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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
2582003 Learjet 4545-234212Ireland
3D-BIS Learjet 45104212Swaziland
4O-BBB2008 Learjet 4545-372212Montenegro
4O-MNE Learjet 4545-044212
4X-CYH2007 Learjet 4545-336212Israel
681P Learjet 45426212
9H-AGV2004 Learjet 4545-2018212Malta
9H-BCP2005 Learjet 4545-287212Malta
9V-ATI1999 Learjet 4545-033212Singapore
9V-ATJ1999 Learjet 4545-035212Singapore
C-FANS2006 Learjet 453032Alberta, Canada
C-FBCLSpirit of London2011 Learjet 4545-4162British Columbia, Canada
C-FBCL2005 Learjet 452882British Columbia, Canada
C-FBCL2013 Learjet 454672British Columbia, Canada
C-FBLJ2005 Learjet 4545-2702Quebec, Canada
C-FLLH2000 Learjet 4545-088212British Columbia, Canada
C-FLRJ2001 Learjet 4545-156212Canada
C-FMGL2000 Learjet 4545-088212British Columbia, Canada
C-FMGL2008 Learjet 45360212British Columbia, Canada
C-FMGL2013 Learjet 4545-463212British Columbia, Canada
C-FMHA2006 Learjet 4520432Alberta, Canada
C-FNRG2003 Learjet 45223212Alberta, Canada
C-FPBX2000 Learjet 450852Manitoba, Canada
C-FRYS2005 Learjet 45L02752New Brunswick, Canada
C-FSDLVictoria Spirit2013 Learjet 4545-4682British Columbia, Canada
C-FSDL2004 Learjet 4545-2552British Columbia, Canada
C-FSDL2011 Learjet 45421212British Columbia, Canada
C-FVSL2013 Learjet 4545-4662British Columbia, Canada
C-FVSL2010 Learjet 4545-408212British Columbia, Canada
C-FVSLSpirit of Flight1999 Learjet 4545-0242Canada
C-FXHN2000 Learjet 451262Quebec, Canada
C-FXYN2005 Learjet 4545-2702Quebec, Canada
C-FZAU2001 Learjet 451632Ontario, Canada
C-GCMP2001 Learjet 451532Quebec, Canada
C-GDMI2000 Learjet 450962Ontario, Canada
C-GEJD2001 Learjet 45166212Canada
C-GFFT2015 Learjet 4521452Ontario, Canada
C-GHCY2002 Learjet 45216212Canada
C-GHMP2001 Learjet 451832Quebec, Canada
C-GJCY2004 Learjet 452392Quebec, Canada
C-GLRJ1999 Learjet 450192Quebec, Canada
C-GLRP2008 Learjet 4545-2102212Quebec, Canada
C-GLRS2004 Learjet 4545-249212Quebec, Canada
C-GLYSRenaissance Spirit2013 Learjet 4545-4652British Columbia, Canada
C-GLYS2008 Learjet 453622British Columbia, Canada
C-GMCP2000 Learjet 451262Canada
C-GMRO2000 Learjet 450862Ontario, Canada
C-GPDB1999 Learjet 450412Alberta, Canada
C-GPDQ1999 Learjet 450412Alberta, Canada
C-GPKS2003 Learjet 45223212Quebec, Canada
C-GQPM Learjet Inc 45224212Canada
C-GRMO2000 Learjet 450862Canada
C-GSWQ1999 Learjet 45022212Alberta, Canada
C-GUSM2004 Learjet 4545-2552Ontario, Canada
C-GVVZ1999 Learjet 4545-020212Alberta, Canada
CC-ADC2001 Learjet 45142212
CN-TJB2000 Learjet 451122Morocco
CS-DTL2005 Learjet 4545-280212Portugal
CS-DTM2005 Learjet 4545-286212Portugal
CS-TFI1999 Learjet 4545-02129Portugal
CS-TFQ2006 Learjet 45302212Portugal
CS-TFR2008 Learjet 4545-3820Portugal
CS-TLW2001 Learjet 4545-144212Portugal
D-CDEN2001 Learjet 4545-0148212Germany
D-CDOC1998 Learjet 4545-018212Germany
D-CDRF2007 Learjet 4545-342212
D-CEMM2001 Learjet 4545-144212Germany
D-CESH1998 Learjet 45017212Germany
D-CEWR2002 Learjet 4545-213212Germany
D-CGGB2004 Learjet 4545-2018212Germany
D-CINS2007 Learjet 4545-3472Germany
D-CLMS2009 Learjet 4545-395212Germany
D-CMLP1998 Learjet 4545-012212Germany
D-CMSC2000 Learjet 4545-097212Germany
D-COMM1998 Learjet 4545-012212Germany
D-CQAA2000 Learjet 45122212Germany
D-CQAB2007 Learjet 4545-3472Germany
D-CRBE2008 Learjet 4545-372212Germany
D-CSMS1998 Learjet 45017212Germany
D-CSOS2001 Learjet 4545-161212
D-CSUL2001 Learjet 45189212Germany
D-IDBW1999 Learjet 45058212Germany
D2-EBN2000 Learjet 4545-069212Angola
D2-SRR2000 Learjet 4545-092212Angola
EA-EHE2008 Learjet 4545-372212Spain
EC-ILK1999 Learjet 4545-06429Spain
EC-KKE1999 Learjet 45058212Spain
EI-WFO2008 Learjet 4545-368212Ireland
ERLGA1998 Learjet 45044212Moldova, Republic of
F-HACP2005 Learjet 4545-287212France
F-HCGD2003 Learjet 45328212France
G-CDNK2005 Learjet 4545-280212United Kingdom
G-CDSR2005 Learjet 4545-286212United Kingdom
G-DDDJ2009 Learjet 4545-404212Kent, United Kingdom
G-GMAA2001 Learjet 45167212United Kingdom
G-GOMO1999 Learjet 4545-055212United Kingdom
G-HCGD2003 Learjet 45328212United Kingdom
G-HPPY2008 Learjet 4545-2102212Surrey, United Kingdom
G-IOOX2004 Learjet 4545-243212United Kingdom
G-IZAP2006 Learjet 4545-311212West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-IZIP2006 Learjet 4545-294212United Kingdom
G-JANV2000 Learjet 4545-124212United Kingdom
G-JRJR1999 Learjet 4545-055212United Kingdom
G-LLOD2004 Learjet 4545-236212United Kingdom
G-MEET2006 Learjet 4545-2054212United Kingdom
G-MOOO2004 Learjet 4545-2007212United Kingdom
G-MUTD2002 Learjet 4545-213212United Kingdom
G-OICU2001 Learjet 45167212Devon, United Kingdom
G-OLDC2001 Learjet 4545-156212United Kingdom
G-OLDF1999 Learjet 4545-055212United Kingdom
G-OLDJ2001 Learjet 4545-138212United Kingdom
G-OLDK2006 Learjet 4545-311212United Kingdom
G-OLDL2000 Learjet 4545-124212United Kingdom
G-OLDR2001 Learjet 4545-161212United Kingdom
G-OLDT2005 Learjet 4545-265212United Kingdom
G-OLDW2006 Learjet 4545-294212United Kingdom
G-OSRL2009 Learjet 4545-39126United Kingdom
G-PFCT1999 Learjet 4545-055212United Kingdom
G-RWGW2002 Learjet 4545-213212United Kingdom
G-SOVB2001 Learjet 4545-138212United Kingdom
G-SOVC2001 Learjet 4545-161212United Kingdom
G-STUF2007 Learjet 4545-2074212United Kingdom
G-UJET1999 Learjet 4545-055212Warwickshire, United Kingdom
G-XJET2006 Learjet 4545-311212West Sussex, United Kingdom
G-ZNTH2016 Learjet 4545-54029United Kingdom
G-ZNTJ2018 Learjet 4545-5622United Kingdom
G-ZXZX2001 Learjet 4545-005212United Kingdom
HB-VDW2012 Learjet 454543829Switzerland
HB-VMA1999 Learjet 4545-020212Switzerland
HB-VMB1999 Learjet 4545-02129Switzerland
HB-VMC2000 Learjet 4545-028212Switzerland
HB-VML2000 Learjet 4545-084211Switzerland
HK-52552005 Learjet 45284212Colombia
I-AVND1999 Learjet 450642Italy
I-DFSL2001 Learjet 4545-15828Italy
I-ELYS2005 Learjet 4545-201627Italy
I-ERJC2000 Learjet 450932
I-ERJD2000 Learjet 4545-0682Italy
I-ERJE2002 Learjet 4545-226211Italy
I-ERJJ2006 Learjet 4545-2053212Italy
I-FORU Gates Learjet 4545-036212Italy
I-PARS2005 Learjet 452034212Italy
JA02GW2006 Learjet 45302212Japan
LQ-BFS2003 Learjet 4545-2003212Argentina
LV-BOU1999 Learjet 45050212Argentina
LV-BXD2004 Learjet 4545-254212Argentina
LV-CVQ2011 Learjet 4545-433212Argentina
LV-GVX2000 Learjet 4545-070212Argentina
LX-DSL2001 Learjet 4545-15828Luxembourg
LX-EAA2006 Learjet 45321212Luxembourg
LX-IMS2000 Learjet 4545-070212Luxembourg
LX-JAG2009 Learjet 45398212Luxembourg
LX-LAA2006 Learjet 4545-308212
LX-LAR2000 Learjet 4545-097212Luxembourg
LX-ONE2007 Learjet 4545-342212Luxembourg
LX-RSQ2009 Learjet 45398212Luxembourg
LX-TWO2008 Learjet 453622Luxembourg
M-ABEU2009 Learjet 4545-374212Isle of Man
M-ABGV2011 Learjet 45421212Isle of Man
M-ABJA2012 Learjet 45454212Ireland
M-ABVG Gates Learjet 4545-421212Isle of Man
M-CSMS1998 Learjet 45017212Isle of Man
M-EANS2007 Learjet 4545-336212Isle of Man
M-EOCV2006 Learjet 4545-306212Isle of Man
M-GLRS2004 Learjet 4545-249212Isle of Man
M-LRJT2003 Learjet 452005212United Kingdom
M-MRBB2002 Learjet 45211212United Kingdom
M-RBIG2005 Learjet 4545-280212Isle of Man
M-ROMA2001 Learjet 4545-0148212Isle of Man
M-RWGW2002 Learjet 4545-213212Isle of Man
N100GY2000 Learjet 45079212DE, United States
N100HW2005 Learjet 452036212TX,
N100KK1999 Learjet 45065212WI, United States
N100KZ1999 Learjet 45065212Minnesota, United States
N100SA Learjet 4545-489212
N1019K Learjet 45246212KS, United States
N103EZ2000 Learjet 45071212IL, United States
N108KN2007 Learjet 4545-336212United States
N109EZ2000 Learjet 45071212Washington, United States
N10J2007 Learjet 45337212PA, United States
N10JY1999 Learjet 45063212NY, United States
N10NL2000 Learjet 45128212AL, United States
N10R Learjet Inc 45042212AK, United States
N10SE Learjet Inc 452032212TN, United States
N111KK1999 Learjet 45061212WI, United States
N115LJ Learjet Inc 452115212MO, United States
N116AS2000 Learjet 45078212UT, United States
N116WE Learjet Inc 45116212UT, United States
N117WH2006 Learjet 4545-304212Nebraska, United States
N118AV2004 Learjet 4545-2018212United States
N118RK2006 Learjet 452962United States
N119GM2008 Learjet 453622Florida, United States
N119NJ Learjet 452119212OH, United States
N120DJ2005 Learjet 452039212Il, United States
N121GZ2011 Learjet 4545-429212Utah, United States
N123AC2008 Learjet 452113212OK, United States
N124AV2000 Learjet 4545-124212DE, United States
N124BP2000 Learjet 45113212IL, United States
N12502000 Learjet 45027212United States
N125BW2007 Learjet 45323212OR, United States
N126EC2002 Learjet 4545-226211Florida, United States
N129FS2001 Learjet 4545-142212Arizona, United States
N12VU2007 Learjet 45324212IA, United States
N131JX2012 Learjet 4545-450212OH, United States
N131RX2002 Learjet 4545-207212United States
N135CG2008 Learjet 4545-354212TX, United States
N138AX2001 Learjet 4545-138212TX, United States
N140EP Learjet 452121212KS, United States
N140HM2008 Learjet 452103212AL, United States
N140LJ Learjet 452044212LA, United States
N140WW2006 Learjet 452049212CA, United States
N145AP2006 Learjet 45300212CO, United States
N145AR2002 Learjet 45203212OR, United States
N145CM Learjet 45297212NC, United States
N145GM2008 Learjet 45376212OH, United States
N145HC Learjet 45231212OK, United States
N145JP2005 Learjet 4545-280212Delaware, United States
N145K2005 Learjet 45268212KS, United States
N145KC1999 Learjet 4545-051212United States
N145MN2000 Learjet 45125212TX, United States
N145MW Learjet Inc 45400212TX, United States
N145MW2000 Learjet 45125212TX, United States
N145PJ2008 Learjet 45383212NC, United States
N145SB2001 Learjet 45142212OR, United States
N145ST Learjet 45024212KS, United States
N145XL2000 Learjet 45106212MN, United States
N146XL2001 Learjet 45187212MN, United States
N148LJ2001 Learjet 4545-0148212Florida, United States
N14BX1999 Learjet 45038212TX, United States
N152UT2008 Learjet 452101212KS, United States
N156AV2001 Learjet 4545-156212TX, United States
N157PB1998 Learjet 45030212PA, United States
N158EC2001 Learjet 45186212MI, United States
N159EC1999 Learjet 45229212MI, United States
N15FE1999 Learjet 45039212TN, United States
N15FE1999 Learjet 45229212TN, United States
N15UB2007 Learjet 452072212IL, United States
N161AV2002 Learjet 45161212TX, United States
N164RX2002 Learjet 4545-207212Massachusetts, United States
N16PC2006 Learjet 45319212GA, United States
N16PQ1999 Learjet 45050212FL, United States
N170LS Learjet Inc 45029212DE, United States
N173DS Learjet 452092212FL, United States
N176CA2006 Learjet 452045212GA, United States
N176MG2008 Learjet 45383212UT, United States
N176TG Learjet 455122Utah, United States
N176TK2001 Learjet 45176212Mexico
N179MR2001 Learjet 45179212GA, United States
N181DS2007 Learjet 45318212
N183CM2001 Learjet 45133212AR, United States
N183TS2005 Learjet 45273212GA, United States
N1848T2005 Learjet 452035212IL, United States
N1893N2001 Learjet 45172212KS, United States
N1904S1999 Learjet 45053212OH, United States
N191LJ2001 Learjet 45191212CT, United States
N191TD2006 Learjet 45298212TN, United States
N1925B2002 Learjet 45199212FL, United States
N1925P2002 Learjet 45199212FL, United States
N192TD Learjet Inc 45397212TN, United States
N196CT2007 Learjet 45318212TX, United States
N196PH1999 Learjet 45056212IA, United States
N19GR2013 Learjet 454702United States
N1HP2000 Learjet 45082212OK, United States
N1RB2000 Learjet 45119212CA, United States
N206CK1999 Learjet 45047212OH, United States
N209KM2002 Learjet 45209212UT, United States
N209MD Learjet Inc 452127212AR, United States
N20FE2008 Learjet 45366212TN, United States
N217MJ2002 Learjet Inc 45217212AZ, United States
N21AX2001 Learjet 45123212OK, United States
N21BD2001 Learjet 45188212GA, United States
N222MW2000 Learjet 45110212AL, United States
N229BK2002 Learjet 45198212NC, United States
N22AX2000 Learjet 45101212NC, United States
N22GM2005 Learjet 452038212IL, United States
N233MK1999 Learjet 45052212TX, United States
N240RP2005 Learjet 452025212KY, United States
N241LJ2004 Learjet 45241212WI, United States
N245CM Learjet Inc 45403212MN, United States
N245K2005 Learjet Inc 45269212KS, United States
N247MX2012 Learjet 4545-45229AR, United States
N24VP2007 Learjet Inc 452081212UT, United States
N253EC2006 Learjet 4545-2053212Florida, United States
N255AH Learjet 452123212VA, United States
N256AH Learjet 452123212VA, United States
N256AH2005 Learjet 452042212VA, United States
N258AH2005 Learjet 452042212TX, United States
N25UB2007 Learjet 452072212United States
N263MR Learjet 45263212TX, United States
N26QT Learjet 45402212OK, United States
N26QT2014 Learjet 4545-48129OK, United States
N272BC2004 Learjet 45252212MI, United States
N273LP2001 Learjet 45185212PA, United States
N273TA2006 Learjet 45292212CA, United States
N274CZ2005 Learjet Inc 45274212TX, United States
N2758W Learjet 452066212AR, United States
N279AJ Learjet 45279212OK, United States
N288AS2007 Learjet 452088212CA, United States
N288CB Learjet 45272212GA, United States
N288KR2007 Learjet Inc 452081212
N289JP Learjet Inc 452118212UT, United States
N28QT Learjet Inc 45431212KS, United States
N291LJ Learjet 4545-29128United States
N295SG2008 Learjet 452105212FL, United States
N296JA Learjet 45381212UT, United States
N296SG2008 Learjet 452105212TX, United States
N29RE2007 Learjet Inc 452069212DE, United States
N29SM2002 Learjet 45214212CA, United States
N29ZE2002 Learjet Inc 45210212GA, United States
N2HP2014 Learjet 4545-472212Oklahome, United States
N2HP2007 Learjet 4545-330212OK, United States
N300AA2005 Learjet 4545-285211NM, United States
N300AQ2002 Learjet 45211212DE, United States
N300GF Learjet 452119212OH, United States
N300JC Learjet 45340212NV, United States
N300JC2015 Learjet 4551029NV, United States
N301372001 Learjet Inc 45153212KS, United States
N3013Q Learjet 45152212KS, United States
N3019T2001 Learjet Inc 45158212KS, United States
N303LJ Learjet Inc 45303212WI, United States
N306AV Learjet Inc 4545-306212DE, United States
N307PG2008 Learjet 452113212United States
N309KC Learjet Inc 45412212NC, United States
N30AB1998 Learjet Inc 45015212DE, United States
N30PC Learjet 45235212GA, United States
N30PC Learjet 45417212OH, United States
N30PQ Learjet 45235212TX, United States
N30TL2000 Learjet 45081212TX, United States
N310LJ1999 Learjet Inc 45031212UT, United States
N311BP1998 Learjet Inc 45010212TN, United States
N313BH2000 Learjet 45108212AR, United States
N313BW2000 Learjet 45108212United States
N313BW Learjet Inc 45322212CT, United States
N318SA2000 Learjet Inc 45114212CT, United States
N31V1998 Learjet Inc 45015212DE, United States
N32AA Learjet Inc 45399212VA, United States
N332K2001 Learjet Inc 45169212NE, United States
N334AF2001 Learjet Inc 45143212WI, United States
N336UB1999 Learjet Inc 45046212TX, United States
N338K2003 Learjet 45223212Nebraska, United States
N33NJ2001 Learjet 4545-0148212Florida, United States
N340SR2006 Learjet 4520432Texas, United States
N341K2001 Learjet Inc 45157212NE, United States
N342K2001 Learjet 45171212NE, United States
N342K2014 Learjet 452143212Nebraska, United States
N345AW2001 Learjet 45182212MO, United States
N345BH2000 Learjet Inc 45100212MS, United States
N345FM2001 Learjet Inc 45151212TX, United States
N345K Learjet Inc 45310212KS, United States
N345MA1999 Learjet Inc 45054212TN, United States
N345RL2001 Learjet 45180212TX, United States
N345SV2001 Learjet Inc 45140212DE, United States
N345WB1999 Learjet Inc 45036212DE, United States
N346CM2008 Learjet Inc 452098212TX, United States
N348K2001 Learjet 45150212NE, United States
N350AP Learjet 45368212TX, United States
N352K Learjet Inc 45215212NE, United States
N353AP1999 Learjet Inc 45023212TX, United States
N354K2013 Learjet 4545-462212Nebraska, United States
N359JR2010 Learjet 45407212KS, United States
N359K2002 Learjet 45216212NE, United States
N36GL2007 Learjet 4545-330212Indiana, United States
N379LJ2008 Learjet Inc 45379212FL, United States
N386K2000 Learjet Inc 45086212DE, United States
N389CG Learjet Inc 45389212KS, United States
N390CG Learjet Inc 45390212KS, United States
N390GG2007 Learjet Inc 45325212IL, United States
N395BC Learjet Inc 45258212CA, United States
N395WB1998 Learjet Inc 45009212KY, United States
N396GC Learjet Inc 45396212KS, United States
N397AT2000 Learjet Inc 45105212CA, United States
N399LB2011 Learjet 4545-429212Ohio, United States
N3AS2011 Gates Learjet 4545-247212MA, United States
N4002P Learjet 4545-29128United States
N40072005 Learjet 4545-280212United States
N400782005 Learjet 4545-201627United States
N400852002 Learjet 4545-226211KANSAS, United States
N40092006 Learjet 4545-304212VA, United States
N401492009 Learjet 4545-395212United States
N401EG2004 Learjet Inc 452021212NY, United States
N401LJ2002 Learjet 452001212TX, United States
N401SF2011 Gates Learjet 4545-247212MA, United States
N403LS2009 Learjet Inc 452124212AR, United States
N404EL2005 Learjet Inc 452033212LA, United States
N404MK2003 Learjet 4545-2003212FL, United States
N405BX1999 Learjet 45026212TX, United States
N405FX1999 Learjet 45026212United States
N406BX2000 Learjet Inc 45089212KS, United States
N408FX2000 Learjet 4545-091212United States
N40KJ2003 Learjet Inc 452002212
N40LJ Learjet Inc 452009212KS, United States
N40LX1995 Learjet Inc 45001212KS, United States
N40ML2005 Learjet 452024212DE, United States
N40NB2007 Learjet Inc 452087212AL, United States
N40PC2004 Learjet 45259212GA, United States
N40PD2008 Learjet Inc 452111212NV, United States
N40PX Learjet Inc 452007212CA, United States
N40XR2005 Learjet 452028212UT, United States
N410BX2000 Learjet 45101212United States
N411AJ2004 Learjet 4545-2011212UT, United States
N411FG Learjet Inc 45418212IL, United States
N411FX2000 Learjet 4545-102212United States
N411HC2006 Learjet Inc 452056212AR, United States
N411VE Learjet Inc 45411212IN, United States
N412ET Learjet Inc 452083212MI, United States
N412FX2000 Learjet 4545-103212United States
N414BX2000 Learjet Inc 45111212UT, United States
N414FX2000 Learjet 4545-111212United States
N414VE Learjet Inc 45414212KS, United States
N414VF Learjet Inc 45414212TN, United States
N415CL2006 Learjet Inc 45308212KS, United States
N415FX2000 Learjet Inc 45112212TX, United States
N415VE Learjet Inc 45415212DE, United States
N416FX2000 Learjet 45113212United States
N417FX2000 Learjet Inc 45114212United States
N417LJ1998 Learjet 45017212KANSAS, United States
N418FA2000 Learjet 45120212TX, United States
N418FX2000 Learjet 4545-120212TX, United States
N418LJ1998 Learjet 4545-018212United States
N418LJ Learjet Inc 45018212
N418MN Learjet 45130212TX, United States
N419FX2000 Learjet 45125212TX, United States
N41PC Learjet Inc 45387212OH, United States
N41PQ2001 Learjet Inc 45190212CO, United States
N41TF2001 Learjet Inc 45175212VA, United States
N420FX2000 Learjet Inc 45126212TX, United States
N421FX2001 Learjet Inc 45145212United States
N421FY2001 Learjet Inc 45127212KS, United States
N422FX2001 Learjet 45135210United States
N423DC2001 Learjet Inc 45135212TX, United States
N423FA2001 Learjet 45134212TX, United States
N423FX2001 Learjet 45134212United States
N424872000 Learjet 45122212Suffolk, United Kingdom
N424FX Learjet 4545-146211United States
N424VE Learjet Inc 45424212DE, United States
N425FX Learjet 4514729United States
N425G2006 Learjet Inc 45307212MD, United States
N425LW2001 Learjet Inc 45147212FL, United States
N425M2006 Learjet Inc 45307212United States
N425VE Learjet Inc 45425212DE, United States
N426FX2001 Learjet Inc 45162212TX, United States
N426LW2001 Learjet Inc 45162212TX, United States
N427BX2001 Learjet Inc 45163212TX, United States
N427DC2007 Learjet 452079212TX, United States
N428FX2001 Learjet 45164212DE, United States
N429FX2001 Learjet Inc 45165212TX, United States
N430FX2001 Learjet 45166212TX, United States
N431DC2008 Learjet Inc 452091212TX, United States
N431FX2001 Learjet 45177212TX, United States
N432FX2002 Learjet Inc 45197212FL, United States
N433FX2002 Learjet 45192212TX, United States
N434FX2002 Learjet Inc 45212212TX, United States
N435DC2004 Learjet 4545-249212PR, United States
N435FX Learjet Inc 45271212TX, United States
N435HH2007 Learjet Inc 45335212OR, United States
N436FX2006 Learjet Inc 45309212TX, United States
N437FX2006 Learjet 45315212TX, United States
N438FX2007 Learjet 45333212TX, United States
N439FX2007 Learjet Inc 45341212TX, United States
N43QG Learjet Inc 45237212TX, United States
N440FX2007 Learjet 45346212TX, United States
N441FX2008 Learjet 45357212TX, United States
N442FX2008 Learjet Inc 45364212TX, United States
N442LF1999 Learjet Inc 45019212DE, United States
N444FX2008 Learjet Inc 45378212TX, United States
N444MC2018 Learjet 455672Louisiana, United States
N444MW2000 Learjet Inc 45131212AL, United States
N445AX2002 Learjet Inc 45206212TX, United States
N445FD2012 Learjet Inc 4545-44529North Carolina, United States
N445N2002 Learjet 45202212TX, United States
N445RM2002 Learjet Inc 45206212UT, United States
N445SB1998 Learjet 4545-027212United States
N445SE2007 Learjet 45334212SC, United States
N445TG2007 Learjet Inc 45332212UT, United States
N445WF2006 Learjet 45299212Iowa, United States
N44NJ2001 Learjet Inc 45147212FL, United States
N44QG2008 Learjet Inc 45361212WI, United States
N450BC2000 Learjet Inc 45075212IL, United States
N450BK2000 Learjet Inc 45104212UT, United States
N450HA2000 Learjet Inc 45098212United States
N450JC2000 Learjet 4545-070212CT, United States
N450JG Learjet Inc 45096212Canada
N450TJ1998 Learjet 4545-012212CA, United States
N450TR2000 Learjet Inc 45093212DE, United States
N451A Learjet Inc 45413212TN, United States
N451BW2005 Learjet 4545-261212DE, United States
N451HC2005 Learjet Inc 45267212OK, United States
N451JC Learjet Inc 45218212NC, United States
N451LJ2004 Learjet 45259212Delaware, United States
N451N Learjet Inc 45230212NC, United States
N451ST2002 Learjet Inc 45200212FL, United States
N451WM2000 Learjet 45091212AR, United States
N451XR2006 Learjet 45319212DE, United States
N452A2007 Learjet Inc 45320212DE, United States
N452CJ2000 Learjet Inc 45090212AR, United States
N452LJ1996 Learjet 45002212KS, United States
N452ST2002 Learjet Inc 45201212FL, United States
N453A2008 Learjet Inc 45363212TX, United States
N453LJ1996 Learjet Inc 45003212
N453ST2006 Learjet 45299212FL, United States
N45451999 Learjet 45045212DE, United States
N454AS1999 Learjet 4545-038212Utah, United States
N454CG2000 Learjet Inc 45085212TX, United States
N454JF Learjet Inc 45329212UT, United States
N454LC Learjet Inc 45419212LA, United States
N454LC2006 Learjet Inc 45296212LA, United States
N454LJ1996 Learjet Inc 45004212
N454LP1999 Learjet Inc 45034212VT, United States
N454MK2000 Learjet Inc 45088212KS, United States
N454N2007 Learjet 45339212NC, United States
N455DG2000 Learjet Inc 45129212AR, United States
N455LJ1996 Learjet Inc 45005212UT, United States
N455LJ2001 Learjet 4545-005212Utah, United States
N456AS1999 Learjet 4545-039212Utah, United States
N456GS2002 Learjet Inc 45225212Iowa, United States
N456LJ Learjet 45006212United States
N456Q2005 Learjet Inc 45282212CA, United States
N457LJ1998 Learjet 4545-007212United States
N457LJ Learjet Inc 45007212
N458A Learjet Inc 45397212KS, United States
N458DP1998 Learjet 45008212Delaware, United States
N459DP1998 Learjet 4545-011212CT, United States
N459LC1999 Learjet Inc 45060212WI, United States
N45AU2004 Learjet 45262212UT, United States
N45AX2008 Learjet Inc 45377212OK, United States
N45AX2002 Learjet Inc 45206212United States
N45BZ2006 Learjet Inc 45290212CT, United States
N45EJ2000 Learjet Inc 45080212NE, United States
N45FE1999 Learjet 45034211Tennessee, United States
N45GH2012 LearJet 4545-447212AR, United States
N45HC2001 Learjet Inc 45174212MN, United States
N45HF2000 Learjet Inc 45121212DE, United States
N45HG2007 Learjet Inc 45343212IN, United States
N45HK2007 Learjet Inc 45349212MO, United States
N45HM1999 Learjet Inc 45023212TX, United States
N45KH2006 Learjet 45313212OK,
N45KX Learjet Inc 45233212VA, United States
N45LJ2009 Learjet 4545-392212TN, United States
N45LJ2004 Learjet Inc 45239212OK, United States
N45LR Learjet Inc 45055212KS, United States
N45LR1998 Learjet 45013212ID, United States
N45MR2007 Learjet Inc 45345212IN, United States
N45MW2000 Learjet Inc 45115212TX, United States
N45NM2004 Learjet Inc 45253212OK, United States
N45NP1999 Learjet Inc 4520212MO, United States
N45NP1999 Learjet Inc 4520212MO, United States
N45NP2002 Learjet Inc 45204212MO, United States
N45NY2001 Learjet Inc 45163212CA, United States
N45SY Learjet Inc 45242212AZ, United States
N45TK Learjet Inc 45411212IN, United States
N45TK Learjet Inc 45338212IN, United States
N45TU2000 Learjet 45120212OK, United States
N45UG2002 Learjet 45198212KS, United States
N45VB1999 Learjet Inc 45043212ID, United States
N45VG2004 Learjet Inc 45251212DE, United States
N45VL Learjet Inc 45139212TX, United States
N45VS Learjet Inc 45170212DE, United States
N45XP2008 Learjet 45355212TN, United States
N45XR Learjet Inc 45423212KS, United States
N45XR2006 Learjet 45293212KS, United States
N45XR Learjet 45381212KS, United States
N45XR2002 Learjet Inc 45232212UT, United States
N45XR2008 Learjet Inc 45380212KS, United States
N45XT2000 Learjet 45103212OH, United States
N45YF1998 Learjet 45006212United States
N45YH2007 Learjet 4545-336212United Kingdom
N45ZR2004 Learjet 45240212OR, United States
N45ZR2004 Learjet 4545-240212Arizona, United States
N460DC2001 Learjet Inc 45146212FL, United States
N46E2004 Learjet Inc 452010212TX, United States
N46MW Learjet Inc 452126212TX, United States
N46TK Learjet Inc 45338212IN, United States
N46TQ Learjet Inc 45428212KS, United States
N470FX Learjet 4545-479213OH, United States
N473BD2006 Learjet 452047212AZ, United States
N473FX2015 Learjet Lear 45502212United States
N473LP Learjet Inc 45196212MT, United States
N474FX2015 Learjet Inc 45506212UTAH, United States
N474TC2010 Learjet 45405212OK, United States
N476CA2000 Learjet 45077212Texas, United States
N477XR2008 Learjet 452113212KS, United States
N479JS2004 Learjet Inc 452012212
N480ES Learjet Inc 452097212TX, United States
N482ES2003 Learjet Inc 452002212UT, United States
N483SC2012 Learjet Inc 4545-44529AR, United States
N484CH2007 Learjet Inc 45207527UT, United States
N484LC2001 Learjet 45123212VA, United States
N484LC2006 Learjet Inc 45296212LA, United States
N484VL2000 Learjet Inc 45088212DE, United States
N48TE Learjet Inc 45248212CT, United States
N48TF Learjet Inc 45248212TX, United States
N495EC2001 Learjet 4545-156212Ohio, United States
N49CJ2000 Learjet 45094212CO, United States
N4DA2005 Learjet 45283212TX, United States
N4FE1998 Learjet Inc 45032212TN, United States
N500882001 Learjet 45168212KS, United States
N5009T2003 Learjet 4545-234212United States
N5009V2008 Learjet 4545-372212United States
N500CG1998 Learjet Inc 45009212KY, United States
N5011L2001 Learjet 4545-144212KANSAS, United States
N5011L2012 Learjet 4545-450212United States
N5012V2001 Learjet 45167212KS, United States
N501CG1999 Learjet Inc 45040212PA, United States
N502072001 Learjet Inc 45178212KS, United States
N5024E Learjet Inc 45181212KS, United States
N502JM2004 Learjet 452017212NV, United States
N5040W Learjet Inc 45194212KS, United States
N5040Y2001 Learjet Inc 45195212KS, United States
N505BC2008 Learjet Inc 45361212TX, United States
N506KS2006 Learjet Inc 452055212AR, United States
N507FG2007 Learjet Inc 45326212FL, United States
N5087B Learjet Inc 45067212DE, United States
N508RX2002 Learjet 4545-195212Massachusetts, United States
N511FG Learjet Inc 45420212IL, United States
N511WP2001 Learjet Inc 45183212GA, United States
N521CH Learjet Inc 452023212TN, United States
N526CF2000 Learjet 4545-124212FL, United States
N526EL Learjet Inc 45327212DE, United States
N528JJ Learjet 4545-436213MS, United States
N531AC Learjet Inc 45196212MT, United States
N540LH2005 Learjet 452064212TX, United States
N541LJ Learjet Inc 45041212KS, United States
N543CM1999 Learjet Inc 45062212DE, United States
N545CG2008 Learjet Inc 45386212AR, United States
N545K Learjet Inc 45244212KS, United States
N545KS Learjet Inc 45399212KS, United States
N547LF Learjet Inc 45288212TX, United States
N547LF2008 Learjet Inc 45361212TX, United States
N555CK2002 Learjet 45214212MD, United States
N555VR Learjet Inc 45257212CA, United States
N556HD2008 Learjet Inc 452110212UT, United States
N55DG1999 Learjet 45058212AR, United States
N55EP2007 Learjet 4545-336212TX, United States
N55XR2006 Learjet Inc 452055212United States
N56JP2001 Learjet 45183212CO, United States
N570AM2003 Learjet 45328212MO, United States
N575AG2006 Learjet 45312212DE, United States
N575AR2013 Learjet 45458212United States
N583PS2007 Learjet Inc 45331212FL, United States
N584RA2005 Learjet 45284212Florida, United States
N589CH2011 Learjet 45421212Texas, United States
N590JC Learjet Inc 45059212NC, United States
N595LA2006 Learjet 4545-294212FL, United States
N5FE1999 Learjet Inc 4520212TN, United States
N5FE2000 Learjet 45079212TN, United States
N5XP2008 Learjet Inc 45365212UT,
N601LW2001 Learjet 4545-193212ID, United States
N605BX2003 Learjet 452004212FL, United States
N605FX2003 Learjet 452004212TX, United States
N605SE2006 Learjet Inc 45317212DE, United States
N606FX2003 Learjet 452005212TX, United States
N607FG2007 Learjet 45344212CT, United States
N607FX2004 Learjet Inc 452012212TX, United States
N608AB Learjet Inc. 45304212TX, United States
N608FX2004 Learjet Inc 452014212TX, United States
N608FX2005 Learjet Inc 452041212United States
N609FX2005 Learjet Inc 452022212TX, United States
N60PC2008 Learjet 45351212MD, United States
N610FX Learjet 3 452027212TX, United States
N611FX2005 Learjet 452037212TX, United States
N612FX2005 Learjet 452039212TX, United States
N614FX2005 Learjet Inc 452041212TX, United States
N616FX2006 Learjet Inc 452057212TX, United States
N617FX2006 Learjet Inc 452065212TX, United States
N618FX2007 Learjet 452076212TX, United States
N618FX2006 Learjet Inc 452067212KS, United States
N619FX2007 Learjet Inc 452082212TX, United States
N620FX2007 Learjet Inc 452085212TX, United States
N621FX2007 Learjet Inc 452089212TX, United States
N622FX2008 Learjet Inc 452095212TX, United States
N623FC2006 Learjet 452047212Texas, United States
N623FX2008 Learjet Inc 452099212TX, United States
N624EC Learjet Inc 45406212NC, United States
N624FX2008 Learjet Inc 452104212TX, United States
N625FX2009 Learjet Inc 4545-2116212TX, United States
N626FX Learjet Inc 452120212TX, United States
N630BB2005 Learjet 4545-265212Delaware, United States
N63WR2005 Learjet Inc 45278212NC, United States
N645FD Learjet Inc 45227212United States
N645HJ2000 Learjet 4545-087212United States
N64HH2000 Learjet Inc 45087212KY, United States
N654AT2001 Learjet 4545-136212MN, United States
N657MP2003 Learjet 452005212California, United States
N657PP2007 Learjet 45340212United States
N65TP2007 Learjet Inc 452084212IL, United States
N663LB Learjet Inc 452114212UT, United States
N667MC Learjet Inc 45409212TN, United States
N66DN Learjet Inc 45236212DE, United States
N66SG2000 Learjet 45073212DE, United States
N681P Learjet 45426212TN, United States
N68PC Learjet Inc 45289212MN, United States
N694LP Learjet 45384212KS, United States
N694SH2009 Learjet 45398212KS, United States
N695BD2006 Learjet Inc 452059212KS, United States
N695GL2001 Learjet 45177212LA, United States
N6FE2000 Learjet Inc 45098212TN, United States
N6FE2000 Learjet Inc 4550212TN, United States
N700KG2004 Learjet 452017212DE, United States
N700MB2008 Learjet Inc 452106212OH, United States
N708SP1999 Learjet 45014212DE, United States
N70AE Learjet Inc 45227212NC, United States
N70GM Learjet Inc 45423212KS, United States
N70PC Learjet Inc 45432212KS, United States
N70PC2001 Learjet 45172212KS, United States
N710R2008 Learjet Inc 45359212IL, United States
N711R1999 Learjet 45049212TX, United States
N715CG Learjet 45208212AL, United States
N718EJ Learjet Inc 452108212MI, United States
N71NF2006 Learjet Inc 452058212DE, United States
N720CC Learjet Inc 4545-072212NY, United States
N720MC2000 Learjet 45103212OH, United States
N721CP1998 Learjet 45006212DE, United States
N725BH2008 Learjet 452101212MI, United States
N728SB2004 Learjet 4545-254212MA, United States
N729JM2008 Learjet Inc 45380212TX, United States
N740E1999 Learjet Inc 45023212TX, United States
N740KD Learjet Inc 452083212UT, United States
N740KG2006 Learjet 452063212CA, United States
N740TF2000 Learjet 45074212TN, United States
N741E2008 Learjet Inc 45367212OH, United States
N741E1998 Learjet 4545-011212United States
N742F1999 Learjet 45025212OK, United States
N743E1998 Learjet 4545-016212United States
N743E2008 Learjet Inc 45370212OH, United States
N7440KD Learjet 452083212UT, United States
N744E2007 Learjet Inc 45348212OH, United States
N745E Learjet Inc 45356212OH, United States
N745E2007 Learjet Inc 45348212United States
N745K2005 Learjet 4545-245212KS, United States
N745KD Learjet 45384212UT, United States
N745SA1999 Learjet Inc 45052212TX, United States
N745TC Learjet Inc 45260212TN, United States
N74PT2006 Learjet Inc 45314212CA, United States
N74SG1999 Learjet Inc 45016212DE, United States
N750CR2001 Learjet 45123212KS, United States
N751JC2001 Learjet 45134212OH, United States
N75FP2014 Learjet 45416212Oregon, United States
N75FR2013 Learjet 4545-463212Delaware, United States
N75XP2000 Learjet Inc 45118212OR, United States
N762EL2000 Learjet Inc 45107212OH, United States
N770DS2000 Learjet 45077212TX, United States
N773RS2006 Learjet Inc 452046212DE, United States
N774CC2008 Learjet Inc 45380212KS, United States
N77702 Learjet Inc 45224212NV, United States
N777QL2002 Learjet 45216212Tennessee, United States
N77CJ2005 Learjet 4545-2026212Florida, United States
N77HN2007 Learjet Inc 452070212TX, United States
N77NR2008 Learjet 452109212TX, United States
N780BH Learjet Inc 45431212SD, United States
N781RX1998 Learjet Inc 45015212United States
N784CC2006 Learjet Inc 452052212WI, United States
N785BC Learjet Inc 452129212KS, United States
N786CC2000 Learjet Inc 45095212CA, United States
N787CH2005 Learjet 4545-266212United States
N787EJ2001 Learjet Inc 45190212CO, United States
N789AH2003 Learjet Inc 452002212TX, United States
N7FE2000 Learjet Inc 4546212TN, United States
N7FE2000 Learjet Inc 45099212TN, United States
N800AB2001 Learjet Inc 45137212CO, United States
N800MA1999 Learjet 4545-06429Ilinois, United States
N800MA2001 Learjet 45189212IL, United States
N800UA1999 Learjet 4545-06429Texas, United States
N800UA1999 Learjet Inc 45064212TX, United States
N800WC2000 Learjet 45094212CO, United States
N801692006 Learjet Inc 452048212CT, United States
N802AK2010 Learjet 452128212AR, United States
N8084R2001 Learjet Inc 45148212KS, United States
N808AK2006 Learjet 45312212Utah, United States
N808KS Learjet Inc 45305212OK, United States
N80AE2008 Learjet 45360212Oklahoma, United States
N80RP1998 Learjet 45008212FL, United States
N810JK2008 Learjet Inc 452098212TX, United States
N810YS2000 Learjet Inc 45102212UT, United States
N811BP1998 Learjet Inc 45010212MA, United States
N812BR2015 Learjet 455052United States
N817BD2005 Learjet 4545-281210TX, United States
N818BD2005 Learjet 4545-277211TX, United States
N818CH2009 Learjet 45398212KS, United States
N818CH Learjet Inc 45394212TX, United States
N81FJ2009 Learjet 4545-392212TN, United States
N821LC2010 Learjet 45406212CT, United States
N822GA Learjet Inc 45224212KANSAS, United States
N823CA Learjet Inc 45221212NE, United States
N825CA Learjet Inc 45220212NE, United States
N826CA2002 Learjet Inc 45222212UT, United States
N828CA2001 Learjet Inc 45159212NE, United States
N838TH2000 Learjet 45027212WA, United States
N83JJ2007 Learjet 452072212IL, United States
N83TZ Learjet Inc 45057212UT, United States
N845RL1999 Learjet Inc 45022212TX, United States
N846BA2012 Learjet 4545-450212United States
N848AG Learjet Inc 45401212TX, United States
N848CA Learjet Inc 45401212TX, United States
N849BA2012 Learjet 45454212Kansas, United States
N852K Learjet Inc 45215212TX, United States
N858MK2001 Learjet Inc 45141212IN, United States
N863CA2001 Learjet 45160212UT, United States
N863LB2001 Learjet 45160212IL, United States
N865CA2001 Learjet 4545-193212NE, United States
N866CA2001 Learjet Inc 45184212IL, United States
N869DL2000 Learjet Inc 45113212United States
N876BC2004 Learjet 45252212MI, United States
N87AX2003 Learjet 45328212Oklahoma, United States
N87SK2006 Learjet Inc 45317212DE, United States
N882CA2001 Learjet 45155212UT, United States
N888CX1998 Learjet 45044212DE, United States
N889CA2001 Learjet 45132212NE, United States
N88AF Learjet 45205212OR, United States
N88LJ2006 Learjet 452045212OH, United States
N88WV Learjet Inc 45276212CA, United States
N89RP1998 Learjet Inc 45011212NY, United States
N900P2001 Learjet Inc 45173212WI, United States
N903BT2008 Learjet Inc 45353212UT, United States
N903HC1998 Learjet 4545-010212United States
N904HD2001 Learjet Inc 45149212CT, United States
N905ST2008 Learjet 452109212Mississippi, United States
N906P2001 Learjet Inc 45173212DE, United States
N90GS2002 Learjet Inc 45225212MS, United States
N90RZ2006 Learjet 4545-304212VA, United States
N90XR2007 Learjet Inc 452090212MI, United States
N910LJ2000 Learjet 4545-088212Delaware, United States
N912BD2005 Learjet 4545-277211United States
N916BD2012 Learjet Inc 45264212AR, United States
N916DD2015 Learjet 45520212MS, United States
N917BD2005 Learjet Inc 45281212AR, United States
N917BD2012 Learjet 4545-450212United States
N917LH Learjet Inc 45042212AK, United States
N918BD2005 Learjet 4545-277211AR, United States
N918DG2004 Learjet Inc 45251212LOUISIANA, United States
N918EG2001 Learjet Inc 45154212OK, United States
N925MW2012 Learjet Inc 45451211AR, United States
N925ST2012 Learjet 45442212California, United States
N927SK1999 Learjet Inc 45051212IN, United States
N930TC1999 Learjet Inc 45040212PA, United States
N93XR Learjet 45393212IL, United States
N940K Learjet Inc 45410212TN, United States
N942FK2001 Learjet Inc 45145212MA, United States
N945EJ Learjet Inc 452108212MI, United States
N945FD2000 Learjet 45122212NC, United States
N945HC2000 Learjet Inc 45109212WI, United States
N94CK Learjet Inc 45410212TN, United States
N94CK2000 Learjet Inc 45066212NC, United States
N951FM2007 Learjet Inc 452077212North Dekota, United States
N959RC2013 Learjet 4545-2136212Wisconsin, United States
N959RP2008 Learjet Inc 452100212MI, United States
N960AS2010 Learjet 4545-408212Kansas, United States
N961AS2009 Learjet 4545-404212Kansas, United States
N975DM2007 Learjet Inc 452073212TN, United States
N979DR2001 Learjet 4545-15828United States
N97XR2004 Learjet Inc 45256212KS, United States
N984XR2008 Learjet Inc 45373212IN, United States
N986BL2013 Learjet Inc 45449210AR, United States
N988MC2007 Learjet Inc 45352212MI, United States
N988PA2000 Learjet Inc 45076212TX, United States
N988RC2001 Learjet Inc 45190212United States
N989PA2000 Learjet 45071212TX, United States
N98AS Learjet Inc 45427212AZ, United States
N98XR2006 Learjet 45292212CA, United States
N990JT2004 Learjet 4545-2007212
N990JT Learjet Inc 452007212TX, United States
N990WA Learjet 452122212AR, United States
N996BP2006 Learjet Inc 45301212CA, United States
N998AL Learjet Inc 452130212NY, United States
N998AL2005 Learjet Inc 452029212NY, United States
N998AQ2005 Learjet Inc 452029212OK, United States
N999EK2006 Learjet Inc 452060212TX, United States
N999LB2011 Learjet 4545-429212United States
N99GK Learjet Inc 452008212DE, United States
N99NJ2000 Learjet Inc 45105212FL, United States
N99XR2006 Learjet 45302212OK, United States
N9FE2004 Learjet 45240212TN, United States
OE-GAR2001 Learjet 4545-0148212Austria
OE-GDI Learjet 4545-037212Austria
OE-GFF2004 Learjet 4545-243212Austria
OE-GGB2004 Learjet 4545-2018212Austria
OE-GIQ2001 Learjet 4545-005212Austria
OE-GVI2005 Learjet 4545-2026212Austria
OE-GVM2000 Learjet 4545-084211Austria
OH-BIJ Learjet 45104212Finland
OO-EPU Learjet 4545-29128Belgium
OO-KJD2009 Learjet 4545-404212Belgium
OO-LFN Learjet 4545-250212Belgium
OO-LFS1998 Learjet 4545-018212Belgium
OY-LJJ2001 Learjet 4545-116292980 Kokkedal, Denmark
OY-OCV2006 Learjet 4545-306212Denmark
PP-ASV2004 Learjet 4545-2018212Brazil
PP-MPJ2001 Learjet 45177212Brazil
PR-OPF Learjet 4545-146211Brazil
SE-RKY2001 Learjet 4545-161212Sweden
SE-RMO2008 Learjet 4545-372212Sweden
SU-MSG2000 Learjet 4545-069212Egypt
T7-SCI1999 Learjet 4545-033212San Marino
TC-CMB1998 Learjet 4545-007212Turkey
TG-ABY2006 Learjet 45293212Guatemala
VH-CXJ Learjet 45152212Australia
VH-EJK Learjet Inc 45007212Australia
VH-EJK1998 Learjet 4545-007212Australia
VH-LJQ2005 Learjet 4545-286212Victoria, Australia
VH-LJX1999 Learjet 45056212Victoria, Australia
VH-PFS2001 Learjet 45168212Australia
VH-SQD1999 Learjet 4545-033212Australia
VH-SQM2002 Learjet 4545-207212Australia
VH-SQM1999 Learjet 4545-035212Australia
VH-SQR2002 Learjet 4545-195212Australia
VH-SQV2002 Learjet 4545-195212QLD, Australia
VH-SQV2002 Learjet 4545-207212Australia
VH-VVI2004 Learjet 45262212NSW, Australia
VP-BSF2009 Learjet 4545-374212Bermuda
VP-CVL1999 Learjet 4545-059212Bermuda
XA-AIM2000 Learjet 45077212Mexico
XA-ALF2001 Learjet 45127211GUADALAJARA, Mexico
XA-ARB2005 Learjet 45284212Mexico
XA-BFX2000 Learjet 4545-11129Mexico
XA-CFX2002 Learjet 45209212Mexico
XA-CMA2001 Learjet 45189212Mexico
XA-RAB2006 Learjet 452047212Mexico
XA-SAA2004 Learjet 4545-236212Mexico
XA-SAP Learjet 45246212Mexico
XA-UAG2001 Learjet 45139212GUADALAJARA, Mexico
XA-UXS2004 Learjet 45252212Mexico
XA-VYC1999 Learjet 45034211GUADALAJARA, Mexico
XC-HIE1999 Learjet 45026212Mexico
XC-VMC2000 Learjet 4545-028212Mexico
YV-1118 Learjet Inc LJ-4545-3962Venezuela
YV26702010 Learjet 45407212Venezuela
YV27342010 Learjet 45407212Venezuela
YV2738 Learjet Inc 45424212Venezuela
YV2739 Learjet Inc 45425212Venezuela
YV351T1998 Learjet 45006212Venezuela
ZS-LOW2000 Learjet 4545-092212South Africa
ZS-LOW2003 Learjet 4545-228212South Africa
ZS-LRJ2003 Learjet 45223212South Africa
ZS-OPD1998 Learjet 4545-007212South Africa
ZS-OPM2006 Learjet 4545-308212South Africa
ZS-OPN2006 Learjet 45321212South Africa
ZS-OPO2007 Learjet 4545-342212South Africa
ZS-PDG2000 Learjet 4545-092212South Africa