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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
F-GFKA1988 Airbus A320-11100202
F-GFKAVille de Paris1987 Airbus A320-1110052France
F-GFKB1987 Airbus A320-1110072France
F-GFKB1987 Airbus A320-1110052
F-GFKC1988 Airbus A320-1110092France
F-GFKDVille de Londres1988 Airbus A320-1110142France
F-GFKEVille de Bonn1988 Airbus A320-11100192France
F-GFKFVille de Madrid1988 Airbus A320-11100202France
F-GFKGVille d'Amsterdam1988 Airbus A320-11100212France
F-GFKQ1991 Airbus A320-1110022France
F-GGEA1988 airbus A320-1110102France
F-GGEB1988 Airbus A320-1110122France
F-GGEC1988 Airbus A320-111132172France
F-GGED1988 Airbus A320-1110152France
F-GGEE1989 Airbus A320-11100162France
F-GGEF1987 Airbus A320-1110042172France
F-GGEG1987 Airbus A320-1110032France
F-WWBA1987 Airbus A320-1110012France
F-WWDAVille de Berlin1991 Airbus A320-1110022France
F-WWDB1987 Airbus A320-1110032France
F-WWDC1987 Airbus A320-1110042172France
F-WWDD1988 Airbus A320-1110092France
F-WWDD1987 Airbus A320-1110062France
F-WWDI1987 Airbus A320-1110052France
F-WWDN1988 Airbus A320-111132172France
F-WWDP1988 Airbus A320-1110152France
G-BUSBIsle of Jersey1987 Airbus A320-1110062United Kingdom
G-BUSCIsle of Skye1987 Airbus A320-1110082100United Kingdom
G-BUSD1988 Airbus A320-1110112United Kingdom
G-BUSE1988 Airbus A320-1110172United Kingdom
G-BUSF1989 Airbus A320-1110182United Kingdom
N115AT1987 Airbus A320-1110082100United States
N140AT Airbus A320-1110172100UT, United States
N140AT1988 Airbus A320-1110172United States
N293AT1987 Airbus A320-1110062United States
N293AT Airbus A320-1110062100UT, United States