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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
3C-LQC1967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134Equatorial Guinea
3D-BOC1965 Boeing 727-22183233134Swaziland
5N-ORI1965 Boeing 727-22183303134Nigeria
5N-TKT1965 Boeing 727-22183303134Nigeria
9Q-CEV1967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134Congo
9Q-COP1965 Boeing 727-22183233134Congo
9Q-CSF1965 Boeing 727-22183323134Congo
C-FBWYShane Christopher1966 Boeing 727-22(F)19085/3493134Alberta, Canada
C-GBWSJessica1966 Boeing 727-22188673134Alberta, Canada
C-GVCH1965 Boeing 727-22188533134Canada
CC-CIW1965 Boeing 727-22183233134Chile
HK-2833X1965 Boeing 727-22183213134Colombia
HL73361965 Boeing 727-22183213134Korea, Republic of
HL73371965 Boeing 727-22183233134Korea, Republic of
N103MU1965 Boeing 727-22183243134United States
N1187Z1965 Boeing 727-22183233134United States
N147FE1966 Boeing 727-22190803134TN, United States
N148FERosemary1966 Boeing 727-22(F)190863134TN, United States
N149FE1967 Boeing 727-22190873134TN, United States
N150FE1967 Boeing 727-22(F)191413134TN, United States
N151FE1967 Boeing 727-22191473134TN, United States
N15471965 Boeing 727-22188533134Mexico
N157FE1964 Boeing 727-22183143134TN,
N166FE1966 Boeing 727-22188633134TN, United States
N167FEGeorge1966 Boeing 727-22188643134TN, United States
N168FEWilliam1966 Boeing 727-22188653134TN, United States
N169FE1966 Boeing 727-22188663134TN, United States
N180FEAlayna1966 Boeing 727-22188673134TN, United States
N181FE1966 Boeing 727-22188683134TN, United States
N184FE1966 Boeing 727-22188703134TN, United States
N185FE1966 Boeing 727-22188713134TN, United States
N186FE1966 Boeing 727-22188723134TN, United States
N187FE1966 Boeing 727-22190793134TN, United States
N188FE1966 Boeing 727-22190813134TN, United States
N189FE1966 Boeing 727-22190823134TN, United States
N190FE1966 Boeing 727-22190833134TN, United States
N191FE1966 Boeing 727-22190843134TN, United States
N192FE1966 Boeing 727-22(F)19085/3493134TN, United States
N193FE1967 Boeing 727-22191423134TN, United States
N194FE1967 Boeing 727-22191433134OK, United States
N195FE1967 Boeing 727-22191443134TN, United States
N196FE1967 Boeing 727-22191453134TN, United States
N198FE1967 Boeing 727-22191543134TN, United States
N27KA1965 Boeing 727-22188593134VA, United States
N283AT1967 Boeing 727-22191503134UT,
N285AT1967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134United States
N286AT Boeing 727-22191533134FL,
N28KA1965 Boeing 727-22183203134VA, United States
N300AA1965 Boeing 727-22188563134
N30KA1965 Boeing 727-22188573134VA, United States
N31KA1965 Boeing 727-22188563134United States
N341TC1967 Boeing 727-22191483134NV, United States
N39KA1965 Boeing 727-22183243134VA, United States
N400RGAl Bashaer1967 Boeing 727-22191493134DE, United States
N40481 Boeing 727-22183293134UT, United States
N404821965 Boeing 727-22183303134FL, United States
N40483 Boeing 727-22183313134UT, United States
N40484 Boeing 727-22187913134WA, United States
N404851965 Boeing 727-22183323134FL,
N40486 Boeing 727-22188483134UT, United States
N40488 Boeing 727-22188523134UT, United States
N40489 Boeing 727-22188543134UT, United States
N40490 Boeing 727-22188603134UT, United States
N68644 Boeing 727-22182973134United States
N7001U1963 Boeing 727-22182933134WA, United States
N7002U1963 Boeing 727-22182943134CA, United States
N7004U1963 Boeing 727-22182963134DC, United States
N7005U Boeing 727-22182973134WA, United States
N7006U Boeing 727-22182983134WA, United States
N7007U1963 Boeing 727-22182993134WA, United States
N7008U Boeing 727-22183003134WA, United States
N7009U1964 Boeing 727-22183013134WA, United States
N7010U Boeing 727-22183023134WA, United States
N7011U1964 Boeing 727-22183033134WA, United States
N7012U Boeing 727-22183043134WA, United States
N7013U Boeing 727-22183053134WA, United States
N7014U Boeing 727-22183063134WA, United States
N7015U1964 Boeing 727-22183073134CA, United States
N7016U1964 Boeing 727-22183083134WA, United States
N7017U Boeing 727-22183093134IL,
N7018U Boeing 727-22183103134WA, United States
N7019U Boeing 727-22183113134WA, United States
N7020U Boeing 727-22183123134IL,
N7021U Boeing 727-22183133134WA, United States
N7023U Boeing 727-22183153134WA, United States
N7024U Boeing 727-22183163134TN,
N7025U Boeing 727-22183173134TN,
N7026U Boeing 727-22183183134TN,
N7027U Boeing 727-22183193134TN,
N7028U1965 Boeing 727-22183203134United States
N7029U1965 Boeing 727-22183213134United States
N7031U1965 Boeing 727-22183233134United States
N7032U1965 Boeing 727-22183243134United States
N7037U Boeing 727-22183293134Illinois, United States
N7040U1965 Boeing 727-22183323134Illinois, United States
N7044U1965 Boeing 727-22188513Illinois, United States
N7046U1965 Boeing 727-22188533134
N7048U1965 Boeing 727-22188553134KS,
N7049U1965 Boeing 727-22188563134United States
N7052U1965 Boeing 727-22188593134Utah, United States
N7054U1965 Boeing 727-22188613134WA, United States
N7055U1966 Boeing 727-22188623134WA, United States
N7062U1966 Boeing 727-22188693134WA, United States
N7067U1966 Boeing 727-22190803134United States
N7073U1966 Boeing 727-22190863134Illinois, United States
N7077UThe Robert L White1967 Boeing 727-22191413134Georgia, United States
N7079U1967 Boeing 727-22191433134United States
N707DH1965 Boeing 727-22183213134FL, United States
N7082U1967 Boeing 727-22191463134WA, United States
N7084U1967 Boeing 727-22191483134Illinois, United States
N7087U1967 Boeing 727-22191513134Illinois, United States
N7088U1967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134United States
N727CD1965 Boeing 727-22188493134FL,
N727CF1965 Boeing 727-22183233134TX, United States
N742EV1967 Boeing 727-22191403134OR, United States
N743EV1967 Boeing 727-22190883134OR,
N841N1965 Boeing 727-22183243134United States
N863SY1965 Boeing 727-22183233134United States
N8700R1965 Boeing 727-22183213134United States
N931PG1967 Boeing 727-22191513134CA, United States
N932PG1967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134CA, United States
OB-15461967 Boeing 727-22191503134Peru
OB-1547Ciudad de Lima1967 Boeing 727-22191513134Peru
OB-15481967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134Peru
OB-17591967 Boeing 727-2219152/5073134Peru
P4-FLY1967 Boeing 727-22191483134Aruba
PT-TCH1967 Boeing 727-22190883134Brazil
S9-BOE1967 Boeing 727-22(CF)19192/38833Sao Tome and Principe
S9-DBM1965 Boeing 727-22183233134Sao Tome and Principe
TI-LRC1965 Boeing 727-22188563134Costa Rica
VR-BMC1965 Boeing 727-22183233134Bermuda
XA-BTO1965 Boeing 727-22188533134Mexico
YV-837C1965 Boeing 727-22188533134Venezuela
YV-87C1965 Boeing 727-22188533134Venezuela
YV-88C1965 Boeing 727-22188553134Venezuela
YV-89C1965 Boeing 727-22188513Venezuela
YV-90C1965 Boeing 727-22188563134Venezuela
YV155T Boeing 727-222099233