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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
(25 YELLOW)1974 Mil Mi-8T9743470232Russian Federation
0313 Mil Mi-8T Hip03132Czech Republic
04 Mil Mi-8T Hip97650482Russian Federation
05 Mil Mi-8T HipNot found 052Russian Federation
0818 Mil Mi-8T Hip108182Czech Republic
0819 Mil Mi-8T Hip108192Czech Republic
0910 Mil Mi-8T Hip108032Czech Republic
1032 Mil Mi-8T Hip0410322Czech Republic
104191972 Mil Mi-8T Hip104192Hungary
104231972 Mil Mi-8T Hip104232Hungary
104241972 Mil Mi-8T Hip10424216Hungary
10430 Mil Mi-8T Hip104302Hungary
10431 Mil Mi-8T Hip104312Hungary
10432 Mil Mi-8T Hip10432216Hungary
10436 Mil Mi-8T Hip10436227Hungary
104401973 Mil Mi-8T Hip104402Hungary
10442 Mil Mi-8T Hip10442216Hungary
104431973 Mil Mi-8T Hip104432Hungary
10444 Mil Mi-8T Hip10444227Hungary
1132 Mil Mi-8T Hip1080823Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
12267 Mil Mi-8T Hip10943227
12270 Mil Mi-8T Hip10985227Serbia
12273 Mil Mi-8T Hip109840
12310 Mil Mi-8T00000Montenegro
12321969 Mil Mi-8T Hip041232227Czech Republic
1301968 Mil Mi-8T Hip2001302Hungary
17 Mil Mi-8T Hip9710615216Latvia
1805 Mil Mi-8T Hip99357437216Temamatla, Mexico
1810 Mil Mi-8T Hip99357623216Mexico
1932 Mil Mi-8T Hip1932227Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
206T1979 Mil Mi-8T Hip226206216Iraq
2151980 Mil Mi-8T Hip226215227Iraq
2231980 Mil Mi-8T Hip2262232Iraq
3011969 Mil Mi-8T Hip10301227Plovdiv, Bulgaria
3021969 Mil Mi-8T Hip10302227Plovdiv, Bulgaria
303 Mil Mi-8T Hip103032Bulgaria
33011988 Mil Mi-8T Hip98841201216Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary
33041985 Mil Mi-8T Hip20284216Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary
3305 Mil Mi-8T Hip98522375216Jász-Nagykun, Hungary
3307 Mil Mi-8T Hip133072Hungary
3309 Mil Mi-8T Hip133092Hungary
38 Mil Mi-8T Hip9775212227Russian Federation
3901968 Mil Mi-8T Hip02232Germany
3932 Mil Mi-8T Hip0309322
398 Mil Mi-8T0312332Germany
414 Mil Mi-8T Hip04142Poland
612 Mil Mi-8T Hip10612216Poland
6200 Mil Mi-8T Hip2262000Hungary
62041979 Mil Mi-8T Hip226204227Hungary
62061979 Mil Mi-8T Hip226206216Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary
621 Mil Mi-8T Hip10621216Poland
62151980 Mil Mi-8T Hip226215227Hungary
62231980 Mil Mi-8T Hip2262232Hungary
626 Mil Mi-8T106260Poland
62810422 Mil Mi-8T Hip06282Hungary
628 Mil Mi-8T Hip106280Poland
660 Mil Mi-8T Hip106600Poland
68 RED1971 Mil Mi-8T9710819212Russian Federation
721 Mil Mi-8T Hip107212Romania
7361970 Mil Mi-8T Hip200736228Csongrád, Hungary
8229 Mil Mi-8T Hip333292Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
9091974 Mil Mi-8T Hip10525224Germany
911 Mil Mi-8T Hip10527216Germany
925 Mil Mi-8T Hip105422Netherlands
927 Mil Mi-8T0312332Germany
93 0193+01 Mil Mi-8T0312332Berlin, Germany
93 03 Mil Mi-8T Hip105112Germany
93 091975 Mil Mi-8T105392Germany
93 1493+14 Mil Mi-8T Hip105432Berlin, Germany
93 171975 Mil Mi-8T Hip10546216Germany
93 18 Mil Mi-8T Hip105472Germany
93 34 Mil Mi-8T Hip10530216Germany
93 611976 Mil Mi-8T Hip10553216Germany
93 84 Mil Mi-8T Hip10578216Germany
93 861977 Mil Mi-8T Hip10581216Germany
94 01 Mil Mi-8T Hip19172Germany
94 121977 Mil Mi-8T Hip105742Germany
94 181968 Mil Mi-8T Hip105032Germany
94 20 Mil Mi-8T Hip105250Germany
94 21 Mil Mi-8T Hip10526216Germany
B-78211985 Mil Mi-8T Hip20284216China
CCCP-06181 Mil Mi-8T Hip3135216Speyer / Technik mus, Germany
CCCP-11052 Mil Mi-8T Hip9732810216Russian Federation
CCCP-228971984 Mil Mi-8T Hip98417135216Russian Federation
CCCP-241321988 Mil Mi-8T Hip98841201216Russian Federation
CCCP-24530 Mil Mi-8T Hip98522375216Russian Federation
CCCP-24579 Mil Mi-8T Hip988393072Russian Federation
CCCP-25625 Mil Mi-8T Hip9775212227Hungary
CCCP-25822 Mil Mi-8T Hip45572Russian Federation
CCCP-27208 Mil Mi-8T Hip28562Russian Federation
CCCP-72786 Mil Mi-8TNot found CU-H14242Russian Federation
CU-H4031988 Mil Mi-8T Hip407 27224Cuban, Cuba
D-HOXA Mil MI-8T02111Germany
D-HOXC1977 MIL Mi-8T105832Germany
D-HOXE1979 MIL Mi-8T105952Germany
D-HOXQ MIL Mi-8T1051030Germany
D-HOZC1971 Mil Mi-8T Hip10513224Germany
D-HOZH1974 Mil Mi-8T105342Germany
D-HZOH1974 Mil Mi-8T105342Germany
EP-507 Mil Mi-8T00000Peru
ER-MGP1984 Mil Mi-8T Hip98417135216Moldova, Republic of
ER-MHX Mil Mi-8T Hip986280990Moldova, Republic of
H-02 MIL Mi-8T31202230Cuba
H-103 Mil Mi-8T Hip10824216Croatia
HA-HSA1980 Mil Mi-8T79702Hungary
HA-HSE1984 Mil Mi-8T Hip98417135216Somogy, Hungary
HS-1 Mil Mi-8T Hip133012Finland
HS-11 Mil Mi-8T Hip133072Finland
HS-12 Mil Mi-8T Hip133082Finland
HS-13 Mil Mi-8T Hip133092Finland
HS-14 Mil Mi-8T Hip133102Finland
HS-31974 MIL Mi-8T133032Finland
HS-41974 Mil Mi-8T Hip13304216Finland
LY-HAP Mil Mi-8T226132Lithuania
OK-FXE1975 Mil Mi-8T Hip10546216Vyskov museum, Czech Republic
OK-OYO1984 Mil Mi-8T Hip98417135216Czech Republic
OM-AVP Mil Mi-8T Hip988415000Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-AVS Mil Mi-8T Hip988393072Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-AXZ Mil Mi-8T21422Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
OM-DXO Mil Mi-8T108252
OM-TMT Mil Mi-8T Hip983083612Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
RA-06151 Mil Mi-8T Hip85502Russian Federation
RA-223161985 Mil Mi-8T Hip20284216Russian Federation
RA-22326 Mil Mi-8T71482Russian Federation
RA-241321988 Mil Mi-8T Hip98841201216Russian Federation
RA-24243 Mil Mi-8T Hip98730860216Russian Federation
RA-24530 Mil Mi-8T Hip98522375216Russian Federation
RA-24579 Mil Mi-8T Hip988393072Russian Federation
RA-247121984 MIL Mi-8T9 84 171982Russian Federation
RA-2561 Mil Mi-8T Hip98206821/59216Russian Federation
RA-27188 Mil Mi-8T Hip99357623216Russian Federation
RF-31355 Mil Mi-8T Hip933712Russian Federation
RF-3429006 Yellow Mil Mi-8T Hip82152Russian Federation
RF-3430312 yellow Mil Mi-8T Hip8436216Russian Federation
RPDL-34043 Mil Mi-8T Hip235022Lao People's Democratic Rep.
SN-41XP Mil Mi-8T106590Poland
T9-HAB Mil Mi-8T Hip9744421227Bosnia and Herzegowina
UR-228971984 Mil Mi-8T Hip98417135216Ukraine
VN-7828 MIL Mi-8TNot found VN-78280Gia Lam Heliport, Ha, Viet Nam
XU-814 Mil Mi-8T22903216Cambodia
Z1372 Mil Mi-8T Hip22316216India
Z1377 Mil Mi-8T Hip22310216India
ZA-MFE Mil Mi-8T992521880Albania