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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
B-186592015 Boeing 737-8SH413352China
C-GBZS2016 Boeing 737-8SH42053/57802189Canada
HL80122015 Boeing 737-8SH413482Korea, Republic of
HL8013 Boeing 737-8SH413460Korea, Republic of
HL80162016 Boeing 737-8SH41341/58222189Korea, Republic of
JU-1015Guyug Khaan2014 Boeing 737-8SH413182Mongolia
LV-FUC2015 Boeing 737-8SH413472200Argentina
LV-FVN2016 Boeing 737-8SH413312189Argentina
LV-GGK2016 Boeing 737-8SH41339/57742Argentina
N1786B2016 Boeing 737-8SH41341/58222189United States
N373AL2016 Boeing 737-8SH413452
VT-SZN2016 Boeing 737-8SH413452India
YJ-AV82016 Boeing 737-8SH42052/57502Vanuatu