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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5N-HMB1991 Boeing 747-438250674Nigeria
N5020K2003 Boeing 747-438/ER329124United States
N6018N2002 Boeing 747-438/ER329094550United States
N6018N1992 Boeing 747-43825547/9364United States
N606592002 Boeing 747-438/ER329104United States
N606682003 Boeing 747-438/ER32914/13314550United States
N747ER2002 Boeing 747-438/ER329094550WA, United States
N747ER2002 Boeing 747-438329094550WA, United States
N951JM1992 Boeing 747-438255464United States
N952JM1992 Boeing 747-438255454Utah, United States
N953JM1991 Boeing 747-438251514Utah, United States
N954JM1989 Boeing 747-438243734Delaware, United States
N955JM1989 Boeing 747-43824482/7654412Delaware, United States
N956JM1989 Boeing 747-438244834Delaware, United States
N958JM1991 Boeing 747-438253154Delaware, United States
VH-OEENullabor Plain2002 Boeing 747-438/ER329094550NSW, Australia
VH-OEFSydney2002 Boeing 747-438/ER329104NSW, Australia
VH-OEGParkes2002 Boeing 747-438/ER329114NSW, Australia
VH-OEHHervey Bay2003 Boeing 747-438/ER329124NSW, Australia
VH-OEICity of Ceduna2003 Boeing 747-438/ER329134NSW, Australia
VH-OEJWunala Dreaming2003 Boeing 747-438/ER32914/13314550NSW, Australia
VH-OJACity of Canberra1989 Boeing 747-438243544NSW, Australia
VH-OJACity of Canberra1989 Boeing 747-438243544New South Wales, Australia
VH-OJBMt Isa1989 Boeing 747-438243734NSW, Australia
VH-OJCCity of Melbourne1989 Boeing 747-438244064NSW, Australia
VH-OJDCity of Brisbane1989 Boeing 747-438244814NSW, Australia
VH-OJECity of Adelaide1989 Boeing 747-43824482/7654412NSW, Australia
VH-OJFCity of Perth1989 Boeing 747-438244834NSW, Australia
VH-OJGCity of Hobart1990 Boeing 747-438247794NSW, Australia
VH-OJHCity of Darwin1990 Boeing 747-438248064NSW, Australia
VH-OJILongreach1990 Boeing 747-438248874Australia
VH-OJJCity of Winton1991 Boeing 747-438249744NSW, Australia
VH-OJKCity of Newcastle1991 Boeing 747-438250674NSW, Australia
VH-OJLCity of Ballaarat1991 Boeing 747-438251514Australia
VH-OJMCity of Gosford1991 Boeing 747-438252454Australia
VH-OJNCity of Dubbo1991 Boeing 747-438253154Australia
VH-OJOCity of Toowoomba1992 Boeing 747-438255444Australia
VH-OJPCity of Albury1992 Boeing 747-438255454Australia
VH-OJQCity of Mandurah1992 Boeing 747-438255464Australia
VH-OJRCity of Bathhurst1992 Boeing 747-43825547/9364NSW, Australia
VH-OJSHamilton Island1999 Boeing 747-43825564/12304Australia
VH-OJTFraser Island1999 Boeing 747-438255654Australia
VH-OJULord Howe Island1999 Boeing 747-438255664Australia