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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
3X-GED1986 Saab 340A340A-051237Guinea
3X-GEJ1988 Saab 340A340A-136237Sweden
9G-CTQ1988 Saab 340A340A-137233Ghana
9N-AGK1986 Saab 340A340A-056237Nepal
9N-AGM1986 Saab 340A340A-064237Nepal
C-GPCG1987 Saab 340A340A-094237British Columbia, Canada
C-GQXD1987 Saab 340A340A-077237Quebec, Canada
C-GQXK1987 Saab 340A340A-111237Quebec, Canada
C-GXPS1986 Saab 340A340A-075237Alberta, Canada
C6-JAY1988 Saab 340A340A-120237New Providence, Bahamas
C6-KID1988 Saab 340A340A-136237Bahamas
C6-SBB1989 Saab 340A340A-149237Bahamas
C6-SBG1988 Saab 340A340A-110237Bahamas
C6-SBL1988 Saab 340A340A-131237Bahamas
D-CDIA1986 Saab 340A340A-071237Germany
D-CDIB1986 Saab 340A340A-075237Germany
D-CDIC1988 Saab 340A340A-116239Germany
D-CDIF Saab 340A-116038237Germany
D-CHBAPaula Modersohn Becker1989 Saab 340A340A-141234Germany
D-CHBBGeorge Duckwitz1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Germany
D-CHBC1989 Saab 340A340A-159233Germany
D-COLEBremen1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Germany
EC-IRD1986 Saab 340A340A-081237Spain
EC-IRR1989 Saab 340A340A-143237Spain
EC-IVD Saab 340A340A-117237Spain
ES-ASM1988 Saab 340A340A-132237Estonia
ES-ASN1989 Saab 340A340A-151237Sweden
ES-LSE1988 Saab 340A340A-132237Estonia
ES-LSF1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Estonia
ES-LSH1984 Saab 340A(F)340A-01122Estonia
ES-LSI1986 Saab 340A/F340A-0642Estonia
ES-NSA1990 Saab 340A340A-2192Estonia
F-GELG1986 Saab 340A340A-081237France
F-GGBJ1987 Saab 340A340A-085237France
F-GHDB Saab 340A340A-117237France
F-GHDE Saab 340A340A-117237France
F-GHMJ1988 Saab 340A340A-136237France
F-GHMK1989 Saab 340A340A-143237France
H18481988 Saab 340A340A-128237
HA-TAD1988 Saab 340A(QC)340A-12622United Kingdom
HA-TAF1984 Saab 340A(F)340A-01122Hungary
HA-TAG1986 Saab 340A340A-078237Hungary
HA-TVJ1986 Saab 340A340A-66237Hungary
HB-AHA1984 Saab 340A340A-005237Switzerland
HB-AHL1987 Saab 340A340A-082237Switzerland
HB-AHO1987 Saab 340A340A-113237Switzerland
HB-AHP1988 Saab 340A340A-120237Switzerland
HB-AHS1988 Saab 340A340A-132237Switzerland
LV-AXV1987 Saab 340A340A-094237Argentina
LV-BMD1988 Saab 340A340A-123234Santa Fe, Argentina
LV-BTP1988 Saab 340A340A-131234Santa Fe, Argentina
LV-PLP1986 Saab 340A340A-075237Argentina
LV-PMG1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Argentina
LV-WON1986 Saab 340A340A-075237Argentina
LV-WTF1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Argentina
LV-YOB1985 Saab 340A340A-033237Argentina
LY-DIG1988 Saab 340A340A-114237Lithuania
LY-KXE1987 Saab 340A340A-111237Åland, Finland
LY-NSD1989 Saab 340A340A-159233Lithuania
LY-NSE1986 Saab 340A340A-078237Lithuania
LY-RUS1985 Saab 340A340A-074237Lithuania
N101CN Saab 340A340A-101237DE, United States
N103VN Saab 340A340A-103237VA, United States
N104CQ1988 Saab 340A340A-104237DE, United States
N106XJ Saab 340A340A-106237VA, United States
N107EA Saab 340A340A-094237VA, United States
N107XJ Saab 340A340A-107237VA, United States
N109TA1988 Saab 340A340A-121237Germany
N109XJ Saab 340A340A-109237AK, United States
N110XJ1988 Saab 340A340A-110237VA, United States
N112AE1988 Saab 340A340A-112236United States
N112XJ1988 Saab 340A340A-112236DE, United States
N114SB1988 Saab 340A340A-114237United States
N114XJ1988 Saab 340A340A-114237DE, United States
N118SD Saab 340A340A-118237DE, United States
N119XJ Saab 340A340A-119237DE, United States
N120TA Saab 340A340A-151237UT,
N121CQ1988 Saab 340A340A-121237VA, United States
N123XS1988 Saab 340A340A-123237MO, United States
N136AN1988 Saab 340A340A-136237VA, United States
N138SD1988 Saab 340A340A-138237FL, United States
N140CQ1989 Saab 340A340A-140237UT, United States
N142XJ1989 Saab 340A340A-142237VA, United States
N146PJ Saab 340A340A-146237DE, United States
N146SD Saab 340A340A-146237CA, United States
N148SD Saab 340A340A-148237UT, United States
N152CQ Saab 340A340A-152237MN, United States
N234KD1988 Saab 340A340A-136237Florida, United States
N304ST Saab 340A340A-102237NY, United States
N30NC1987 Saab 340A340A-111237CA, United States
N320CA1986 Saab 340A340A-064237Ohio, United States
N325PX1986 Saab 340A340A-051237MA, United States
N325SV Saab 340A340A-072237MO, United States
N326PX Saab 340A340A-054237DE, United States
N327PX1986 Saab 340A340A-059237MA, United States
N334MA Saab 340A340A-148237FL, United States
N337BE Saab 340A340A-047237VA, United States
N339BE Saab 340A340A-044237DE, United States
N340BE Saab 340A340A-062237CT, United States
N341BE Saab 340A340A-063237CT, United States
N343BE Saab 340A340A-101237United States
N344BE1988 Saab 340A340A-104237United States
N347AM Saab 340A340A-039237CA, United States
N359CA Saab 340A340A-053237UT, United States
N361MA1987 Saab 340A340A-091237United States
N370MA1988 Saab 340A340A-112236Texas, United States
N371MA1988 Saab 340A340A-114237United States
N374DC Saab 340A(F)340A-08122UT, United States
N375DC1989 Saab 340A340A-143237UT, United States
N378DC Saab 340A340A-117237MI, United States
N379KB Saab 340A340A-122239TX, United States
N384MA Saab 340A340A-102237VA, United States
N401BH1986 Saab 340A340A-057237Maine, United States
N402BH1986 Saab 340A340A-058237ME, United States
N406BH1985 Saab 340A340A-074237CT, United States
N407BH1986 Saab 340A340A-078237CT, United States
N40CQ1985 Saab 340A340A-040230United States
N418MW1988 Saab 340A340A-120239TX, United States
N441EA1985 Saab 340A340A-033237New York, United States
N44KS Saab 340A340A-050237VA, United States
N456EA1986 Saab 340A340A-056237UT, United States
N464EA1986 Saab 340A340A-064237UT, United States
N46XJ1985 Saab 340A340A-046237UT, United States
N57AD1986 Saab 340A340A-057237UT, United States
N601SE1988 Saab 340A340A-116239UT, United States
N611BC Saab 340A340A-060237FL, United States
N631BC Saab 340A340A-061237FL, United States
N651BC Saab 340A340A-076237FL, United States
N661BC Saab 340A340A-125237FL, United States
N662PA Saab 340A340A-109237AK, United States
N662RH1988 Saab 340A340A-137239UT, United States
N671BC1987 Saab 340A340A-084237FL, United States
N68XJ1986 Saab 340A340A-068237NV, United States
N712MG1986 Saab 340A340A-067239MO, United States
N741BA Saab 340A340A-090237MO, United States
N742BA Saab 340A340A-092237PR,
N743BA1987 Saab 340A340A-093237PR,
N744BA Saab 340A340A-105237PR,
N752BA1987 Saab 340A340A-091237United States
N75UW1986 Saab 340A340A-075237VA, United States
N771DF1987 Saab 340A340A-097239TX, United States
N779SB Saab 340A340A-149237MN, United States
N792BA Saab 340A340A-092237PR,
N793BA1987 Saab 340A340A-093237PR,
N79XJ Saab 340A340A-079237DE, United States
N843KH1985 Saab 340A340A-046237HI, United States
N845KH Saab 340A340A-111237United States
N88XW1987 Saab 340A340A-088239OK, United States
N89XJ1987 Saab 340A340A-089237DE, United States
N901BC1987 Saab 340A340A-088239FL, United States
N907RA1987 Saab 340A340A-111237Alaska, United States
N91MQ1987 Saab 340A340A-091237United States
N922MA1987 Saab 340A340A-077237CT, United States
N935MA1986 Saab 340A340A-073237MN, United States
N95CQ1987 Saab 340A340A-095237DE,
N96CN Saab 340A340A-096237MN, United States
N98XJ1987 Saab 340A340A-098237VA, United States
N991XJ1987 Saab 340A340A-091237DE, United States
N99VC1987 Saab 340A340A-099239VA, United States
N99XJ1987 Saab 340A340A-099239VA, United States
OH-FAA1986 Saab 340A340A-065237Finland
OH-FAB1986 Saab 340A340A-066234Finland
OH-FAE Saab 340A(QC)340A-13922Finland
OH-SAC1986 Saab 340A340A-081237Finland
OH-SAE Saab 340A340A-117237Finland
OK-CCF Saab 340A340A-101237Czech Republic
OK-CCG1988 Saab 340A340A-104237Czech Republic
OK-CCK1986 Saab 340A340A-078237Czech Republic
OK-CCL1989 Saab 340A340A-159233Czech Republic
OK-REK1986 Saab 340A340A-071237Czech Republic
OK-UFO1989 Saab 340A340A-141237Czech Republic
OM-BAA1988 Saab 340A340A-132237Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
S5-BAO1984 Saab 340A(F)340A-01122Slovenia
S5-BBS1986 Saab 340A/F340A-0642Slovenia
SE-0051984 Saab 340A340A-005237Sweden
SE-E63 Saab 340A340A-063237Sweden
SE-E751986 Saab 340A340A-075237Sweden
SE-E781986 Saab 340A340A-078237Sweden
SE-E811986 Saab 340A340A-081237Sweden
SE-F01 Saab 340A340A-101237Sweden
SE-F041988 Saab 340A340A-104237Sweden
SE-F121988 Saab 340A340A-112236Sweden
SE-F141988 Saab 340A340A-114237Sweden
SE-F441989 Saab 340A340A-144233Sweden
SE-F591989 Saab 340A340A-159233Sweden
SE-ISD Saab 340A340A-145234Sweden
SE-ISE1989 Saab 340A340A-156234Sweden
SE-ISF1983 Saab 340A001237Sweden
SE-ISN1988 Saab 340A340A-137233Sweden
SE-ISSNidaros1985 Saab 340A340A-033237Sweden
SE-ISY1986 Saab 340A340A-080237Finland
SE-KCR1986 Saab 340A340A-065237Sweden
SE-KCS1986 Saab 340A340A-066234Sweden
SE-KCU1988 Saab 340A340A-135237Sweden
SE-KRN1989 Saab 340A340A-159233Sweden
SE-KRT1989 Saab 340A340A-144233Sweden
SE-KUU1989 Saab 340A340A-151233Sweden
SE-KXE1987 Saab 340A340A-111237Åland, Finland
SE-LES1988 Saab 340A340A-129234Sweden
SE-LGS1986 Saab 340A340A-071237Sweden
SE-LJL1987 Saab 340A340A-091237Sweden
SE-LJM1988 Saab 340A340A-112236Sweden
SE-LJN1988 Saab 340A340A-114237Sweden
SE-LJO1988 Saab 340A340A-115237Sweden
SE-LMR1989 Saab 340A340A-141234Sweden
SE-LMX1986 Saab 340A340A-056237Sweden
SE-LSP1988 Saab 340A340A-126237Sweden
SE-LSR1986 Saab 340A340A-078237Sweden
SE-LTO1985 Saab 340A340A-074237Sweden
SP-KPE1988 Saab 340A340A-130237Poland
SP-KPF1988 Saab 340A340A-135237Poland
SP-KPG1989 Saab 340A340A-151233Poland
SP-KPG1986 Saab 340A340A-064237Poland
SP-KPR Saab 340A(QC)340A-13922Poland
SP-KPU1988 Saab 340A340A-135237Poland
SP-KPV1986 Saab 340A340A-071237Poland
SP-MRC1989 Saab 340A340A-143237Poland
SP-MRE1989 Saab 340A340A-151233Poland
TG-BJO1989 Saab 340A340A-142237Guatemala
TG-TAI1989 Saab 340A340A-142237Guatemala
TG-TAR1988 Saab 340A340A-116239Guatemala
VH-EKDCity of Wagga Wagga1989 Saab 340A340A-155A237New South Wales, Australia
VH-EKTCity of Burnie1987 Saab 340A340A-085237NSW, Australia
VH-KDICity of Whyalla1988 Saab 340A340A-131237NSW, Australia
VH-KDPCity of Broken Hill1986 Saab 340A340A-052239Australia
VH-LPISpirit of Devonport1989 Saab 340A340A-151233New South Wales, Australia
VH-VEF Saab 340A340A-252237Australia
XA-MDG Saab 340A(F)340A-08822Mexico
XA-STX Saab 340A(F)340A-04622
YL-BAP1989 Saab 340A340A-156234Latvia
YL-RAH1986 Saab 340A(F)340A-0812Latvia
YR-DAA1988 Saab 340A340A-116239Romania
YR-DAB1988 Saab 340A340A-137233Romania
YR-DAC Saab 340A340A-1172Romania
YR-DAH1987 Saab 340A340A-091237Romania
ZK-CIY1988 Saab 340A340A-135237New Zealand
ZK-EFS Saab 340A(QC)340A-04922Cook Islands
ZK-NLF1989 Saab 340A340A-156234New Zealand
ZK-NLH1988 Saab 340A340A-137233Nelson, New Zealand
ZK-NLI1989 Saab 340A340A-159233Nelson, New Zealand
ZK-NLR1987 Saab 340A340A-097239New Zealand
ZK-NLT1988 Saab 340A340A-116239New Zealand
ZK-NSL1989 Saab 340A340A-141234New Zealand
ZK-NSM1989 Saab 340A340A-144233New Zealand