Oxnard Airport Runway 7-25, Taxiway Connectors, and Parallel Taxiway Pavement Reconstruction Project-Tenant Workshop #2.

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(I did not see/read of a Tenant Workshop #1, so this article will need to suffice on the Airport Project-direct any questions to the enclosed info at next to the last line.


The Runway 7-25, Taxiway Connectors, and parallel Taxiway Pavement Reconstruction Project consists of reconstructing the runway, taxiway connectors, and parallel taxiway at Oxnard Airport located at 2889 W 5th Street, Oxnard, California 93030.

The minimum aceptable level of serviceability for the Oxnard Airport runway has been reached or is no longer cost-effective to perform maintenance activities on the pavement.

 To bring the Oxnard Airport's runway to current standards will require reconstructing the runway, taxiway connectors and parallel taxiway.

This effort will require the removal of existing pavement surface, construction of new pavement, shoulder work, application of pavement markings, installation of underdrain system, electrical facilities, new edge and MALSF lights, and new signage, as well as modifications to the existing storm drains.


Join us for a virtual project update meeting via Zoom on: Tuesday, November 17, 2020 2:00 PM-3:30 PM

Visit the airport's website at www.ventura.org/airports for details on how to join the meeting by phone or online.

For any/all questions, contact us at 909-313-0549 or Oxnard Airport Runway@arellanoassociates.com 


(The County of Ventura, California Department of Airports is responsible for Camarillo Airport and Oxnard Airport.)

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