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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
4L-GEO1987 Boeing 747-236B237114Georgia
9M-MHI1981 Boeing 747-236B223044490Malaysia
9M-MHJ1981 Boeing 747-236B/SF22442/5264Malaysia
G-BDXACity of Cardiff1977 Boeing 747-236B212384United Kingdom
G-BDXBCity of Liverpool1977 Boeing 747-236B212394United Kingdom
G-BDXCCity of Manchester1977 Boeing 747-236B212404United Kingdom
G-BDXDCity of Plymouth1977 Boeing 747-236B212414United Kingdom
G-BDXECity of Glasgow1978 Boeing 747-236B213504United Kingdom
G-BDXE1977 Boeing 747-236B213504United Kingdom
G-BDXF1977 Boeing 747-236B213514United Kingdom
G-BDXFCity of York1978 Boeing 747-236B213514United Kingdom
G-BDXG1977 Boeing 747-236B215364United Kingdom
G-BDXGCity of Oxford1977 Boeing 747-236B215364United Kingdom
G-BDXHCity of Edinburgh1979 Boeing 747-236B216354United Kingdom
G-BDXH1979 Boeing 747-236B216354European Aviation Ai, United Kingdom
G-BDXICity of Cambridge1980 Boeing 747-236B218304United Kingdom
G-BDXJ1980 Boeing 747-236B218314United Kingdom
G-BDXKCity of Canterbury1980 Boeing 747-236B223034United Kingdom
G-BDXL1981 Boeing 747-236B223054United Kingdom
G-BDXMCity of Derby1987 Boeing 747-236B237114United Kingdom
G-BDXNCity of Stoke On Trent1987 Boeing 747-236B237354United Kingdom
G-BDXOCity of Bath1987 Boeing 747-236B237994United Kingdom
G-BDXP1988 Boeing 747-236B24088/6974United Kingdom
G-MKLA1987 Boeing 747-236B237114United Kingdom
N1790B1977 Boeing 747-236B212384United States
N361FC1981 Boeing 747-236B/SF22442/5264UT, United States
N362FC1981 Boeing 747-236B223044490UT, United States
N6009F1988 Boeing 747-236B24088/6974United States
N8255V1977 Boeing 747-236B212414United States
N8280V1977 Boeing 747-236B212394United States
N8280V1981 Boeing 747-236B223054United States
N88892 Boeing 747-236B21831/440/4404490United States
TF-AAA1981 Boeing 747-236B/SF22442/5264Iceland
TF-AAB1981 Boeing 747-236B223044490Iceland
TF-ARF1981 Boeing 747-236B223054Iceland
TF-ARG1980 Boeing 747-236B223034Iceland
TF-ARJ1987 Boeing 747-236B237354Iceland
TF-ATX1987 Boeing 747-236B237114Iceland
TF-ATZ1988 Boeing 747-236B24088/6974Malaysia