Information of Neuburg AB

Neuburg, Germany

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Location & QuickFacts

Airport ICAO Code:ETSN
Longitude/Latitude:E 011° 12' 41.40"/N 48° 42' 39.60"
Elevation:1249 ft / 380.70 m
Location:Neuburg, Germany
Magnetic Variation:E 1°47.8' (2008-04)
Time Zone:UTC+1(+2DT)

Airport Communications

Type Name Freq 1 Freq 2 Freq 3 Freq 4 Freq 5
Area Control Center MUNCHEN CON136.525 M242.2 M
Radar Only Frequency DONAU RADAR123.3 M130.15 M138.8 M139.15 M275.65 M
Tower DONAU TWR122.1 M129.85 M138.15 M257.8 M369.1 M

Runway Information

Runway 09/27

Dimension:8005 x 98 ft / 2439.9 x 29.9 m
Surface:Asphalt, asphaltic concrete, tar macadam, or bitumen bound macadam.
  Runway 09 Runway 27
Longitude:11.195000 / E 011° 11' 42.00"11.228167 / E 011° 13' 41.40"
Latitude:48.711167 / N 48° 42' 40.20"48.710833 / N 48° 42' 39.00"
End Elevation:1249.0 ft1245.0 ft
Touchdown Zone Elev.:1249.01247.0
Lighting System 1:Sequenced Flashing LightsSequenced Flashing Lights
Lighting System 2:High Intensity Runway LightsHigh Intensity Runway Lights
Lighting System 3:Runway End Identifier LightsRunway End Identifier Lights
Lighting System 4:Calvert (British)Calvert (British)
Lighting System 5:PAPI - Precision Approach Path IndicatorPAPI - Precision Approach Path Indicator


A-GEAR - Rwy 09 HOOK 44B-2D (1503') O/R 10 min. Rwy 27 HOOK 44B-2D (1300') O/R 10 min.
Caution - Gldr act 0900Z++-SS Sat, SR-SS Sun and hol to 3000' 3 NM rad of arpt in VMC only. Exp apch dly. Rwy 27 potential for hydroplaning btn TDZ and midfield intersection.
Fluid - LOX
Fuel - J8
JASU - A(GPE-160/180) 1(RST-180)
Miscellanouis - Cross svcg ltd Mon-Thu aft 1600Z++ and Fri aft 1100Z++. Touch and go ldg or lo apch allowed only once aft 1600Z++. Rwy ldg sfc has anti-skid layer. Fone C08431-643-0 extn 2722. R/W reful only at R/W ldg area SE of rwy cntr.
Oil - O-133-148-156
Operating Hours - Opr 0700-1600Z++ Mon-Thu, 0700-1100Z++ Fri, clsd hol.
Restricted - PPR 48 hr PN. No practice apch btn 1130-1300Z++.

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