ATR Production List

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There're 4596 aircraft made by ATR.

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location
2-ASIA1999 ATR 72-212A5852United Kingdom
  2-ATLN1998 ATR 42-500564250Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ATRA2016 ATR 72-600 (72-212A)1318272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRB2014 ATR 72-6001222272Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ATRC2013 ATR 72-6001133270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRD2014 ATR 72-6001145272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRE2014 ATR 72-6001198272Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ATRF2015 ATR 72-6001251272Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-ATRG2015 ATR 72-6001261272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRH1997 ATR 72-212A5212Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRI1998 ATR 72-212A5522Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-ATRL2016 ATR 42-60012102Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CAPE1995 ATR 42-320397250Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-CSLA2000 ATR 72-212A6382United Kingdom
  2-DCBT2007 ATR 72-212A7472Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-DCBU2007 ATR 72-500 (72-212A)7552United Kingdom
2-EACA1997 ATR 72-212A5272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-EATA2012 ATR 72-600 (72-212A)1038270United Kingdom
2-FLYE1994 ATR 42-320378248Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-GJSA1998 ATR 42-500574250Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-GJSB1998 ATR 42-500576250Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-GPIA2004 ATR 72-212A7062Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-GPIB2004 ATR 72-212A7072Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-HJKL1998 ATR 42-500561250Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-HOPL2015 ATR 72-60012832Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-HOPN2015 ATR 72-6001288272Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-HOPY2015 ATR 72-212A12372Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-KCBA2014 ATR 72-212A11692Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-KKSF1997 ATR 42-512518248Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-LFEA2003 ATR 42-500621250Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-LNOA1997 ATR 42-500532244Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-MFID2014 ATR 72-6001178272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-MFIF2015 ATR 72-6001259272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-MFIG2015 ATR 72-6001262272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-MMYD2014 ATR 72-6001187272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-PKSA2013 ATR 72-60010802Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-PKSG2015 ATR 72-60012862Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RASA1997 ATR 72-212A529270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RLAO2013 ATR 42-6001002242Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RLAP2013 ATR 42-6001005240Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RLBQ2015 ATR 72-212A1285272Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RPDA2012 ATR 72-6001022270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RPDC2012 ATR 72-6001040270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-RPDI2012 ATR 72-6001059270Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-RTKC2000 ATR 42-5006092Brazil
2-RTKD1999 ATR 42-500604250Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-SKAD2008 ATR 72-212A7772Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-SWKE2007 ATR 72-212A7672Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-TPAJ2007 ATR 72-212A7492Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-WFBA1992 ATR 42-312QC317246Guernsey, United Kingdom
  2-XAJQ2000 ATR 72-212A634270Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-XAJV2015 ATR 72-60012292Guernsey, United Kingdom
2-XAVT2009 ATR 72-212A884270Guernsey, United Kingdom
3B-NAH1986 ATR 42-300031250Mauritius
  3B-NAP1990 ATR 42-300208250Mauritius
3B-NBA1997 ATR 42-500534250Mauritius
3B-NBB1997 ATR 42-500554250Mauritius
3B-NBC1998 ATR 42-500559244Mauritius
  3B-NBG2002 ATR 72-212A6902Mauritius
  3B-NBK1999 ATR 72-212A5952Mauritius
  3B-NBN2010 ATR 72-212A921270Mauritius
  3B-NBO2010 ATR 72-212A926268Mauritius
  3C-LLG1992 ATR 42-320335250Equatorial Guinea
3C-LLH2007 ATR 42-5006712Equatorial Guinea
  3C-LLI2008 ATR 72-212A7902Equatorial Guinea
3C-LLM2008 ATR 72-212A8102Equatorial Guinea
4K-AZ522007 ATR 42-500667250Azerbaijan
4K-AZ532008 ATR 42-500689250Azerbaijan
4K-AZ642007 ATR 72-212A7612Azerbaijan
  4K-AZ652008 ATR 72-212A789278Azerbaijan
4K-AZ662008 ATR 72-212A7992Azerbaijan
4K-AZ672008 ATR 72-212A818278Azerbaijan
  4K-AZ8082008 ATR 42-5006732Azerbaijan
  4X-ATH2011 ATR 72-212A931272Israel
  4X-ATI2011 ATR 72-212A962272Israel
4X-ATK1987 ATR 42-320073250Israel
4X-ATL1988 ATR 42-320089250Israel
4X-ATM1987 ATR 42-320069250Israel
  4X-ATN1987 ATR 42-300053250Israel
  4X-ATO1987 ATR 42-320064250Israel
  4X-AVT2009 ATR 72-212A884270Israel
4X-AVU1999 ATR 72-212A5872Israel
  4X-AVW1999 ATR 72-212A5832Israel
  4X-AVX2001 ATR 72-212A6562Israel
  4X-AVZ1998 ATR 72-212A5772Israel
5A-LAF2008 ATR 42-5006912Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
  5A-LAG2009 ATR 42-5008022Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
5H-AMI1989 ATR 42-300151250Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-ATR1992 ATR 42-320308250Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAA1992 ATR 42-320308250Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAG1994 ATR 42-320384250Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAK1990 ATR 42-320203250Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAM1995 ATR 72-2024552Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAP1993 ATR 42-320363250Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAQ1993 ATR 72-2123792Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PAR1996 ATR 72-212460276Tanzania, United Republic of
5H-PAU1993 ATR 72-212385276Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWA2008 ATR 72-212A7802Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWB2008 ATR 72-212A8342Tanzania, United Republic of
  5H-PWC2009 ATR 72-212A8662Tanzania, United Republic of