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Tail Number Alt. Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location
2-TBGT2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT202714Guernsey, United Kingdom
331 Socata TB-20 Pashosh169314Israel
343 Socata TB-20 Pashosh169714Israel
350 Socata TB-20 Pashosh170714Israel
370 Socata TB-20 Pashosh172714Israel
373 Socata TB-20 Pashosh172814Israel
3A-MLM Socata TB-20 Trinidad7201Monaco
709 Socata TB-20 Trinidad70915france,
9A-DKZ1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad192115Croatia
9M-SOA Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT217515Malaysia
9M-SOM2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad219014Malaysia
A2-ADR1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad28314Botswana
AC-3 Socata TB-2081414Greece
AC-4 Socata TB-2081514Greece
B-8903 Socata TB-20 Trinidad82514China
B-8928 Socata TB-20 Trinidad88814China
C-FMIT1996 Socata TB-20 Trinidad172714Canada
C-FTBG Socata TB-20 Trinidad204414Ontario, Canada
C-GGKM1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad184414Ontario, Canada
C-GNCM1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad191814Ontario, Canada
C-GNSS1986 SOCATA TB-2060314Quebec, Canada
C-GQPC1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad49514Quebec, Canada
C-GTBO1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad103314Quebec, Canada
C-GTBT1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad89214Ontario, Canada
C-GTBW1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad110514Ontario, Canada
C-GTBZ Socata TB-20 Trinidad110414Quebec, Canada
C-GTBZ Socata TB-20 Trinidad112214Québec, Canada
C-GUYP1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad115914Quebec, Canada
CS-DDK Socata TB-2019000Portugal
CS-DEP Socata TB-20 GT208614Portugal
D-EAFS1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad91814Germany
D-EAOY1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad99814Germany
D-EBRD1985 Socata TB-20 Trindidad46714
D-ECAG Socata TB-20 Trinidad72514Germany
D-ECJP Socata TB-20 Trindidad2921
D-EDMH2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT216814Germany
D-EEEE Socata TB-20 Trinidad30014Germany
D-EERN1996 Socata TB-20 Trinidad64314Germany
D-EERS Socata TB-20 Trinidad33414Germany
D-EFFQ Socata TB-20 Trinidad205114Germany
D-EFQD Socata TB-20 Trinidad62314Germany
D-EGAG1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad167514Germany
D-EGJG1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad87314Germany
D-EGTR Socata TB-20 Trinidad70614Germany
D-EHUX1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT45315Germany
D-EIEM1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad3110Germany
D-EIRK1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad38614Germany
D-EJAY Socata TB-20 Trinidad161114Germany
D-EJPL Socata TB-20 Trinidad40814Germany
D-EJPR Socata TB-20 Trinidad4240
D-EKMV Socata TB-20 Trinidad72414
D-EODA Socata TB-20 Trinidad203314Germany
D-EPAG2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT211815Germany
D-EPIM Socata TB-20 Trinidad111614Tököl, LHTL, Hungary
D-EPMT Socata TB-20 Trinidad56014Germany
D-EPUK1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad32514Germany
D-ERHE Socata TB-20 Trinidad43214Germany
D-ESEC Socata TB-20 Trinidad111214Germany
D-ETBD Socata TB-20 Trinidad98914Germany
D-ETOP Socata TB-20 Trinidad210214Germany
D-EUFD2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT201915Germany
D-EVAU Socata TB-20 Trinidad156914
D-EVHM Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT214414Ruhr, Germany
D-EVHM1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad183714Ruhr, Germany
D-EVHV1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad183714Germany
D-EVOK2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad200414Germany
D-EVTZ Socata TB-20 Trinidad176712Germany
D-EWYL1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad103114Germany
D-EXIT1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT129915Germany
D-EXJM Socata TB-20 Trinidad129714Germany
D-EXXI Socata TB-20 Trinidad148114Germany
D-EYSA Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT65414Germany
EC-ESK Socata TB-20 Trinidad74714Spain
EC-FCF Socata TB-20 Trindidad95714Spain
EC-JHM1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad85814Spain
EI-BSV1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad57914Ireland
F-BNGQ1982 Socata TB-20 250 Trinidad29314France
F-GDBO Socata TB-202830France
F-GDBT Socata TB-2036014France
F-GDBY Socata TB-203430France
F-GDGG1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad42214France
F-GDGK Socata TB-204120France
F-GDGM Socata TB-203830France
F-GDGQ Socata TB-204490France
F-GDGR Socata TB-203780France
F-GDGU Socata TB-2040614France
F-GDGZ Socata TB-204190France
F-GDMQ Socata TB-20 Trinidad28214France
F-GDNA Socata TB-203200France
F-GDNB Socata TB-203260France
F-GDNC Socata TB-203270France
F-GDND Socata TB-203310France
F-GDNE Socata TB-20 Trinidad3320France
F-GDNF Socata TB-203440France
F-GDNG Socata TB-203450France
F-GDNH Socata TB-203460France
F-GDNI Socata TB-204010France
F-GDNJ Socata TB-204020France
F-GDNK Socata TB-204030France
F-GDNL Socata TB-204340France
F-GDNM1984 Socata TB-2043515France
F-GDNN Socata TB-20 Trinidad4360France
F-GDNN Socata TB-2017410France
F-GDNO Socata TB-2043714France
F-GDNP Socata TB-204380France
F-GDNQ Socata TB-204390France
F-GDNR Socata TB-204400France
F-GDNS Socata TB-204410France
F-GDNT Socata TB-204710France
F-GDNU Socata TB-204720France
F-GDNV Socata TB-205480France
F-GDNX Socata TB-205490France
F-GDNY Socata TB-205500France
F-GDNZ Socata TB-205510France
F-GDQK Socata TB-204320France
F-GENA Socata TB-2045014France
F-GENB Socata TB-204600France
F-GEND Socata TB-204650France
F-GENH Socata TB-20 Trinidad49814France
F-GENJ Socata TB-204990France
F-GENO Socata TB-205360France
F-GENQ Socata TB-205140France
F-GENR Socata TB-205130France
F-GENS Socata TB-20 Trinidad5880France
F-GENV Socata TB-206170France
F-GENX Socata TB-206430France
F-GEVA Socata TB-205520France
F-GEVJ Socata TB-206910France
F-GEVK Socata TB-207340France
F-GEVL Socata TB-207350France
F-GEVM Socata TB-20 Trinidad73614France
F-GEVN Socata TB-207370France
F-GEVO Socata TB-207520France
F-GEVP Socata TB-207530France
F-GEVQ Socata TB-207960France
F-GEVR Socata TB-207970France
F-GEVS Socata TB-20 Trinidad7980France
F-GEVT Socata TB-207990France
F-GEVU1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad80014France
F-GEVV Socata TB-20 Trinidad8011France
F-GEVX Socata TB-20 Trinidad80214France
F-GEVY Socata TB-208031France
F-GFFL Socata TB-203430France
F-GFFQ Socata TB-206470France
F-GFFR Socata TB-206710France
F-GFFT Socata TB-20 Trinidad6720France
F-GFQA Socata TB-205710France
F-GFQD Socata TB-207070France
F-GFQF Socata TB-20 Trinidad70915France
F-GFQI Socata TB-207310France
F-GFQJ Socata TB-20 Trinidad7410France
F-GFQK Socata TB-207430France
F-GFQN Socata TB-20 Trinidad74714France
F-GFQR Socata TB-206540France
F-GFQY1987 Socata TB-2077905France
F-GFZJ Socata TB-206260France
F-GGIA Socata TB-207760France
F-GGIB Socata TB-207770France
F-GGIC Socata TB-207780France
F-GGID Socata TB-207900France
F-GGIE Socata TB-208540France
F-GGIF Socata TB-20 Trinidad8550France
F-GGIG Socata TB-208590France
F-GGIH Socata TB-20 Trinidad99014France
F-GGII Socata TB-209910France
F-GGIJ Socata TB-20 Trinidad99614France
F-GGIO Socata TB-207910France
F-GGIP1988 Socata TB-207940France
F-GGIQ1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad79514France
F-GGIQ1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad79514France
F-GGIX Socata TB-208980France
F-GGNO Socata TB-2012130France
F-GGNP Socata TB-20 Trinidad12640France
F-GGNQ Socata TB-20 Trinidad12650France
F-GGNR1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad12661France
F-GGNS Socata TB-20 Trinidad12670France
F-GGNT Socata TB-2012840France
F-GGNU Socata TB-20 Trinidad12850France
F-GGNV Socata TB-20 Trinidad12860France
F-GGNX1991 Socata TB-2012871France
F-GGNY Socata TB-2013010France
F-GGNZ Socata TB-2013020France
F-GGPK Socata TB-209710France
F-GGPQ Socata TB-20 Trinidad97214France
F-GHGA Socata TB-207200France
F-GHSA Socata TB-206230France
F-GHZA Socata TB-209170France
F-GHZB Socata TB-209230France
F-GHZC Socata TB-209530France
F-GHZE Socata TB-209120France
F-GHZH Socata TB-2096614France
F-GHZN Socata TB-2010140France
F-GHZO Socata TB-2010170France
F-GHZP1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad103114France
F-GHZQ Socata TB-2010320France
F-GHZR Socata TB-2010330France
F-GHZU Socata TB-20102314France
F-GHZV Socata TB-2010210France
F-GHZY Socata TB-2010520France
F-GJAL Socata TB-205840France
F-GJAN Socata TB-209650France
F-GJDR Socata TB-205340France
F-GJGL Socata TB-20 Trinidad56014France
F-GJKG Socata TB-2011810France
F-GJMB Socata TB-209090France
F-GJMC Socata TB-209100France
F-GJMD Socata TB-209110France
F-GJXA Socata TB-2013030France
F-GJXB1991 Socata TB-2013040France
F-GJYP Socata TB-2021450France
F-GKAD Socata TB-209540France
F-GKUB Socata TB-2011240France
F-GKUJ Socata TB-20 Trindidad95714France
F-GKUM Socata TB-2011770France
F-GKUP Socata TB-2011810France
F-GKUR1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad119514France
F-GKUX1990 Socata TB-2011781France
F-GKUZ Socata TB-2011960France
F-GKVD Socata TB-2012440France
F-GKVE Socata TB-20124514France
F-GKVO Socata TB-2013300France
F-GKVZ Socata TB-2013290France
F-GLAC1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad107314France
F-GLFJ Socata TB-2014370France
F-GLFN Socata TB-2014410France
F-GLFO Socata TB-2014510France
F-GLFS Socata TB-20136414France
F-GLFT Socata TB-2014560France
F-GLIE Socata TB-209940France
F-GLPG Socata TB-205830France
F-GMIX Socata TB-206930France
F-GMQC Socata TB-2016200France
F-GMQD Socata TB-2016210France
F-GMQE Socata TB-2016220France
F-GMQF Socata TB-2016230France
F-GMQG Socata TB-2016240France
F-GMQK Socata TB-2017370France
F-GMQL Socata TB-2017380France
F-GMQM Socata TB-2017390France
F-GMQN Socata TB-2017400France
F-GMQO Socata TB-2017410France
F-GNCL1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad96014France
F-GNHA1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad160714France
F-GNHC Socata TB-2012090France
F-GNHJ1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad165714France
F-GNHK Socata TB-2016660France
F-GNHO Socata TB-2017150France
F-GNHR Socata TB-2013580France
F-GNHT Socata TB-2017860France
F-GNHY Socata TB-2018170France
F-GOFF Socata TB-203060France
F-GOIF Socata TB-2021750France
F-GOIG Socata TB-2021830France
F-GOII Socata TB-2022050France
F-GOIJ Socata TB-2022070France
F-GOOD Socata TB-20214214France
F-GRBI1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182114
F-GRBJ Socata TB-2018220France
F-GRBK1997 Socata TB-2018251France
F-GRBL1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182714France
F-GRBM1992 Socata TB-20152314France
F-GRBN Socata TB-2018300France
F-GRBP Socata TB-2018240France
F-GRBR Socata TB-2018720France
F-GRBS Socata TB-20 Trinidad18730France
F-GRBT Socata TB-2011090France
F-GRBW Socata TB-20187414France
F-GRBX1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187014France
F-GRBZ Socata TB-2021050France
F-GSAO Socata TB-2018010France
F-GSLA Socata TB-2022050France
F-GSZB Socata TB-2018860France
F-GSZD Socata TB-2019040France
F-GSZF Socata TB-2019100France
F-GSZG Socata TB-2014370France
F-GSZI Socata TB-2019160France
F-GSZJ Socata TB-2012270France
F-GSZN Socata TB-20 Trinidad20370France
F-GSZP Socata TB-2020590France
F-GSZS Socata TB-2021380France
F-GTQB Socata TB-20 Trinidad20950France
F-GTQC Socata TB-2021300France
F-GTQD Socata TB-2021320France
F-GTQE Socata TB-2021290France
F-GTYA Socata TB-2021500France
F-GTYB Socata TB-2021530France
F-GTYC Socata TB-2021540France
F-GTYD Socata TB-2021570France
F-GTYE Socata TB-2021590France
F-GTYF Socata TB-20216214France
F-GTYG Socata TB-2021630France
F-GTYH Socata TB-2021700France
F-GTYI Socata TB-2021850France
F-GTYJ Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT218615France
F-GTYO Socata TB-20 Trindidad????0France
F-GUAF Socata TB-2021810France
F-GVFR1991 Socata TB-20 Trindidad124014France
F-GVLD Socata TB-2010880France
F-HECN1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182714France
F-HOMB1984 Socata TB-2045914France
F-HRLS1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187014France
F-HTAF Socata TB-20 GT218714France
F-ODOH Socata TB-202840France
F-ODOX Socata TB-203120France
F-ODOY Socata TB-203480France
F-ODQA Socata TB-203580France
F-ODQD Socata TB-203850France
F-ODQF Socata TB-203910France
F-ODQH Socata TB-204210France
F-ODQJ Socata TB-204230France
F-ODQM Socata TB-204480France
F-ODQS Socata TB-206740France
F-ODQV Socata TB-206750France
F-ODQX Socata TB-206760France
F-ODQY Socata TB-206770France
F-ODRQ Socata TB-206930France
F-ODSC Socata TB-207880France
F-ODSO Socata TB-207610France
F-ODTY Socata TB-2011090France
F-ODVJ Socata TB-208230France
F-ODVK Socata TB-208240France
F-ODVL Socata TB-20 Trinidad82514France
F-ODVM Socata TB-208260France
F-ODVN Socata TB-208270France
F-ODVO Socata TB-208280France
F-ODVP Socata TB-208290France
F-ODVQ Socata TB-208300France
F-ODVR Socata TB-208310France
F-ODVS Socata TB-208320France
F-ODVT Socata TB-2081414France
F-ODVU Socata TB-2081514France
F-ODXA Socata TB-208330France
F-ODXB Socata TB-208340France
F-ODXC Socata TB-208350France
F-ODXD Socata TB-208360France
F-ODXE Socata TB-208370France
F-ODXF Socata TB-208380France
F-ODXG Socata TB-208390France
F-ODXH Socata TB-208400France
F-ODXI Socata TB-208410France
F-ODXJ Socata TB-208420France
F-ODXK Socata TB-208430France
F-ODXL Socata TB-208440France
F-ODXM Socata TB-208450France
F-ODXN Socata TB-208460France
F-ODXO Socata TB-208470France
F-ODXP Socata TB-208480France
F-ODXQ Socata TB-208490France
F-ODXR Socata TB-208880France
F-ODXS Socata TB-209580France
F-ODXT Socata TB-209640France
F-ODXU Socata TB-2012230France
F-ODXV Socata TB-2012240France
F-ODXX Socata TB-2012250France
F-ODXY Socata TB-2012260France
F-ODYQ Socata TB-2011180France
F-OGLZ Socata TB-203800France
F-OGMA Socata TB-203790France
F-OGMH Socata TB-204730France
F-OGMU Socata TB-205160France
F-OGMV Socata TB-205170France
F-OGMX Socata TB-205700France
F-OGPG Socata TB-2011670France
F-OGQD Socata TB-207010France
F-OGQE Socata TB-207020France
F-OGQF Socata TB-207030France
F-OGQG Socata TB-207040France
F-OGSJ Socata TB-2013560France
F-OGSO Socata TB-2013980France
F-OGSQ Socata TB-2014040France
F-OHDB Socata TB-2014690France
F-OHDM Socata TB-204660France
F-OHDP Socata TB-2016650France
F-OHDQ Socata TB-20173214France
F-OHDR Socata TB-20173314France
F-OHIN Socata TB-2016580France
F-OHIO Socata TB-2016490France
F-OHIP Socata TB-2016480France
F-OHIQ Socata TB-2016370France
F-OHIR Socata TB-2016360France
F-OHIT Socata TB-2017120France
F-OHIU Socata TB-2017130France
F-OHIV Socata TB-2017140France
F-OHIX Socata TB-20171714France
F-OHIY Socata TB-20 Trinidad171814France
F-OHIZ Socata TB-20171914France
F-OHTA Socata TB-2017500France
F-OHTB Socata TB-2017580France
F-OHUJ Socata TB-2017890France
F-OHUK Socata TB-2017900France
F-OHUL Socata TB-2017910France
F-OHUM Socata TB-2017920France
F-OHUO Socata TB-2018020France
F-OHUP Socata TB-2018030France
F-OHUQ Socata TB-2018080France
F-OHUR Socata TB-2017990France
F-OHUS Socata TB-2018000France
F-OHUT Socata TB-20178814France
F-OHUV Socata TB-2010140France
F-OHUX Socata TB-2018140France
F-OHUY1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad181514France
F-OHUZ Socata TB-2018160France
F-OICV1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad190814France
F-OIGE1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187514France
F-OIGF Socata TB-2018760France
F-OIGG Socata TB-2018500France
F-OIGH Socata TB-20 Trinidad185615France
F-OIGI Socata TB-2018570France
F-OIGJ Socata TB-2018580France
F-OIGK Socata TB-2018590France
F-OIGL Socata TB-2018600France
F-OIGM Socata TB-2018770France
F-OIGT Socata TB-2018980France
F-OIGU Socata TB-2018990France
F-OIGX Socata TB-2019070France
F-OIGY Socata TB-2019120France
F-OIGZ Socata TB-2019200France
F-OIJP Socata TB-20 Trinidad21270France
F-OILA Socata TB-2019180France
F-OILB1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad192115France
F-OILB Socata TB-2019210France
F-OILD Socata TB-20 Trinidad192614France
F-OILE Socata TB-2020020France
F-OILF2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT202714France
F-OILG Socata TB-2019220France
F-OILH Socata TB-2019230France
F-OILJ2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT200814France
F-OILL Socata TB-2020040France
F-OILO2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad201414France
F-OILP Socata TB-2020240France
F-OILQ Socata TB-2020360France
F-OILR Socata TB-2020380France
F-OILS Socata TB-2020260France
F-OILT Socata TB-2020520France
F-OILU Socata TB-2020610France
F-OILV2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT205314France
F-OILV Socata TB-2020530France
F-OILX Socata TB-2020320France
F-OILY Socata TB-2020390France
F-OILZ Socata TB-2020410France
F-OIMA Socata TB-2021610France
F-OIMB Socata TB-2021720France
F-OIMC Socata TB-2021730France
F-OIMD2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad212114France
F-OIME Socata TB-2021660France
F-OIMF Socata TB-2021200France
F-OIMH Socata TB-2021740France
F-OIMN Socata TB-2021870France
F-OIMO Socata TB-2022040France
F-OIMP Socata TB-2022100France
F-OIUA Socata TB-2020800France
F-OIUB Socata TB-2020850France
F-OIUC Socata TB-2020860France
F-OIUD Socata TB-2020890France
F-OIUI Socata TB-2021310France
F-OIUK Socata TB-2021330France
F-OIUM Socata TB-2019000France
F-OIUS Socata TB-2021220France
F-OIUU Socata TB-2021390France
F-OIUZ Socata TB-2021600France
F-OJBH Socata TB-2021070France
F-OJBI Socata TB-2021060France
F-OJBJ Socata TB-2021090France
F-OJBK Socata TB-20 Trinidad21100France
F-OJBL Socata TB-2021110France
F-OJBM2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT209715France
F-OJBN Socata TB-2020980France
F-OJBO Socata TB-2020880France
F-OJBQ Socata TB-2021030France
F-OJBZ Socata TB-2020790France
F-OKTB Socata TB-2022100France
F-WDBB1981 Socata TB-20 Trinidad24715France
F-WQRQ1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad180914France
G-BKLA1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad33314United Kingdom
G-BLXA1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad28414United Kingdom
G-BLYD1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad51814United Kingdom
G-BMIX1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad57914United Kingdom
G-BMWS1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad68814United Kingdom
G-BNAZ1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad71214United Kingdom
G-BNCD1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad34314United Kingdom
G-BNKU1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad76214United Kingdom
G-BNXX1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad66414United Kingdom
G-BPAS1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad28314United Kingdom
G-BPFG1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad86614United Kingdom
G-BPTI1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad41414United Kingdom
G-BPZW Socata TB-20 Trinidad94514United Kingdom
G-BRIN1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad96014United Kingdom
G-BRTY1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad100914United Kingdom
G-BRYN1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad95914United Kingdom
G-BSCN1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad107014United Kingdom
G-BSHU1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad109614United Kingdom
G-BTEK1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad124014United Kingdom
G-BTLH1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad131614United Kingdom
G-BTZO1992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad140914United Kingdom
G-BYJS1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187514United Kingdom
G-BYTB2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad200214United Kingdom
G-BZPI1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad181414United Kingdom
G-CCGL2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad218714United Kingdom
G-CDDA1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad186015United Kingdom
G-CDDT1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad185814United Kingdom
G-CEPT1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad124014United Kingdom
G-CORB1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad117814United Kingdom
G-CPMS1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad160714United Kingdom
G-CTIO2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad217414United Kingdom
G-CTZO2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad216614United Kingdom
G-DLOM1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad110214United Kingdom
G-DMAH2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad203914United Kingdom
G-EGAG1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad167514United Kingdom
G-EGHR1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad79514United Kingdom
G-EGJA1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad110114United Kingdom
G-EWFN1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad100914United Kingdom
G-FFTI1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad106514United Kingdom
G-FIFI1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad68814United Kingdom
G-GDGR1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad37814United Kingdom
G-GOOD1994 Socata TB-20 Trinidad165714United Kingdom
G-GVFR1991 Socata TB-20 Trindidad124014United Kingdom
G-HGPI1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad85114United Kingdom
G-HOOD2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT200814United Kingdom
G-IREN2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT216115Greece
G-JDEE1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad33314United Kingdom
G-JHMP1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad85814United Kingdom
G-KKDL1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad109614United Kingdom
G-KKES1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad131614United Kingdom
G-KPTT1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182114United Kingdom
G-KUBB2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT202615United Kingdom
G-LLOO1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad119514United Kingdom
G-MIMI1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad58214United Kingdom
G-OALD1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad49014United Kingdom
G-OBGC1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad189814United Kingdom
G-OMAO1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad37814United Kingdom
G-OOTB2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad218014United Kingdom
G-OSMA1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad180914United Kingdom
G-OTUI1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad109614United Kingdom
G-PEKT1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad53214United Kingdom
G-PLYD1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad99414United Kingdom
G-POZO1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad125814United Kingdom
G-PTRE1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad76214United Kingdom
G-RAYM2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT209715United Kingdom
G-RRFC2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT205314United Kingdom
G-SAPM1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad100914United Kingdom
G-SCBI1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad190814United Kingdom
G-SCIP2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad201414United Kingdom
G-SHEP2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad206114United Kingdom
G-SLTN1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad76314United Kingdom
G-SPVI2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT216814Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
G-STNO1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad181514United Kingdom
G-TANS1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187014United Kingdom
G-TBGT2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT202714United Kingdom
G-TBSV2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad216914United Kingdom
G-TBXX1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad27614United Kingdom
G-TBZO1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad44414United Kingdom
G-TDAD1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad119714United Kingdom
G-THZL1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad53414United Kingdom
G-TIBS1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad86614Kent, United Kingdom
G-TMOL2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad210314United Kingdom
G-TOAK1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad46814United Kingdom
G-TRDM2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad203214United Kingdom
G-TRIN1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad113114United Kingdom
G-TTAC2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad212114United Kingdom
G-TYNE1992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad152314United Kingdom
G-VPPL1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad28314United Kingdom
G-WASI1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad183714WESTERHAM, United Kingdom
G-WERY1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad30514United Kingdom
HA-BNM1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad192115Hungary
HA-NES1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad33314Hungary
HA-NET Socata TB-2045014Hungary
HB-EQR1982 Socata TB-20 250 Trinidad29314Switzerland
HB-KAB1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad37714Switzerland
HB-KAY1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad57814Switzerland
HB-KBH1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad70015Switzerland
HB-KBR1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad76314Switzerland
HB-KBS1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad77414Switzerland
HB-KCN1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad71214Switzerland
HB-KCV1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad99715Switzerland
HB-KFM1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad192115Switzerland
HB-KOH2005 Socata TB-20 Trinidad222014Switzerland
HB-KOM1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad87314Switzerland
HB-KON2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad218314Switzerland
HB-KPN2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad217714Glarus, Switzerland
I-DADS1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad71214Italy
I-OHDB1992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad146915
I-POZO1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad125814Italy
LX-SAR Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT204915Luxembourg
M-ANIN2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT216115Isle of Man, Isle of Man
M-GINZ2002 Socata TB-20 Trindidad214014Isle of Man
N102U Socata TB-20 Trindidad58314OK,
N103J Socata TB-20 Trinidad58414
N103U1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad58514IL, United States
N104E Socata TB-20 Trinidad58614FL, United States
N108Y Socata TB-20 Trinidad59414CT, United States
N110U Socata TB-20 Trinidad59514TN, United States
N112A Socata TB-20 Trinidad60214IN, United States
N112J1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad60314FL, United States
N113AC2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad212114United Kingdom
N113TB1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad169914CA, United States
N114DK1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad092314TX, United States
N115DS2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad202814OH, United States
N11VD2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT205214Netherlands
N121TR2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad208414DE, United States
N123XX1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD189514DE, United States
N125G Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD95914New Zealand
N135DD Socata TB-20 Trinidad220714United States
N141SW Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD412F14
N146MW1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad038914Germany
N14EP2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad206114DE, United States
N153SB2005 Socata TB-20 Trinidad222014
N163GT2000 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD200014DE, United States
N165GT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT207514DE, United States
N166GT2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad200614GA, United States
N168GT2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad201814NC, United States
N169GT2000 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD201614MD, United States
N16PA2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad221414OH, United States
N1866S1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD186614IA, United States
N1871S1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187114CA, United States
N1877S1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187714FL, United States
N1887S1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD188714IA, United States
N188GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD204814SC, United States
N1893S1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD189314CA, United States
N1894S1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD189414WI, United States
N1905S1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD190514DE, United States
N1906S1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad190614MD, United States
N1909S1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad190914IA, United States
N190GT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad202314CA, United States
N1913S1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad191314OH, United States
N1918Q1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD191814IN, United States
N191AH1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad191714TX, United States
N198SA1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad183614CT, United States
N200DB Socata TB-20 Trinidad111614TX, United States
N203AB2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad221114CA, United States
N204ME Socata TB-20 Trinidad90914DE, United States
N204YU Socata TB-20 Trinidad91014DE, United States
N209GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD207614TX, United States
N20AG2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad200314United Kingdom
N20CQ Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD58114DE, United States
N20DN Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD58214
N20DX Socata TB-20 Trinidad61314FL, United States
N20DY Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD61414FL, United States
N20DZ1986 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD61514DE, United States
N20EE Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD102114FL,
N20EN Socata TB-20 Trinidad62314OK,
N20FK Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD63714DE, United States
N20GK Socata TB-20 Trinidad64614CA, United States
N20GM Socata TB-20 Trinidad64714
N20GN Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD65414
N20GU1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad65514CA, United States
N20GZ1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad66414
N20HJ Socata TB-20 Trinidad66514
N20KC Socata TB-20 Trinidad65314NC, United States
N20KP Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD68314AL, United States
N20LJ Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD67114
N20LK Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD67214
N20LQ Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD67314CT, United States
N20NK Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD76614CO, United States
N20SN1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad74614DE, United States
N20TB2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT200814Suffolk, United Kingdom
N20TL1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad74914CA, United States
N20VC Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD78214NJ, United States
N20VT Socata TB-20 Trinidad89914CA, United States
N217GT2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad217714TX, United States
N219RT2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad218914TX, United States
N219WE Socata TB-20 Trinidad169514TX, United States
N21AR Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD75514CO,
N21FR Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD108814DE, United States
N221AM Socata TB-20 Trinidad185615Florida, United States
N227BL1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182714TX, United States
N2420H1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad46314WA, United States
N242GT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad204214CT, United States
N24AS1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad53214United States
N24TA1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad45714IL, United States
N2501N Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD90014NH, United States
N2503D Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD86414DE, United States
N2504B1989 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD86214DE, United States
N2507T Socata TB-20 Trinidad91414HI, United States
N2507U Socata TB-20 Trinidad91614DE, United States
N25096 Socata TB-20 Trinidad96114CA, United States
N2509X Socata TB-20 Trinidad95114LA, United States
N250AG2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD205614TX, United States
N2510K Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD87714KY, United States
N25125 Socata TB-20 Trinidad96214AZ, United States
N2512R1989 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD91314IL, United States
N2519D Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD86714FL, United States
N2519T Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD94914MD, United States
N25219 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD97014FL, United States
N2521H Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD89214NJ, United States
N2521N Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD90114AZ, United States
N2522B Socata TB-20 Trinidad86314NH, United States
N25277 Socata TB-20 Trinidad115914TX,
N2527E Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD87814PR,
N2527Z Socata TB-20 Trinidad95214TX,
N2528E Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD86914MD, United States
N2530W Socata TB-20 Trinidad95014DE, United States
N2530Z Socata TB-20 Trinidad95514CA, United States
N2532D Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD86814CA, United States
N2532M Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD89714NM, United States
N2535E Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD87614DE, United States
N25378 Socata TB-20 Trinidad104714DE, United States
N257GT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad205714PA, United States
N25SW1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad36014VA, United States
N260TB1996 Socata TB-20 Trinidad172914TX, United States
N267GT2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad216714FL, United States
N26EV1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad44614AZ, United States
N26TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad486B14CA, United States
N27471989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad95614WV, United States
N2800X Socata TB-20 Trinidad110414TX, United States
N2801W Socata TB-20 Trinidad115814TX, United States
N2802R Socata TB-20 Trinidad110514MN, United States
N2803A Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD103614NJ, United States
N2805B Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD108014MI, United States
N2805V Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD110014FL, United States
N28070 Socata TB-20 Trinidad108214ME, United States
N280791990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad114014OK, United States
N2807D Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD110114TX,
N2807D1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad110114United States
N2808W Socata TB-20 Trinidad108314OR, United States
N2809E Socata TB-20 Trinidad114114CA, United States
N2812V Socata TB-20 Trinidad108414CA, United States
N2812Y Socata TB-20 Trinidad114214CO, United States
N28228 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD112114DE, United States
N2822A Socata TB-20 Trinidad112214MT, United States
N2823Y1990 SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad110214TX,
N2824F Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD110314CA, United States
N291SG1990 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD103214TX, United States
N292GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD209214DE, United States
N292V1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad181514TX, United States
N297TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD180514
N297TB1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad182714FL, United States
N298SA1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD186514DE, United States
N2OAG Socata TB-20 Trinidad20031United States
N3039P Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD149014IN, United States
N3039Q Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD149914FL, United States
N3039S Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD150114CA, United States
N304171992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad150814CA, United States
N3041J Socata TB-20 Trinidad150614TX, United States
N3041Y Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD150714OR, United States
N304861993 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD154414CA, United States
N3050N Socata TB-20 Trinidad154714OK, United States
N30573 Socata TB-20 Trinidad161514DE, United States
N3058V Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD161714NY, United States
N3059D Socata TB-20 Trinidad167614TX,
N3059F Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD167714TX,
N3059H Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD169214TX,
N3059Q Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD169414TX,
N3061E Socata TB-20 Trinidad170714TX, United States
N30645 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD172814TX, United States
N31TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD48314TX, United States
N324BB Socata TB-20 Trinidad64714DE, United States
N338TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad169514CA, United States
N33AS Socata TB-20 Trinidad53314OH, United States
N33NW1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad107314United Kingdom
N341TB1994 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD169614CA, United States
N343TB1994 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD169714TX, United States
N345TB1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD191414DE, United States
N347TB1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad170014CA, United States
N34FA1988 Socata TB-20 Trinidad86614United Kingdom
N351TB1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad170814OK, United States
N356GT1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD185014CA, United States
N356TB1995 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD170914IN, United States
N358MD Socata TB-20 Trinidad91114DE, United States
N358TB1995 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD171614FL, United States
N366TB1995 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD172414WA, United States
N370TB1996 Socata TB-20 Trinidad172714CA, United States
N37EL1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad37814United Kingdom
N37RK1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad48214TX, United States
N384TB1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad173014ID, United States
N38TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD49114OR, United States
N398SA1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD182414OH, United States
N403MS2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad216914DE, United States
N411JS Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD113914VA, United States
N41BM1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad41414
N41PW1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad52714PA, United States
N41TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD48514TX, United States
N422EN Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD124114NC, United States
N42AS Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD55614FL,
N43AS Socata TB-20 Trinidad56014
N445SD Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD191614DE, United States
N470SP Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD45614DE, United States
N4734K1984 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD40014CA, United States
N4736E1984 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD41514CA, United States
N47SG Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD42814MI, United States
N500TB1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad119514Delaware, United States
N501LF1995 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD175814NY, United States
N51TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD48814NV, United States
N51TW1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad42614CA, United States
N525DV1987 Socata TB-20 Trinidad76314Suffolk, United Kingdom
N52JG Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD67014MS, United States
N535TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad169314
N543GT2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad219014FL, United States
N54TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad49014
N554 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD123214FL, United States
N5543T Socata TB-20 Trinidad123314PA, United States
N5545L Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD123414CA, United States
N5547J Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD124214AL, United States
N5548X Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD125114FL, United States
N55510 SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad GT125214DE, United States
N5551Q Socata TB-20 Trinidad127614United Kingdom
N5551U Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD127714IL, United States
N5552G Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD127814NH, United States
N5555N Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD130714OK,
N5559Z Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD127914FL, United States
N557TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad172614FL, United States
N565G2002 Socata TB-20 Trindidad214014DE, United States
N567TB1999 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD191514OH, United States
N56TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD49214FL, United States
N572GL Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD57214CA, United States
N573TL Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD57314OR, United States
N574CL Socata TB-20 Trinidad57414CA, United States
N575GM1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad187214DE, United States
N575RM Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD57514TX, United States
N577JL Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD57714TX, United States
N57TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD49314NJ, United States
N593TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD59314FL, United States
N597TB1997 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD181714IA, United States
N59TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD50114TX, United States
N5UB1996 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD176214VA, United States
N5ZY Socata TB-20 Trinidad46814DE, United States
N60TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad50214CA, United States
N612NP2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad221614FL, United States
N622861990 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD116714AZ, United States
N624LL1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD187614RI, United States
N62GE Socata TB-20 Trinidad192614Delaware, United States
N62TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD50314OH, United States
N6305C Socata TB-20 Trinidad18730
N636GT2000 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD203114VA, United States
N63TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad50414CA, United States
N64TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD50514PA, United States
N654GT2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad220814FL, United States
N65JH1985 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD47714OR, United States
N65TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD53414
N660MM Socata TB-20 Trinidad33414TX, United States
N666HM1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad107314United States
N67RL1984 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD44514TX, United States
N67TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD53514CA, United States
N68KD Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD48714MO, United States
N699MS Socata TB-20 Trinidad87014TX, United States
N69LN2002 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD212714FL, United States
N700S Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD61114DE, United States
N700SN1986 Socata TB-20 Trinidad70015DE, United States
N702TB2000 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD203014CA, United States
N706TB2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad203415MD, United States
N708TB2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD204014FL, United States
N70BM1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad42914CA, United States
N711RP Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD108114CA, United States
N712TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD204414FL, United States
N717TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD212014
N719TB2002 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD212614NV, United States
N71GT2002 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD211914United Kingdom
N722TB2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad217814CA, United States
N723TB2002 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD213714FL, United States
N729MN Socata TB-20 Trinidad91614GA, United States
N74JD Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD57614MD, United States
N757MB1998 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD184414DE, United States
N75MF2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad209714TX, United States
N75TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad53714CA, United States
N77VS Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD112014NJ, United States
N787EM Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD161614TX, United States
N78RL1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad44714CA, United States
N800X Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD62614
N80LT1996 Socata TB-20 Trinidad178614VA, United States
N81AV1984 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD42714FL, United States
N81GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD204314DE, United States
N820KR Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD91514OK, United States
N82AV Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD45414DE, United States
N82TT Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD61614WA, United States
N83AV Socata TB-20 Trinidad46814
N84AV Socata TB-20 Trinidad47914TX, United States
N84GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD205814KS, United States
N85AV1985 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD45814WA, United States
N85CJ1985 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD48914IN, United States
N85GT2001 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD209314FL, United States
N86AV Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD52314TX, United States
N877AV2000 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD200114FL, United States
N87AV1985 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD52414TX, United States
N8822002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT216115United States
N88AV Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD52514FL, United States
N88GT2001 SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad208314NJ, United States
N88LD1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad44614AZ, United States
N89AV Socata TB-20 Trinidad52614TX, United States
N89TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD53814NC, United States
N900Y Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD62714IL, United States
N909RD Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD103814CA, United States
N90TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD53914MA, United States
N91AG Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD172514TX, United States
N91ME Socata TB-20 Trinidad215214DE, United States
N91TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad54014FL, United States
N93AG Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD172314TX, United States
N93TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD54114CA, United States
N948SA1989 Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD94814OH, United States
N94TB Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD54214CA,
N965TB Socata TB-20 Trinidad96514
N969B Socata TB-20 TRINIDAD103714OH, United States
N96DF1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad105914MD, United States
N97GP1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad183714DE, United States
N987GT2003 Socata TB-20 Trinidad221314DE, United States
N988GT Socata TB-20 Trinidad169314GA, United States
N98GT2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad213614FL, United States
OE-KFA Socata TB-20 Trinidad4421Austria
OE-KFE1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad4811Austria
OE-KFR Socata TB-20 Trinidad13401Austria
OH-YEL1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad185814Finland
OK-GFI Socata TB-20 Trinidad97214Czech Republic
OO-DMB Socata TB-20 Trinidad56014Belgium
OO-DSB Socata TB-20 Trinidad192614Belgium
OO-FTI1982 Socata TB-20 250 Trinidad29314Belgium
OO-KNK1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad101314Belgium
OO-LCL2002 Socata TB-20 Trindidad213214Belgium
OO-PDV1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad107314Belgium
OO-RDL1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad32514Belgium
OO-VIA1990 Socata TB-20 Trinidad103114Belgium
OY-CDB1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad553152700 Brønshøj, Denmark
OY-CDS1999 Socata TB-20 Trinidad1912142000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
OY-CDT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad2089144000 Roskilde, Denmark
OY-KEN1991 Socata TB-2013080Denmark
OY-NAY1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad57814Denmark
PH-AFT2003 Socata TB-20 GA22041Hengelo Ov, Netherlands
PH-CCA Socata TB-20 Trinidad20591Budel, Netherlands
PH-CJO1988 Socata TB-20 GA7951Middelburg, Netherlands
PH-ESD Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT22051Netherlands
PH-ESE Socata TB-20 GA22021Roma, Netherlands
PH-FCF Socata TB-20 Trindidad95714Netherlands
PH-FEA Socata TB-2019201Hengelo, Netherlands
PH-GLG Socata TB-20 GA19071Nijkerk, Netherlands
PH-GTI2000 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT202615Netherlands
PH-HBB Socata TB-20 GA10791Groningen, Netherlands
PH-HJG Socata TB-2019221Wijk Bij Duurstede, Netherlands
PH-JIS Socata TB-20 Trinidad6171
PH-JVD Socata TB-20 GA20521Papendrecht, Netherlands
PH-KMF2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT209715Netherlands
PH-MLK Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT20361Lelystad, Netherlands
PH-MLL2001 Socata TB-20 GA20381Lelystad, Netherlands
PH-MRV Socata TB-20 Trinidad21321Netherlands
PH-NDD Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT22071Callantsoog, Netherlands
PH-OLL1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad12441Vleuten, Netherlands
PH-PIG Socata TB-2010531Deurne, Netherlands
PH-PMA2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad21601Moergestel, Netherlands
PH-RCM1992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad14511Veldhoven, Netherlands
PH-SMT Socata TB-2020761Beltrum, Netherlands
PH-SXA Socata TB-20 Trinidad185615Netherlands
PH-SXB Socata TB-2018571Beek, Netherlands
PH-SXC1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad185814Netherlands
PH-SXE1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad186015Netherlands
PH-TWT1984 Socata TB-2045914Helmond, Netherlands
PH-VMV Socata TB-2019231Maizieres, Netherlands
RA-2922G1992 Socata TB-20 Trinidad140914Russian Federation
SE-IMO1982 Socata TB-20 Trinidad28414Sweden
SE-KBL Socata TB-20214214Sweden
SE-KNK1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad101314Sweden
SE-MFG1990 Socata TB-20104714Sweden
SE-MLN1985 Socata TB-20 Trinidad57814Sweden
SP-NFF1998 Socata TB-20 Trinidad185814Poland
SX-ATT1997 Socata TB-20 Trinidad181414Greece
TC-AUE Socata TB-20 Trinidad122314Turkey
TC-FET Socata TB-20105214Turkey
TCB-601 Socata TB-20 Trinidad171214Turkey
TCB-602 Socata TB-20 Trinidad171314Turkey
TCB-6031995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad171414Kocaeli, Turkey
TCB-604 Socata TB-20171714Turkey
TCB-605 Socata TB-20 Trinidad171814Turkey
TCB-606 Socata TB-20171914Turkey
TCB-607 Socata TB-20173214Turkey
TCB-608 Socata TB-20173314Turkey
TF-EGO Socata TB-20 Trinidad146314Iceland
VH-BFU1982 Socata TB-202771Australia
VH-FEK2002 Socata TB-2021201Australia
VH-FSE1990 Socata TB-20104714Australia
VH-HBB1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad173014Australia
VH-IPF2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad213614Australia
VH-JST1983 Socata TB-20 Trinidad3911Australia
VH-JTB1985 Socata TB-204641Australia
VH-JTI1991 Socata TB-20 Trinidad115914Australia
VH-JTK1984 Socata TB-204231TAS, Australia
VH-JTN1982 Socata TB-202851Australia
VH-JTP1984 Socata TB-204211Australia
VH-JTT1983 Socata TB-203481Australia
VH-JTW1984 Socata TB-204481WA, Australia
VH-JTX1985 Socata TB-205171Australia
VH-JTY1985 Socata TB-205161Australia
VH-KMY1989 Socata TB-20 Trinidad9151Australia
VH-LQA1990 Socata TB-2010711Australia
VH-LQC1990 Socata TB-209861SA, Australia
VH-LQE1990 Socata TB-2010461Australia
VH-NGT2002 Socata TB-20 Trinidad216714New South Wales, Australia
VH-PCE Socata TB-208670Australia
VH-PRC1989 Socata TB-2010451VIC, Australia
VH-SOE1989 Socata TB-208751Australia
VH-TBR1995 Socata TB-20 Trinidad170014Australia
VH-TBZ1996 Socata TB-20178814QLD, Australia
VH-TRP1986 Socata TB-206651NSW, Australia
VH-YGT2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad205714New South Wales, Australia
ZK-CCA Socata TB-20 Trinidad47314Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-JFC Socata TB-20 Trinidad87414Auckland, New Zealand
ZK-SOC2001 Socata TB-20 Trinidad GT205314New Zealand
ZS-BAA1984 Socata TB-20 Trinidad42614South Africa