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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
4K-A188 Gulfstream G65040452Azerbaijan
9H-DTY2015 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6146220Malta
9H-GVI2012 Gulfstream G6506006214Malta
9H-IKO2015 Gulfstream G65061202Malta
9H-LZM2014 Gulfstream G65060732Malta
9H-SSK2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)61952Malta
9H-ZMB2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)61162Malta
9K-GGB Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6155220Kuwait
A6-HHH2014 Gulfstream G65060792United Arab Emirates
A7-CGB2015 Gulfstream G65061682Qatar
A7-CGD2017 Gulfstream G65062712Qatar
A9C-BAH2014 Gulfstream VI G6506081220Bahrain
B-32772015 Gulfstream G65061592China
B-32782016 Gulfstream G65062512China
B-KEY2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G65060982China
C-GNDN2015 Gulfstream VI (G650)6162219Quebec, Canada
D-AWWW2016 Gulfstream VI G6506215220Germany
D-AYSM2015 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)61462Germany
EC-MHZ2015 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6135219Spain
EC-MLR2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G65061842Spain
EI-JSK2013 Gulfstream G65060702Ireland
EI-LSN2014 Gulfstream G65060922County Clare, Ireland
G-DSMR2018 Gulfstream Aerospace G65063290United Kingdom
G-GSVI2015 Gulfstream G65061602Hampshire, United Kingdom
G-LLWW2016 Gulfstream G65062532United Kingdom
G-OMRE2013 Gulfstream VI G6506023219Kent, United Kingdom
G-REFO2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)60752United Kingdom
G-ULFS2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506028210United Kingdom
HB-IVJ2013 Gulfstream G65060622Switzerland
HB-JUF2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G65061182Switzerland
HS-VSK2013 Gulfstream VI G6506023219Thailand
LX-GVI2014 Gulfstream G65060952Luxembourg
LX-LXX2014 Gulfstream G65061152Luxembourg
LX-SIX2012 Gulfstream G6506006214Luxembourg
M-AAAL2017 Gulfstream G65062792Isle of Man
M-ABIU2015 Gulfstream G65061502Isle of Man
M-ABIZ2015 Gulfstream G65061682Isle of Man
M-BADU2014 Gulfstream VI G6506083220Isle of Man
M-BHBH2015 Gulfstream G65061322
M-GSIX2012 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506032219Isle of Man
M-GULF2016 Gulfstream G65062072Isle of Man
M-INSK2014 Gulfstream G65060962Isle of Man
M-JCBB2013 Gulfstream G65060492Isle of Man
M-KSOI2013 Gulfstream VI G6506047220Isle of Man
M-KSSN2013 Gulfstream VI G6506047220Isle of Man
M-NGNG Gulfstream G65060772
M-NNNN2014 Gulfstream G65060772Isle of Man
M-OVIE2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6247219Isle of Man
M-SHEF2014 Gulfstream G65061152Isle of Man
M-USIK2013 Gulfstream VI G6506037215Isle of Man
M-VITA2014 Gulfstream G65060992Isle of Man
M-WIND2014 Gulfstream G65060802Isle of Man
M-YGVI2012 Gulfstream G6506006214Isle of Man
M-YNNS2015 Gulfstream G65061202Isle of Man
N108RGLF62015 Gulfstream G65061542United States
N1777M2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G65060942United States
N193LS2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)60432United States
N1AL2014 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6091220United States
N1F2014 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6076222United States
N1TF2013 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6065220United States
N211HS2010 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6003219United States
N22T2013 Gulfstream G65060442Oregon, United States
N240CX2015 Gulfstream VI G6506131220Utah, United States
N251TD2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)61162Delaware, United States
N270LE2015 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6164220United States
N277FL2015 Gulfstream G65061592United States
N278L2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506038210United States
N279GA2017 Gulfstream G65062792Georgia, United States
N287L2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506038210United States
N288WR2011 Gulfstream G6506007210United States
N288Z2013 Gulfstream G65060932United States
N2N2013 Gulfstream G65060532Utah, United States
N305KN2015 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6142219UT, United States
N311CG2014 Gulfstream G6506064210United States
N368GW2014 Gulfstream G65060992Utah, United States
N374FS2013 Gulfstream G65060562Utah, United States
N388RF2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6106215United States
N3CP2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6106215New Jersey, United States
N44KJ2013 Gulfstream G65060552Delaware, United States
N47TR2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506101222Utah, United States
N4CP2012 Gulfstream VI G6506039220New Jersey, United States
N4FL2012 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506032219California, United States
N500SA Gulfstream Aerospace G65062262United Arab Emirates
N511DB2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)60580United States
N515KA2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506028210Delaware, United States
N515PL2011 Gulfstream VI G6506015220Nevada, United States
N515PL2016 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6219220United States
N516PL2011 Gulfstream VI G6506015220NV, United States
N521HN Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6027220United States
N585GS2014 Gulfstream VI G6506084220Ohio, United States
N601GA2017 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)73001220GA, United States
N601GA2015 Gulfstream G65061502Georgia, United States
N601GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506001210GA, United States
N602GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506002210GA, United States
N603GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506003210GA, United States
N604GD2010 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506004210GA, United States
N605GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506005210GA, United States
N606GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506006210GA, United States
N606SA2013 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6031219UT, United States
N607GD2011 Gulfstream G6506007210GA, United States
N609GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506009210GA, United States
N611GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506011210GA, United States
N613GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506013210GA, United States
N614GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506014210GA, United States
N615GA2016 Gulfstream VI G6506215220United States
N615GD2014 Gulfstream G65061152Utah, United States
N615GD2011 Gulfstream VI G6506015220GA, United States
N615GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506015210GA, United States
N616GA2011 Gulfstream VI G6506016219GA, United States
N616GD2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6106215United States
N618GA2013 Gulfstream VI G6506018219GA, United States
N619GA2016 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6219220GA, United States
N620GD2015 Gulfstream G65061202Georgia, United States
N622GD2016 Gulfstream G65062022Georgia, United States
N623GA2013 Gulfstream VI G6506023219GA, United States
N627GD2016 Gulfstream G65062072Georgia, United States
N632GA2015 Gulfstream G65061322Georgia, United States
N635GA2015 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6135219United States
N640GA2013 Gulfstream G6506040216Georgia, United States
N643GA2013 Gulfstream G65060432Georgia, United States
N64532014 Gulfstream G65060782United States
N646GD2015 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)61462Georgia, United States
N647GA2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6247219Georgia, United States
N650AB2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6100220United States
N650AF2014 Gulfstream VI G6506089212United States
N650DX2012 Gulfstream VI G6506039220United States
N650ER2014 Gulfstream VI G6506084220Georgia, United States
N650FJ2015 Gulfstream G65061752Massachusetts, United States
N650GA Gulfstream Aerospace G6506001210GA, United States
N650GD2010 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506004210GA, United States
N650GL2013 Gulfstream G65060542Utah, United States
N650HC2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6097219GA, United States
N650HH2015 Gulfstream G65061272Utah, United States
N650JK2013 Gulfstream GVI G6506046221UT, United States
N650MT2013 Gulfstream G65060300United States
N650NY2014 Gulfstream G65060792United States
N650PH Gulfstream Aerospace G6506013210United States
N650PR2013 Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6050220CA, United States
N650RG2010 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506004210Oregon, United States
N650RR2012 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506019210DE, United States
N650TP2013 Gulfstream VI G6506051220New York, United States
N650XA2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)62012United States
N650XY2013 Gulfstream G65060712United States
N651GA2016 Gulfstream G65062512Georgia, United States
N652GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506002210GA, United States
N653GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506003210GA, United States
N654GA2017 Gulfstream VI G6506254220Georgia, United States
N655GD Gulfstream Aerospace G6506005210GA, United States
N660GA2015 Gulfstream G65061602Georgia, United States
N662GA2015 Gulfstream VI (G650)6162219Georgia, United States
N662GA2013 Gulfstream G65060622Georgia, United States
N668GA2015 Gulfstream G65061682Georgia, United States
N669GD2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G65061692Georgia, United States
N670GA2013 Gulfstream G65060702Georgia, United States
N671GD2017 Gulfstream G65062712Georgia, United States
N673HA2013 Gulfstream VI G6506018219United States
N675GA2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)60752United States
N677GD2014 Gulfstream G65060772Georgia, United States
N681GD2014 Gulfstream VI G6506081220Georgia, United States
N682GD2014 Gulfstream VI G6506082220Georgia, United States
N683GD2014 Gulfstream VI G6506083220Georgia, United States
N686GD2014 Gulfstream VI G6506086220Georgia, United States
N691GA2014 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6091220United States
N691LC2014 Gulfstream VI G6506085220New Jersey, United States
N693GA2013 Gulfstream G65060932United States
N695GA2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)61952Georgia, United States
N695GA2014 Gulfstream G65060952Georgia, United States
N696GA2014 Gulfstream G65060962Georgia, United States
N698GA2014 Gulfstream Aerospace G65060982Georgia, United States
N711SW2011 Gulfstream G6506007210United States
N712KT2012 Gulfstream Aerospace G65060352United States
N724AG2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)60752Delaware, United States
N747SC2014 Gulfstream VI G6506089212MASSACHUSETTS, United States
N761LE2014 Gulfstream VI G6506108220Utah, United States
N77802014 Gulfstream G65060802Utah, United States
N811TM2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506251219United States
N827DC2015 Gulfstream G65061742Montana, United States
N829JV2013 Gulfstream G65060442DE, United States
N88332013 Gulfstream VI G6506059220New York, United States
N886WT2012 Gulfstream Aerospace G6506017215CA, United States
N899YF2015 Gulfstream G65061272Utah, United States
N900KS2015 Gulfstream G65061632United States
N914BD2013 Gulfstream GVI (G650)6005220MS, United States
N922H2013 Gulfstream Aerospace G65060202United States
N927MC2013 Gulfstream G65060522Delaware, United States
N946JB2015 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6157220United States
N968FA2015 Gulfstream VI G6506150218Utah, United States
N968FA2015 Gulfstream G65061502Utah, United States
N988DJ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6143220United States
N999HX2016 Gulfstream G65062532Utah, United States
OE-IIH Gulfstream G65061342Austria
OE-LEO2017 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)62782Austria
OE-LUC2017 Gulfstream VI G6506254220Austria
OE-LZM2014 Gulfstream G65060732Austria
OH-GVV2012 Gulfstream G6506006214Cyprus
OY-GLF2013 Gulfstream G6506040216Gibraltar
SX-GSB2014 Gulfstream G65060922Greece
VH-LUY2014 Gulfstream VI G6506086220Victoria, Australia
VP-BBF Gulfstream Aerospace G65061102
VP-BCT2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G65061692Bermuda
VP-BJC2013 Gulfstream VI G6506047220Bermuda
VP-BLF2014 Gulfstream VI G6506086220Bermuda
VP-BMP2015 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6136220Bermuda
VP-CER2016 Gulfstream Aerospace G65062242United Kingdom
VP-CGNGenie2014 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6112220Bermuda
VP-CJR Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6168220Bermuda
VP-CKB Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6068220Bermuda
VP-CKL Gulfstream G65061912Bermuda
VP-CPG2016 Gulfstream G65062022Cayman Islands
VP-CTS2014 Gulfstream VI G6506082220Bermuda
VP-CYZ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 (G-VI)6217220Bermuda
VP-CZA2011 Gulfstream VI G6506016219Bermuda
VP-CZB2015 Gulfstream G-VI (G650)6129220Bermuda
VP-CZZ2013 Gulfstream GVI (G650)60252Bermuda
VP-CZZ2014 Gulfstream GVI (G650)61162Cayman Islands
VQ-BMZ2014 Gulfstream G65061022Bermuda
VQ-BND Gulfstream Aerospace G6506009210Bermuda
VQ-BNZ Gulfstream G650 (G-VI)6009220Bermuda
ZK-KFB2013 Gulfstream G65060432New Zealand