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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
7511976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116Oman
C-FWQU Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28029116British Columbia, Canada
C-FXNI1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116British Columbia, Canada
C-FZVT1979 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28016116British Columbia, Canada
C-FZYS1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116British Columbia, Canada
C-GTWH1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116British Columbia, Canada
HL9136 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28051116Korea, Republic of
HL91571976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28006116Korea, Republic of
LN-ORM1980 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28054116Norway
N166651976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116Oregon, United States
N214GL1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116OR, United States
N214HC Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28051116CO, United States
N214HV1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116CA,
N3999N Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28029116WA, United States
N400MS1978 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28022116Minneapolis, United States
VH-SUH1976 Bell 214B-1 Biglifter28017116Queensland, Australia