SA210France
F-GMNE Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3340France
F-GMNJ Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3360France
F-GMNK Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3240France
F-GMNL Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3250France
F-GMNU Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3550France
F-GMOR Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON CONCEPT 6029760France
F-GNOO Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON CONCEPT 6031760France
F-GNRZ Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3970France
F-GOOI Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON CONCEPT 6031600France
F-GPIL Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0780France
F-GUCC Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON CONCEPT 6038800France
F-HMFU1920 Farman F.60 Goliath3212France
F-MHFY Farman F.60 Goliath68402France
F-OAIZ Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0400France
F-ODTD Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0490France
F-ODTR Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1060France
F-ODTV Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-0770France
F-OGSC Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-1960France
F-OGSL Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2350France
F-OGSU Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2630France
F-OHCE Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-2880France
F-OHCH Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3200France
F-OHCI Manuf.frse Montgolfiere RAVEN EUROPE S 60 AE-3140France
F-PBAG Pottier P-60 Mini Acro1511France
F-PBIX Constructeur Amateur DRUINE-FRADON D 60010France
F-PCDL Constructeur Amateur BLANCHET J B 60-210France
F-PFOD Potez 60 Sauterelle01 (F-PFOD)12France
F-PJSA Legrand-Simon LS-60010France
F-PJXP Piel CP-60 Diamant010France
F-PKXS Constructeur Amateur FULMO JAB 60010France
F-PNUJ Potez 60 Sauterelle386212France
F-PNUX Potez 60 Sauterelle387312France
F-POSE Potez 60 Sauterelle418412France
F-PPZG Constructeur Amateur BARBARO RB 60010France
F-PRYP Potez 60 SauterelleP-1991.112France
F-PTEZ Potez 60-EF Sauterelle01 (F-PTEZ)12France
F-PVQB Potez 60 Sauterelle01 (F-PVQB)12France
FAB-002 North American Sabre 60306-1152Bolivia
FAB-005 North American Sabre 60306-1152Bolivia
FAE049 North American Sabre 60306-682Ecuador
G-AANV1931 Morane-Saulnier MS-60 Moth131United Kingdom
G-AARO1929 Arrow Aircraft And Motors Corporation ARROW SPORT A2-603411United Kingdom
G-ADRW1977 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0442-1672United Kingdom
G-ASWI1964 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA199210United Kingdom
G-ATBY1965 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA460210United Kingdom
G-ATBZ1965 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA461210United Kingdom
G-ATCA1965 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA462210United Kingdom
G-ATCB1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA463210United Kingdom
G-ATSC1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA544210United Kingdom
G-AVEW Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA562210United Kingdom
G-AVNE1967 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA561210United Kingdom
G-AWOX Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA686210United Kingdom
G-AWXX1969 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA694210United Kingdom
G-AXEN1969 Beech 60 DukeP-942United Kingdom
G-AXPJ1969 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA696210United Kingdom
G-AXXL Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA732210United Kingdom
G-AYNC1971 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA739210United Kingdom
G-AZBY1971 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA740210United Kingdom
G-AZBZ1971 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA741210United Kingdom
G-AZCA Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA742210United Kingdom
G-BAWJ1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA563210United Kingdom
G-BBCE1969 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA695210United Kingdom
G-BBRF Potez 60 Sauterelle01 (G-BBRF)12United Kingdom
G-BEJZ1976 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0376-1222United Kingdom
G-BFOK Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0186-0872United Kingdom
G-BGER1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA503210United Kingdom
G-BGHF1977 Westland WG-30-100-60WA-001 P2United Kingdom
G-BGWT1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA504210United Kingdom
G-BGYA1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0639-79632942United Kingdom
G-BGYC1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0669-79633132United Kingdom
G-BGYD Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0681-79633212United Kingdom
G-BHJV1980 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON RECTANGULAR-605600United Kingdom
G-BHPW1980 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0765-80633802United Kingdom
G-BILW Colt Balloons Ltd COLT 603010United Kingdom
G-BITC1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0515-2152United Kingdom
G-BIUL1981 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON BELLOWS-607030United Kingdom
G-BKEO1982 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON HOUSE-608000United Kingdom
G-BKKI1983 Westland WG-30-100-600032United Kingdom
G-BKXY1983 Westland WG-30-100-600132United Kingdom
G-BLGE1984 Short SD3-60 SHERPASH.3425239United Kingdom
G-BLKR1984 Westland WG-30-100-600172United Kingdom
G-BLLF1983 Westland WG-30-100-600152United Kingdom
G-BLMO1982 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON DEMESTICA BOTTLE-608360United Kingdom
G-BLPR1984 Westland WG-30-100-600212United Kingdom
G-BLTY1984 Westland WG30-100-600192United Kingdom
G-BLWK1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36712United Kingdom
G-BLWN1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36722United Kingdom
G-BLYF1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36732United Kingdom
G-BLYG1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36742United Kingdom
G-BLZV1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36782United Kingdom
G-BMEO1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36802United Kingdom
G-BMEP1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36812United Kingdom
G-BMER1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36822United Kingdom
G-BMES1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36832United Kingdom
G-BMHV1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36842United Kingdom
G-BMHW1985 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36852United Kingdom
G-BMHX1985 Short SD3-60-100SH3686239United Kingdom
G-BMNG1986 Short SD3-60 Variant 200SH.36912United Kingdom
G-BMNH1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36922United Kingdom
G-BMNI1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36932United Kingdom
G-BMUV1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36962United Kingdom
G-BMUW1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36972United Kingdom
G-BMUX1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36982United Kingdom
G-BMUY1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.36992United Kingdom
G-BMXR1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37012United Kingdom
G-BMXS1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37022United Kingdom
G-BMXT1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37032United Kingdom
G-BMXU1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37042United Kingdom
G-BNBB1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37062United Kingdom
G-BNBC1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37072United Kingdom
G-BNBE1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37092United Kingdom
G-BNBF1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37102United Kingdom
G-BNBG1986 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37112United Kingdom
G-BNCF1987 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON DP-6013531United Kingdom
G-BNMS1987 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37222United Kingdom
G-BNMV1987 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37252United Kingdom
G-BNMW1987 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37262United Kingdom
G-BNYG1987 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37292United Kingdom
G-BNYH1987 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37302United Kingdom
G-BOEL1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37342United Kingdom
G-BOFJ1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37402United Kingdom
G-BOWF1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37422United Kingdom
G-BOWG1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37432United Kingdom
G-BOWH1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37442United Kingdom
G-BOWI1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37452United Kingdom
G-BPFO1988 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37482United Kingdom
G-BPFP1989 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37492United Kingdom
G-BPFS1988 Short SD3-60SH.37512United Kingdom
G-BPKX1989 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37542United Kingdom
G-BPXM1989 Short SD3-60 VARIANT 200SH.37592United Kingdom
G-BRGU1990 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON R-6020570United Kingdom
G-BSFO1990 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON HOUSE-6022020United Kingdom
G-BTZU1991 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6027340United Kingdom
G-BVDM1993 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6031410United Kingdom
G-BVDY1993 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6031670United Kingdom
G-BVIP1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0572-79632492United Kingdom
G-BVMX1988 Short SD3-60SH.37512United Kingdom
G-BWAM1995 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6034530United Kingdom
G-BWRT1993 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6030780United Kingdom
G-BXJZ1997 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6041680United Kingdom
G-CAEB Vickers 60 Viking IV Scale ReplicaNot Found G-CAEB12Canada
G-CBJS2002 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-60102530United Kingdom
G-CBVD2002 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-60103380United Kingdom
G-CENN2007 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-60110130United Kingdom
G-CJMC2005 Learjet 6060-3002United Kingdom
G-COBA1977 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar60-0470-1552United Kingdom
G-COLT1976 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0336-0982United Kingdom
G-COTT1981 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON HOUSE-606870United Kingdom
G-DOOK1969 Beech 60 DukeP-942United Kingdom
G-EBED1926 Vickers 60 Viking IV Replica1714United Kingdom
G-EBMU1927 De Havilland DH-60 Moth23412United Kingdom
G-EBNO1928 De Havilland DH-60 Moth26112United Kingdom
G-EFIS1984 Westland WG-30-100-600142United Kingdom
G-FINE1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0585-79632582United Kingdom
G-GAIR1976 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0275-0602United Kingdom
G-HLEL1995 American Blimp Corp A-60+1025
G-HOIL2007 Learjet 6060-3132United Kingdom
G-IASL1968 Beech 60 DukeP-2126United Kingdom
G-IFIF2006 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON TR-60108110United Kingdom
G-INCF1987 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON DP-6013531United Kingdom
G-LGAR2005 Learjet 6060-286211United Kingdom
G-MOVE1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0593-79632632United Kingdom
G-OCIA1988 Short SD3-60SH.37512United Kingdom
G-OLEL1998 American Blimp Corp A-60+0162United Kingdom
G-PAMS1976 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0275-0602United Kingdom
G-PERR1981 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON BOTTLE-606990United Kingdom
G-PINT1982 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON BARREL-607940United Kingdom
G-RACE1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0569-79632472United Kingdom
G-REGN1988 Short SD3-60SH.37512United Kingdom
G-RIGS1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0621-79632812United Kingdom
G-ROGY1993 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON C-6030550United Kingdom
G-SILK1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0607-79632722United Kingdom
G-SING1968 Beech 60 DukeP-2126United Kingdom
G-SOAS1980 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0800-80634112United Kingdom
G-SOFI1979 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0658-79633062United Kingdom
G-SSWC1985 Short SD3-60-100SH3686239United Kingdom
G-STAR1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0484-1962United Kingdom
G-SXTY2004 Learjet 6060-2802United Kingdom
G-TIME1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0541-02302United Kingdom
G-TLEL1990 American Blimp Corp A-60+0032United Kingdom
G-TMRA1985 Short SD3-60-100SH3686239United Kingdom
G-VSOP1982 Cameron Balloons Ltd CAMERON BOTTLE-608350United Kingdom
G-XXZZ2008 Learjet 6060-3282United Kingdom
HA-YBA Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0780-80633932Hungary
HB-EZE1960 Aero L-60 Brigadyr15091114Sweden
HB-LMX Mitsubishi MU-2B-601528-SA210Switzerland
HB-LSG1982 Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar60-826503306Switzerland
HB-LUD1984 Piper PA-60-700P Aerostar60-842301006Switzerland
HB-OBU1931 Morane-Saulnier MS-60 Moth131Switzerland
HB-SPM1957 Potez 60 Sauterelle399812Switzerland
HB-VKI1993 Learjet 6060-019211Switzerland
HB-VNV2000 Learjet 6060-17927Switzerland
HB-VOZ1999 Learjet 6060-148211Switzerland
HB-VWN Learjet 6060-1582Switzerland
HC-ASD1966 Westland Wessex 60 Srs 1WA544210Ecuador
HP-1251APP Short SD3-60SH3610220[ANAMA, Panama
HZ-MA1 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-110212Saudi Arabia
HZ-MS1B Learjet Inc 6060-3710
HZ-NCB1976 North American NA-265-60306-94212Saudi Arabia
I-FBCA1975 North American Sabre 60306-97212Italy
I-GSIN2012 Learjet 6060-4142Italy
I-PRAD Gates 6060-1450Italy
I-RPLY Learjet 6060-2122Italy
I-TOLA Piper PA-60-602P Aerostar60836501226Italy
IN651 British Aerospace Harrier T.6065112India
IN6531990 British Aerospace Sea Harrier T.60B312Goa, India
LV-BDX2003 Learjet 6060-270211Argentina
LV-BFR Learjet 6060-590Argentina
LV-CBI Learjet 6060-2720
LV-CCO1996 Learjet 6060-076211Argentina
LV-CIO2000 Learjet 6060-194210Argentina
LV-CKK1995 Learjet 6060-68211Argentina
LV-CUE2000 Learjet 6060-196212Argentina
LV-CZX1999 Learjet 6060-167211Argentina
LV-FUF2000 Learjet 6060-1652Argentina
LV-JJF1968 Beechcraft 60 DukeP-02526San Fernando, Argentina
LV-MDM1977 Piper PA-60-600A Aerostar60-0429-14526Argentina
LV-MSN1978 Piper PA-60 Aerostar 600A60-0520-1682Argentina
LV-WFM1993 Learjet 6060-0242Argentina
LV-WXN1997 Learjet 6060-102211Argentina
LV-WXX1974 North American Sabre 60306-91212Argentina
LX-LOU Learjet 6060-2772Luxembourg
LX-RPL Learjet 6060-2122Luxembourg
LX-TWO Mitsubishi MU-2B-601515SA210Luxembourg
LY-ZDV1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-6015152Lithuania
LZ-6061958 Orlican Aero L-60 Brigadyr15090114Plovdiv, Bulgaria
LZ-AXA1999 Learjet 6060-167211Bulgaria
LZ-BVE2007 Learjet 6060-3292Bulgaria
LZ-BVV2005 Learjet 6060-2032Bulgaria
LZ-LEF1958 Orlican Aero L-60 Brigadyr15090114Bulgaria
LZ-TRH Learjet 6060-3992Bulgaria
M-ABGI2005 Learjet 6060-289211Isle of Man
M-AIRS Bombardier Lear 6060-2762United Kingdom
M-ALEX Learjet 6060-2870
M-AUTO Learjet 6060-027211United Kingdom
M-ELHI2009 Learjet 6060-373211Isle of Man
M-GLFZ2012 Learjet 6060-4212Isle of Man
M-HOIL2007 Learjet 6060-3132Isle of Man
M-IGHT Learjet 6060-3820
M-IGOR2006 Learjet 6060-305211Isle of Man
M-MHAC2007 Learjet 6060-326212
M-URAL2008 Learjet 6060-3282Isle of Man
M-YETD2012 Learjet 6060-4212Isle of Man
N100BY1984 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601565 S.A.210TX, United States
N100CD Beech B-60P47726
N100GS1974 Beech B-60P-30126FL, United States
N100LS1969 Beech 60 DukeP-11626DE, United States
N100NR2003 Learjet 60269211United States
N100RA1977 Beech B-60P40526ID, United States
N100RE1981 Beech B-60P-57026DE, United States
N101AX1977 Beech B-60P42726MO, United States
N101HW1994 Learjet Inc 60037211FL, United States
N101UD Learjet Inc 60275211FL, United States
N1020P1969 North American NA-265-60306-54212New York, United States
N1024G1973 North American NA-265-60306-64212Georgia, United States
N1024L1969 Beech 60P-7826United Kingdom
N1028Y1973 North American NA-265-60306-71212New York, United States
N102BX1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60748SA210SC, United States
N102LJ1997 Learjet 6060-102211NY, United States
N102SB1976 Beech B-60P-37526NV, United States
N103LS2005 Learjet 60288211DE, United States
N103TA1968 North American NA-265-60306-27212FL, United States
N104RJ2012 Learjet 604222Florida, United States
N104SS1968 North American NA-265-60306-30212DE, United States
N105PP1969 Beech 60P-10526DE, United States
N106FF2010 Learjet Inc 60375211IN, United States
N107LJ Learjet Inc 60107211KS, United States
N108PS Short SD-3-60-200SH3670230FL,
N108PS Short SD-3-60-200SH3671230FL,
N1099G1946 Piper J3F-60458212GA, United States
N109JR2001 Learjet 6060-2232United States
N10FJ1983 Piper PA-60-602P60-836502026AL, United States
N10HT1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60778 S.A.210SC, United States
N10LX1970 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-59212AZ, United States
N10MB1999 Learjet Inc 60176211TX, United States
N110161931 Spartan C2-60J-312OR, United States
N110JG Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-122212MO, United States
N110PB1978 Beech B-60P-48426FL, United States
N111111983 Piper PA-60-602P60-836502126WA, United States
N111411980 Beech B-60P-53326TX, United States
N1116A1968 North American NA-265-60306-30212Texas, United States
N111F1978 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306126212FL, United States
N111RD1980 Piper PA-60-601P61P0804806341526NJ, United States
N111RD1980 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P0804806341526NJ, United States
N111TG1968 Beech 60P-2626LA, United States
N111VW North American NA-265-60306-4429Fort Worth, TX, United States
N111WK1977 Beech B-60P-43926MD, United States
N1121S2005 Cameron Balloons ZL-60640301KS, United States
N1127M2002 Learjet Inc 60253211UT, United States
N1128M2001 Learjet Inc 60222211UT, United States
N113CC Beech B-60P26126AR, United States
N113T1976 Rockwell NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-113212TX, United States
N114BD1999 Learjet Inc 60166211WI, United States
N114LJ1999 Learjet Inc 60157211DE, United States
N1155T1969 Beech 60P-4726PA, United States
N115AN2006 Learjet Inc 60308211TN, United States
N115CR1969 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-43212DE, United States
N1164F Mitsubishi MU-2B-601562 S.A.210TX, United States
N116LJ Learjet 6060-116211KS, United States
N116LM1998 Learjet Inc 60142211OR, United States
N116N Sioux COUPE 60Q-21712OR, United States
N1171T1969 Beechcraft 60 DukeP-972United States
N117H1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60751SA210MI, United States
N117JL Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-128212DE, United States
N119041931 Spartan C2-60J-1112WY, United States
N119081931 Spartan C2-60J-1512MO, United States
N119FD1994 Learjet Inc 60029211UT, United States
N11AL1968 North American NA-265-60306-27212Pennsylvania, United States
N11AM1998 Learjet Inc 60118211MD, United States
N11CJ1939 Piper J3F-60332212OR, United States
N11LX1974 North American NA-265-60306-75212AZ, United States
N11TS1999 Learjet Inc 60151211KY, United States
N11UL1975 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-103212Virginia, United States
N11VC1976 Beech B-60P-40826LA, United States
N11ZP1995 American Blimp Corp A-60+01125FL, United States
N120JC North American Sabre 60306-42212Missouri, United States
N120LJ1997 Learjet 60120211KS, United States
N120SP Beech B-60P55426AZ, United States
N120SP1980 Beech B-60P-53826CO, United States
N12101967 North American NA-265-60306-4212Delaware, United States
N121JE1967 North American NA-265-60306-4212MO, United States
N121TP Beech B-60P-20326DE, United States
N1221J2000 Learjet Inc 60209211TX, United States
N1225 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P0572796324926GA, United States
N1234A1980 Beech B-60P-53526CA, United States
N1234L1974 Beech B-60P-32026WI, United States
N123JF1974 Beech B-60P-28426LA, United States
N124CA Short SHORTS SD3-60SH3652220WI, United States
N124DC1974 North American NA-265-60306-95212CA, United States
N124VC1974 North American NA-265-60306-95212CA, United States
N125AB Mitsubishi MU-2B-601531SA210GA,
N126CA1974 Beech B-60P-25726MN, United States
N126KD Learjet Inc 60262211IL, United States
N1272Q2006 Cameron Balloons Us C-60644804MI, United States
N128JC North American Sabre 60306-42212OR,
N128V2001 Learjet Inc 60226211OH, United States
N12CB1984 Piper PA-60-700P60-842302326CO, United States
N12NW Piper PA-60-602P60-826501326NC, United States
N12PB1968 North American Sabre 60306-0182United States
N12PP1975 Beech B-60P-33426CO, United States
N12SR1974 Beech B-60P-31626DE, United States
N12ST2000 Learjet Inc 60205211United States
N12ZP1996 American Blimp Corp A-60+01225FL, United States
N130MS Mitsubishi MU-2B-60750SA210WI, United States
N131JR1977 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-131212TX, United States
N131MC1976 Beech B-60P-39226IL, United States
N131TR2001 Learjet Inc 60216211UT, United States
N132BK1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601529 S.A.210TX, United States
N132DA Short SD3-60SH3405239VA, United States
N133LJ Learjet Inc 60133211KS, United States
N134HM Beech B-60P32626FL, United States
N134LJ Learjet Inc 60134211KS, United States
N134M Moth 60-GM9412MO,
N135D1968 Beech 60P-726OK, United States
N135JH1982 Piper PA-60-602P60-836500426CO, United States
N136LR1989 Short SHORTS SD3-60SH3752220WI, United States
N1391975 Beech B-60P-32126NM, United States
N13HL Beech B-60P57226
N13PS1982 Piper PA-60-602P60-826502026ID, United States
N13ZP American Blimp Corp A-60+01325OR, United States
N140JC1997 Learjet 6060-106211MS, United States
N140LJ1998 Learjet 6060-140211KS, United States
N140T1975 Beech B-60P-33626TX, United States
N141SL1978 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-141212FL, United States
N142BK Mitsubishi MU-2B-60733SA210United States
N143AA1998 Learjet 60143211TX, United States
N143DZ1979 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-142212CA, United States
N143FA1998 Learjet 60143211TX, United States
N144SJ1978 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P-0545-23326MD, United States
N144SJ1978 Piper PA-60-601P61P-0545-23326MD, United States
N145LJ Learjet Inc 60145211
N147CC1993 Learjet 6060-0122United States
N1498G Learjet Inc 60035211GA, United States
N149LJ1999 Learjet 6060-149211United States
N14CG1974 North American Sabre 60306-83212New York, United States
N14M1969 North American Sabre 60306-562Pennsylvania, United States
N14T1993 Learjet 6060-0262United States
N14TU1993 Learjet Inc 60026211NC, United States
N14VL1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601514SA210MS, United States
N14VP1981 Beech B-60P-57626United Kingdom
N151CA1984 Short SHORTS SD3-60SH3653220WI, United States
N151PR1987 Short SD3-60SH3725239DC, United States
N152BK Mitsubishi MU-2B-601537SA210UT, United States
N152U1968 Beech 60P-1426OR, United States
N154AK1997 Learjet Inc 60114211IL, United States
N1551L1976 Beech B-60P-39126WY, United States
N155EC North American NA-265-6030620212
N156BF2003 Learjet Inc 60266211NY, United States
N156C1968 Beech 60P-2826CA, United States
N156DH1996 Learjet Inc 60091211WV, United States
N157CA1982 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601558S.A210TX, United States
N157E Beech B-60P55626CA, United States
N157JT1982 Beech B-60P-58926WA, United States
N159SC1995 Learjet Inc 60059211FL, United States
N15AK1973 Beech B-60P-25426OK, United States
N15DJ1975 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner30697212VA, United States
N15ET Mitsubishi MU-2B-60733SA210OK, United States
N15FM1979 Beech B-60P-52226WY, United States
N15HF1970 North American NA-265-60306-60212MI, United States
N15MV1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601506SA2United States
N15SY1969 Beech 60P-4626AZ, United States
N15ZM Mitsubishi MU-2B-60774SA210
N1602X1994 Cameron Balloons Us C-60594104NM, United States
N1602Z1994 Cameron Balloons Us C-60592404PA, United States
N160301994 Cameron Balloons Us C-60596204CT, United States
N1606E Cameron Balloons Us C-60594904OH, United States
N160AJ1992 Learjet Inc 60005211AZ, United States
N160AN1998 Learjet Inc 60126211CT, United States
N160BG2005 Learjet Inc 60294211CA, United States
N160BL1997 Learjet Inc 60104211DE, United States
N160BP1998 Learjet Inc 60138211TX, United States
N160CF1967 North American NA-265-60306-3212DE, United States
N160CR1968 Beech 60P-2426CO, United States
N160DD1987 Short SD3-60SH3723220MA, United States
N160EE1996 Learjet Inc 60093211FL, United States
N160EM1999 Learjet 6060-149211Delaware, United States
N160GG1997 Learjet Inc 60113211FL, United States
N160GH Learjet Inc 60129211AZ, United States
N160JD1995 Learjet Inc 60068211CT, United States
N160MG2001 Learjet Inc 60244211FL, United States
N160RM1998 Learjet 6060-1472United States
N160RS2007 Cameron Balloons ZL-60650301TN, United States
N160SP1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601506 S.A.210TX, United States
N160TG2008 Learjet Inc 60339211GA, United States
N161CM1967 North American NA-265-60306-5212MO, United States
N161CN Short SD3-60SH3761239MA, United States
N161DD Short SD3-60SH3724239MA, United States
N161EA Short SD3-60-100SH3608239FL, United States
N162CN Short SD3-60SH3762239MA, United States
N162EA Short SD3-60-100SH3661239FL, United States
N162JB1970 North American NA-265-60306-62212MO, United States
N163EA1985 Short SD3-60-100SH3686239FL, United States
N164MC1968 Beech 60P-1226WI, United States
N164PA1994 Learjet 6060-030211AZ, United States
N165DD1988 Short SD3-60SH3740239PR,
N165EA Short SD3-60-100SH3715239FL, United States
N166HL1994 Learjet Inc 60041211NY, United States
N1675T1969 Beech 60P-6326
N167U1969 Beech 60P-9926CA, United States
N167XX1999 Learjet 6060-167211TX, United States
N168SP1980 Beech B-60P-55326WY, United States
N168ZZ1996 Learjet Inc 60078211MO, United States
N169RF North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-45212AZ,
N16CS1997 Learjet Inc 60098211DE, United States
N1700L1961 Macchi LASA 606/614812OK, United States
N1702L1961 Macchi AL 60-B6150-812OK, United States
N1703L1961 Macchi AL 609615412OH, United States
N1704L1962 Macchi AL 60-B6155-1012OR, United States
N1708L Macchi LASA 6013615812AK, United States
N1709L1961 Macchi LASA 6014/615912TX, United States
N170LJ1999 Learjet 6060-1702United States
N170MK1994 Learjet Inc 60002211NC, United States
N171EC1974 Beech B-60P-28826MI, United States
N1727S Mitsubishi MU-2B-601504 S.A.210NH, United States
N173DM1989 Short SD3-60SH3753239TX, United States
N173KR1997 Learjet Inc 60099211KS, United States
N174MA1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60753 S.A.210SC, United States
N1751970 Beech 60P-8626OK, United States
N175CA1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60736SA210OK, United States
N175PC1999 Learjet 6060-175211UT, United States
N175WH2006 Cameron Balloons ZL-60641801TX, United States
N176001977 Beech B-60P-40726NM, United States
N176KS1995 Learjet Inc 60066211KS, United States
N176MB1999 Learjet 6060-1762United States
N176TF1975 Beech B-60P-31026DE, United States
N177KS1997 Learjet 6060-10928United States
N178BG1978 Beech B-60P-45926OK, United States
N178MM2000 Learjet 60178211PA, United States
N1790M1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60756 S.A.210GA, United States
N179951977 Beech B-60P-42826TX, United States
N179LF1997 Learjet Inc 60101211UT, United States
N17HG1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601510 S.A.210VA, United States
N17TK1978 Beech B-60P-48026WY, United States
N17TT1977 Beech B-60P-44026DE, United States
N1808S1981 Beech B-60P-57326IA, United States
N180CP1996 Learjet Inc 60081211NM, United States
N181BD Beech B-60P-56326TX, United States
N1820M1981 Beech B-60P-57526DE, United States
N182451977 Beech B-60P-42926DE, United States
N1828L1976 Beech B-60P-38526CO, United States
N1837K1981 Beech B-60P-57926ID, United States
N183BX Learjet Inc 60285211CO, United States
N184001977 Beech B-60P-41226GA, United States
N18633 Piper PA-60-601P61P050520926DE, United States
N18633 Piper PA-60-601P Aerostar61P050520926DE, United States
N1873S1969 Beechcraft 60 dukeP-10526United States
N1876L1976 Beech B-60P-38626TX, United States
N1883L1976 Beech B-60P-38326LA,
N1887L1976 Beech B-60P-38826MA, United States
N1888TC1996 Learjet 6060-0782United States
N188A1969 Beech 60P-6926MI, United States
N188BH1980 Beech B-60P-52626NV, United States
N188TC1996 Learjet 6060-0782United States
N188TG1996 Learjet Inc 60078211MO, United States
N189LJ2000 Learjet Inc 60189211UT, United States
N18AB1976 Beech B-60P-40426MD, United States
N18X Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-137212OK,
N190LJ Learjet Inc 60190211UT, United States
N190SB Short SD3-60JH3665239CA,
N193AA1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60741SA210FL, United States
N193KB1977 Beech B-60P-42426CA, United States
N19401994 Learjet Inc 60002211United States
N195SD1979 Beech B-60P-49426AL, United States
N196MA1979 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60764 S.A.210AL, United States
N198HB2000 Learjet Inc 60198211MS, United States
N19BL1974 Beech B-60P-26726OK, United States
N19RN1977 Beech B-60P-41526VA, United States
N19U North American NA-265-6030656212
N1GM1976 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-120212MD, United States
N1JB2008 Learjet Inc 60363211FL, United States
N1JX1970 North American NA-265-60306-61212FL, United States
N1MN1969 North American NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-58212Alabama, United States
N1SM1982 Beech B-60P-59526TN, United States
N1WA1977 Beech B-60P-42326LA, United States
N2000J1975 Beech B-60P-35426OH, United States
N200CE North American NA-265-6030687212
N200MT Learjet Inc 60150211OH, United States
N2012P1989 American Blimp Corp A-60+00125FL, United States
N2013K American Blimp Corp A-60+0225WA, United States
N2017A American Blimp Corp A-60+0325FL, United States
N201UD Learjet Inc 60387211DE, United States
N2025P1978 Beech B-60P-47626CA, United States
N202LJ2000 Learjet Inc 60202211DE, United States
N202N2002 Learjet Inc 60258211MA, United States
N202RS1976 Beech B-60P-38026GA, United States
N202SJ2006 Learjet Inc 60311211KS, United States
N202TT Beech 60P3226
N20351 Beech B-60P-58026KS, United States
N2053G1978 Beech B-60P-48926CA, United States
N205ST2000 Learjet Inc 60205211United States
N2060N1978 Beech B-60P48226United States
N2067B1978 Beech B-60P46626FL,
N206HY1994 Learjet Inc 60028211OK, United States
N207FX1995 Learjet 6060-0502United States
N208151938 Piper J3F-60211512OR, United States
N208BH2000 Learjet Inc 60208211NV, United States
N20CG1979 Beech B-60P-49526OR, United States
N20CP1974 Beech B-60P-28726IL, United States
N20G1970 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-59212United States
N2108J1976 Rockwell NA-265-60 Sabreliner306-113212United States
N210FX1995 Learjet 6060-0642United States
N2118J North American Sabre 60306-1152United States
N2119J1976 Rockwell NA-265-60306-116212Texas, United States
N211BR1971 North American NA-265-60306-85212MS, United States
N211FS Beech B-60P-42026TX, United States
N212731938 Taylorcraft BF-60106612CT, United States
N212871938 Taylorcraft BF-60108112MD, United States
N212JA Learjet 6060-010211UT, United States
N2134J1977 North American NA-265-60306-125212Kentucky, United States
N2145J1977 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306130212CA,
N214861938 Piper J3F-60234212TN, United States
N215CQ1978 Beech B-60P-45826OK, United States
N215FX1997 Learjet 6060-1012United States
N215KM1997 Learjet Inc 60109211CO, United States
N215MH1981 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601544 S.A.210DE, United States
N21697 Piper J3F-60259312
N216FX1997 Learjet 6060-1032United States
N217BX1997 Learjet Inc 60105211NV, United States
N217FX1997 Learjet 6060-1052United States
N217RB1978 Beech B-60P-48726TX, United States
N21979 Curtiss YP-60-E2769111WV,
N219DC1995 Learjet Inc 60061211NJ, United States
N21AC1995 Learjet Inc 60070211KY, United States
N21CJ1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60789 S.A.210SC, United States
N21FH1975 Beech B-60P-35626CA, United States
N21NV Learjet Inc 60268211NV, United States
N21TP Beech 60P11426
N21TR1969 Beech 60P-4226CO, United States
N220FX2003 Learjet Inc 60267211United States
N220MM Hogan John V Jr SILHOUETTE SA-60SA60-20212CA, United States
N221FX1997 Learjet 6060-1112United States
N221LM1987 Short SD3-60SH3722239HI, United States
N221MA1980 Mitsubishi MU-2B-60771 S.A.210TX, United States
N222BR2006 Learjet Inc 60310211UT, United States
N222GM1979 Beech B-60P-51426CA, United States
N222HH1986 Mitsubishi MU-2B-601569SA210CA, United States
N222NM1977 Beech B-60P-44226PA, United States
N224FX1998 Learjet 6060-1262United States
N22524 Cameron Balloons ZL-60656201TN, United States
N225FX1998 Learjet 6060-1272United States
N226FX1998 Learjet 6060-1282United States
N226SF1996 Learjet 60092211United States
N227N1994 Learjet 6060-0492Washington, United States
N2288V1973 Beech B-60P-25626TX, United States
N228N1994 Learjet 6060-0312Washington, United States
N229141939 Piper J3F-60282112MD, United States
N229K1929 Moth 60-GM4112NH,
N229RP2007 Learjet Inc 60320211UT, United States
N22AJ1977 Beech B-60P-44126NY, United States
N22BK1974 Beech B-60P-31226NM, United States
N22BX North American Sabre 60306-138212Michigan, United States
N22CG North American NA-265-60306-88212
N22G1993 Learjet Inc 60022211OH, United States
N22K1969 Beech 60P-5126DE, United States
N22MY Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306117212
N230A North American NA-265-6030638212
N230BB1978 Beech B-60P-46026MA, United States
N230FX1998 Learjet 6060-1382United States
N230FX1998 Learjet Inc 60138211
N232011939 Piper J3F-60297512SD, United States
N232451939 Piper J3F-60301312OR, United States
N232LJ Learjet 6060-2322United States
N234DC1975 Rockwell International Corp NA-265-60306-103212FL, United States