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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
5Y-KQP1990 Boeing 767-38E24797/3282290Kenya
B-MAW1990 Boeing 767-38E247982290Macau
C-GBZR1992 Boeing 767-38E/ER25404/4112Quebec, Canada
C-GDUZ1991 Boeing 767-38E253472Quebec, Canada
D-ABUS2001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292Germany
HL72471993 Boeing 767-38E25757/5232Korea, Republic of
HL7248 Boeing 767-38E257582Korea, Republic of
HL72631990 Boeing 767-38E24797/3282290Korea, Republic of
HL72641990 Boeing 767-38E247982290Korea, Republic of
HL72661991 Boeing 767-38E253472Korea, Republic of
HL72671992 Boeing 767-38E/ER25404/4112Korea, Republic of
HL7506 Boeing 767-38E257602Korea, Republic of
HL7514 Boeing 767-38E257632Korea, Republic of
HL7515 Boeing 767-38E257622Korea, Republic of
HL75161997 Boeing 767-38E257592Korea, Republic of
HL75281999 Boeing 767-38E291292Korea, Republic of
HL75952001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292Korea, Republic of
HS-PBH1990 Boeing 767-38E247982290Thailand
JA767F2001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292Japan
N308MT Boeing 767-38E308402290,U,
N308MT2001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292United States
N641GT Boeing 767-38E251322290NY, United States
N723BC1990 Boeing 767-38E24797/3282290WA, United States
N798AS1990 Boeing 767-38E24797/3282290FL, United States
N798AW1990 Boeing 767-38E247982290FL, United States
N840MT2001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292United States
OO-JAPCrystal2001 Boeing 767-38E/ER30840/8292Belgium