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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
280931978 Bell 214B-128039116Thailand
5N-AVW1976 Bell 214B-128010116Nigeria
7511976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116Oman
9V-BJX1978 Bell 214B-128039116Singapore
C-FFUO Bell 214B-128044116British Columbia, Canada
C-FWQU Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28029116British Columbia, Canada
C-FXNI1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116British Columbia, Canada
C-FZVT1979 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28016116British Columbia, Canada
C-FZYS1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116British Columbia, Canada
C-GBHH1976 Bell 214B-128007116Alberta, Canada
C-GFFW1978 Bell 214B-128039116Canada
C-GFIT1979 Bell 214B-128040116Quebec, Canada
C-GGYX1978 Bell 214B-128036116
C-GJNU Bell 214B-128019116British Columbia, Canada
C-GJQO1978 Bell 214B-128039116Canada
C-GTWF Bell 214B-128014116British Columbia, Canada
C-GTWH1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116British Columbia, Canada
C-GTWI1978 Bell 214B-128011116British Columbia, Canada
C-GTWL1981 Bell 214B-128055116British Columbia, Canada
C-GTWV Bell 214B-128048116British Columbia, Canada
D-HOOK1976 Bell 214B-128010116Germany
F-GBMV Bell 214B-128043116France
F-GFUT Bell 214B-128051116France
F-GJKZ Bell 214B-128066116France
F-GSAP1978 Bell 214B-128039116France
HB-XKH1976 Bell 214B-128010116Switzerland
HL91311976 Bell 214B-128010116Korea, Republic of
HL9136 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28051116Korea, Republic of
HL91571976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116Korea, Republic of
JA61891978 Bell 214B-128039116Japan
LN-ORA Bell 214B-128021116Norway
LN-ORM1980 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28054116Norway
LN-OSR Bell 214B-128047116Norway
LN-OSWBig Mort1978 Bell 214B-128011116Norway
N114RM Bell 214B-128021116CA, United States
N166651976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116Oregon, United States
N167341977 Bell 214B-128018116TX,
N168051977 Bell 214B-128035116
N168501978 Bell 214B-128036116TX,
N214B1978 Bell 214B-128039116MT, United States
N214GL1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116OR, United States
N214HA1978 Bell 214B-128039116
N214HC Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28051116CO, United States
N214HV1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116CA,
N214JL Bell 214B-128066116UT, United States
N214NP1981 Bell 214B-128053116AK, United States
N214NS1981 Bell 214B-128055116CO, United States
N214PH Bell 214B-128044116
N214RM Bell 214B-128001116
N214TH1978 Bell 214B-128031116AK, United States
N214VC Bell 214B-128024116CA, United States
N217PJ Bell 214B-128032116CA, United States
N224PH1977 Bell 214B-128033116OR, United States
N225RM1976 Bell 214B-128013116CA, United States
N226RM1977 Bell 214B-128020116UT,
N234PH Bell 214B-128050116UT, United States
N2757G Bell 214B-128045116CO,
N2759X1979 Bell 214B-128038116FL,
N281JL1978 Bell 214B-128036116UT, United States
N3127U Bell 214B-128048116
N314RM Bell 214B-128041116UT,
N3913D Bell 214B-128060116,T,
N3999N Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28029116WA, United States
N400MS1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116Minneapolis, United States
N497321976 Bell 214B-128005116UT, United States
N5013U Bell 214B-128043116
N614RM Bell 214B-128019116UT,
N64PJ Bell 214B-128032116CA, United States
N75JK1976 Bell 214B-128010116CA, United States
N814RM Bell 214B-128067116UT,
N82NW1979 Bell 214B-128040116CA, United States
N9952K Bell 214B-128014116
P2-MLJ Bell 214B-128066116Papua New Guinea
VH-SMI1978 Bell 214B-128011116Queensland, Australia
VH-SUH1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116Queensland, Australia
ZK-HAU1978 Bell 214B-128036116New Zealand