Aircraft Photos Taken at Middlesboro-bell County Airport (1A6)

Middlesboro, KY

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  • N365SP @ 1A6 - Flying to see Glacier Girl - by Gerard Schlundt by Gerard Schlundt @ 1A6
  • N207XP @ 1A6 - Refub completed in 2007, flying in Eastern TN - by Kenneth Winter by Kenneth Winter @ 1A6
  • N2822Y @ 1A6 - Middlesboro, KY T Hanger - by J. Aubert by J. Aubert @ 1A6
  • N6054T @ 1A6 - 54T with P38's Glacier Girl and Porky's II at Middlesboro, KY fly-in - by David M. Jones by David M. Jones @ 1A6