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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
232641977 Cessna 1521528082212United Kingdom
4X-ARW Cessna 1521528348212Israel
4X-CAS Cessna 1521528483712Israel
4X-CDA Cessna 1521528362012Israel
4X-CDV Cessna 1521528094612Israel
4X-CHG Cessna 1521528530212Israel
4X-CWC Cessna 1521528005912Israel
5H-IKA1978 Cessna 1521528179412Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-MMG1978 Cessna 1521527965612Tanzania, United Republic of
6Y-JGA1978 Cessna 1521528135312Jamaica
6Y-JGB Cessna 1521528545512Jamaica
8Q-GAK Cessna 1521527971812Maldives
8Q-GAM Cessna 1521528513712Maldives
9A-DAA Cessna 1521528019912Croatia
9A-DBB1978 Cessna 1521528088612Croatia
9A-KZM Cessna 1521527966812Croatia
9H-ACW Cessna 1521528517612Malta
9H-AES1979 Cessna 1521528345512Malta
9H-AFV1979 Cessna 152152-8232812Malta
9M-FAE Cessna 1521528449612Malaysia
AP-BJW1979 Cessna 1521528389912Pakistan
AP-BJX1978 Cessna 1521528104812Pakistan
C-FAVR1979 Cessna 1521528374212Ontario, Canada
C-FCYU1979 Cessna 152152840371Quebec, Canada
C-FCYV1979 Cessna 152152835461Quebec, Canada
C-FDLB1978 Cessna 152152820811British Columbia, Canada
C-FDTA1978 Cessna 152152809151Manitoba, Canada
C-FESI1979 Cessna 1521528306412Ontario, Canada
C-FFHN1977 Cessna 1521528034512Quebec, Canada
C-FFIN1979 Cessna 1521528375712Quebec, Canada
C-FFLP1978 Cessna 1521528289312Manitoba, Canada
C-FFQO Cessna 1521528167812Quebec, Canada
C-FFYA1978 Cessna 1521528154412Ontario, Canada
C-FGDE1983 Cessna 1521528566012Alberta, Canada
C-FGEK1983 Cessna 1521528569412Ontario, Canada
C-FGGE1978 Cessna 1521528157312Manitoba, Canada
C-FGOI1979 Cessna 1521528395212Ontario, Canada
C-FGQV1978 Cessna 1521528310112British Columbia, Canada
C-FHMM1978 Cessna 1521528307012Quebec, Canada
C-FIBX Cessna 1521528135412British Columbia, Canada
C-FIGN1978 Cessna 1521528285612Alberta, Canada
C-FILB Cessna 1521528177812Quebec, Canada
C-FIUI Cessna 1521528323712Quebec, Canada
C-FIYJ1981 Cessna 1521528527212Manitoba, Canada
C-FIYL1979 Cessna 1521528385812Manitoba, Canada
C-FJCL1979 Cessna 1521528294112Quebec, Canada
C-FJHP1978 Cessna 1521528206212Nova Scotia, Canada
C-FJSO1985 Cessna 1521528597512Quebec, Canada
C-FMBX1981 Cessna 1521528524212British Columbia, Canada
C-FMBY1981 Cessna 1521528531112British Columbia, Canada
C-FMBZ1982 Cessna 1521528557112British Columbia, Canada
C-FMII1978 Cessna 1521528158312Manitoba, Canada
C-FMUY1982 Cessna 1521528548512Quebec, Canada
C-FMYH1978 Cessna 1521528231412Ontario, Canada
C-FNBP1978 Cessna 1521528146712Prince Edward Island, Canada
C-FNJD1978 Cessna 1521528137112British Columbia, Canada
C-FNJF1978 Cessna 1521528216312British Columbia, Canada
C-FNSL1978 Cessna 1521527950812Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FNWZ1981 Cessna 1521528487812British Columbia, Canada
C-FOJL Cessna 1521528139912Quebec, Canada
C-FOOU Cessna 1521528235212Ontario, Canada
C-FOPC1978 Cessna 1521528143612Quebec, Canada
C-FOXL1977 Cessna 1521528003712Quebec, Canada
C-FPBY1978 Cessna 1521528180912Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FPUQ1979 Cessna 1521528416112Prince Edward Island, Canada
C-FPXA Cessna 1521528523112Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FPYE1978 Cessna 1521528270212Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FPYO1977 Cessna 1521528082212Canada
C-FPZC1978 Cessna 1521528291712Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FRAO1979 Cessna 1521528369412Manitoba, Canada
C-FRFN1977 Cessna 1521528123512Quebec, Canada
C-FRHT1979 Cessna 1521528347312Quebec, Canada
C-FRUC1979 Cessna 1521528346212Quebec, Canada
C-FRUF1983 Cessna 1521528576812Quebec, Canada
C-FSAW1980 Cessna 1521528390512Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FSEZ1984 Cessna 1521528592412Ontario, Canada
C-FSFB1983 Cessna 1521528579812Ontario, Canada
C-FSFF1984 Cessna 1521528585012Ontario, Canada
C-FSFP1981 Cessna 1521528540412Ontario, Canada
C-FSFS1983 Cessna 1521528576712Ontario, Canada
C-FTJI1983 Cessna 1521528573012Manitoba, Canada
C-FUMU1977 Cessna 1521528099812Quebec, Canada
C-FVLF1981 Cessna 1521528505712Ontario, Canada
C-FVRY1979 Cessna 1521528321412Ontario, Canada
C-FYAW1978 Cessna 1521528168612British Columbia, Canada
C-FYKF1977 Cessna 152152801111Ontario, Canada
C-FZKL Cessna 1521528541712Quebec, Canada
C-FZSX1980 Cessna 1521528447712Quebec, Canada
C-FZWV Cessna 1521528023112Quebec, Canada
C-GADZ1977 Cessna 1521528068312Ontario, Canada
C-GAIA1979 Cessna 152152838031Quebec, Canada
C-GAIH1979 Cessna 152152837961Ontario, Canada
C-GBCQ1980 Cessna 152152844361Ontario, Canada
C-GBGX1979 Cessna 152152838521Ontario, Canada
C-GBJD1979 Cessna 152152838801British Columbia, Canada
C-GBJQ1979 Cessna 1521528389212British Columbia, Canada
C-GBJU1979 Cessna 152152838971Ontario, Canada
C-GBJW1979 Cessna 152152839021Ontario, Canada
C-GBLR1981 Cessna 152152849231Ontario, Canada
C-GBPZ1977 Cessna 1521528080012Quebec, Canada
C-GBQK1977 Cessna 1521528062312Quebec, Canada
C-GBQN1978 Cessna 1521528251112Ontario, Canada
C-GBQO1979 Cessna 1521528375812Ontario, Canada
C-GBST Cessna 1521528007412Alberta, Canada
C-GBTQ1979 Cessna 152152831091Quebec, Canada
C-GBWJ1979 Cessna 152152839421Ontario, Canada
C-GBXD1980 Cessna 152152844221Manitoba, Canada
C-GBXF1980 Cessna 152152844301Ontario, Canada
C-GBXJ1979 Cessna 152152839491British Columbia, Canada
C-GBXQ1984 Cessna 1521528592312Alberta, Canada
C-GBYP1977 Cessna 152152801021Ontario, Canada
C-GBYZ1978 Cessna 152152820861Quebec, Canada
C-GBZB1977 Cessna 1521527994712Ontario, Canada
C-GCGI1979 Cessna 152152839551Ontario, Canada
C-GCGV1979 Cessna 1521528396212Quebec, Canada
C-GCSJ1979 Cessna 152152840431Ontario, Canada
C-GCSO1979 Cessna 1521528276212Ontario, Canada
C-GCTR1979 Cessna 152152827401Ontario, Canada
C-GCUJ1979 Cessna 152152840491Quebec, Canada
C-GDGB1979 Cessna 152152831871Ontario, Canada
C-GDUJ1979 Cessna 152152841251Alberta, Canada
C-GDWJ1979 Cessna 1521528413012Quebec, Canada
C-GDWY1980 Cessna 1521528439612British Columbia, Canada
C-GEMI1978 Cessna 152152810211Ontario, Canada
C-GESJ1980 Cessna 152152841841Ontario, Canada
C-GEVJ1980 Cessna 152152841681New Brunswick, Canada
C-GFBB1980 Cessna 1521528426312British Columbia, Canada
C-GFBJ1979 Cessna 152152841791Quebec, Canada
C-GFEI Cessna 1521528176012Ontario, Canada
C-GFHK1978 Cessna 1521527965612Ontario, Canada
C-GFJV1980 Cessna 152152842381Manitoba, Canada
C-GFNJ1980 Cessna 152152842571British Columbia, Canada
C-GFOG1980 Cessna 152152842651Ontario, Canada
C-GFOW1978 Cessna 1521528280512Quebec, Canada
C-GFOY1977 Cessna 1521527998212Quebec, Canada
C-GFPA1977 Cessna 1521528117812Quebec, Canada
C-GFPE1977 Cessna 1521528065212Quebec, Canada
C-GGBN1980 Cessna 152152843251Ontario, Canada
C-GGEU1980 Cessna 152152843241Quebec, Canada
C-GGFX1980 Cessna 152152843601Ontario, Canada
C-GGGN1980 Cessna 152152843821British Columbia, Canada
C-GGGP1980 Cessna 152152845081Manitoba, Canada
C-GGKH1980 Cessna 152152844421Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GGLI1980 Cessna 152152-844641Alberta, Canada
C-GGPE1978 Cessna 152152812241Manitoba, Canada
C-GHOF1978 Cessna 1521528172612Manitoba, Canada
C-GIAC Cessna 1521528215312Quebec, Canada
C-GIMH1979 Cessna 152152834331British Columbia, Canada
C-GINE1981 Cessna 152152847541Ontario, Canada
C-GINI1980 Cessna 152152847581Ontario, Canada
C-GINK1980 Cessna 152152848071British Columbia, Canada
C-GINM1981 Cessna 152152848351Ontario, Canada
C-GISI1979 Cessna 152152835831Manitoba, Canada
C-GJBF1982 Cessna 152152854061Ontario, Canada
C-GJKE1981 Cessna 152152848641British Columbia, Canada
C-GJPJ1978 Cessna 1521527976012Quebec, Canada
C-GJRX1981 Cessna 152152849041Alberta, Canada
C-GJVD1981 Cessna 152152848961Ontario, Canada
C-GJYH1978 Cessna 1521528241012Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GJYQ1981 Cessna 152152849541Manitoba, Canada
C-GKTJ1981 Cessna 152152849701Manitoba, Canada
C-GLIR1977 Cessna 1521528114512Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GLRM1979 Cessna 1521528376512Quebec, Canada
C-GMAP1978 Cessna 1521528211112British Columbia, Canada
C-GMCV1979 Cessna 1521528401112British Columbia, Canada
C-GMCX1983 Cessna 1521528578512British Columbia, Canada
C-GMGF1981 Cessna 1521528503912British Columbia, Canada
C-GMGI1979 Cessna 1521528255712British Columbia, Canada
C-GMOX1978 Cessna 1521528215212Alberta, Canada
C-GMSD1981 Cessna 152152848271British Columbia, Canada
C-GMXW1981 Cessna 152152852031Ontario, Canada
C-GNLZ1981 Cessna 152152846491British Columbia, Canada
C-GNRF1981 Cessna 1521528534312Ontario, Canada
C-GNSX1981 Cessna 152152853521Alberta, Canada
C-GNVG1977 Cessna 1521528079712Quebec, Canada
C-GOEF1981 Cessna 152152847681Ontario, Canada
C-GOLK1981 Cessna 152152854761Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GONF1978 Cessna 152152813111British Columbia, Canada
C-GONH1978 Cessna 1521528076312Canada
C-GONQ Cessna 1521528277012Alberta, Canada
C-GOSK1978 Cessna 152152812951Alberta, Canada
C-GPEJ1978 Cessna 152152797271Manitoba, Canada
C-GPFF Cessna 1521528249312British Columbia, Canada
C-GPFJ1978 Cessna 1521528175712Ontario, Canada
C-GPFX1982 Cessna 152152854271Quebec, Canada
C-GPNZ1979 Cessna 152152827381British Columbia, Canada
C-GPOO1982 Cessna 1521528549312Ontario, Canada
C-GPUK1977 Cessna 1521528020012British Columbia, Canada
C-GPXF1980 Cessna 1521528421412Quebec, Canada
C-GQDJ1980 Cessna 152152842751British Columbia, Canada
C-GQDM1979 Cessna 152152837821British Columbia, Canada
C-GQDW1979 Cessna 152152834031British Columbia, Canada
C-GQDZ1979 Cessna 152152834131Quebec, Canada
C-GQFU1982 Cessna 152152855291Manitoba, Canada
C-GQOP1979 Cessna 152152834841Ontario, Canada
C-GQOS1979 Cessna 152152835731Quebec, Canada
C-GQOU1979 Cessna 152152835651British Columbia, Canada
C-GQOZ1979 Cessna 152152835341Ontario, Canada
C-GQRR1981 Cessna 152152848211British Columbia, Canada
C-GQSQ1977 Cessna 152152799191Quebec, Canada
C-GQSS1977 Cessna 152152798891British Columbia, Canada
C-GQSU1977 Cessna 152152798721Quebec, Canada
C-GQSW1978 Cessna 152 II1527984212Canada
C-GQSY1977 Cessna 152152798071Ontario, Canada
C-GQTK1979 Cessna 152152835561Ontario, Canada
C-GQTV1977 Cessna 152152800491Ontario, Canada
C-GQTW1977 Cessna 152152800671Ontario, Canada
C-GQVQ1980 Cessna 152152837891Quebec, Canada
C-GQZB1982 Cessna 152152855591British Columbia, Canada
C-GRCA1978 Cessna 152152797381Ontario, Canada
C-GRCD1982 Cessna 1521528557812Ontario, Canada
C-GRER1978 Cessna 1521528122912Manitoba, Canada
C-GRKB1978 Cessna 152152825651Ontario, Canada
C-GRKC1978 Cessna 152152826211Quebec, Canada
C-GRPQ1980 Cessna 152152843891Ontario, Canada
C-GRYB1978 Cessna 152152828901Manitoba, Canada
C-GSFS1978 Cessna 1521528223412Quebec, Canada
C-GSJK1978 Cessna 1521528265912Ontario, Canada
C-GSXU1977 Cessna 152152811961Ontario, Canada
C-GTDT1981 Cessna 1521528506812Quebec, Canada
C-GTFZ1978 Cessna 152152819221British Columbia, Canada
C-GTGH1979 Cessna 152152830751Ontario, Canada
C-GTGI1979 Cessna 152152830891Quebec, Canada
C-GTYB1980 Cessna 152152842571Canada
C-GTYB1980 Cessna 152152842571British Columbia, Canada
C-GTYI1979 Cessna 152152833951British Columbia, Canada
C-GTYQ1979 Cessna 152152834231British Columbia, Canada
C-GTYR1981 Cessna 1521528496612British Columbia, Canada
C-GTZE1979 Cessna 152152834791Quebec, Canada
C-GUGU1980 Cessna 1521528425612British Columbia, Canada
C-GUSO1978 Cessna 152152795281Canada
C-GUUY1979 Cessna 152152822111British Columbia, Canada
C-GUXY1977 Cessna 152152797761Quebec, Canada
C-GUZG1977 Cessna 152152796881Quebec, Canada
C-GUZI1977 Cessna 1521527971012Alberta, Canada
C-GUZJ1977 Cessna 152152796521Quebec, Canada
C-GUZR1977 Cessna 152152797411British Columbia, Canada
C-GUZS1977 Cessna 1521527975812Ontario, Canada
C-GUZW1977 Cessna 152152799371Ontario, Canada
C-GVNM1978 Cessna 152152797991British Columbia, Canada
C-GVNU1978 Cessna 152152809131British Columbia, Canada
C-GVVB1982 Cessna 1521528563312Ontario, Canada
C-GVVD1983 Cessna 1521528581612Ontario, Canada
C-GVVG1978 Cessna 1521528220912Ontario, Canada
C-GVYQ1977 Cessna 152152803831Quebec, Canada
C-GXQC1977 Cessna 1521527961612British Columbia, Canada
C-GXSR1977 Cessna 152152799701Alberta, Canada
C-GYAG1978 Cessna 152152821131Ontario, Canada
C-GYAP1979 Cessna 152152831931Ontario, Canada
C-GYAX1979 Cessna 152152823871Manitoba, Canada
C-GYBG1978 Cessna 152152814011Alberta, Canada
C-GYBI1978 Cessna 152152813721Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GYBO1978 Cessna 152152815791Quebec, Canada
C-GYHN1978 Cessna 152152816881Ontario, Canada
C-GYHS1978 Cessna 1521528172712Quebec, Canada
C-GYJH1977 Cessna 152152795421Ontario, Canada
C-GYJJ1977 Cessna 152152796061Alberta, Canada
C-GYJK1977 Cessna 152152795601Ontario, Canada
C-GYJL1977 Cessna 152152795201Ontario, Canada
C-GYRN1979 Cessna 152152822631British Columbia, Canada
C-GYVT1977 Cessna 152152794861Ontario, Canada
C-GYVU1977 Cessna 152152795011Ontario, Canada
C-GYWA1977 Cessna 152152802431Quebec, Canada
C-GYWO1977 Cessna 152152794191British Columbia, Canada
C-GYXN1977 Cessna 152152802251Quebec, Canada
C-GYYC1979 Cessna 152152823951Ontario, Canada
C-GYYG1978 Cessna 152152824131Ontario, Canada
C-GYYQ1978 Cessna 152152828711Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GYZD1977 Cessna 152152797291Manitoba, Canada
C-GZBA1978 Cessna 152152825471Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GZBB1979 Cessna 1521528255712British Columbia, Canada
C-GZBX1979 Cessna 152152835751Ontario, Canada
C-GZCL1977 Cessna 152152798231Ontario, Canada
C-GZCO1977 Cessna 152152802591Quebec, Canada
C-GZCP1977 Cessna 152152797861Alberta, Canada
C-GZDA1978 Cessna 152152828781Quebec, Canada
C-GZDR1978 Cessna 152152816151British Columbia, Canada
C-GZEX Cessna 1521528508612Alberta, Canada
C-GZHF1977 Cessna 152152800781Quebec, Canada
C-GZHI1977 Cessna 152152801211Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GZHL1977 Cessna 152152800311Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GZJC1977 Cessna 1521528013312Ontario, Canada
C-GZJE1977 Cessna 152152801591British Columbia, Canada
C-GZJF1977 Cessna 152152801731Ontario, Canada
C-GZJH1977 Cessna 152152802051Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GZJS1977 Cessna 152152808841Ontario, Canada
C-GZKE1977 Cessna 152152802731Quebec, Canada
C-GZKI1977 Cessna 152152809041Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GZKJ1977 Cessna 152152802881Quebec, Canada
C-GZKK1977 Cessna 152152803051British Columbia, Canada
C-GZKM1978 Cessna 152152803351Quebec, Canada
C-GZKT1977 Cessna 152152803701Ontario, Canada
C-GZKU1977 Cessna 152152803861Ontario, Canada
C-GZLB1978 Cessna 152152825371Quebec, Canada
C-GZLE1977 Cessna 152152804351British Columbia, Canada
C-GZLF1977 Cessna 152152804511Manitoba, Canada
C-GZLG1977 Cessna 152152804691British Columbia, Canada
C-GZPE1977 Cessna 1521527962512British Columbia, Canada
C-GZSA1977 Cessna 152152805331British Columbia, Canada
C-GZSB1977 Cessna 152152805501Quebec, Canada
C-GZSC1977 Cessna 152152805651British Columbia, Canada
C-GZSN1977 Cessna 152152806151Quebec, Canada
C-GZSP1977 Cessna 152152806321British Columbia, Canada
C-GZSR1977 Cessna 152152806701Quebec, Canada
C-GZSS1977 Cessna 1521528069112Quebec, Canada
C-GZSU1977 Cessna 152152807281Ontario, Canada
C-GZSV1977 Cessna 152152807431Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GZSX1977 Cessna 152152807721British Columbia, Canada
C-GZSZ1977 Cessna 152152808091Quebec, Canada
C-GZVP1978 Cessna 1521528307112British Columbia, Canada
C-GZWA1977 Cessna 152152808561Ontario, Canada
C-GZWI1977 Cessna 152152809571Ontario, Canada
C-GZWJ1978 Cessna 152152809711Quebec, Canada
C-GZXJ1978 Cessna 152152811791Ontario, Canada
C-GZYZ1978 Cessna 152152814411British Columbia, Canada
C-JPOO1982 Cessna 1521528549312Canada
C9-ENA Cessna 1521528189112Mozambique
C9-ENB Cessna 1521528016512Mozambique
CC-KCE Cessna 1521528165112Chile
CF-OSA Cessna 152 IINot found CF-OSA12Canada
CP-15381979 Cessna 152152827881Bolivia
CP-17431981 Cessna 152152851451Bolivia
CP-18071981 Cessna 152152851571Bolivia
CP-2269 Cessna 152152825701Bolivia
CP-24971981 Cessna 1521528547312Bolivia
CP-2560 Cessna 1521527994212Bolivia
CP-25681982 Cessna 1521528316112Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-25691978 Cessna 1521528289912Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-25701982 Cessna 1521528549512Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-25731977 Cessna 1521528052912Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-26421978 Cessna 1521528184712Bolivia
CP-26671979 Cessna 1521528381712Bolivia
CP-26691981 Cessna 1521528483812Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-27641978 Cessna 1521528227712Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-27661980 Cessna 1521528419312Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CP-2806 Cessna 15215279???1Santa Cruz, Bolivia
CS-ASO Cessna 1521528278412Portugal
CS-ASP Cessna 152152-824381Portugal
CS-AUJ1979 Cessna 152152-8265614Portugal
CS-AYK1979 Cessna 152152-8248212Portugal
CS-AYR1978 Cessna 152152-8157512Algarve, Portugal
CS-AYX1980 Cessna 152152-8465812Portugal
CS-AZB1978 Cessna 152152-8190012Portugal
CS-DGT1980 Cessna 152152-8273012Portugal
CS-DIB Cessna 152152-828451Portugal
CS-DPD1978 Cessna 152152-7956312Lisbon, Portugal
CS-DPR Cessna 152Not found CS-DPR0
CS-EBM Cessna 152000001Portugal
CX-PRA1977 Cessna 152152-7942912Uruguay
D-EAAD1978 Cessna 1521528156412Germany
D-EAAS1979 Cessna 1521528375612Germany
D-EABW Cessna 1521528270312Germany
D-EAEF Cessna 152152-8529612Germany
D-EAEH Cessna 1521528570312Germany
D-EAOC1978 Cessna 152152-8130312Germany
D-EAPV1978 Cessna 152 II1527984212Germany
D-EBDI Cessna 1521528111912Germany
D-EBPC1980 Cessna 1521528471612Germany
D-EBTF Cessna 1521528147812Germany
D-ECCF Cessna 152 II1528538412Germany
D-EFMU Cessna 1521528325412Germany
D-EFPB Cessna 1521528227412Germany
D-EFUI Cessna 152unknown0
D-EHOI Cessna 1521527958912Germany
D-EHUE Cessna 1521528296412Germany
D-EHUG1979 Cessna 152152-7959212Germany
D-EITF Cessna 1521527985012Germany
D-EKCO1981 Cessna 1521528524012Germany
D-EKPE cessna 1521520195612Germany
D-ELAB Cessna 152152-8085012Germany
D-EMFM Cessna 1521527965512Germany
D-EMFO Cessna 1521528226212Germany
D-EMJA1979 Cessna 152152-8398612Germany
D-EMKF1978 Cessna 1521528327812Germany
D-EMSC Cessna 1521528144012Germany
D-EOHR1978 Cessna 152152-8112312Germany
D-EOMT1979 Cessna 152 II1528396012Germany
D-EONT Cessna 152152-8130912Germany
D-EPIA Cessna 152 II1528058012Germany
D-ERPC Cessna 1521528073312Germany
D-ESBE Cessna 1521528557612Germany
D-ETCR1977 Cessna 1521527992912Germany
D-ETKD Cessna 152 II1528560912Germany
D-ETOM Cessna 1521528478712Germany
D-EVAN Cessna 1521528423412Germany
D-EVAS Cessna 1521528479912Germany
D-EWKA Cessna 1521528113112Germany
D-EWKK Cessna 152Not found D-EWKK12Germany
D-EYCM Cessna 1521528050612Germany
D-EZAP Cessna 1521528307812Germany
DQ-FTB Cessna 1521528100312Fiji
EC-EQM Cessna 152 II1528110312Spain
EC-EQO Cessna 1521528226212Spain
EC-ERG Cessna 1521527955812El Berriel, Gran Can, Spain
EC-EXL Cessna 152 II1528405512Girona, Spain
EC-FGP Cessna 1521528142112Spain
EC-FXR Cessna 1521528513712Spain
EC-FXT Cessna 1521527971812Spain
EC-GEB Cessna 1521528335512Spain
EC-GEC1980 Cessna 1521528033712Zaragoza, Spain
EC-IHK1978 Cessna 1521528145612El Berriel, Gran Can, Spain
EC-JKR1977 Cessna 1521527966412Spain
EC-JNL Cessna 1521528479912Spain
EC-KGR1978 Cessna 1521528254912Spain
EC-KIY Cessna 1521528147812Spain
EC-LLC1979 Cessna 1521528332212
EC-LLD1980 Cessna 1521528430912Spain
EC-LQC1979 Cessna 1521528335112Spain
EC-MNO Cessna 1521528596012Spain
EI-BVW1981 Cessna 152152-8512312Ireland
EI-CCJ Cessna 152152-801740Ireland
EI-CCK Cessna 152152-796100Ireland
EI-CCL Cessna 152152-8038212Ireland
EI-CCM1979 Cessna 152152-8232012Ireland
EI-CCP1978 Cessna 152152-8162512Ireland
EI-CGT Cessna 152152-823310Ireland
EI-CRU1982 Cessna 152152-8562112Ireland
EI-DGX1978 Cessna 152152-8129612Ireland
EI-EDB1970 Cessna 152152-8299312Ireland
F-BVXT1977 Cessna 1521528082212France
F-GBLM1979 Cessna 152152-7959212France
F-GHOQ1978 Cessna 152152-8238012France
F-GKAX Cessna 152152-857110France
F-GMIY1981 Cessna 1521528537812France
F-GOSN Cessna 152152-854100France
F-GOST Cessna 152A15207740France
F-GPKU Cessna 152152-829810France
F-GRKD1977 Cessna 152152-7966412Reunion
F-GTMV Cessna 152Not found F-GTMV12France
F-GVAX1977 Cessna 152152-7995412YVRAC LFDY, France
F-GVRE1978 Cessna 152152-8293012France
F-GXVB Cessna 1521528488312France
F-GYVR1983 Cessna 152189061France
F-HFLY Cessna 152152814030France
F-HPAT1978 Cessna 1521528272112France
F-ODGD Cessna 152152-8353912France
F-ODGF Cessna 152152-835900France
F-ODYN Cessna 152152-829820France
F-OGKT Cessna 152152-859690France
F-OGNG Cessna 152152-830300France
F-OGOB Cessna 152152-817800France
F-OGUT1976 Cessna 152Not found F-OGUT14France
F-OHAK Cessna 152152-859070France
G-BGAA1978 Cessna 152152-8189412United Kingdom
G-BGIA1979 Cessna 152152-8217212United Kingdom
G-BGIB1979 Cessna 152152-8216112United Kingdom
G-BGLG1978 Cessna 152152-8209212United Kingdom
G-BGLH1977 Cessna 152152-8106412United Kingdom
G-BGLI1978 Cessna 152152-8152212United Kingdom
G-BHAA1978 Cessna 1521528133012United Kingdom
G-BHAB1978 Cessna 152152-816641United Kingdom
G-BHJD1979 Cessna 152152-8329512United Kingdom
G-BHPX1979 Cessna 152152-829941United Kingdom
G-BHPY1979 Cessna 152152-8298312United Kingdom
G-BHSA1980 Cessna 152152-8369312United Kingdom
G-BHSZ1979 Cessna 152152-8317512United Kingdom
G-BHUI1979 Cessna 152152-8314412United Kingdom
G-BHVM1978 Cessna 152152-8185612United Kingdom
G-BHVN1979 Cessna 152152-835771United Kingdom
G-BHYX1978 Cessna 152152-8183212United Kingdom
G-BIDH1981 Cessna 152152-805461United Kingdom
G-BILP1980 Cessna 152152-8374112United Kingdom
G-BILR1981 Cessna 152152-8482212United Kingdom
G-BILS1981 Cessna 152152-8485712United Kingdom
G-BJBA1980 Cessna 152152-843101United Kingdom
G-BJBB1980 Cessna 152152-842521United Kingdom
G-BKAZ1979 Cessna 152152-8283212United Kingdom
G-BMGG1979 Cessna 152152-7959212United Kingdom
G-BMJB1977 Cessna 152152-8003012United Kingdom
G-BMJC1981 Cessna 152152-8498912United Kingdom
G-BMJD1977 Cessna 152152-7975512United Kingdom
G-BMMM1981 Cessna 152152-847931United Kingdom
G-BMNN1977 Cessna 152152-8008312United Kingdom
G-BMSU1978 Cessna 152152-794211United Kingdom
G-BMSZ1979 Cessna 152152-8319912United Kingdom
G-BMTA1979 Cessna 152152-8286412United Kingdom
G-BMTB1977 Cessna 152152-806721United Kingdom
G-BMTJ1981 Cessna 152152-8501012United Kingdom
G-BMTK1981 Cessna 152152-8566112United Kingdom
G-BMXA1977 Cessna 152152-8012512United Kingdom
G-BMXB1977 Cessna 152152-8099612United Kingdom
G-BMXC1977 Cessna 152152-8041612United Kingdom
G-BMXX1981 Cessna 152152-8495312United Kingdom
G-BNAJ1979 Cessna 152152-825271United Kingdom
G-BNDO1981 Cessna 152152-845741United Kingdom
G-BNFR1978 Cessna 1521528203512United Kingdom
G-BNFS1979 Cessna 1521528389912United Kingdom
G-BNGD1979 Cessna 1521528328412United Kingdom
G-BNHJ1978 Cessna 152152-812491United Kingdom
G-BNHK1981 Cessna 152152-853551United Kingdom
G-BNID1981 Cessna 152152-8493112United Kingdom
G-BNIV1981 Cessna 152152-8486612United Kingdom
G-BNJB1981 Cessna 152152-8486512United Kingdom
G-BNJC1979 Cessna 152152-8358812United Kingdom
G-BNJD1979 Cessna 152152-820441United Kingdom
G-BNJH1982 Cessna 152152-8540112United Kingdom
G-BNJJ1980 Cessna 152152-8362512United Kingdom
G-BNJV1980 Cessna 152152-8384012United Kingdom
G-BNKC1978 Cessna 152152-8103612United Kingdom
G-BNKI1978 Cessna 152152-8176512United Kingdom
G-BNKM1981 Cessna 152152-8517712United Kingdom
G-BNKP1978 Cessna 152152-8128612United Kingdom
G-BNKR1978 Cessna 152152-8128412United Kingdom
G-BNKS1979 Cessna 152152-8318612United Kingdom
G-BNKV1979 Cessna 152152-8307912United Kingdom
G-BNMC1978 Cessna 152152-8256412United Kingdom
G-BNMD1979 Cessna 152152-8378612United Kingdom
G-BNME1981 Cessna 152152-848881United Kingdom
G-BNMF1982 Cessna 152152-8556312United Kingdom
G-BNNR1981 Cessna 152152-8514612United Kingdom
G-BNOZ1978 Cessna 152152-8162512United Kingdom
G-BNPY1977 Cessna 152152-8024912United Kingdom
G-BNPZ1981 Cessna 152152-8513412United Kingdom
G-BNRK1984 Cessna 152152-8465912United Kingdom
G-BNRL1984 Cessna 152152-8425012United Kingdom
G-BNSI1981 Cessna 152152-8485312United Kingdom
G-BNSJ1981 Cessna 152152-852891United Kingdom
G-BNSM1981 Cessna 152152-8534212United Kingdom
G-BNSN1983 Cessna 1521528577612United Kingdom
G-BNSU1978 Cessna 152152-8124512United Kingdom
G-BNSV1980 Cessna 152152-8453112United Kingdom
G-BNSW1982 Cessna 152152-8562112United Kingdom
G-BNTU1980 Cessna 152152-8455912United Kingdom
G-BNUL1980 Cessna 152152-8448612United Kingdom
G-BNUS1982 Cessna 152152-8216612United Kingdom
G-BNUT1978 Cessna 152152-7945812United Kingdom
G-BNVS1977 Cessna 152152-811461United Kingdom
G-BNXC1981 Cessna 152152-854291United Kingdom
G-BNYL1977 Cessna 152152-8067112United Kingdom
G-BNYN1982 Cessna 152152-854331United Kingdom
G-BOAI1978 Cessna 152152-798301United Kingdom
G-BOBI1979 Cessna 152152-8329512United Kingdom
G-BODO1979 Cessna 152152-8240412United Kingdom
G-BOFL1980 Cessna 152152-8410112United Kingdom
G-BOFM1981 Cessna 152152-847301United Kingdom
G-BOGC1980 Cessna 152152-845501United Kingdom
G-BOGE1978 Cessna 152152-8005012United Kingdom
G-BOGG1979 Cessna 152152-829601United Kingdom
G-BOHB1977 Cessna 152152-795961United Kingdom
G-BOHI1978 Cessna 1521528124112United Kingdom
G-BOHJ1977 Cessna 152152-805581United Kingdom
G-BOIO1977 Cessna 152152-802601United Kingdom
G-BOIP1979 Cessna 152152-834441United Kingdom
G-BOIR1979 Cessna 152152-832721United Kingdom
G-BOIW1978 Cessna 152152-8284512United Kingdom
G-BOKY1978 Cessna 152152-8529812United Kingdom
G-BOLV1977 Cessna 152152-8049212United Kingdom
G-BOLW1977 Cessna 1521528058912United Kingdom
G-BONW1978 Cessna 152152-8040112United Kingdom
G-BOOI1978 Cessna 152152-8075112United Kingdom
G-BORI1978 Cessna 152152-8167212United Kingdom
G-BORJ1979 Cessna 152152-8264912United Kingdom
G-BORO1980 Cessna 152152-8376712United Kingdom
G-BOTB1983 Cessna 152152-8573312United Kingdom
G-BOTC1982 Cessna 152152-8385612United Kingdom
G-BOTG1978 Cessna 152152-8303512United Kingdom
G-BOYL1980 Cessna 152152-8437912United Kingdom
G-BOZR1980 Cessna 152152-846141United Kingdom
G-BPBG1981 Cessna 152152-8494112United Kingdom
G-BPBH1979 Cessna 152152-8248212United Kingdom
G-BPBI1979 Cessna 152152-803681United Kingdom
G-BPBJ1979 Cessna 152152-836391United Kingdom
G-BPBK1979 Cessna 152152-834171United Kingdom
G-BPBL1979 Cessna 152152-8233112United Kingdom
G-BPEO1980 Cessna 152152-8377512United Kingdom
G-BPFZ1983 Cessna 152152-8574112United Kingdom
G-BPGM1981 Cessna 152152-849321United Kingdom
G-BPHS1978 Cessna 152152-8142012United Kingdom
G-BPHT1978 Cessna 152152-8240112United Kingdom
G-BPIY1980 Cessna 152152-840731United Kingdom
G-BPJL1978 Cessna 152152-8129612United Kingdom
G-BPLW1982 Cessna 152152-852681United Kingdom
G-BPME1982 Cessna 152152-8558512United Kingdom
G-BPTF1978 Cessna 152152-819791United Kingdom
G-BPTU1979 Cessna 152152-8295512United Kingdom
G-BPVJ1978 Cessna 152152-8259612United Kingdom
G-BPZX1983 Cessna 152152-8570612United Kingdom
G-BRBF1978 Cessna 152152-819931United Kingdom
G-BRBP1980 Cessna 152152-8491512United Kingdom
G-BRCB1984 Cessna 152152-859031United Kingdom
G-BRCC1978 Cessna 152152-8098612United Kingdom
G-BRND1979 Cessna 152152-8377612United Kingdom
G-BRNE1980 Cessna 152152-8424812United Kingdom
G-BRNF1980 Cessna 152152-8318812United Kingdom
G-BRNK1977 Cessna 152152-8047912United Kingdom
G-BRNN1980 Cessna 152152-8473512United Kingdom
G-BRPV1982 Cessna 152152-8522812United Kingdom
G-BRTD1977 Cessna 152152-8002312United Kingdom
G-BRTO1979 Cessna 152152-830921United Kingdom
G-BRTP1979 Cessna 152152-8127512United Kingdom
G-BRUA1978 Cessna 152152-8121212United Kingdom
G-BRWC1978 Cessna 152152-8191812United Kingdom
G-BSCP1979 Cessna 152152-8328912United Kingdom
G-BSCZ1979 Cessna 152152-8219912United Kingdom
G-BSDO1978 Cessna 152152-8165712United Kingdom
G-BSDP1977 Cessna 152152-8026812United Kingdom
G-BSFP1982 Cessna 152152-8554812United Kingdom
G-BSFR1979 Cessna 152152-8226812United Kingdom
G-BSHE1978 Cessna 152152-8130212United Kingdom
G-BSHN1979 Cessna 152152-8160512United Kingdom
G-BSJT1978 Cessna 152152-8318012United Kingdom
G-BSJY Cessna 1521528318012United Kingdom
G-BSTO1978 Cessna 152152-8213312United Kingdom
G-BSTP1978 Cessna 152152-8292512United Kingdom
G-BSWH1978 Cessna 152152-8136512United Kingdom
G-BSYX1977 Cessna 152152-8106512United Kingdom
G-BSZI1984 Cessna 152152-8585612United Kingdom
G-BSZO1977 Cessna 152152-8022112United Kingdom
G-BSZW1977 Cessna 152152-8107212United Kingdom
G-BTBK1979 Cessna 152152-826771United Kingdom
G-BTCE1978 Cessna 152152-8137612United Kingdom
G-BTDW1978 Cessna 152152-7986412United Kingdom
G-BTGH1978 Cessna 1521528104812United Kingdom
G-BTGR1980 Cessna 152152-844471United Kingdom
G-BTGW1979 Cessna 1521527981212United Kingdom
G-BTGX1984 Cessna 152152-849501United Kingdom
G-BTIK1970 Cessna 152152-8299312United Kingdom
G-BTVW1977 Cessna 152152-7963112United Kingdom
G-BTVX1979 Cessna 152152-8337512United Kingdom
G-BTYT1978 Cessna 152152-8045512United Kingdom
G-BUEF1977 Cessna 152152-8086212United Kingdom
G-BUEG1977 Cessna 152152-803471United Kingdom
G-BURY1978 Cessna 152152-817241United Kingdom
G-BWEV1979 Cessna 152152-8318212United Kingdom
G-BWNB1978 Cessna 152152-8005112United Kingdom
G-BWNC1980 Cessna 152152-8441512United Kingdom
G-BWND1984 Cessna 152152-8590512United Kingdom
G-BXGE1979 Cessna 152152-827001United Kingdom
G-BXJM1978 Cessna 152152-8238012United Kingdom
G-BXTB1978 Cessna 152152-8251612United Kingdom
G-BXUZ1979 Cessna 152152-8281012United Kingdom
G-BXVB1979 Cessna 1521528258412United Kingdom
G-BXVY1979 Cessna 152152-798081United Kingdom
G-BXWC1983 Cessna 152152-8364012United Kingdom
G-BYMH1981 Cessna 152152-8498012United Kingdom
G-BYMJ1982 Cessna 152152-8556412United Kingdom
G-BZAD1978 Cessna 152152-795631United Kingdom
G-BZAE1978 Cessna 152152-813001United Kingdom
G-BZEB1979 Cessna 152152-827721United Kingdom
G-BZEC1980 Cessna 152 II1528447512United Kingdom
G-BZHE1978 Cessna 152152-8130312United Kingdom
G-BZHF1979 Cessna 152152-8398612United Kingdom
G-BZWH1978 Cessna 152152-813391United Kingdom
G-CCHT1983 Cessna 152152-8517612United Kingdom
G-CCTW1977 Cessna 152152-7988212United Kingdom
G-CEFM1980 Cessna 152152-843571United Kingdom
G-CEPX1983 Cessna 152152-857921United Kingdom
G-CEUS1978 Cessna 152152-8190612United Kingdom
G-CEYG1977 Cessna 1521528028712United Kingdom
G-CEYH1978 Cessna 1521528268912United Kingdom
G-CEYI1979 Cessna 1521528320812United Kingdom
G-CEZM1981 Cessna 1521528517912United Kingdom
G-CGFG1983 Cessna 1521528572412United Kingdom
G-CHZP1977 Cessna 1521527960512United Kingdom
G-CICC1981 Cessna 152152-8528212MIDDLESEX, United Kingdom
G-CINA1984 Cessna 152152-8589412United Kingdom
G-CIUH1983 Cessna 152189061Kent, United Kingdom
G-CIXP1977 Cessna 152152-8087212United Kingdom
G-CJPN1980 Cessna 1521528033712Dorset, United Kingdom
G-CKUF1979 Cessna 1521528363012United Kingdom
G-CWFY1980 Cessna 152152-8463912United Kingdom
G-DACF1978 Cessna 152152-817241United Kingdom
G-DONA1981 Cessna 152152-805461United Kingdom
G-DRAG1980 Cessna 152152-8318812United Kingdom
G-EEKK1982 Cessna 152152-8562112United Kingdom
G-FIFO1981 Cessna 152152-8517712United Kingdom
G-FIGA1980 Cessna 152152-846441United Kingdom
G-FIGB1984 Cessna 152152-859251United Kingdom
G-FLOP1979 Cessna 152152-8259012United Kingdom
G-GFIA1978 Cessna 152152-8168512United Kingdom
G-GFIC1978 Cessna 152152-8167212United Kingdom
G-GFID1979 Cessna 152152-8264912United Kingdom
G-GFIE1978 Cessna 152152-8190612United Kingdom
G-GFIG1978 Cessna 152152-8162512United Kingdom
G-GMOX1978 Cessna 1521528215212United Kingdom
G-GSFS1979 Cessna 1521528413012United Kingdom
G-HART1979 Cessna 1521527973412United Kingdom
G-HOSE1978 Cessna 152152-8190012United Kingdom
G-HUXY1979 Cessna 152152-8232812Essex, United Kingdom
G-IAFT1981 Cessna 152152-8512312United Kingdom
G-IRAN1980 Cessna 152152-839071United Kingdom
G-KAFC1980 Cessna 152152-8439412United Kingdom
G-KATT1981 Cessna 152152-8566112United Kingdom
G-KMCL1978 Cessna 152152-8156512United Kingdom
G-LOMN1981 Cessna 1521528521712Essex, United Kingdom
G-MASS1979 Cessna 152152-8160512United Kingdom
G-NALI1978 Cessna 152152-8185612United Kingdom
G-OAFT1981 Cessna 152152-8517712United Kingdom
G-OAMY1980 Cessna 152152-8463912United Kingdom
G-OBEN1978 Cessna 152152-8185612United Kingdom
G-OFRY1978 Cessna 152152-8142012United Kingdom
G-OIMC1982 Cessna 152152-8550612United Kingdom
G-OPJC1979 Cessna 152152-8228012United Kingdom
G-OWOW1979 Cessna 152152-8319912United Kingdom
G-PACK1978 Cessna 152152-8157512United Kingdom
G-POCO1979 Cessna 152152-8395612United Kingdom
G-REME1980 Cessna 152152-8318812United Kingdom
G-SACA1978 Cessna 152152-8190012United Kingdom
G-SACC1979 Cessna 152152-8217212United Kingdom
G-SACF1979 Cessna 152152-8317512United Kingdom
G-SAYX1980 Cessna 152152-8465812United Kingdom
G-SELA1979 Cessna 152152-8259012United Kingdom
G-TALA1981 Cessna 152152-8513412United Kingdom
G-TALB1980 Cessna 152152-8376712United Kingdom
G-TALC1981 Cessna 152152-8494112United Kingdom
G-TOON1978 Cessna 152152-8198912United Kingdom
G-UFCN1979 Cessna 1521528384712United Kingdom
G-UFCO1978 Cessna 1521528173412United Kingdom
G-WACF1980 Cessna 152152-8485212United Kingdom
G-WACG1982 Cessna 152152-8553612United Kingdom
GN-603 Cessna 1521528360412Argentina
HA-BEH Cessna 1521528579312Hungary
HA-BER1977 Cessna 1521528021112Hungary
HA-CPL1981 Cessna 1521528537812Dunakeszi / LHDK, Hungary
HA-CTS Cessna 152152-79???12Hungary
HA-ERF1978 Cessna 1521528248512Pest, Hungary
HA-ERJ1977 Cessna 1521527988512Hungary
HA-ERK1978 Cessna 1521528219512Hungary
HA-ERO Cessna 1521528557612Hungary
HA-IGS Cessna 152152-8130912Hungary
HA-JDK Cessna 1521528119012Hungary
HA-JON Cessna 1521527958912Hungary
HA-NTA1985 Cessna 1521528602212Hungary
HA-NTD1978 Cessna 1521528272112Pest, Hungary
HA-RIV Cessna 1521528019912Csongrád, Hungary
HA-SJG1981 Cessna 1521528401512Hungary
HA-SJI Cessna 1521528454412Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary
HA-SJK1981 Cessna 1521528486012Budaörs / LHBS, Hungary
HA-SKS1984 Cessna 1521528590412Hungary
HA-SLO1978 Cessna 1521528088612Hungary
HA-SUB1978 Cessna 152 II1528291912Gödöllö, LHGD, Hungary
HA-SUR Cessna 1521528362012Pest, Hungary
HA-SVE1977 Cessna 1521528057512Kaposújlak / LHKV - , Hungary
HA-SVP1978 Cessna 1521528233012Dunakeszi / LHDK, Hungary
HA-WAD1977 Cessna 1521528073612Vas, Hungary
HA-WAJ1980 Cessna 152152-8318812Bács-Kiskun, Hungary
HA-WAS1981 Cessna 152152-8495312Hungary
HB-CGK1980 Cessna 1521528452212Switzerland
HB-CJW1979 Cessna 1521528338812Switzerland
HB-CQI1977 Cessna 1521528021112Switzerland
HB-CQJ1977 Cessna 1521528013112Switzerland
HB-CYE1979 Cessna 1521528405612Switzerland
HB-CYX1979 Cessna 1521528375612Switzerland
HC-CIH1977 Cessna 1521528040212Ecuador
HC-CQE1977 Cessna 1521527997112Ecuador
HS-CMA Cessna 1521527949712Thailand
I-AMAT1978 Cessna 1521528099512Italy
I-AMCH1984 Cessna 1521528588512Italy
I-AMCP1978 Cessna 1521528019712Italy
I-AMCQ1978 Cessna 1521528063912Italy
I-AMCR1981 Cessna 1521528526712Italy
I-AMCZ1978 Cessna 1521528148112Italy
I-AMDB1977 Cessna 1521528104412Italy
I-AMDE Cessna 1521528413712Italy
I-AMDF Cessna 1521528005512Italy
I-AMDJ1978 Cessna 1521528176412Italy
I-AMDK1982 Cessna 1521528560312Italy
I-BGBG1978 Cessna 1521528308012Italy
I-BJBB Cessna 1521528425212Italy
I-CNTS Cessna 152152-800571Italy
I-ECSO1982 Cessna 152152-8385612Italy
I-EWAC Cessna 1521528374412Italy
I-FURB Cessna 1521528088512Italy
I-GARC Cessna 1521528577512FC, Italy
I-GBGI1977 Cessna 1521528082212Italy
I-SANW1983 Cessna 1521528576612Italy
I-SBIR Cessna 1521528202912Italy
I-SRAV1979 Cessna 1521528405612Italy
I-SVFG1979 Cessna 1521528374912Italy
I-SVFH1979 Cessna 1521528393912Italy
I-SVFI1978 Cessna 1521528243712Italy
I-SVFL1978 Cessna 1521528263612Italy
I-TORD Cessna 1521527966812Italy
LV-CML1978 Cessna 1521528190512Argentina
LZ-BVC1978 Cessna 152152-8112312Bulgaria
N1000U1985 Cessna 1521528595512OH, United States
N101AT1977 Cessna 1521528020812CA, United States
N101FP1977 Cessna 1521528086712FL, United States
N102CF1978 Cessna 1521528199112GA, United States
N102XL1981 Cessna 1521528506812GA, United States
N1031S1977 Cessna 1521527999612AR, United States
N104UC Cessna 1521528467312United States
N105AT1978 Cessna 1521528140612AK, United States
N105CT1978 Cessna 1521528246812FL, United States
N106CF1977 Cessna 1521528085112DE, United States
N106DY1978 Cessna 1521528166112TX, United States
N106FA1982 Cessna 1521528548212DE, United States
N107FA1982 Cessna 1521528549212CA, United States
N108ES1977 Cessna 1521527993112UT, United States
N108FA1979 Cessna 1521528345612CA, United States
N109CF1978 Cessna 1521528233212DE, United States
N109FA1978 Cessna 1521528227712CA, United States
N10MK Cessna 1521528165112FL, United States
N10VF1978 Cessna 1521528287312PA, United States
N10XA1977 Cessna 1521528094812Peru
N111RK1977 Cessna 1521528087412AR, United States
N111UF Cessna 1521528328312TX, United States
N113FA1981 Cessna 1521528509012CA, United States
N114BA Cessna 1521528101812TX, United States
N114SS Cessna 1521528366312OK, United States
N1152S1977 Cessna 1521527970312CA, United States
N115CF1979 Cessna 1521528355712DE, United States
N115RJ Cessna 1521528380512CA,
N115SS1979 Cessna 1521528367912OK, United States
N116CF1977 Cessna 1521528020412TX, United States
N116SS1978 Cessna 1521528233412OK, United States
N117GR1977 Cessna 1521527997312AL, United States
N118CF Cessna 1521528211212DE, United States
N1196D Cessna 152A152076412CA, United States
N11BZ Cessna 1521528370312
N11GB1978 Cessna 1521528185512CA, United States
N120JH1977 Cessna 1521528010912OK, United States
N120UU Cessna 1521528011112OK, United States
N121CF Cessna 1521528449312OK, United States
N121TM1979 Cessna 1521528342412FL, United States
N122CF1978 Cessna 1521528277812DE, United States
N122JK1977 Cessna 1521528041112FL, United States
N124RP1978 Cessna 1521528213912TX, United States
N1265P1981 Cessna 1521528499212MO, United States
N127ED1980 Cessna 1521528479712NY, United States
N129SC Cessna 1521528024512IA,
N12EA1978 Cessna 1521527990312OH, United States
N130BC1978 Cessna 1521528236412OH, United States
N130CF1977 Cessna 1521527950912DE, United States
N131CF1978 Cessna 1521528224812GA, United States
N135GB1979 Cessna 1521528410312MD, United States
N135WA1979 Cessna 1521528365512TX, United States
N1368F Cessna 1521528358412NV, United States
N138AA1977 Cessna 1521527972112FL, United States
N13EA1977 Cessna 1521527991412TX, United States
N147BA Cessna 1521528022212FL,
N148RJ1978 Cessna 1521528144512CA, United States
N150G1977 Cessna 1521527963712AZ, United States
N151FC Cessna 1521528420012TN, United States
N151LG Cessna 1521528082612FL,
N152AM1978 Cessna 1521528171312CA, United States
N152AW1985 Cessna 1521528597712TX, United States
N152BA1978 Cessna 1521528272212IL, United States
N152BJ1982 Cessna 152152-8567012NY, United States
N152BP1977 Cessna 1521527942612IL, United States
N152BR Cessna 1521528523212CA, United States
N152BS1979 Cessna 1521528355312OR, United States
N152BU1983 Cessna 1521528569812TX, United States
N152CJ1978 Cessna 1521528168212IL, United States
N152CP1985 Cessna 1521528599912OH, United States
N152DA1978 Cessna 1521528201212AL, United States
N152DD Cessna 1521528487012NC, United States
N152DF1979 Cessna 1521528322212NV, United States
N152DG Cessna 1521527978412FL, United States
N152DM Cessna 1521527984712CA, United States
N152DM1983 Cessna 1521528579012FL, United States
N152DS1979 Cessna 1521528355312CA, United States
N152DX1984 Cessna 1521528588612MS, United States
N152DZ1978 Cessna 1521528149112CA, United States
N152EF1979 Cessna 1521528397512MD, United States
N152FC1979 Cessna 1521528364212NV, United States
N152FT1978 Cessna 1521528268812DE, United States
N152GB1977 Cessna 1521527954612CA, United States
N152GF1978 Cessna 1521528230912GA, United States
N152GS1978 Cessna 1521528225612TX, United States
N152GT1980 Cessna 1521528437012MD, United States
N152HA1981 Cessna 1521528512112FL, United States
N152J1979 Cessna 1521528316212AL, United States
N152JC1982 Cessna 1521528562312OK, United States
N152JL1978 Cessna 1521528183412AZ, United States
N152KS Cessna 1521528565012TX, United States
N152L1979 Cessna 1521528396412CO, United States
N152LC1978 Cessna 1521528084012WA, United States
N152LE1977 Cessna 1521528017212TX, United States
N152LF1978 Cessna 1521528175012NV, United States
N152LG1978 Cessna 1521528224912TX, United States
N152LK Cessna 1521528072712
N152LT1981 Cessna 1521528526212WA, United States
N152MC1977 Cessna 1521527979812AZ, United States
N152MM1977 Cessna 1521528018812AR, United States
N152MW1978 Cessna 1521528272812CA, United States
N152PF1981 Cessna 1521528538012FL, United States
N152PJ1978 Cessna 1521528162412CA, United States
N152PR1979 Cessna 1521528350412TN, United States
N152PT1977 Cessna 1521528006512MN, United States
N152R1977 Cessna 1521528085312IN, United States
N152RC1981 Cessna 1521528503312FL, United States
N152RC1978 Cessna 1521528273612UT, United States
N152RD Cessna 1521528383112TX, United States
N152RE1980 Cessna 1521528455512TX, United States
N152RJ Cessna 1521528157212OK, United States
N152RT1978 Cessna 1521528139012CA, United States
N152RW1978 Cessna 152152-8169212CA, United States
N152SC1977 Cessna 1521528026512CA, United States
N152SG1981 Cessna 1521528500312IL,
N152SH1978 Cessna 1521528256712NY, United States
N152SJ1978 Cessna 1521528247612DE, United States
N152SK1978 Cessna 1521528140412IN, United States
N152SM1978 Cessna 1521528254612CA, United States
N152SQ1980 Cessna 1521528418512CA, United States
N152SX1977 Cessna 1521528113512CA, United States
N152TL1981 Cessna 1521528496912Hong Kong
N152TM1977 Cessna 1521527983812OK, United States
N152TR1978 Cessna 1521528124712TX, United States
N152UC1978 Cessna 152152-8187912United States
N152UF1979 Cessna 1521528400112United States
N152WA1979 Cessna 1521528384512CA, United States
N152WH1977 Cessna 1521527970012CA, United States
N152YR1979 Cessna 1521528360112TX, United States
N153MT1978 Cessna 1521528269412NH, United States
N153SK1978 Cessna 1521528177012FL, United States
N154JB1979 Cessna 1521528268512AK, United States
N154SK1978 Cessna 1521528211012FL, United States
N155SK1978 Cessna 1521528265712FL, United States
N156SK1981 Cessna 1521528503512IN, United States
N157NH1981 Cessna 1521528510612NH, United States
N157SK1980 Cessna 1521528482012IN, United States
N158SK1981 Cessna 1521528494712IN, United States
N159BC1977 Cessna 1521528073712WA, United States
N159TC1977 Cessna 1521528072412TX, United States
N15BX Cessna 1521528541812FL, United States
N160UU Cessna 1521528390612OH, United States
N162F1978 Cessna 1521527977312AK, United States
N162PT1981 Cessna 1521528527812UT, United States
N1659C1979 Cessna 1521528392312United States
N169JH1981 Cessna 1521528484512FL, United States
N169LC1977 Cessna 1521527999412KS, United States
N16EF1977 Cessna 1521528044112FL, United States
N16RR1979 Cessna 1521528312012MS, United States
N16SU Cessna 1521528233112
N170SU1979 Cessna 152152-8324812OH, United States
N1757E1977 Cessna 1521527967312OK, United States
N177BD1978 Cessna 1521528166012OR, United States
N179AS1977 Cessna 1521528108212FL, United States
N179BA1977 Cessna 1521527971512NJ, United States
N17EF1978 Cessna 1521528135312FL, United States
N17RR1979 Cessna 1521528413412DE, United States
N17VD1979 Cessna 1521528328612DE, United States
N180SU1978 Cessna 1521528233512OH, United States
N184AK1977 Cessna 152152-8018912MS, United States
N185SE1978 Cessna 1521528293512FL, United States
N185SR1979 Cessna 1521528321512IN, United States
N1926C1978 Cessna 1521528233012LA, United States
N1933C Cessna 152152-8444812United States
N193BM1979 Cessna 1521528339912NC, United States
N197TH1977 Cessna 1521528009312WA, United States
N1981F1980 Cessna 1521528476512GA, United States
N198TH1977 Cessna 1521527942512WA, United States
N19SA1979 Cessna 1521528334812MI, United States
N1FC1980 Cessna 1521528457112FL, United States
N1WC1979 Cessna 1521528349712CA, United States
N202FA1980 Cessna 1521528475712Florida, United States
N2034N1978 Cessna 1521528207312FL, United States
N204JA Cessna 1521528039112
N205B1980 Cessna 1521528390812FL, United States
N208JA1978 Cessna 1521528247512CT, United States
N20CT1978 Cessna 152152-8195212ID, United States
N20KF Cessna 1521528579612FL, United States
N20SQ Cessna 1521528514212
N211SP Cessna 1521528049812GA, United States
N212GS1977 Cessna 1521527965712NY, United States
N212JA1979 Cessna 152152-8394512FL, United States
N212MB1978 Cessna 1521527992012MA, United States
N2135C1978 Cessna 1521528263112FL, United States
N215JA1981 Cessna 1521528488412WA, United States
N216CL Cessna 1521528470612LA, United States
N216DV1977 Cessna 1521528092712NY, United States
N218JA1981 Cessna 1521528530712NC, United States
N21LA1977 Cessna 1521527958712MN, United States
N220U1978 Cessna 1521528214312OH, United States
N222UM1977 Cessna 1521528106312MI, United States
N225CP1981 Cessna 1521528531812WA, United States
N227JA1977 Cessna 1521528070412FL, United States
N229CS1978 Cessna 1521528255812KS, United States
N22LU Cessna 1521528062112PA, United States
N230SV1979 Cessna 152152-8325712MI, United States
N233SH1979 Cessna 1521528371412MN, United States
N23TW1979 Cessna 1521528329712CA, United States
N23WT1978 Cessna 1521528292812FL, United States
N240081978 Cessna 1521528014712CA, United States
N240SU1981 Cessna 1521528515312OH, United States
N242041977 Cessna 1521528014812CO, United States
N242101977 Cessna 1521528015012GA, United States
N242121978 Cessna 1521528015212MO,
N242141977 Cessna 1521528015412TX, United States
N242161977 Cessna 1521528015512FL, United States
N242181977 Cessna 1521528015612TN, United States
N242221977 Cessna 1521528015712CA, United States
N242231977 Cessna 1521528015812NJ, United States
N24225 Cessna 1521528016012GA,
N242291977 Cessna 1521528016112LA, United States
N242301977 Cessna 1521528016212WA, United States
N24233 Cessna 1521528016312
N24234 Cessna 1521528016412FL, United States
N24235 Cessna 1521528016512
N242361977 Cessna 1521528016612DE, United States
N24237 Cessna 1521528016712CA,
N242381977 Cessna 1521528016812GA, United States
N24239 Cessna 1521528016912TX, United States
N242421977 Cessna 1521528017012WI, United States
N242431978 Cessna 1521528017112FL, United States
N24251 Cessna 1521528017412
N242521977 Cessna 1521528017512TN, United States
N24254 Cessna 1521528017612
N242571977 Cessna 1521528017712CA,