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Military registrations       
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  Military registrations 
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PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 12:08 pm    Post subject: Military registrations Reply with quote

The regs of military airplanes are a really mess. Serials, codes and civil look-a like regs and every air force has another system.
So i want to know if i can find on this site somewhere a list with the rules how to note the regs?
I made an upload of an spanish Falcon.
In your lists it's the T18-3 but in the reality it is the T.(dot)18-3.
Every spanish reg has this dot between the first 1 or 2 letters and the rest of the reg. Do you prefer regs with or without the dot?

For the french regs....
Every french military plane has at least 3 regs resp. serials.
The code X-XX or XX-XX, a numeric serial ( sometimes alphanumeric) and a mostly unknown F-xxxx reg. In my own database i use only the numeric or alphanumeric serials because the F-xxxx regs are often unknown and the codes are changing very fast. I saw the same code on at least 3 different Mirages in only 4 years.

German Airforce
81+23 ( p.ex), 8123, 81 23 or 81-23?
What do you prefer? I prefer the 81+23 version.

Italian Airforce
Codes like the french codes are often nor really readable on the planes.
I use the MMxxxx to MMxxxxxx regs without any space between the MM and the digits.

Belgian Airforce
FA-101 or FA101?
My personal favourite is the FA-101 version, i think i can read it better than the squeezed version.

And so on....for every other airforce of the world.
I think we need standards how to write this regs.

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