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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Vancouver International Airport - Seaplane terminal - by metricbolt by metricbolt
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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:CYVR
Airport IATA Code:YVR
Airport Type:A - Civil
Longitude/Latitude:W 123° 11' 04.00"/N 49° 11' 38.00"
Elevation:14 ft / 4.27 m
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Magnetic Variation:E 17°57.1' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC-8(-7DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Approach Control APP128.6 M128.17 M133.1 M352.7 M
Automatic Terminal Information Service ATIS124.6 M124.75 M
Clearance Delivery CLNC DEL121.4 M
Departure Control DEP126.125 M132.3 M363.8 M
Ground Control GND121.7 M127.15 M275.8 M
Remote Communications Outlet PACIFIC RDO123.15 M
Tower TWR118.7 M119.55 M124.0 M125.65 M226.5 M

Communication Remarks

  • Automatic Terminal Information Service - Rstd are broadcast on ATIS.
  • Clearance Delivery - All dep acft ctc.
  • Remote Communications Outlet - (RCO)
  • Tower - Emerg only C604-775-9531.

Runway Information

Runway 08/26

Dimension:3500 x 75 ft / 1066.8 x 22.9 m
  Runway 08 Runway 26
Longitude:-123.202425 / W 123° 12' 08.73"-123.188019 / W 123° 11' 16.87"
Latitude:49.187597 / N 49° 11' 15.35"49.185922 / N 49° 11' 09.32"
End Elevation:8.0 ft8.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:8.08.0

Runway 08L/26R

Dimension:9940 x 200 ft / 3029.7 x 61.0 m
  Runway 08L Runway 26R
Longitude:-123.201100 / W 123° 12' 03.96"-123.160136 / W 123° 09' 36.49"
Latitude:49.205211 / N 49° 12' 18.76"49.200542 / N 49° 12' 01.95"
End Elevation:14.0 ft9.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:14.09.0
Lighting System 1:Sequenced Flashing LightsSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:Touchdown Zone LightingTouchdown Zone Lighting
Lighting System 3:Centerline Lighting SystemCenterline Lighting System
Lighting System 4:High Intensity Runway LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 5:ALSF-2ALSF-2
Lighting System 6:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator

Runway 08R/26L

Dimension:11500 x 200 ft / 3505.2 x 61.0 m
Surface:Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
  Runway 08R Runway 26L
Longitude:-123.207797 / W 123° 12' 28.07"-123.160425 / W 123° 09' 37.53"
Latitude:49.190094 / N 49° 11' 24.34"49.184692 / N 49° 11' 04.89"
End Elevation:9.0 ft6.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:UnknownUnknown
Displaced Threshold:500 ft0 ft
Lighting System 1:Touchdown Zone LightingTouchdown Zone Lighting
Lighting System 2:Centerline Lighting SystemCenterline Lighting System
Lighting System 3:High Intensity Runway LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 4:ALSF-2Center Row
Lighting System 5:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator

Runway 12/30

Dimension:7300 x 200 ft / 2225.0 x 61.0 m
  Runway 12 Runway 30
Longitude:-123.200900 / W 123° 12' 03.24"-123.182042 / W 123° 10' 55.35"
Latitude:49.199914 / N 49° 11' 59.69"49.184183 / N 49° 11' 03.06"
End Elevation:8.0 ft7.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:8.08.0
Lighting System 1:Medium Intensity Runway Lighting SystemMedium Intensity Runway Lighting System
Lighting System 2:Center rowCenter row
Lighting System 3:VASI - Visual Approach Slope IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


Caution - Migratory birds in vcnty of arpt fr Oct-Apr. All jet acft, lgt acft susceptible to jet blast when turning fr Twy F on to Twy C. Const area S of Twy M6, M4 and M1; Apn VI area btn Twy K and J. and area btn Twy JB and JC and new twy posn fix
Caution - at 6J. Twy K to apn VI, E of rwy replaced with dual Twy JB and JC.
Fluid - De-ice
Fuel - A1+ (Landmark C604-279-9922) (NC-100LL, A, A1,J8)
JASU - (CE16) Air start
Lighting - Rwy 12 nstd 1400'. VASI Rwy 12 and PAPI Rwy 08L, 26L, and 30 lgt unit for acft with eye-to-wheel hgt up to 25'.
Noise Abadment - See CANADA FLIP.
Restricted - Rwy 26A (identified as Rwy 08-26) avbl for day VMC dep when 26L active. PPR for prk on apn 6. Prk is avbl on other apn thru FBO' s. Twy A2 max wt 50,000 lb. Twy D2 max wt 100,000 lb. Twy J, JA ,K, P, S and T unctl veh cross. Wide body acft
Restricted - restrictions: Access rstd for DC-3 and larger acft on Twy A, W of Cat II hold line, due to GP interference, advs ATC if full rwy len rqr. Twy C N of Twy F not avbl. Twy D rstd fr simultaneous use. Twy H no rgt turns onto Twy H4 or D. Twy
Restricted - L no rgt turns onto apn VI. Apn VI exit from Twy G and S not avbl, no rgt turns on Twy L.

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