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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
73-33001973 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-45084United States
76-3301Spirit of Freedom1976 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-47254United States
76-33021976 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-47314NY ANG, United States
83-0490Pride of Clifton Park1983 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-50074United States
83-0491City of Albany1983 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-50104United States
83-0492City of Amsterdam1983 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-50134United States
83-0493Pride of Scotia1983 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-50164United States
92-1094Pride of Glenville1992 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-54024United States
92-1095City of Cohoes June1992 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-54054United States
93-1096City of Christchurch, NZ1993 Lockheed LC-130H Hercules382-54104United States