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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
C-GXRAHerbert Hollick Kenyon1978 Boeing 747-211B21516/3264495Canada
C-GXRDH.A. Doc Oakes1979 Boeing 747-211B215174495Canada
G-GLYNCity of Perth1978 Boeing 747-211B21516/3264495United Kingdom
G-NIGBCity of Gloucester1979 Boeing 747-211B215174495United Kingdom
N207AE1978 Boeing 747-211B21516/3264495DE, United States
N208AE1979 Boeing 747-211B215174495DE, United States
RP-C88301979 Boeing 747-211B215174495Philippines
RP-C88501978 Boeing 747-211B21516/3264495Philippines