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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
19-3676 Murphy Rebel65912Australia
C-FAWP2004 Murphy Rebel727R12Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FAZC2006 Murphy Rebel762R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FBPD1999 Murphy Rebel18212Alberta, Canada
C-FCBH2005 Murphy Rebel730R12Ontario, Canada
C-FCEL2006 Murphy Rebel234R12Ontario, Canada
C-FEWD2004 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel10014Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FEWT1998 Murphy Rebel284R12Manitoba, Canada
C-FFEY2005 Murphy Rebel11512Ontario, Canada
C-FFJQ1999 Murphy Rebel432R12Ontario, Canada
C-FGBC2001 Murphy Rebel236R12Alberta, Canada
C-FGEL2006 Murphy RebelR77612Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FGVT2005 Murphy Rebel743R12Northwest Territorie, Canada
C-FHBP1993 Murphy RebelR3141Ontario, Canada
C-FIBG2006 Murphy Rebel777R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FIGW1996 Murphy Rebel UL4812British Columbia, Canada
C-FINR1990 Murphy Rebel0011Ontario, Canada
C-FIXZ2008 Murphy Rebel483 REB12Ontario, Canada
C-FJCI2000 Murphy Rebel491R1Alberta, Canada
C-FJCS1995 Murphy RebelR-1361Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FJLV1993 Murphy Rebel1681Canada
C-FKKE1993 Murphy Rebel UL40R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FKNK2007 Murphy Rebel766R1Ontario, Canada
C-FLJM1997 Murphy Rebel4651Ontario, Canada
C-FLOJ2006 Murphy Rebel128R1Manitoba, Canada
C-FMBM1996 Murphy Rebel282R1Ontario, Canada
C-FNBO2007 Murphy Rebel305R1Ontario, Canada
C-FNLW1992 Murphy Rebel0411British Columbia, Canada
C-FOKM1992 Murphy Rebel068R1Alberta, Canada
C-FONL1992 Murphy Rebel UL063R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOVS1992 Murphy Rebel UL0095R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOYI1992 Murphy Rebel UL0013R12Quebec, Canada
C-FOYK1992 Murphy Rebel UL114R12Quebec, Canada
C-FPES1992 Murphy Rebel060R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FPFT1993 Murphy RebelR-0531Ontario, Canada
C-FPOG1993 Murphy Rebel1171Alberta, Canada
C-FPPE2002 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR01614Manitoba, Canada
C-FPSR1995 Murphy Rebel077R1Ontario, Canada
C-FPSU1993 Murphy RebelR2191British Columbia, Canada
C-FPYQ1993 Murphy Rebel0014R1Ontario, Canada
C-FQCM1993 Murphy Rebel UL0103R-UL12Quebec, Canada
C-FQCZ1993 Murphy Rebel0381Canada
C-FQNF1993 Murphy RebelR1231British Columbia, Canada
C-FQQY1997 Murphy Rebel101R12Quebec, Canada
C-FQZQ1992 Murphy Rebel006-R1Canada
C-FRBL1999 Murphy Rebel3281Ontario, Canada
C-FREP1995 Murphy Rebel012912British Columbia, Canada
C-FRFP1998 Murphy Rebel492R1Ontario, Canada
C-FRGV1995 Murphy Rebel295R12Ontario, Canada
C-FRMK1998 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel028SR14Ontario, Canada
C-FRRD2006 Murphy Rebel119R1Ontario, Canada
C-FSLT1994 Murphy Rebel34612Quebec, Canada
C-FSZG2004 Murphy Rebel720R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FTDM2008 Murphy Rebel01941Ontario, Canada
C-FTEV1996 Murphy Rebel228R12Ontario, Canada
C-FTGJ1995 Murphy Rebel267R12Ontario, Canada
C-FTGW1994 Murphy Rebel240R1Ontario, Canada
C-FTHI1994 Murphy Rebel311R12British Columbia, Canada
C-FTIM1994 Murphy Rebel UL290R-U.L.12Ontario, Canada
C-FTPD1998 Murphy Rebel286R1Ontario, Canada
C-FTQC1994 Murphy REBELR-1631British Columbia, Canada
C-FTUJ1995 Murphy REBEL049R1Ontario, Canada
C-FUEB2008 Murphy REBEL781R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FUIW1995 Murphy Rebel420 REB1Manitoba, Canada
C-FUNL2000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel07214Alberta, Canada
C-FVJJ1998 Murphy Rebel302R1Ontario, Canada
C-FVNR1994 Murphy REBEL UL188R-UL12Quebec, Canada
C-FVUD1997 Murphy REBEL083R1Ontario, Canada
C-FWAT1994 Murphy REBEL373R-414REB1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWDG2000 Murphy RebelR6431Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWDY1996 Murphy REBEL3601Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWME2006 Murphy REBEL481R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWPW1997 Murphy Rebel436REB12Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWQD2000 Murphy Rebel277R1Ontario, Canada
C-FWSD1996 Murphy REBEL3611Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FWVT1995 Murphy REBEL0571Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FXLE1996 Murphy REBEL462R1Ontario, Canada
C-FXNO1996 Murphy REBEL515R1Canada
C-FXNR1996 Murphy REBEL516R1Ontario, Canada
C-FXNS1996 Murphy Rebel01511Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FXNX2001 Murphy REBEL301R1British Columbia, Canada
C-FXQA1996 Murphy REBEL313R1Ontario, Canada
C-FXWI1996 Murphy Rebel230R1Ontario, Canada
C-FXXM2000 Murphy REBEL189R1Quebec, Canada
C-FYEB2009 Murphy REBEL795R1British Columbia, Canada
C-FYGF1999 Murphy Rebel190R1Ontario, Canada
C-FYHO1998 Murphy REBEL273R1Ontario, Canada
C-FYNG2007 Murphy REBEL479R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FYNN1996 Murphy REBEL124-R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-FYYI1996 Murphy REBEL340R1Saskatchewan, Canada
C-FZMH1997 Murphy REBEL3561Ontario, Canada
C-GBCA1997 Murphy REBEL247R1Ontario, Canada
C-GBEE1999 Murphy REBEL107R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GBIB1994 Murphy REBEL249R1Ontario, Canada
C-GBPK1996 Murphy Rebel0379R1Alberta, Canada
C-GBYJ1998 Murphy REBEL4671Ontario, Canada
C-GCLP1996 Murphy REBEL193R1Alberta, Canada
C-GCPL1996 Murphy REBEL283R1Quebec, Canada
C-GCRD2003 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel163SR14Alberta, Canada
C-GCYP1996 Murphy Rebel155R1Ontario, Canada
C-GDAF1998 Murphy REBEL537 REB1British Columbia, Canada
C-GDIN2011 Murphy REBEL2201Ontario, Canada
C-GDJD1999 Murphy REBEL438 REB1Ontario, Canada
C-GDJK1995 Murphy REBEL L.E.243R1Canada
C-GDZL1998 Murphy REBEL554R-1-21Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GETM2001 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel005SR14British Columbia, Canada
C-GEWH1999 Murphy REBEL606R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GFIW2000 Murphy REBELSR-568R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GGKZ2000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel07214British Columbia, Canada
C-GGNB1994 Murphy REBEL0178R1Ontario, Canada
C-GGOS1993 Murphy REBEL UL217R-UL12Quebec, Canada
C-GGRK2000 Murphy REBEL0145R1Ontario, Canada
C-GGYC2002 Murphy REBEL170 REB1Quebec, Canada
C-GHBK2001 Murphy REBEL334R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GHUI1996 Murphy REBEL213R1Manitoba, Canada
C-GIJJ2001 Murphy REBEL244R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GIWH2001 Murphy REBEL6521Ontario, Canada
C-GIWX2002 Murphy REBEL604R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GIXM2009 Murphy REBEL0031British Columbia, Canada
C-GJAC1995 Murphy REBEL327R1Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GJFB1997 Murphy REBELR34913Quebec, Canada
C-GJIN2001 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel059SR14Ontario, Canada
C-GJMC2006 Murphy REBEL560R1Alberta, Canada
C-GJOE2002 Murphy REBEL715R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GJYU2003 Murphy Rebel0521Ontario, Canada
C-GKCT2002 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR01814British Columbia, Canada
C-GKLS2001 Murphy REBEL458R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GKNN2003 Murphy REBEL5051Ontario, Canada
C-GKVQ1998 Murphy Rebel402R12Canada
C-GLAN1994 Murphy REBEL092R1Quebec, Canada
C-GLED2004 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel141SR14Quebec, Canada
C-GLJE1998 Murphy REBEL303R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GLME1995 Murphy REBEL365R-409REB1Ontario, Canada
C-GLOP1998 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR03114Alberta, Canada
C-GMCL1992 Murphy Rebel209R1Ontario, Canada
C-GMSG2006 Murphy REBEL6371Quebec, Canada
C-GMSR2001 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel00714British Columbia, Canada
C-GNMR2000 Murphy REBEL454R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GPJB1995 Murphy Rebel342R1Ontario, Canada
C-GPSS1999 Murphy Rebel285R1N/F, Canada
C-GRAH1999 Murphy Rebel098R1Ontario, Canada
C-GRBC1996 Murphy REBEL3311Ontario, Canada
C-GRDH2010 Murphy REBEL01581Ontario, Canada
C-GREJ1997 Murphy Rebel110R1Alberta, Canada
C-GREZ1994 Murphy RebelR17712Ontario, Canada
C-GRFE2005 Murphy REBEL599R-11Ontario, Canada
C-GROQ1998 Murphy REBEL359 R1Nova Scotia, Canada
C-GRRF2002 Murphy REBEL1111Saskatchewan, Canada
C-GRSK1996 Murphy Rebel2161N/F, Canada
C-GSBD1995 Murphy REBEL0611Ontario, Canada
C-GSIC2001 Murphy Rebel519R1Ontario, Canada
C-GSPS1998 Murphy REBEL237R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GTIO1999 Murphy REBEL382R1Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-GVFC1995 Murphy REBEL UL367R-UL12British Columbia, Canada
C-GWOC2007 Murphy Rebel33312Ontario, Canada
C-GWTV1997 Murphy Rebel534R1British Columbia, Canada
C-GYZV2003 Murphy RebelR17212British Columbia, Canada
C-GZLW2002 Murphy Rebel233R12Ontario, Canada
C-GZZO2006 Murphy Rebel460R12Newfoundland and Lab, Canada
C-ICAK2001 Murphy Rebel033512Quebec, Canada
C-IFTI1998 Murphy Rebel UL364 R12Alberta, Canada
C-IFXO1998 Murphy Rebel UL097R12Quebec, Canada
C-IFZG1998 Murphy Rebel UL385R12Ontario, Canada
C-IGIV1994 Murphy Rebel UL308R-UL12Quebec, Canada
C-IHAV2001 Murphy Rebel UL336R-UL12Ontario, Canada
C-IWBN1999 Murphy Rebel UL617R12Alberta, Canada
F-PEDP Murphy Rebel41612France
F-PNOA2007 Murphy Rebel52412France
F-PQUK Murphy Rebel49012France
F-PRET Murphy Rebel526-R12France
F-PRXY Murphy Rebel26312France
F-PSAT Murphy Rebel52312France
F-PSDO Murphy Rebel136-R12France
F-PSDU Murphy Rebel26912France
F-PSDY Murphy Rebel35212France
F-PSKC Murphy Rebel41512France
F-PSKI Murphy Rebel43412France
F-PSKQ Murphy Rebel26212France
F-PSKX Murphy Rebel53812France
G-BUTK1993 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1209112United Kingdom
G-BVHS1994 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1218012United Kingdom
G-BWCY1996 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1213512United Kingdom
G-BWFZ1999 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1253612United Kingdom
G-BWLL1996 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1249912United Kingdom
G-BYBK1997 Murphy Rebel260R12United Kingdom
G-BZFT2001 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1322412United Kingdom
G-CBFK2002 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1334012United Kingdom
G-CCPK1995 Murphy Rebel274R12United Kingdom
G-CIOA2005 Murphy Rebel629R12United Kingdom
G-DIKY2003 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1318212United Kingdom
G-MRPH2012 Murphy Rebel232-1248012United Kingdom
G-REBB1999 Murphy Rebel376R12United Kingdom
G-SAVS1999 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1253612United Kingdom
G-YELL1995 Murphy RebelPFA 232-1238112United Kingdom
LX-RDH2012 Murphy Rebel51014Luxembourg
N1076D2003 Murphy RebelDW54261612WA, United States
N108SS1999 Murphy Rebel536R12WA, United States
N112R1995 Murphy Rebel0112R13CA, United States
N123SR2002 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel054SR14TN, United States
N130HC Murphy Rebel391R-432REB12
N131KL Murphy Rebel13112FL, United States
N135DS2001 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel3014CA, United States
N13BN1999 Murphy Rebel376R12CA, United States
N13LW1996 Murphy Rebel165R12TX, United States
N14UJ1993 Murphy Rebel146R12OH, United States
N154SR Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel184SR14NY, United States
N154SR Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel154SR14
N161DB2004 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel11916CA, United States
N166R1993 Murphy Rebel166R12PA, United States
N16712000 Murphy RebelR66313WV, United States
N169HK Murphy Rebel169R12WY, United States
N169ML Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel009SR14WA, United States
N179WT Murphy Rebel179R12AK, United States
N183RF2002 Murphy Rebel183R13OR, United States
N18CW2006 Murphy Rebel380R-417REB12OR, United States
N19N1961 Murphy RebelBR-112TX, United States
N20371 Murphy Rebel10512HI, United States
N2060V Murphy Rebel241R12MN, United States
N213FT Murphy Rebel276R12FL, United States
N22081 Murphy Rebel0130R12ID, United States
N224MR Murphy Rebel224R12MT, United States
N225MR Murphy Rebel225R12MT, United States
N225PC2000 Murphy RebelCAB-112WA, United States
N2264Q Murphy Rebel355R13AK, United States
N226ED Murphy Rebel131R13FL, United States
N226JL Murphy Rebel131R13DE, United States
N226MR1994 Murphy Rebel22612MT, United States
N2283B Murphy Rebel274R12TN, United States
N228CJ2013 Murphy Rebel044R12MI, United States
N2293C1996 Murphy Rebel287R12WA, United States
N2295Z1994 Murphy Rebel4212ID, United States
N230TK Murphy Rebel545-REB12WY, United States
N235552000 Murphy RebelR10912CA, United States
N245AK2007 Murphy Rebel245R12TX, United States
N246SR2006 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel042SR16ID, United States
N24V Murphy Rebel0130R12MA, United States
N24VW1999 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel02416NV, United States
N2500V2008 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel066SR14NC, United States
N251KE1995 Murphy Rebel251R12WA, United States
N254MR Murphy Rebel254R12WA, United States
N255CD Murphy Rebel281R13OK, United States
N265KK1997 Murphy Rebel26512ID, United States
N26YC Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR 27516ID, United States
N282D1994 Murphy Rebel06212FL, United States
N285BA Murphy Rebel0130R12MA, United States
N287MP2003 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel015SR15AZ, United States
N288R1999 Murphy Rebel288R12VT, United States
N289SM Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel027SR14
N2913 Murphy Rebel20012WI, United States
N291RS2007 Murphy Rebel291R12OR, United States
N295RT1995 Murphy Rebel295R13AZ, United States
N307021992 Murphy RebelR20612MN, United States
N3074D Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel014SR14AZ, United States
N3309T Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel038SR14MN, United States
N331MR1996 Murphy Rebel33112FL, United States
N337PB2000 Murphy Rebel337R12TX, United States
N3501 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel073SR14CA, United States
N350SR1999 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel053SR14TX, United States
N35PM1994 Murphy Rebel0164R12CA, United States
N3VK2006 Murphy Rebel00112CA, United States
N402MR1998 Murphy Rebel402R12DE, United States
N407AC1997 Murphy Rebel231R12MS, United States
N40923 Murphy Rebel156R12Germany
N413RB2003 Murphy Rebel413R12WA, United States
N414D2000 Murphy Rebel46012AZ, United States
N41JSMoose Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR13614GA, United States
N41MT Murphy Rebel610R13RI, United States
N422GJ2004 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel1385R14AK, United States
N431SS2007 Murphy Rebel555R12WI, United States
N432652005 Murphy Rebel020-R12CA, United States
N432EL Murphy Rebel432R12MN, United States
N442DB2002 Murphy RebelR63612MN, United States
N4439V1998 Murphy Rebel324R12WI, United States
N450R2003 Murphy Rebel450R12AK, United States
N458R Murphy Rebel458R13
N46DJ Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel144SR14KY, United States
N473D Murphy RebelR71912
N47BW Murphy Rebel0090R13TX, United States
N490R1999 Murphy Rebel490R12FL, United States
N491R2000 Murphy Rebel491R12CA, United States
N49652000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel02514AK, United States
N5107A2003 Murphy RebelA0164R12ID, United States
N518R Murphy Rebel518R12VA, United States
N51CG2005 Murphy Rebel319R12MI, United States
N520D Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel051SR14AZ, United States
N522GG2000 Murphy Rebel415R12CA, United States
N522MR Murphy Rebel522MR12CO, United States
N526HB2008 Murphy RebelR30712NC, United States
N52GG Murphy Rebel242R12FL, United States
N540AF Murphy Super Rebel010SR14IA, United States
N547A Murphy RebelR-71912AL, United States
N569TJ2013 Murphy Rebel259R12United States
N572TA Murphy Rebel572R12WI, United States
N585CB Murphy Rebel819R12NY, United States
N5PQ2004 Murphy Rebel11312ID, United States
N5XD Murphy Rebel464R12
N6063U1998 Murphy Rebel174R12NV, United States
N60JK2004 Murphy Rebel14212MN, United States
N615381993 Murphy Rebel20512PA, United States
N6153X Murphy Rebel07112WA,
N616PM2006 Murphy Rebel37413FL, United States
N622GL Murphy Rebel622R312WI, United States
N624TT Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR121-114CA, United States
N626JR1993 Murphy Rebel20512PA, United States
N6317Y2000 Murphy Rebel00412NJ, United States
N6324H2000 Murphy Rebel180R12WA, United States
N64AK2001 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel089SR14AK, United States
N654JM2004 Murphy Rebel574R12LA, United States
N666NM2003 Murphy Rebel202R12NM, United States
N667BA2001 Murphy RebelR66912WA, United States
N706DV2006 Murphy Rebel99R12WA, United States
N7072L1993 Murphy Rebel0512WI, United States
N707MB2000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel07114UT, United States
N711MR2000 Murphy Rebel454R12NV, United States
N719HH2008 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelSR-12214AZ, United States
N71RX2002 Murphy Rebel07112WA, United States
N72098 Murphy Rebel533R12CA, United States
N7229N1999 Murphy Rebel422REB13WA, United States
N744MK Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel044SR14AK, United States
N7478T Murphy Rebel08812AK, United States
N749DM Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel109SR14MT, United States
N754SM Murphy Rebel404R14MA, United States
N755432007 Murphy Rebel 912147MCW12FL, United States
N75CJ1996 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel001SR14TX, United States
N78MT1998 Murphy Rebel19914MI, United States
N797R1999 Murphy Rebel468R12MI, United States
N8160X Murphy Rebel46412MI, United States
N8244X2003 Murphy RebelP648R12FL, United States
N833Z2000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel012SR-314MT, United States
N83MR1997 Murphy Rebel083R13NC, United States
N848W Murphy Rebel530R12WA, United States
N8499Q2016 Murphy Rebel831R12WA, United States
N853CE Murphy Rebel802R12MO, United States
N8589P2003 Murphy Rebel503REB12FL, United States
N85HQ1995 Murphy Rebel085R12CA, United States
N9006K2002 Murphy Rebel316R12NY, United States
N9085R2007 Murphy Rebel68712OR, United States
N910CC Murphy Rebel 200S9-1-8800911NE, United States
N911CM Murphy Rebel070R12FL, United States
N9140H2007 Murphy Rebel769R12NC, United States
N9149S2001 Murphy Rebel456R12AK, United States
N91JF Murphy Rebel592R12CO, United States
N9235D1997 Murphy Rebel235R12FL, United States
N941BJ Murphy Rebel431R12PA, United States
N94YK Murphy Rebel35012OR, United States
N951BB Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel165SR14DE, United States
N95LD1997 Murphy Rebel260R12NY, United States
N96CS2006 Murphy SR2500 Super RebelPO65F14FL, United States
N96HG2002 Murphy Rebel357R12WA, United States
N96MN1996 Murphy RebelRB49612MN, United States
N97MR1997 Murphy Rebel426-REB12MI, United States
PH-CRE2005 Murphy Rebel629R12Cerfontaine, Netherlands
PH-JVL Murphy Rebel504R12Netherlands
VH-BHI2013 Murphy Rebel472R1QLD, Australia
ZK-DKZ Murphy Rebel724R12New Zealand
ZK-FMR Murphy Rebel565R12Oamaru, New Zealand
ZK-JHY Murphy Rebel51312Ashburton, New Zealand
ZK-JQD Murphy Rebel38712Gore, New Zealand
ZK-MSR2000 Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel012SR-3143145, New Zealand
ZK-WEC Murphy Rebel647R12Patumahoe, New Zealand
ZK-WEM Murphy RebelQ12112New Zealand