Aircraft Photos Taken at Vicksburg Municipal Airport (VKS)

Vicksburg, MS

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  • N777WJ @ VKS - My wife's Godfather W.J. Runyun had, just a year or two earlier, purchased the jet shown here from Cary Grant for $2,000,000 cash (Cary insisted on payment in cash in several Briefcases--maybe a little paranoid about being burned). - by Ben Yarbrough by Ben Yarbrough @ VKS
  • N656AF @ KVKS - At KVKS, Vicksburg Municipal Airport, Vicksburg, MS. 07/30/14 - by Bill Ford by Bill Ford @ KVKS
  • N736CS @ VKS - Parked at the Vicksburg Mississippi airport. - by paulp by paulp @ VKS
  • N198JW @ KVKS - AC 680F(p) - by Jerry R. Sprayberry by Jerry R. Sprayberry @ KVKS